Chapter 123 Festival Act, A Rotor's Walk with Maria, Part One - 2 ★

 The whispered private conversation is over.
 They retrace their steps to the front of the classroom and wait for Maria to take out the rotor. Of course, during this time, they do not forget to casually guard their eyes from the surrounding people.
「I have brought it out」
 In less than a minute, the work is done.
 Since it is not a good idea to put it on in public, they move to the restroom this time.
 Chihiro tried to wait in front of the entrance, but Maria took him to a private room holding his hand. Really, in this kind of situation, Maria is very forceful.
「Umm, this is girl's...」
「Could you put it on, please?」
 Her moist eyes immediately shot him squarely in the face.
 While dazed, his thoughts are consumed by desire.
 And he felt the urge even more strongly when he was dressed as a woman. Although he's in "Chisato mode", his base must be Chihiro, but he wonders if his recent experience has improved the accuracy of "Chisato" impersonation.
 He almost felt weird, but he resisted and accepted the rotor Maria offered to him. The rotor was an ordinary, oval-shaped, pink-colored one. It was wired so that once it started playing, it could not be easily stopped.
「Here I go」
 Maria stands in the middle of the private room, where she can't lower herself any further, and rolls up her skirt.
 Chihiro crouched down at her feet and put his hand on her black lace panties.
「You wear naughty panties at school, huh?」
「Yes. I thought this could possibly happen」
 Lucky underwear.
 Well, Maria is almost always in this panties at the apartment. But when he sees it in the everyday space of the school, he get a different impression.
 Her panties contrast with her neat school uniform.
 ――So, the only thing that hides it from the public is the fabric of her skirt.
 The wind may blow her skirt, and even if it doesn't, people may see it on the stairs.
 In such an environment, to wear more sensational panties than necessary is like asking people to look at her.
「Are you excited?」
「Yes, very much」
 Maria's voice was small and clear.
 And after hearing this, Chihiro pulled down her panties, smeared saliva on his fingers, and placed it on Maria's crotch. Her hairless, already wet secretion slurps and swallows the finger without any resistance.
 Maria shudders.
 At the same time, her vagina tightened slightly and Chihiro felt pressure on his fingers.
「Hold still」
 Her voice was faint and bouncy.
 And using his fingers as the main tool, Chihiro rubbed and squeezed, carefully so as not to damage the inside of her body. Maria is patiently trying not to move her body as she is told.
 But this made him want to make her squeal, so he gradually speeded up his movements.
「It's good...」
 Maria's arms were hugging her chest tightly. She was trying to resist the torture because she had nothing to put her hands on in the right places.
 So sweet.
 The gratitude for her devotion turned into a blame.
 After a while, Chihiro heard a lewd sound from her vagina.
 He intertwines his fingers with the love juice which has begun to be secreted in earnest, and moves them further. At this point, the sound of water only gets louder and louder.
 Maria's cheeks began to rise, and the trembling in her legs was visible.
 Still, Chihiro does not stop.
 Both she and him knew that there was no need for further teasing if it just meant the insertion of the rotor.
 Still, without warning, he pinches her clitoris.
 Maria shudders and desperately stifles her voice.
 But as if her climax was not enough, her vagina was twitching hungrily.
 Chihiro, however, activates the rotor.
 A small vibrating sound echoes in the private room.
 Since the inside of the bathroom is quiet, other occupants might be able to hear it from outside. He could have used a silencer, but he decided to leave it as it was for the thrill of it.
 When he brought the rotor closer to her, she breathed loudly.
 He pushed the rotor straight to her clitoris, as she expected.
 Maria covers her mouth in a panic and staggers to her knees.
 This time she could not manage to stand up, but fortunately she was able to sit down on the toilet just in time.
 Once the rotor was stopped, Chihiro stood up and looked down at Maria.
 The girl was twitching lightly. Her legs are slightly spread, and he can see her secret place soaked with her love juice and her half-shifted panties at the back of her skirt.
 She must have been in the aftermath of her climax and had no time to adjust herself.
 While Chihiro looking at her, Maria looks up at him, breathing hard. He felt her eyes screaming for more, so he bent down again.
 Chihiro pulls up her skirt and inserts the rotor into her vagina with his right hand.
 It was halfway in, and the rest was swallowed by itself with a sound. After inserting it with his fingers and adjusting the position, he lifted up her panties and put it on tightly, and put the switch and the cord in the side of her panties.
 Maria forgot to act.
 But then, Chihiro turned on the rotor without answering. A muffled sound begins playing faintly.
「Mmmm... kuh...」
 Because her climax had made her more sensitive, Maria shuddered easily.
 She closes her eyes and, while she is naturally immersed in the pleasure, Chihiro makes further preparations.
 The switch part of the rotor must be secured.
 Maria had also carefully prepared an item for this purpose. A garter ring, a ring-shaped garment that is often worn by bunny girls.
 A black, belted garter ring was worn only on the right leg, to which the switch was attached.
 This should prevent it from falling off easily.
 The cord is wrapped around the shorts to adjust its length so that it does not get tangled. If the switch falls off from the garter ring, the panties and the cord will serve as a stopper.
「Come on, let's go」
 He stands up and urges Maria to get up.
「But. This is more than I thought it would be...」
「So, do you want to stop?」
 Maria shook her head firmly.
 It's not that she doesn't want to play. Rather, she enjoys it as much as she can, but she wants to have an atmosphere of being forced to do so for the sake of excitement.
 Chihiro giggled and ordered her to do it.
「Stand up quickly. Fix your uniform and skirt properly, Fukami-san」
「...Yeah, I understand. Chisato-san」
 Although her eyes were blazing, Maria still remained calm as she stood up.
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