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Chapter 74.5 The Affair at the Log House ★

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 Suzu chuckles.


 ”That’s fine. In fact, if you stop halfway, I’ll be in trouble”


 And so, they kissed, their lips close as the atmosphere led them.

 …What’s this feeling?

 He can’t resist Suzu. Maybe obeying or not obeying his desire is a little different.

 His instincts become uncontrollable. He feels that there is no need to suppress it. He just wants to fuck her, selfishly and unrestrainedly.


 Such a strange woman.


 As he thought so, he put his tongue in. And Suzu didn’t resist.

 In fact, he can’t imagine her really resisting.

 She’s his, at least for now, Chihiro decided to think.


 Slurp! Slurp!

 But then, Chihiro noticed that Suzu is strangely aggressive. Rather than disobeying him, she’s seeking pleasure from him.

 However, it’s not as if she has a strong s*x drive like Maria.

 It is also different from Aika’s frequent requests for affection.

 For Suzu, it does not have to be s*xual pleasure. She just wants a good time that never ends and lasts a long time.


 So – sweaty lovemaking s*x.

 It seems that the stupid name had a meaning.

 If that’s the case, he’ll go along with her to the fullest.


 And then they embrace and continue to kiss.

 They press their bodies against each other, sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes lying on their sides.

 They continued to kiss, sometimes stripping off each other’s clothes when they are in the way.


 ”Women like to kiss, huh?”

 ”Geez, you’re talking about other women”

 ”You don’t like it?”

 ”No. I don’t mind it that much. But if a guy who doesn’t like me did it, I’d probably want to die”


 Hearing so, he couldn’t smile.

 He tried to laugh, but Suzu covered his lips. He accepted her tongue, which wriggled like a snake, and pushed back with his own tongue.

 Naked and close together, they can feel each other’s body heat more directly.


 ”You’re very comfortable to hug, Suzu-san”

 ”Really? Aren’t I heavy?”

 ”I don’t think a girl is heavy”



 While cursing Chihiro, Suzu kissed him.

 Although it should be quite cool with the clothes off, his body temperature is rising and becoming hotter. But Suzu doesn’t seem to care about his sweat.



 ”What is it?”

 ”I want to stick it in you”


 Suzu chuckled and said, “Sure”.

 And so, with their arms entwined around each other, Suzu on the bottom and Chihiro on top, they separated their bodies just a little.

 Then, Chihiro placed his stiff, towering cock against Suzu’s clit.

 As the inside and the entrance are wet, there is no problem for insertion.


 ”Come here. Onee-san will give my virginity to Chihiro-kun”


 With that, Chihiro thrust his p*nis deep into Suzu’s vagina.


 ”Huh… mmm…”


 At the moment of deflowering, Suzu frowned slightly and her body stiffened.

 But it didn’t last long. As the momentary pain receded, she gradually relaxed her body and her smile returned to her face.


 ”I was surprised it didn’t hurt that much. Is it like this for everyone?”

 ”Maybe it’s because you’re naughty, Suzu-san”

 ”Mmm, I can’t deny that”


 She really seems to be relaxed when she talks lightly.

 Although, when he glanced at the connection part, he could see something that looked like blood. Perhaps the number of times she has masturbated has an effect.


 ”Then, I’ll move”

 ”Yes, do it. Let me remember the shape of Chihiro-kun’s p*nis in my cunt”


 The reserved whispering is pleasing to the ear.

 …then do not hesitate.

 Pull the p*nis out as far as the tip and thrust it back in. Slowly at first to get the vagina used to it, then faster and faster as it starts to feel smoother.

 Eventually, the sound of pounding begins.




 Suzu begins to moan loudly with each thrust, as if she is getting more comfortable.

 Apparently, Suzu is the type to moan loudly.


 ”Haha, so this is s*x…”

 ”Yes, this is s*x. But it’s still a beginner’s class.”

 ”I see. Then you can make it feel even better”


 Suzu not only moaned, but often asked for more.


 ”Suzu-san, I don’t care how long it takes, but don’t you get tired if you make too much sound?”

 ”Yes, it’s tiring. But we can rest when we get tired, right?”


 She smiles and continues to say, “We can just lie around together”.


 ”Haha. …Well, at least I get to cum once, right?”

 ”Fufu. Okay, come on. Ejaculate into my cunt”


 Spurt! Spurttttt! Spurtttttt!


 Without hesitation, Chihiro poured his semen into the vagina of the previously virgin woman.


 ”Ah… it’s coming in. It’s pretty obvious”


 Although rape is exciting in its own way, and mutual affection is precious, this kind of s*x is also very comfortable.

 He doesn’t have to think about anything else.

 He just allows everything to happen and continues to feel good.


 At intervals, Chihiro rubbed Suzu’s ample breasts from the front and back.

 They are soft and pliable, with just the right amount of elasticity and flexibility – they can be described as marshmallows, but if he had to guess, the closest he could come would be lightly roasted rice cakes.

 It doesn’t stretch that much.

 If he wraps it around his hand as tightly as possible, the breast will change its shape accordingly. They become soft and pliable.

 As he was absorbed in the touch, Suzu laughed at him, saying that he looked like a child.


 ”Hey, by the way, is Chihiro-kun someone who can’t do it many times?”

 ”Well, I’m confident I can do it up to about six times”

 ”What’s that? Are you unequaled?”

 ”I don’t think so”


 After all, if he wanted to take Aika, Maria, Riko, and Hana as a full course meal, seven or eight times would still not be enough.

 So, he can’t call himself an unequaled until he can at least satisfy all of them.


 ”…Well. Anyway. Let’s ignore Chihiro-kun’s standards. So you can still do it, right?”

 ”Of course I can”


 After that, they stayed connected, kissed, and had s*x while stumbling around.

 Chihiro ejaculated when he felt like it, and kissed when he felt like it. At intervals they chatted idly.

 When he got thirsty, he went to get a drink with his body stained with bodily fluids, and when he came back, Suzu hugged him and pushed him down. As they embraced, Chihiro opened the seals of the drinks and swallowed them by mouth.

 Gradually, they became unconcerned about the time, and continued to embrace each other almost mindlessly, until they realized that it was well past noon.

 Thinking that it was time to go home, Chihiro borrowed a shower and left.


 ”See you later, Chihiro-kun. If you feel like it, could you come back and hold me?”

 ”Yes. I’ll come back anytime”

 ”Then, it’s a promise”


 They exchanged parting greetings and Suzu smiled.


 ”Let’s do it again next time”


 After saying such an outrageous thing, Suzu waved at him from the entrance of the log house until he was out of sight.


 (Even though I was left alone, the lingering effects of the act still lingered in my body)


 That’s Suzu’s thought.



 ☆   ☆   ☆



 On the night of that day, after the verification of his [Desire Exposure], Chihiro was questioned about his affair with Suzu and forced to confess.


 ”Hmm. I wondered why there was a difference between what you said earlier and the time you came back, was it because of that?”

 ”Izumi-kun, if you want, you can do the same for me…”

 ”Chihiro~. Is she your s*x friend? It’s okay, but you can’t make Takatsuki-san sad”


 After this, he had a very hard time to make up for it.

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