Chapter 38 The Two at Home - Part 2

 A few seconds later, when she looked up, her face had turned serious,

「So... Is there any way to get your ability back?」

「I don’t know. There are two things I think are possible」

 One is for Hana to return it of her own volition.

 One is for her to die.

 But as it stands, the former has no basis other than Hana’s own words, and the latter is completely wishful thinking.

 Also, he has no intention of showing mercy to someone who has contacted him with harmful intentions.


「For the time being, I might want to look into it」

「Yeah. But, it’s good」

「Good for what?」

「Izumi doesn’t look like someone who’s just depressed」

「...well, maybe I just can’t give up」

 At least, he wanted to find a way to get his ability back, and he planned to go to school tomorrow as long as he was feeling well. His personality was not flexible in a strange way.

 But he doesn’t know what to do for research.

 Burgers, fries, Coke... As Chihiro’s stomach fills up, his brain starts to work as well. For the time being, he can think of a few ways, such as searching the Internet, reading materials at the school, and asking people who seem to know more.

 Then, Riko let out a breath.

「Also, what I don’t understand is... Mishuku-san, right? Why does she want to make Fukami-san her slave? Is she a lesbian? Is it love at first sight?」

「...I don’t know. I wondered that myself, but I never got an answer」

 But there’s got to be a reason.

 Maybe he should look into that.

 Soon the meal is over. The garbage then rolled up and put in the trash. This is a nice feature of ready-made meals.

 As there is enough ventilation, he just opened the window a little.

「Nishizaki-san, are you not going back to your dorm?」

「Not going back?」

「I mean, I don’t think you can stay here forever, can you?」

「Oh, you mean that」

 Riko answered the question immediately, but nodded after hearing Chihiro’s explanation.

「Of course I’ll come back somewhere. Unlike Fukami-san’s apartment, it’ll be troublesome if we get caught.」

「I see」

 Chihiro let out a sigh of relief.

 But then Riko glared at him with a slightly annoyed expression.

「You don’t want me to be with you? I told Fukami-san that I want stayed with you」

「Nishizaki-san, keep your voice down. It’s not soundproof」

「...Oh, right」

 Besides, this is a boys’ dormitory. If someone hears a young woman’s voice in the daytime or at night, it could lead to unnecessary trouble.

「Then, we should talk as close as possible, right?」

 As soon as she regains her composure, Riko crawls closer.

 When she reached Chihiro’s side, she whispered softly in his ear.

「So, what do you think? Do you mind if I stay with you?」

「No, why all of a sudden?」

 Riko had never tempted him like this before.

「I’m worried, too, that things have suddenly turned out this way, you know? I’m wondering if it was her idea to train me」

「That’s not true」

 Sensing the seriousness in Riko’s tone, Chihiro shook his head.

 It’s not to say that Maria wasn’t involved in the change of heart that led to the attack. But Chihiro’s attack on Riko wasn’t motivated by Maria and he didn’t do it because he had no choice.

「...I did it because I wanted Nishizaki-san」

 Riko’s eyes widened.

 Her surprise turned to joy and her arms wrapped around his neck. Then, she pushed him down to the floor.

 Chihiro, who was being pushed, smelled her delicious scent and felt the softness of her skin.

「I’m glad」

 Riko smiles at him while she’s riding him.

 Then, in a sweet voice, she pressed her whole body against his.

「I can’t live without you anymore, Izumi. After what you did to me... you’ve taken over me. Please don’t abandon me, and if you do, I don’t know what I’ll do」


 When Chihiro called her by her first name instead of [Nishizaki-san]...

「Master... what do you want me to do?」

 She insisted that she was here, with such intensity that she could understand him even if he could not read her mind.

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