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Chapter 39 Shaving Play in the Bath with Riko★

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Master, is there anything you haven’t done to me yet?”

 ”What haven’t I done?”

 He tilted his head to see if there was something he’d forgotten, but shook his head no

 ”I mean, I’m just wondering if there’s anything you haven’t done to me like you did to her”

 Oh, she wants to differentiate herself from Maria

 …But, is there anything she’d want?

 Chihiro thinks for a moment and comes up with a few ideas

 Many of them are too early or required tools, but he came up with one that seemed to be possible

 ”Then, how about this?”

 ”…Eh. Are you really going to do that?”

 When he told her what he was going to do, Riko’s face turned red and she stiffened

 Seeing that her tone had regained its original tone, she must have been quite flustered. However, she didn’t reject it, and after a few tens of seconds of deep consideration, she agreed to it

 ”Okay. Then, let’s do that”

 And that was a few minutes ago

 Chihiro and Riko got ready and went to the bathroom together

 Although it’s smaller than Maria’s apartment, there are only two of them now. So, there’s no inconvenience in taking a bath together

 ”But please keep your voices down”

 ”Yes, Master”

 While Chihiro undressed, Riko also slowly exposed her skin

 ”D-Don’t stare too much”

 ”Uh, yeah”

 She was still embarrassed to be seen changing her clothes. But it seems she’s getting used to it, and doesn’t hesitate to stop


 After removing her underwear, she put her clothes in the laundry basket beside her. A bra and panties are quickly placed on top of Chihiro’s shirt and underwear

 (I’ve seen similar scenes many times, but when it’s happening in my own place, it’s exceptionally destructive)

 Riko looks embarrassed, but she doesn’t hide her body and exposes her standing figure

 Her gestures are shyer than before, and her strong eyes are in a strange harmony

 She looked at Chihiro and chuckled

 ”This kind of thing, I like it. …Ah, it’s great”

 The way she rephrased it shyly is also cute

 ”You can say it either way if you don’t feel comfortable. I won’t get mad”

 ”…Yeah. Thanks”

 Riko nodded her head

 Then she pushed Chihiro’s back and urged him to go to the bathroom

 The bathrooms in the dormitory are quite bleak. Unlike Maria, who was a girl of her age, Chihiro was aware that the bathroom supplies were whatever he needed, as long as he had body soap. If necessary, shampoo and conditioner could be used together. But now that he’s used to that room, he feels a little uncomfortable

 ”About bath, would you like to take hot water?”

 ”Hmm… I’d rather not. It’ll take too long”

 ”I guess so”

 With that, Riko helped Chihiro sit down on the bath chair and got behind him

 From there, she picked up the shower and turned on the water to moisten both of their bodies. When their bodies are sufficiently warmed by the warm water, she washes their bodies

 ”Let’s do it again like before, okay?”

 As she picked up the body soap, Riko started to apply it to her own body

 Chihiro looked back at her and she gave him an embarrassed smile

 But he felt sorry for her and turned his head back

 After Riko washed off her body in the shower, it was Chihiro’s turn. He took a lot of soap, and shortly after, Riko’s body came into contact with him from behind

 ”…I feel throbbing”

 Chihiro could feel Riko’s heart beating from the chest that was pressed against him

 He wondered what kind of face Riko is making right now. And what kind of sloppy look she’s making. But the fact that he couldn’t see her made him imagine what she looked like, and it made him feel excited

 ”If it feels good, you can let it out, okay?”

 While saying that, her breasts slide softly down his back

 Although she was inferior to Maria in terms of volume, Riko seemed to have an easier time getting her whole body into contact. Also, Riko does not seem to have the strange pride of not using her hands, and uses her entire arm and palm to rub Chihiro’s body

 Though, she avoided the sensitive lower abdomen and rubbed all other parts of his body

 But finally, her thin fingers gently grasped the hard erection of his p*nis. The body soap left in her palm is twisted around it and rubbed against it


 He shuddered

 Compared to saliva, lathered body soap is less slippery. However, the unique situation of being played with from behind by a naked girl in the bathroom heightens Chihiro’s excitement

 The faint, very faint sound of water and the sound of Riko’s breathing

 Also, the sound of the water flowing on the floor begins to feel distant and otherworldly, and the pleasure explodes beyond its limits

 And because of this, semen shoots out of Chihiro’s glans at a rapid rate

 Riko, who saw that, caught most of the semen with her hand and exhaled

 ”This is bad if I lick it, isn’t it?”

 Perhaps as an alternative to licking, the slippery white fluid dripped onto Chihiro’s p*nis and Riko began to make a squishy sound

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