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Chapter 39 Shaving Play in the Bath with Riko★

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 The sensitive p*nis, which had just ejaculated, is tortured, and a burning sensation ran through it

 ”Riko, that…”

 ”Does it not feel good?”

 ”No, it feels good too much…”

 ”Then it’s no problem”

 (Isn’t that harassment?)

 Halfway ignoring Chihiro’s voice, her hand continued to move

 With a semi-erection, her hand stimulated the glans as if it were a clitoris, rubbing it with her fingers and palm. Chihiro then became vague about where he was getting her pleasure, and his body began to shake and cower. However, due to the close contact between Riko’s body and his own, he can’t let the pleasure escape and it accumulates in his body


 And so, a far greater pleasure than the first-time bursts out

 Although the amount of ejaculation is small due to the fact that he was forced to climax, the aftermath is tremendous. He could feel that it would be bad if this became a habit

 That’s how good it felt

 ”Riko, where did you get this technique?”

 ”Technique? No, I just thought Izumi was cute, and my hand just took over. I’m sorry, did I go a little overboard?”

 ”No, it’s fine”

 Maybe Riko has some “S” in her. Or rather, since she had tortured Chihiro so much, there was no way she didn’t have an aptitude in that direction

 But because of that, he felt more satisfied than he should have

 ”Shall we do it then?”


 Riko nodded, washed off Chihiro’s body and stood up gently. Chihiro stood up as well, and they switched their positions

 Riko sits on the bath chair and Chihiro sits directly on the floor

 Riko then turns her head towards Chihiro


 The girl’s legs are slowly opened wide. With her legs slightly spread back, Riko exposes her bush to Chihiro

 ”…Please be gentle”

 ”Yes. I’ll be gentle”

 Chihiro nodded, and took the items in the corner of the bathroom. Lotion and a razor (shaver). The former was Chihiro’s, the latter Riko’s personal belongings. He wished he had cream, but he didn’t have any, so he used lotion instead

 As the preparation completed, he turned on the shower, turned down the temperature and water volume to a moderate level, and placed it over her bush. When it is sufficiently moistened, he puts down the shower and takes the lotion and applies it

 ”…Uh. This is so embarrassing”

 Well, it’s naturally occurred because she is exposing her private parts to another person, especially to the opposite s*x

 Moreover, the lotion is not for s*xual intercourse, but for more lascivious and clerical work

 ”Here we go”

 Chihiro holds the razor short and applies it to Riko’s crotch, using as little force as possible

 He carefully runs the blade over the delicate area. At first, he moves the blade roughly over the entire area, taking care not to tangle the hairs, and repeats the operation, adding lotion along the way

 Little by little, the hair disappears from between the girl’s legs

 When the shaving is almost finished, the remaining hairs are taken care of. He moves the razor several times in one direction, following the line of flesh that is now easier to see, and removes the black parts

 All that remained is a hairless pubic mound


 Perhaps she was nervous, but Riko relaxed her shoulders and muttered

 ”You know, some people do this for fashion. But when I try it, it’s really amazing”


 ”Yeah… I’d never show this to anyone but Izumi”

 These words had a great impact on Chihiro’s heart

 Apparently embarrassed by her own words, Riko also raised her voice,

 ”W-Well. This might be more convenient. It’s easier to wash”

 ”Yeah, I guess so”

 Chihiro nodded and took a shower to wash off the lotion and hair

 It’s convenient, that’s for sure. If her crotch is hairless, it won’t sting when he inserts it or when he stimulates the clitoris

 ”…so does that mean my hair is in the way too?”

 ”Huh? Uh, yeah. Well… not really, to be honest. I don’t like it when hair gets stuck on my tongue”

 Riko replied with a rather genuinely uncomfortable look on her face

 (…I see. So, it’s each other’s hair causing the problem)

 Unlike girls, men are proud of their hair, and there is a tendency that the thicker the hair, the better among the same s*x. Well, there are not so many opportunities to show nakedness to the same s*x

 ”Then, I think I’ll have mine shaved”

 ”Really? Are you sure?”

 Riko’s face lit up

 ”Yeah, just be gentle”

 Chihiro warned her just in case, but surprisingly, Riko took care of Chihiro’s pubic hair without any trouble. She said she was used to doing this kind of thing

 After that, they had normal s*x, and Chihiro ejaculated into her vagina and body several times

 By the time they left the bathroom, a long time had passed

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