Chapter 74.5 The Affair at the Log House - Part 1

Chronologically, this is after the first half of chapter 72.
If the story were continued in that order, it would not fit well, so it was made into an independent chapter.
This chapter is more related to the main story than an extra chapter.

... well, something like that
Is that so?
 In a bedroom at the further end of a log house at the back of the school grounds.
 After being stripped naked and observed for an hour, Chihiro exhaled lightly after hearing the findings of the secondary assessment.
 The result of the assessment was unexpected, or rather, it was more than expected.
 He hadn't expected that his abilities had increased by two at once. Moreover, one of them is a strange ability that is hard to describe. It's not easy to use.
Thank you very much. But I'm afraid I'll have to sort it out a bit before I can accept it...
 There's no need to use it, but this is a power born from Chihiro's desire.
 In any case, he should accept it and make good use of it.
 When Chihiro smiled at the thought, the person in charge of the secondary assessment, Suzu, gave him a dumbfounded look and muttered.
Because you say things like that
Eh... What do you mean?
Hmm, it's nothing
 Shaking her head lightly, Suzu reached out and grabbed Chihiro's arm lightly while she is lying on the bed. She pulled him down and he fell onto the bed.
 Suzu's body overlapped by Chihiro, and the two of them squeezed each other even more.
 ...For the record, the beer cans that had been drunk were randomly thrown away beside the bed.
Ehehe. Now that work is over, let's relax
Eh... That's fine, but I have to go back to class
 Although he has been approved for attendance, he should go back to class if his business is completely finished. But――
No, no, no...
 Suzu hugged him with a spontaneity that Chihiro wouldn't expect from an adult woman, pressing her breasts against his chest and even twining her legs around him.
 Immediately, Suzu's body odor and the faint smell of alcohol mixed together tickled Chihiro's nostrils.
 The scent of decadence.
 She was like a mischievous child, and at the same time, like a devil who lured people into degeneracy.
Hey, Chihiro-kun, why don't you and onee-san have sweaty lovemaking here from now until after school?
 If he accepted her invitation even once, he would fall to the point of no return.
Are you sure Yuu-chan won't get mad at me?
 Since Chihiro had already been bewitched by another devil, what was the point of fearing the fall now?
Geez... I'm the one who decides what happens to me. I won't listen to what Yuu-chan says
 And to add to that.
 If what she said the other day is true, and judging from her words and actions, Suzu is almost certainly a virgin.
 She's more of a fallen angel than a devil.
 And it seems like she's trying, for the first time, to lure the people she's cared for so far down the path of degeneration - and at the same time, she's trying to corrupt her own soul irrevocably.
 Chihiro looked into Suzu's eyes and asked.
...Suzu-san, then I'll ask you too. Are you sure you want to do it with me, until we're both exhausted?
 A number of emotions flicker in Suzu's mind.
 The emotions on the surface of her mind are changing one by one.
 Loneliness. Expectation. Anxiety. Resignation. Joy and then depravity.
Of course. Chihiro-kun is welcome to do this
 Suzu smiled as she stared straight back into Chihiro's eyes.
 Then she looked as if she remembered something.
...Oh, right. Why don't you try out your new mind-reading power on me? Wouldn't you be interested in seeing how it works?
Well, yeah
 Of course he;s interested.
 Uncovering a girl's deepest desires is not an ordinary experience.
Are you sure you want to do this?
Yes. I'm interested in my own feelings too
 Chihiro stares into Suzu's eyes and thinks of a switch in his head.
Since it is like a switch, I think it is better to do it as if turning a card face, or turning a switch on and off, or pressing a button with a click
 Thinking back to the method he learned during the assessment, he activates the new function of [Mind-reading], [Desire Exposure].
 Then, he saw it.
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