Chapter 12 - Part 1

 After several embarrassing acts, Fransisca finally came to understand the meaning of her promise to Alexis to be "his slave".
W-what did I promise him...?!
 Fransisca regretted it, but it was too late.
 The thought that such a thing would be repeated every day from now on depresses her, and at the same time, she feels tremendously embarrassed.
 And even after all that, she has to pretend to be unconcerned and face to face during the day to capture the dungeon...
U-ugh. I should have refused...
 She think so, but she can't come up any reasonable solution to refuse.
 In the end, she could do nothing but regret the unprofessional behavior of "tormenting new recruits", which she had done at the very beginning.
 Still, time moves on, and today, it is time to gather in front of Avalon for another attack.
* * *
「Your Highness, it is unusual for you to be the last to arrive
 Fransisca was at a loss for excuses when Fatima asked her.
 After all, the other four members had already gathered in front of the darkness of Avalon.
 Because, normally, Fransisca would have taken the initiative earlier in the day and waited for the other members to gather, equipped and ready, but today she arrived the latest.
 Alexis is there, too, but when their eyes meet, Fransisca hurriedly averts her gaze. The princess's cheeks immediately turn red, and her three vassals look at her curiously.
What's the matter with you, Your Highness?
 Sara is the one who said so.
N-nothing. It's really nothing...
 Fransisca says so, which causes Sara to turn her wondering eyes toward Alexis as well.
Well, what's happening?
 Alexis smiled and chose to play along for the time being.
Can't this girl do a better job of smoothing things over?
 Alexis couldn't help but think so when he saw Fransisca's attitude.
 Nevertheless, the awkwardness gradually eased as they entered Avalon and had several battles with monsters.
Okay, this is the third one
 After putting the drop items into the bag, Lorenzo fastened the belt of the bag and then carried it up on his back.
It is unexpected hard to find drop items
 Fransisca was the one who muttered this.
Well, it's only the first layer, after all
 Sara and Fatima nodded in agreement.
By the way, the dungeon seems to be more spacious than the previous one
 Fatima's observation was also felt by the other members of the team.
 And Sara was the one who voiced the bad feeling that everyone felt.
Hmm. I wonder if it will be difficult to make a day trip like we have been doing until now...
Well, that's a problem too...
 Fransisca placed her index finger on her shapely chin.
If we have to stay in the open... baths, meals, beds...
 As she is a well-bred princess at heart, she is very concerned about her own health.
Then, what should we do? Should we take turns to sleep? If so, everyone should lie down together
Eh? No, I can't do that, right? I can't sleep in the same room with a man!
 Fransisca was shaking her head side to side as if to contradict Alexis.
Ah, the good upbringing of the Princess-maiden is also a problem...
 Alexis thought so, but Fransisca was not the only one who had a problem with that.
Well... I'd prefer to refrain too
Right. We are priests, after all
 Even Fatima and Sara say such things with a straight face.
 To top it off, even Lorenzo said something like that.
...Well, it's true. Even though it is only a matter of mood now that there is no nation, it is still not good to disobey God's teachings
 "Really? All of these people are such a pain in the ass!" Alexis thought to himself.
* * *
 In the end, the day ended after a short exploration of the second layer, and Fransisca's pendant artifact brought them back home.
But what are we going to do? If we keep making day trips, we'll never get anywhere, will we?
 Alexis pointed out with a tired look on his face.
Yes, we have to make a solution for that. As I recall, there is a good artifact in the kingdom's treasury...
...But, well, the whole land has been swallowed up by Avalon
 Fransisca continued, and Alexis was surprised and said, "That doesn't help!.
...Huh, we're in trouble
 Fransisca sighs.
 This princess is a good attacker, but she seems to be unreliable in the operational field.
No wonder the progress has been slow. Just because she learned swordsmanship in a flash and showed her determination, she should not be entrusted with the captaincy so easily
 Alexis couldn't help but think so deeply.
 But, as long as the princess is like this, he must be firm himself. Fortunately, Alexis had experienced being a captain many times in the past, and he was familiar with the operational field.
It can't be helped. I'll see if I can't find a substitute for "just the right artifact" or something. Your Highness Princess-maiden, please come to the command center later
 Fransisca was nervous about being summoned by Alexis, even if it was for a mission.
Also, Lorenzo, I need you to bring the items you collected yesterday and today to the command center
 Alexis continued, and Lorenzo nodded his head and said, "Yeah, okay".
* * *
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