Chapter 64 Second Semester - Part 1 ★

 Chihiro had a dream.
 It's a dream in which a snake was crawling all over his body.
 Having had a nightmare, Izumi Chihiro woke up.
 He shakes himself lightly and opens his eyes.
 After gaining the ability to [Sleep Enhancement], he was able to sleep better, but today he didn't feel so good because of the dream.
(...Why did I have such a dream?)
 As his drowsiness eased by the second as he woke up, he repeated his breathing slowly, thinking vaguely.
 Then he realized.
 ――The feeling of being crawled around his body still lingered.
 It comes from between Chihiro's legs, and if he pays attention to it, he can even hear the sound of water splashing.
 It wasn't a dream, but reality...
「Kuh... Maria?」
「Oh... good morning, Master」
 He turned his gaze fearfully to the lower half of his body.
 One of Chihiro's slaves, Fukami Maria, a beautiful girl with black hair and eyes and a body that men liked, is still in her underwear, running her tongue over Chihiro's erect crotch.
 Before he realized it, his pajamas were halfway down and tucked around his knees.
(...Is this the cause of my nightmare?)
 He let out a sigh at the troublesome girl.
 Then Maria tilted her head, her expression faintly clouded, as if she was trying to figure it out.
「Did you not like my morning service?」
「No, not really, but...」
 Actually, Maria's oral service feels good.
 Waking up while being serviced by a girl is also very conquering....
「I was confused because it happened so suddenly」
 Chihiro chuckled as he half-raised himself.
 The summer vacation is over in a flash, and before he knows it, it's the middle of September.
 It's been three months since he started spending time with Maria, but so far she's never given him oral service in his sleep.
 Apparently, she had always wanted to do it, but she had always given it up because she had to prepare breakfast.
「Fufu, I'm sorry about that. ... I was just thinking that maybe it's about time I served you」
 Maria with a smile on her face.
 ――About time.
 Chihiro immediately understood, wondering if there was something that could change the situation.
 Riko's training had progressed and she had become obedient. Now that she didn't mind being held and served Chihiro, the breakfast preparation and morning service could be rotated with Maria.
 In addition, Hana and Aika joined in.
 Maria can ask them to help with breakfast when they occasionally show up at the apartment, and also when they occasionally stay over, so she has more time to spare in the morning.
「I see」
 It makes sense when he thinks about it that way.
「So, from now on, every morning?」
「Yes. Riko and I will take turns serving you. If you don't mind, though...」
 She smiled while she said it.
 Chihiro also gave a similar smile to Maria's meaningful one.
「Of course. I'd be happy to. Thank you, Maria」
「No no. That's too kind of you」
 Maria replies politely and returns to her service.
 She fills her mouth with saliva and moves her mouth and tongue around the rod in a sticky way. She is a little monotonous, avoiding the sensitive parts and stimulating them gently.
 It's not for sex, it's not foreplay for sex. It's a service for both of them to enjoy and immerse themselves in.
 It was only because of her temperament that she enjoyed prolonged blowjobs, though.
 For several full minutes, maybe more if it was before Chihiro woke up, Maria finally brought Chihiro's penis to the brink of ejaculation.
「Master, please put it in Maria's mouth」
 She whispers and kisses the glans.
 She then takes it deep into her mouth, sucks it hard and sucks it up with her lips.
「I'm gonna cum, Maria」
 With that, Maria took all of Chihiro's semen into her mouth.
 She carefully removes her mouth so as not to spill a large amount of it, and opens her mouth wide to reveal the pool of it.
 Her mouth, slick with saliva and semen, glistened wetly and lewdly.
 It's beautiful.
 Then, looking at the slightly grotesque thing, Chihiro said to Maria.
「You can drink it」
 *gulp*, Maria gave a small shrug.
 She then gulped down the semen and saliva in two portions and let out a breath of ecstasy.
「Thank you, Master」
「You're welcome. ...But are you sure you're okay to drink that before breakfast?」
「Yes. In fact, I'd be happy if I could live on Master's semen」
「Haha. That's a little difficult. ...physically」
 The amount and number of times he's cumming is gradually increasing as he continues to live like this, but a small increase is probably not enough at all.
(...If I had the ability to increase my energy or something like that)
 Well, if his desires are so great that he can manifest such an ability, it would be a bit too much of a distortion.
「Then, how about pouring it over the food?」
「I'm afraid Riko will be angry with me. She said, "Don't play with what you eat"」
「That's true」
 Chihiro chuckle.
「Maria, what time is it now?」
「It's usually about the time Master wakes up... I'd like to have some in my vagina, but I think it's best not to」
 That might interfere with her nightly activities.
 So, Chihiro left the bedroom. And he left Maria in charge of opening the ventilation and changing the sheets.
「Oh, good morning, Chihiro. How are you sleeping?」
「Good morning, Riko... yes, I dreamt I was attacked by a snake」
「Haha. A snake. She seems to be very persistent」
 Chihiro walked into the kitchen and exchanged greetings with Riko.
 She had re-dyed her hair at the end of the summer vacation, and her hair had returned to blond to the roots, and she is cooking in her pajamas and an apron.
 Since she usually wears underwear to sleep at night, she wore the pajamas after taking a shower. In that sense, they are clean and hide her skin, but in the past, she must have changed into a uniform or plain clothes.
(...Maybe it's because of Maria who cooks in her underwear)
 Well, it makes Chihiro happy to know that she's willing to do it, so no complaints there. Although she should not be in her underwear because he is afraid of her getting splashed by oil.
 Oh right, during the summer vacation, Riko went back to her hometown and got permission from her mother to move out of the dormitory.
『I'm surprised you were allowed to do that』
『Well, my mom is pretty lax about things like that』
 When Riko told her mother that she was going to share a room with a friend, she said yes.
 She terminated her contract in August, and used the last week of the month to sort out her belongings, bringing only the things she desperately needed to this apartment.
 Of the remaining items, the ones Riko wanted to keep were moved to Chihiro's dormitory.
 ――In the end, Chihiro decided to leave her dorm room as it was.
 Chihiro, who is a man, and Riko, who is a woman, have very different ways of dealing with problems. They decided that it would be better to leave the room so that they could evacuate in case of emergency.
 However, Chihiro rarely return to the dormitory during normal times. He just uses it as a place to store his luggage.
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