Chapter 49 [Maid] Losing Purity as a Slave, Foreplay - Part 1

 Although Fatima had agreed to be slave, the real deal had to wait until after they returned from the dungeon.
 Besides, Fatima didn't want to do it, and neither did Alexis.
Well, it's her first time. After all, it would be nice to do it in a more relaxed place
 Alexis thought so.
 But there is another problem with Fatima.
 It is the problem of the intestinal monster.
 Because on the morning of the fourth day of dungeon exploration.
 Fatima felt a strange sensation in her abdomen.
 Seeing Fatima's condition, Sara seemed to notice it immediately.
Should I call Alex?
Eh? A-Alex...
 Fatima had not been able to see Alexis properly since yesterday because of the things she had to do later.
 But Sara didn't notice her expressionless face and said, "Wait for me, I'll get him. And your Highness, let's go with me to deal with Lorenzo-kun".
 With these words, Sara pulls Fransisca's hand.
 Fransisca, who knows the situation, looks at Fatima as if she has something to say, but soon leaves the place with Sara.
 Before left, Sara said, "I'm going to cast a Transmission spell on you, so take your time".
 Thus, Fatima is left with no choice but to wait anxiously.
Why, of all times, at a time like this... Anyway, it can't be helped...
 Fatima can't help but sigh as she thinks of the unfortunate fate that has been dealt to her.
 Since then, when she sees a small monster, she tries to crush it first, not later. As a matter of fact, she soon found out that if they don't get too close to her, they are slow and almost no problem at all.
 But for Fatima, it's a little too late for that...
It is a kind of human sacrifice [Hitobashira]. Lorenzo has also mutated as a human sacrifice [Hitobashira]. Avalon dungeon is very dangerous...
 While she was thinking like this, Alexis came to her.
Hey Fatima, did the monster become active again?
 Alexis seemed to have heard quickly from Sara.
Ah, yeah...
 Fatima nodded, but she didn't seem to be able to face him properly.
 She turns away from Alexis, not being able to assure him that she is fine.
I-I'd like to ask you to do this, if possible, quietly, please...
 In response to her best attempt to escape from her shame, Alexis says.
You're the one who's going to feel the worst about this, you know?
 He pulls out a rope.
I'll tie you up for now, so take off your robe and chainmail.
 Alexis pointed out, and Fatima looked at him and said.
Huh? Tie me up...!? Wait, Why are you bringing a rope into the dungeon?
 Fatima is indeed upset to see Alexis' well-prepared belongings.
Because, it's better for you to have this, isn't it?
 Fatima's cheeks are blushing, but Alexis said.
Besides, if I tie you up with this now, you'll be unable to move. Then, you'll have an excuse that you're just being screwed because you can't move.
 Fatima gulped.
No, Alex, you can't take my purity...
 "Then, what do you think?" Alexis replied.
I was thinking of waiting for a chance to take it slow, but in fact it's still a chance to take it slow, isn't it? But... well, no matter how much Sara and others have arranged for us, we're still in a dungeon. In other words, it depends on the mood.
 Alexis replied vaguely in this way.
 So far, he had made a lot of excuses to break Fatima's resistance.
 And in fact, Fatima said.
...You sure about that? I-I believe you...
 After this reminder, she begins to take off her conjuror's robe as Alexis had instructed.
 She also takes off the chainmail she is wearing underneath, and then she is dressed in the same maid's uniform as when she was in the fort.
Turn around. Are you wearing panties?
 Fatima nodded to Alexis's question as she slowly turned around.
 Alexis nodded his head and tied Fatima's hands in front of her.
 The rope that Alexis had prepared is long enough for that purpose.
 He tied Fatima to the crossbeam which is used to put up a curtain along the wall of the camp.
 The beam was made of metal rods that the muscular Lorenzo had assembled so tightly so it could not be detached by any chance. As Fatima's hands lifted up, she stood on her tiptoes, the rope so tight that it did not move at all.
Why are you tying me to this place, Alex? Why don't you tie me up like before?
 Fatima spills out her upset voice as she is forced into a hurray posture.
 She might have liked the last turtle shell bondage somehow. With this thought, Alexis replies.
Well, it's hard to take off what you’re wearing with the previous method.
Eh... T-Take off...?!
 In front of Fatima's blushing eyes, Alexis slowly begins to take off her armor.
 With a clanking sound of falling metal, Alexis nods.
Yeah, you've always been dressed. But you say you'll be my slave. So it's about time, isn't it?
 Fatima lets out a groan.
T-That has nothing to do with... the treatment...!
 She seems to be thinking of some excuse.
 But against this stubborn maid, it's Alexis job to get her out of her excuses. So, Alexis thinks.
You know what, Fatima?
 Alexis lifts the edge of her lip with a light wave of her bare, lightweight hand.
You may be right about this, but you're my slave. So, you're going to have to do exactly what I want you to do... you know what I mean, right? Or, do you still want me to stop?
 Fatima bites her lip.
No, it's not fair, Alex...
 Fatima's voice comes out.
Why do you say that? I will do what I'm entitled to do, you do what you're obligated to do... So, what's wrong?
 Fatima choked up as Alexis dared to ask him, but then nodded her head in agreement.
...I-I understand. You can do whatever you want...
 Fatima's face turned vermilion as soon as she said this in a fading voice.
I'm sure Her Highness is doing the same. Then why don't I do the same?
 Fatima was thinking so.
 Then, Alexis said to Fatima.
You said it well.
 Fatima's heart jumped when she heard him say so.
 Fatima keeps her mouth shut and stifles her breath as she hears her heart beat faster.
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