Chapter 43 [Princess-maiden] Make Her Speak Out Her Love and Make Her Drink Piss - Part 3

 When the sun was going down.
Uh...sorry, I need another birth control pill.
 Sara was taken aback when Alexis appeared in the doctor's office saying this.
Eh... again?! You came here this morning, didn't you?
Well, I know that, but...
 Scratching his head, Alexis looks very uncomfortable.
Don't tell me you've been having intercourse till now? Well... you're very vigorous. Your ability to have multiple intercourse while spewing so much seed at once... that's something to study...
 Alexis looked at Sara who was groaning with her hand on her chin.
Hey, don't think anything strange
...But Alex-kun was having fun this morning
 Sara giggles in a low voice.
Well, that's true, but...
 Alexis is a little vague, but Sara smiles at him.
Okay, next time I want to observe you again, I'll make you feel better. You know, so let's do it again...
Ugh... please consider yourself, who at first glance looks like a child...
Fufu. It's fine.
 Sara gives a bewitching smile, not unlike a child's, and then gets out of her chair.
The medicine. Wait a minute, I'll get you some
Ah, yeah...
 Alexis decided to wait with mixed feelings.
 To be honest, Alexis is not a lolicon, so dealing with Sara makes him feel like he is doing something very criminal and naughty. However, Sara's inside is so mature and comfortable that it seems to contradict her appearance. Her oral skills also probably the best.
 On the other hand, Fransisca is the most sucking and tender one, as if she is getting accustomed to Alexis' stuff. Moreover, he can penetrate deep into her inside without any hesitation, and she is a partner with whom he can do anything.
 For Dorothea, she's is the tightest of all. It is so tight that once he insert it, it is hard to pull it out.
 And Fatima... he has not tasted her hole yet. But he has inserted her another hole so many times that it has become much more relaxed by now. Because of the length of the bowel, it can be penetrated much deeper. The breast is, of course, the most comfortable to touch.
It is hard to choose one over the other, but...
 Isn't it good? Alexis was beginning to wonder.
 Aside from Fransisca, who has a slave contract... the rest of the women are just going with the flow.
But when there are so many people willing to do it with me...
 It made him think the original reason for making Fransisca a slave is becoming meaningless.
 At that time, he thought that if he missed this chance, he would never find a woman for the rest of his life, but now he thinks that it's just a matter of time before he can find a woman for himself...
 However, Fransisca doesn't have any objection to being a slave these days, does she?
So, status quo is fine then, right? It's not my fault, is it? Because I'm not using some evil drug to corrupt women...
 Alexis couldn't believe the current situation.
 He had thought he was so unattractive. He was royalty, but he had only been able to have girls bought with money.... Or is it because he's royalty that he can buy women with money? Well, it doesn't matter.
Anyway, it means that now I'm in a situation where I don't have to worry about women. Oh... sounds like royalty! This is a very royal situation...!
 Alexis was shaking his head in haste, almost having an evil feeling that he could make a harem like a royal if he keeps on like this...
Oh no, no, no.... It's useless to think that I can have the same view as my brothers. I've been chewing on such a thing for the past twenty and a half years of my life!
 It's easy to make mistakes when someone is in a good mood.
 So, Alexis decided to be careful.


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