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Chapter 124 Festival Act, A Rotor’s Walk with Maria, Part Two ★

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 Apparently, she came again. After a while, he holds her in his arms, almost dragging her along with him

 In his first plan, he had intended to enter through the entrance, but he changed his plan and bypassed the school building

 And because it is the middle of the school festival, not many people have business in the surrounding facilities. So, taking advantage of the fact that the area around the school ground was not so crowded, they went to the building where the private training rooms were located outside

 Fortunately, the room was available

 He applied for the use of the room with his student ID card, and locked the door after entering the room. He sat Maria down on the floor and took a short rest

 ”You’ll be fine here”

 ”Thank you… very much”

 Maria replies in a daze

 She looked around again and confirmed that Chihiro’s words were right: it was a closed room. Then she suddenly lifted her right hand and put it under her skirt and on her thigh

 She operated the switch with her finger

 *Vibrating sound intensified*


 Naturally, the direction was to make the vibration stronger

 She screamed loudly and bent her body over, and squeezed her breast through her uniform with both hands

 Her frustrated, endless desire for pleasure aroused Chihiro’s desire as well


 Jet-black eyes look up at Chihiro

 Chihiro walked up to her, rolled up his skirt and pulled down his panties. His semi-erect p*nis then exposed to the girl’s eyes


 She sucked it hard with her breath

 Like a hungry beast facing its prey

 Sucking, licking, and sucking again, she craves for the white muck. Her movements are instinctive, but each one reveals a glimpse of the techniques she has experienced

 Because of this, there is no way Chihiro can endure it


 Chihiro stopped straining and ejaculated into Maria’s mouth

 Maria swallowed the first shot of the day, a thick, voluminous load, with a gulping sound in her throat. When she finished, she let out a gasp

 Her eyes seemed to have regained some sanity, though the semen may not have been a disincentive

 ”I’m sorry, Chihiro-sama. I didn’t mean to do this suddenly…”

 ”Don’t worry about it. It felt good to me too”

 After all, it was impossible not to be aroused by the sight of her in such a disorderly state

 ”…But I don’t think one cumshot will be enough for you”

 ”Then, please use this part of my body”

 With a smile, Maria opens her legs and pulls out her panties and the rotor

 She rolled up her skirt with her left hand and used the index and middle fingers of her right hand to split open her secret opening

 Her pussy, which was moistened with her love juice, twitched for the p*nis

 Chihiro nodded and sat down on the floor

 He folded his legs on the floor, opened them lightly, and rolled up his skirt

 ”I want you to put it in yourself’


 Maria replied reverently

 She pinched her skirt with one hand, and with the other, she opened her secret place and lowered her hips. She swallowed the tip of the p*nis and took it deep inside her in one go


 She caught Chihiro’s shoulder and exhaled

 Her feet are on Chihiro’s legs. As in the cowgirl position, the two of them are sitting facing each other with their genitals connected to each other

 A moist feeling of satisfaction was felt between their legs

 And light rocking of the hips was enough to make Maria’s vagina slap against the back of the p*nis


 Maria gasped lightly and whispered to Chihiro, her cheeks tinting

 ”If someone were to see this now, they would be surprised”

 ”Haha…we’re both girls on the outside, aren’t we?”

 A thing growing between the legs of the other girl penetrates the secret part of the dark-haired beauty. Does it look like such a wild and perverted scene that Hana would call it an evil way?

 It is unclear for other people whether Chihiro has only a p*nis or a female genitalia between his legs, since they cannot see the inside of the disheveled skirt. Thus, this may make the scene more like a lesbian play

 But in reality, this is s*x

 It is an act to make a girl shy, moan, and fill her vagina with a lot of cum

 Maria, who has already climaxed many times today, is still immersed in the pleasure of penetration

 But then, Chihiro suddenly looked at the foodstuffs that were left on the table beside them

 ”…This is going to make the food we bought go cold, isn’t it?”

 ”You’re right”

 It can’t be helped

 It won’t become inedible if it gets cold, anyway

 That’s what Chihiro thought

 ”Well, because we have come this far, how about this?”

 Maria wriggles and picks up one of the plastic packs

 She let out a sweet voice at the stimulation of the movement, removes the plastic, and splits a pair of disposable chopsticks that were packed in the pack

 ”Here you go”

 The okonomiyaki is cut into small pieces with disposable chopsticks and presented to Chihiro

 ”Ahh, please eat it”

 This is rather a shame play on Chihiro’s part

 However, as he looked at her, he could see that she was also blushing. She seemed to have had a reaction because she was so different from her usual character

 But this kind of thing would be something that Aika or Suzu would be happy to do

 Still, he felt a little lighter

 And with this, He opens his mouth and accepts the chopsticks

 The okonomiyaki was still slightly warm

 ”Yes, it’s delicious”

 ”I’m glad. Then, please eat more”

 One after another, okonomiyaki was offered

 When he asked her if she wanted to eat it together, she said, “Don’t mind me”. So, he chewed the okonomiyaki and finished a half of the food

 Maria watched Chihiro eat with a smile on her face

 ”I’m sorry, I seem to interrupt it…”

 ”That’s not true”

 Shaking her head, the girl brings her lips close to mine

 ”What could be a greater pleasure than to see the person I love up close?”

 As if to prove her words

 Maria immediately and passionately sought Chihiro, moving her hips and taking his sperm into her vagina

 When she withdrew the p*nis, her vagina was flooded with fluid

 ”Thank you very much”

 Maria lies on the floor in her uniform and cleans his p*nis

 She licks off the fluid and cleans off the stain, and then begins to suck it with her mouth

 She seems to be strangely passionate about it

 And once again, Chihiro ejaculates into Maria’s mouth


 Apparently, it was calculated

 With a satisfied smile, Maria bowed her head and picked up the rest of the food with semen in her mouth

 A red and yellow topped frankfurter

 Then, a sticky white substance was added


 She ate a piece of frankfurter, looking really satisfied

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