Chapter 65 A Flourishing Daily Life - Part 2

 And soon, it was after school.
 Since Chihiro started training more often, he's gotten stronger and the day has gotten faster.
 His muscles are not as good as ever, so he is beginning to think that it's better to give up on them.
 Still, the amount of training is gradually increasing, and thanks to his [Sleep Enhancement], he can abuse his body, so his strength is getting stronger.
 Though, his strength is getting stronger in his own way.
 After exchanging greetings with Aika, Chihiro left the classroom and went to the private training room, where he found a figure on a bench near the entrance terminal.
 If that was all, he would have just assumed that there is someone else there before him, but the figure is somewhat distinctive.
 She is not a student, but a mature woman in a suit. 
 She is a little taller than Chihiro, and her breasts and butt are fuller than Maria's, even with her clothes on. Though her body is not as muscular as Chihiro's, to be honest, there is nothing that can be done about that.
 Also, her hair seems to be terribly long.
 Although it is woven at the back of her head, it is very voluminous. If calculated backwards, it could be as long as her waist if untied.
 The slightly drooping eyes look both sleepy and smiling, and the slightly relaxed mouth emphasizes the impression.
 The woman had a more definite "mature appeal" than Maria.
 But Chihiro don't recognize her.
 If it is just a woman in a suit, there are many teachers, and if it is someone who is mainly in charge of the second and third years, it is not surprising that he does not remember her...
 But this person is indeed memorable even at first sight.
 In addition, she doesn't look like a classroom teacher or a physical teacher.
 If he had to guess, she might from art or music, but somehow he doesn't think so either.
 ...This person is probably a [Lost Item].
 That's what Chihiro guessed from the atmosphere.
 Well, if she really isn't a teacher and is a [Lost Item], then it seems like a rather suspicious person.
 She raised her head and looked at Chihiro.
 As if by surprise, their eyes met.
 Chihiro gulped.
 The feeling that came over him is peace.
 It seems that she is very relaxed. It felt like she was dozing off in the sun, and the feeling is instantaneous.
 It's a very different kind of desire from Maria's.
 But similar in the sense of an overwhelming sense of volume that dominated his mind.
 The woman blinked.
 She stood up, staring into Chihiro's eyes, and clapped her hands with a strange overaction.
「It's not good. The class finished before I knew it... accidentally」
 The nodding motion finally breaks the mind reading, but Chihiro stares at her again, wondering what she's thinking. Was it just curiosity this time?
 As Chihiro stood there wondering, she smiled at him.
 She beckons a little more. It seems to be telling Chihiro to come over here.
 He looked behind him, but of course there was no one else there. When he turned to the woman, she smiled again.
 Feeling it would be wrong to run away, Chihiro obediently followed.
 As he came closer, he smelled something nice. It smelled good. It's a complex scent, different from the clean smell of Maria and the girls.
「Oh, umm」
 Chihiro tried to speak, but before he could, the other person moved.
 She extended her right hand and lightly grabbed Chihiro's left shoulder.
 She then moved towards him.
 She turned halfway around, and hugged him softly. Naturally, his bag fell to the floor.
(Really, the feeling of the twin hills against my back is pleasant... Eh, wait...)
 Well, Chihiro didn't feel any harm, so he just let her do anything she wanted.
「What are you doing?」
「It's okay, it's okay」
 She whispered in his ear and made him sit on a bench.
 Not next to her, but on her lap.
 She puts her arms around Chihiro and hugs him. He feels a little suffocated, but more importantly, he wonders if this person has no sense of shame.
「I've got someone to talk to」
 Her mumbling voice is elusive, as if she is just enjoying herself.
「Someone to talk to, huh?」
「Yes, someone to talk to. After all, I was bored sitting here by myself」
(Could there be some reason why she needs to be here? Waiting for someone, maybe?)
「Watching people. I have to watch the people who come here」
「Isn't it hard?」
「Yes, it's hard. It's quite hard」
 It can be hard, yes.
 If she's waiting for someone, it's done when the other person arrives, but it's quite painful to just sit there and stare at the flow of people.
 From the students' point of view, it would look a little strange to see a grown up in a suit just sitting there.
「Oh. Well, I'm sure no one will care about me」
「Eh? What does that mean?」
「It's my ability. While I'm using it, I and everyone I touch will have no presence. Like pebbles in the road, people won't care about it」
 As expected, she's a [Lost Item].
 ―― And her capacity for cognitive obstruction.
 She said it casually, but it's a very advanced power.
 To Chihiro's surprise, she seemed to be enjoying herself.
「So, you don't have to worry about what people see. Why don't you stay here and talk with me for a while? Izumi, Chihiro-kun」
 She said Chihiro's name even though they had never met before.
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