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Chapter 49 [Maid] Losing Purity as a Slave, Foreplay

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 Fatima can’t help but let out a trembling gasp as she turns bright red, embarrassed but unable to hide her body because her hands are suspended in the air

 On the other side, Alexis grins at the sight of the black garter belt and garter stockings against Fatima’s feminine white skin

 ”Fatima, you really have an erotic body, don’t you?”

 D-Don’t… Don’t say it like that…”

 Fatima growls with a reddish blush up to her ears

 Alexis is surprised to find out that she seems to have a complex about this style that would make any man fall in love with her

 ”Why not? It’s good to have a s*xy body.”


 Fatima’s wet eyes drift up

 ”M-My body is not suitable for a knight in any way… neither as a lady’s maid nor as a priestess… and many times I’ve been accused of being too passionate as a clergyman who is Her Highness companion… “

 Fatima’s unsure tone of voice is a surprise to Alexis. So that’s it… Perhaps she has a habit of suppressing her emotions because she has lived her life in such a repressed state

 But perhaps because of her natural disposition, she seems to be unable to maintain this habit more often than not

 ”But for me, it’s good. Fatima’s body is intriguing.”

 Alexis says and grabs both of Fatima’s breasts with both hands without hesitation. As usual, he can’t stop grinning at the ferocious fullness of Fatima’s breasts, which are so full that his fingers are buried in them and he can’t see them

 ”Ugh, Alex’s hands… I-I didn’t know you was touching them like this at that time…”

 Seeing Alexis’ hands grabbing her breasts for the first time, Fatima couldn’t take her eyes off of them

 He rubbed her breast slowly and said, “That’s what I did.”

 ”But… this always makes you feel good, doesn’t it?”

 Alexis’ fingers brush across Fatima’s hardened nipples


 After a shudder, Fatima finally can’t hold her breath

 ”Ah, ah…”

 Her eyes can’t help but moisten with shame and embarrassment at having been shown once again that she is pleasured by such a thing

 ”When I do this to you a lot… you always come, don’t you?”

 Alexis kneads one breast with one hand while bringing her face close to the other breast and taking the nipple in his mouth


 Alexis teases Fatima’s nipples with his tongue insistently, and Fatima lets out an upset voice after she shivers

 ”Ahh, ah…. Hwahhh!”

 Fatima tries to hold back, but in the blink of an eye, she is swallowed into a whirlpool of irresistible pleasure

 ”No, no, I’m not going to let Alex do this to me… ah, ahhh!”

 Fatima felt her whole body relax as the melting pleasure spread around her breasts

 ”Haaaaah! Oh, no… I can’t, I can’t control it… Ah, ah, ahhhhhhh!”

 Fatima had reached her limit

 But Alexis laughed after he removed his mouth from Fatima’s breast, which was moving up and down with a sense of guilt and immorality

 ”You know you’re supposed to say it when you cum, don’t you? That’s what your lord does, too. Shouldn’t you do the same as her vassal?”

 ”Haah, haah, I-I understand. I’ll do it next time…”

 Alexis then lifts Fatima’s drooping chin and says

 ”Good girl. Now, if you do it well, I’ll give you a reward”


 Alexis senses a slight nuance in Fatima’s questioning tone and asks, “Do you have any request?”

 Fatima’s cheeks turned red and she seemed to think a little whether to say or not, but after a moment, she said

 ”…T-Then, I want you to kiss me… this time, properly…”

 After saying that much with her eyes drifting, Fatima came back to herself

 ”Ah… W-What am I doing with a royalty…? I’m sorry, please forgive me… I’m sorry, please forget it…”

 Fatima manages to spin an apology in a hurry, but Alexis’s mouth relaxes

 ”No, I’m afraid I heard you clearly. How can I pretend I didn’t hear it?”

 ”Ugh…ugh, I’m sorry…”

 Alexis reaches down to Fatima’s sagging bottom

 Then he pulled down her panties and removed them from her ankles, making Fatima’s legs shut tight

 ”Oh, uhhh…”

 Alexis stroked the blonde bush covering Fatima’s pubic mound. He feels the soft texture of the hairs on his palm

 ”You don’t trim here, huh? I thought Sagrado people did it because Fransisca’s hair doesn’t grow very long.”

 With this line from Alexis, Fatima realizes that all the parts of her lord have already been tortured by the man in front of her

 ”Her Highness, she seems to have less body hair than other people…”

 Fatima still replies with a polite smile

 While saying these, Alexis dives his finger into the bush without hesitation

 On there, a squeaking sound is emitted

 Perhaps it was because she had just reached her climax, but Fatima’s secret place was still wet and slippery even while she was talking like this

 When Alexis rubbed the muddy place with making squishy sounds, Fatima’s body jumped up

 ”Ahh, ah! Ahhh!”

 The irresistible, hot and melting sensation strikes again, and Fatima is unable to speak

 ”Hwahhhh, Alex, Alex…!”

 Fatima turns her wet eyes toward Alexis’ hand

 She has just been made to cum on her breasts and is still being played with her secret parts, but Alexis still hasn’t taken off any of his clothes

 ”Aaahh… Haah, haah, that’s not fair…”

 Fatima’s mutterings are drowned out by her gasps

 ””Aaahh! Aaahh! Oh, noooo!”

 Fatima’s body was shaking so much that she must have been on the verge of reaching her climax

 But in between her moaning, she complains, “A-Alex,”

 ”I already――”

 Before she can say “I’m cumming,” Alexis’ fingers leave Fatima’s secret place

 ”Eh, ah…”

 Alexis’ hand once again reached out to Fatima’s secret spot while she was moving her breast up and down with a feeling of inadequacy and a burning tingling sensation

 With a low wet sound, Alexis’ fingers spread Fatima’s embarrassing part open


 Fatima turns bright red and shuts her mouth

 She tried to close her legs, but before she knew it, Alexis put one hand between Fatima’s thighs. As he does so, his finger slips into Fatima’s ass

 ”Ah, ah…”

 Alexis’ finger pokes Fatima’s asshole, who frowns with sadness, sensing the direction of his finger


 Fatima’s long-developed asshole gives her a tingling sensation at the mere touch of a finger

 Her asshole twitches uncontrollably, and her innocent vagina is spread and exposed, and her love juices drip down from it

 Fatima is at the end of her rope

 Alexis then pushed his fingertips up Fatima’s anus, rubbing the walls of her bowels


 Fatima arches her chin and shakes her body, letting Alexis see her love juices gushing out of her front hole like a trickle

 ”Ahhhh… I-I’m sorry… Cumming, cummming…”

 At this moment, Fatima’s mouth relaxes

 Then Alexis says to her

 ”It seems I can’t give you a reward”

 ”N-No way…”

 Fatima’s expression of sadness is probably due to the fact that she has been made to cum twice and her thought process has been loosened up

 ”It can’t be helped,” Alexis said, getting up

 ”I’ll give you a third chance, so try harder next time, okay?”

 Alexis took a handkerchief out of his pocket and unfolded it to cover Fatima’s eyes

 The last thing Fatima saw was Alexis’ pants-covered crotch, which seemed to be rising and stirring slightly

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