Chapter 1 - Part 2

 Brown hair, green eyes, a stout build against a slightly short stature.
 Who would have guessed that this dull-looking man in worn-out leather armor, with a somewhat ungainly stature for riding a horse, is a prince of the kingdom of Krangal?
「Alexis-sama, please follow me as I lead the way」
 The old man in knight's armor in front of him looks stern as he leads his horse to run in front of Alexis.
 Alexis also let out a sigh as he rode his horse.
 一Why in the world did my father call me? He thinks.
 Alexis is the sixth prince at the end of the line. Besides, he is the child of a concubine, so he does not even have the right of succession to the throne. Above Alexis, from the first to the fifth, there are handsome, impeccable, and rightful heirs to the throne.
 Why did my father go for a dull woman like my mother when he had no shortage of women? Is he harassing me? Is that a violation of my genes?
 Such questions are raised in the mind.
 Anyway, Alexis hates being the sixth prince in the castle. He would die of exasperation to be surrounded by all those handsome, gorgeous brothers.
 And when those who have seen all the handsome guys in order from the first one to the last one see Alexis at the end, they say something like this.
「Eh? What's this, there's a servant mixed in here...?」
 "Oahhhhhh!" Alexis wanted to scream.
 Or rather, he was shouting right now.
 And the old knight riding in front of him was getting jumpy.
「I don't want to go home...」
 "Well, well, calm down", the old knight said, trying to soothe Alexis.
「Father king allows you to indulge in the pleasures of an adventurer, but you must remember. A return visit from time to time would be fine」
「Occasional return? When I return, I am usually told to do something... like go to some battlefield, or kill some thieves」
「That's because Alexis-sama is a talented warrior」
 "Bullshit", Alexis couldn't help but say.
 After all, not only Alexis, but also the fifth prince was a skilled fighter. If his father needs something, he can ask the Fifth Prince for help. The Fifth Prince was a year older and sparklier than Alexis.
 But now, for his father to go out of his way to call on him, whom he has a difficult time calling on, is just a bad omen.
(What's he going to say, that father...?)
 Alexis looks reluctant to start now.
* * *
 Krangal Castle, Kingdom of Krangal
 Immediately after his return, Alexis was summoned to the king's private room in the magnificent stone palace.
 He went there in his leather armor and found the king sitting in a magnificent leather chair waiting for him.
 A man with a shiny face, who is worthy of the parent of the Sparkling Brothers, is sitting on the chair with a bright red mantle hanging from his shoulder.
 一Where in the world is his gene in me? As Alexis was thinking with a mystical feeling, his father king opened his mouth.
「I have summoned you, the most insolent of all your brothers, to do me a favor」
「Yeah, yeah, I understand that. What's the favor?」
「This... Is this how a member of the royal family talks?」
 Alexis thought it was none of his business. He had no right to the throne, no responsibility, or anything else, even if he was called royalty.
「...well, that's okay」
 Perhaps his father had already given up on Alexis, who did not look at all offended, but he got right down to business.
「Do you know what's going on in the neighboring kingdom, Sagrado Kingdom?」
 Alexis had a different look on his face.
 Even though Alexis had been on many adventures, he had heard of this story.
 Sagrado Kingdom is a religious state neighboring this kingdom, and it is called "The Land of Priests". The king has the title of "Priest-King", and his only daughter, the first princess, is called "Princess-Maiden", and she always performs songs and dances at festivals and ceremonies.
 The princess-maiden of the present generation is said to have a beautiful voice as well as a fine appearance, and she is well known wherever she goes.
 Alexis once went to see a festival...
(Silver hair that looks like sparkling platinum through it, amethyst eyes that look like jewels. and a voice as clear and beautiful as a canary's. That princess was more beautiful than her reputation)
 While Alexis is lost in his memories, his father proceeds to tell him that "Present Sagrado".
「You know that it has been swallowed by Avalon's dungeons, don't you?」
 Avalon's Dungeon.
 The word brings Alexis' recollections to another.
 Who would have guessed that the historic kingdom where the most beautiful princess lived was now swallowed up by the darkness?
 He doesn't know the details of the situation, but one day, the darkness called Avalon suddenly spread throughout the area and swallowed up the whole Sagrado's Kingdom in an instant.
 And out of that darkness crawl unidentifiable creatures called "monster" every day.
 Alexis had heard that the neighboring Krangal Kingdom was being forced to deal with them.
「At Fort Rohka, which is now the frontline base, the princess-maiden, Princess Francisca, is taking direct command of the situation. The soldiers of our country are cooperating with her, but it seems that their progress has not been good recently. ――So, therefore!」
 The king pointed at Alexis.
「I want you to go and see what's going on at the front」
 Alexis gulped at his father's instruction.
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