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Chapter 124 Festival Act, A Rotor’s Walk with Maria, Part Two ★

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 Having come all this way, they decided to take a walk around the school

 They left the restroom, making sure that no one had heard their conversation in the private room, and headed for the stairs first. Of course, they re-linked their hands

 But Maria seems to be slowing down because of the rotor, so Chihiro pulls her lightly as if he is rushing her

 As for the vibration level, it is set to “weak” level, so she should be able to handle it. However, it is necessary to support Maria, as she may be in a state where everything turns into a pleasant sensation

 He also adjusts her walking pace to avoid bumping into others, and casually guide her path

 Then, when he took the stairs to the top floor, he was careful to avoid people seeing her from below too

 Thanks to these considerations, Maria has been able to keep up her appearance to the extent that people do not think that she looks strange

 ”If you want come, you can come as much as you want”

 ”…Ah, yes”

 Maria nodded as Chihiro moved in close and whispered to her again

 ”Okay. So, so let’s have fun, there’s a long way to go”

 ”…Oh. Great”

 First, they circled the floor

 They were not planning to stop at any special exhibits because most of the exhibits had already been presented yesterday, and Maria would not be able to get on top of them in this state

 However, they stopped from time to time to take a peek into the classroom

 Because as long as the pace and the rhythm of the movement are consistent, it is easy to control the flow of pleasure, but if they stop suddenly, Maria loses her temper

 In this way, the pleasure and excitement are brought out more by shaking them

 The noise around them should also spice things up nicely

 As a proof, by the time they finished walking on the first floor, Maria tightened Chihiro’s hand and did not want to let go of it. Without guidance, it must be hard for her to walk

 After a while, they went down the stairs slowly

 On the next floor, they walked in the same way, stopping occasionally. She seems to be getting used to it, and she seems to be enjoying the pleasure of walking

 But Chihiro want something new and stimulating

 Even though it is good to be surrounded by a deep feeling of comfort. And then, if there is room, he wants her to feel even better

 Still, he’s thinking about what he can find. But then――


 From behind them

 Someone hugged both of them together

 And a soft bulge hit Chihiro’s back. This feeling..


 ”It’s correct. Hey, Chihiro-kun, Maria-chan…or is it Chisato-chan now?”

 A tall woman smiles softly at them

 And again, Suzu, dressed in a casual pants look, smiles, then suddenly turns her eyes toward Maria



 Maria looks back with a stunned expression on her face

 Her knees are shaking and her mouth is twisted in pleasure. Suzu understands that Maria has climaxed, due to her surprise at being called out to her

 But then, Suzu tilts her head

 ”What are you two doing?”

 ”I’m walking her around with a rotor inside her”

 After making sure that no one else walking down the corridor was paying attention to Chihiro and his friends, Suzu uses her [Cognitive Obstruction] and Chihiro answered

 Some people might be distracted, but Suzu would have no problem at all

 Sure enough, she sounded rather amused

 ”Heh~, that’s nice!”

 ”I want to do it, too”, she said, appealing to Chihiro with her eyes

 Well, sure. This rotor walk is different in taste from Suzu’s favorite exposed walk, but close in spirit. It is more of a shame-based training. No wonder Suzu wants to do it

 Chihiro, however, smiles and shakes his head

 Taking care of both of them together is clearly over capacity. And there is only one rotor to begin with

 ”Excuse me, can we do this another time? Now is…”

 ”Ah… un. I see. Yeah, you’re right”

 As a person who loves shame, she must have understood the feeling of not wanting to be disturbed. So, Suzu immediately understood and nodded her head

 She smiled again and whispered to Maria

 ”Good luck, Maria-chan”


 Suzu kissed her check and walked away

 ”Fukami-san, are you all right?”

 ”…Eh, yeah, I’m fine”

 She seemed to have a hard time keeping her voice down while saying this

 The pleasure made her voice sweet. So, Maria kept her mouth shut as much as possible and followed Chihiro by his hand

 But thanks to Suzu, he was able to get a hint of stimulation

 In addition, Chihiro even found the hint on the next floor

 Really, he has to thank her

 And so, they go to the first-year students’ floor

 ”You seem to know a lot of people here, Fukami-san”

 ”You’re right”

 Maria gives a short answer to Chihiro, who tries to sound cheerful

 And her face turns slightly red and she replies bluntly, but then he wonders how people around her see her. Is she mad? Or is she trying to push through her illness?

 Even if someone guesses correctly that she is embarrassed, he/she may not know the reason why she is embarrassed

 ”Didn’t you go around the school festival yesterday, Fukami-san?”

 ”Well. I-I went to some of them. I had to go to the classes of the people I talked to at the committee m-meeting”

 So far, Chihiro had concentrated on escorting as much as possible, but on this floor, he spoke to her intentionally and repeatedly. Since he had learned that it was difficult for her to speak out, he decided to attack her there

 This was also effective

 Maria answered Chihiro’s voice in a broken voice, and after that, she repeatedly breathed. It seems that she could not regulate her breathing well when she talked

 Still, she only manages to exhale roughly

 She seems to be afraid of attracting attention by talking on a floor where she knows many people

 ”Misumi-san. Go to the next floor”

 ”Okay. Let’s do that”

 Chihiro giggled and pulled Maria’s hand away

 They take their time – which is unavoidable given Maria’s current pace – and finally reach the staircase

 They also descended the stairs more carefully than ever before

 As she reaches the last step, Maria’s body collapses. Somewhat expecting this, Chihiro was able to hold her in his arms in time

 The girl then climaxed again

 ”…Fukami-san, this is the last floor, but I don’t think there is much to see here”


 Maria looks up at Chihiro, her eyes shining with some kind of “expectation”

 Chihiro nodded and answered her

 ”Yeah. So, let’s go outside”



 Maria’s eyes quickly became cloudy, and her climax, which she could no longer hold back, was delivered only to Chihiro, who was standing by her side

 Maria climaxed twice in quick succession, leaving her breathless

 So, the two of them moved aside from the stairs, rested for a few minutes, and then walked away

 Maria was left to her own devices

 Her vacant eyes were so vacant that it was doubtful if she was looking forward. Her expression is loose, although it seems that she is not afraid that Chihiro is forcing her to go around with him

 ”Do you want me to buy you something to eat?”


 She just nods obediently

 And he walked with her, half-crossing her arms, because Maria had reached the limit of what she could do

 Then, after buying some food at the nearest stall, they turned back the way they came

 When Chihiro looked back

 No one seemed to be paying attention to them

 As he exhales in relief, Chihiro sees a few small stains on the ground

 It looked like the beginning of rain

 ”Fukami-san, you’re dripping”


 Chihiro whispered near the entrance, and Maria fell to her knees

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