Avalon 50

Chapter 50 [Maid] Losing Purity as a Slave, Intercourse

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 Now, Fatima’s hands are suspended by ropes that are tied to the beam that holds the curtain that makes up the camp.

 And after having made her come with a series of caresses, Alexis finally releases his pants after blindfolding her.

 The free p*nis is growing in length, as if it can’t wait to be free.

 (Now, I’d like to say that she is about to lose her virginity, but…)

 Alexis extends his p*nis to Fatima’s front hole.

 He slowly and cautiously backs away from Fatima, and then he penetrates Fatima’s crack with his p*nis, taking care to rub only the tip of the glans against the crack.

 He moved it up and down, and Fatima let out a loud, “Ah, ahh!”.

 ”A-Alex, don’t do that again and again… Let’s take a break…”

 ”Don’t wanna. I haven’t done anything yet, okay? So, calm down. Right now, you’re the only one who feels good about being a slave”


 Fatima is mouthy, feeling like she’s been hit by the bull’s-eye.

 Alexis then says to Fatima in a condescending manner.

 ”It can’t be helped. Then I’ll let you off with just a little today. We’re in a dungeon anyway. If I get a little bit of penetration, then I’ll take the rest of the day to deal with the monsters seriously.”

 ”Eh? …B-But I’ve heard that the men… if they put it in, they have to finish it…”

 Fatima says with a pained tone.

 How in the world does she acquire such s*xual knowledge without any experience? Maybe she’s a bit sullen than expected. Alexis thought so.

 Anyway, Alexis insists, “It’s okay.”

 ”You didn’t want to, but you came forward to be a slave, didn’t you? You know that’s not a good thing, right? But you listened to my selfishness. So I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”

 He says gently.

 But this is his strategy.

 If he put his p*nis in her virgin hole, Fatima would definitely know that it was the same one as the one he had been putting in her back. On the other hand, he doesn’t want his hand only, he also wants to put just the tip of his p*nis in there for now.

 All right. Then, let’s just insert the tip for now. That way, she won’t know. Alexis thought so.

 Well, it’s such a stupid plan.

 Still, at the moment, Alexis had no idea what he would do in the future, just the urge to insert just the tip of the p*nis.

 But anyway, just the tip for the time being.

 Contrary to Alexis’ thoughts, Fatima was moved. She feels that he still cares for her even if it goes against her physiology, and the respect and affection she had for Alexis, which had just been shattered the other day, is quickly restored.


 Fatima gulped and nodded her head.

 ”O… Okay…”

 Hearing Fatima’s answer, Alexis could not stop grinning.

 ”Okay, you mean…?”

 ”D-Do you want me to say it? Kh…”

 Fatima bites her lip in shame, but she tells him what to do without hearing it, and eventually she tells him in a trembling voice.

 ”…I offer my purity, uh, to you… Alexis Sheridan Krangal…”

 At this moment, Fatima spoke to Alexis in such a way as if she were addressing the lord whom she was serving.

 ”Thank you, Fatima.”

 After Alexis answered her, he finally stretched out his p*nis toward Fatima’s honey pot.

 When the tip of the p*nis touched the already wet and sloppy jar, she made a moaning sound.

 Fatima shakes herself tremblingly.

 ”Haaah, ah, Alex…”

 Fatima closes her eyes under the blindfold, wishing for a hug at least.

 But Fatima’s wish was not fulfilled, and she felt only one thing entering her vagina, where she did not feel the presence of Alexis.

 Fatima’s face was distorted by the sensation of the penetration, pushing the tight walls of her vagina apart.

 ”――kkk, haah, haah…”

 Fatima gasps in agony rather than pain, and her vagina, with the flexibility of its immature folds in contrast to her mature body, squeezes Alexis tightly.


 (Is this Fatima’s virgin hole? It’s tight, but it’s so slippery…)

 Alexis slowly and gently fills the hole with his p*nis, holding back the temptation to go wild and pushed it to the base in one go. Otherwise, he would not be able to stop it from extending deep inside, twisting and quivering.

 But the movement is so painful for Fatima, and she lets out a small “Uuuh, haa…”, giving herself time to relax.

 ”Haah, haah, y-you can move again… i-it’s okay now…”

 Fatima, taking this slow movement as a sign of his concern, decides to hold back a little longer. It really hurts like it’s going to tear her apart, but she tells him so.

 ”A-After all, I’m yours now…”

 Hearing these words, Alexis’s body is about to go berserk.

 Quickly, Alexis pulls it out of Fatima’s inside.

 Fatima, who felt the sudden pull, let out an involuntary “ahhh!”. However, it was filled with pain, so Fatima hastily closed her mouth.

 ”No, it’s okay… you can do whatever you want, I’m fine…”

 Fatima is very devoted as she tries to hold on with blood trickling down her thigh.

 Alexis wanted to hug Fatima.

 So, he stepped closer and did just that.

 He then held her soft skin tightly and pushed his p*nis into her asshole.


 Fatima’s voice was unexpectedly loud.

 As expected, her voice was filled with pleasure.

 As if he couldn’t hold back any longer, Alexis grinds the wall of the intestine and pushes his p*nis deeper and deeper into the intestine. It easily penetrates deep into the intestine by pushing it along the intestinal wall.

 The folded mucous membrane of the intestinal wall sticks to the p*nis, and he can feel his p*nis tremble.

 On Fatima’s side, her body also trembles as Alexis pistons it with his lust.

 ”No, it’s so sudden… It’s too intense… It’s breaking… Uahh, a great wave is coming…!”

 ”Shouldn’t you say you’re gonna ‘cum’?”

 Alexis whispered, breathing hard, and Fatima’s whole body shook even harder.

 ”I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cummmmmmmming… Ah, Ah, Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

 Fatima feels an unprecedented surge of excitement as Alexis holds her close.

 The tight anus squeezes the long and stretched p*nis from the tip to the base.

 ”…Kuhh, hah…”

 Alexis couldn’t stand it any longer, and he is finally spitting out his cum.

 Spurttt! Spurtttttt!

 He spits it out into Fatima’s intestines as much as he can.

 He also felt Fatima’s abdomen in her arms slowly swelling up and pressed tightly against his own abdomen.

 ”Damn… Haah, this feels good…”

 Alexis muttered to himself, and Fatima questioned, “I-It feels good…?”.

 ”Ah, no, I mean, did it feel good for Fatima?”

 Fatima easily believed Alexis’ excuse and nodded her head with a reddish color on her cheeks.

 ”I-It’s because you always take care of me…. A-And I don’t feel any pain in this anymore…”

 After saying this, Fatima continued.

 ”I-I’m sure, because of what you do… I won’t mind giving you my purity… I’m sure I’ll stop hating you… “

 Fatima’s face falls.

 ”…But you see, I’m afraid of becoming yours. I’m afraid that I’ll fall in love with you and I won’t be able to get out…”

 After saying this, Fatima turns red and her lips tremble with a huff.

 ”Ah… I-I’m such an idiot. When my vision is covered, I feel like my mouth is getting lighter…”

 Fatima sighs with regret.

 But Alexis couldn’t stand to hear her say that.

 And his p*nis in Fatima’s intestines swelled up again.

 ”…Looks like you’re bleeding out today…”

 Before Fatima could say anything, Alexis had resumed pistoning.

 ”I’m going to put in twice as much liquid as usual. Maybe that will make the monster twice as docile?”

 ”Eh, ah, you can’t move yet… Ah, no, don’tttt!”

 Fatima turns pale and then red.

 Because she can’t stand it any more when she is having her gut ripped out without any restraint.

 ”Stop, stop ittttttt!!”

 Spurttt! Spurtttttt!

 Fatima’s anus is being stirred up with a guttural sound, and a cloud of white spurts out vigorously from her anus.

 Alexis’ p*nis, which had been pushed into Fatima’s anus, is curved to pass between Fatima’s thighs from the front, so that it is not reliable enough to be used as a plug.

 Fatima is therefore in the most embarrassing situation, with Alexis penetrating her and spurting white spunk out of her ass.

 ”Ahhhh, stop, stop it already…”

 Fatima’s voice is completely crying as she moaned.

 It was because she felt as if she had defecated with a stick inserted in front of her eyes. This feeling is even more intensified by the fact that the only thing coming out of her ass these days is Alexis’s white slime.

 ”Hwahh, I can’t do it anymore, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

 Fatima is completely depressed, but Alexis did not stop.

 Because of this, she was in a helpless situation where she felt pleasure despite her messed up and embarrassing situation.

 ”Ahhhh, stop, stop, I’m cumming, cumming again… Ah, ah, ahhhh!”


 With the contraction of her bowels, she excretes the white spunk from her anus again with great vigor.

 ”Haahh, no more, no moreee…!”

 On the day of Fatima’s anal breakdown, it was also the day her dignity was shattered to pieces.

 With her hands suspended by the ropes, Fatima can do nothing but shake and tremble under the blindfold with tears streaming down her face.

 Still, Alexis spits out a second shot without hesitation.


 With a sense of satisfaction, he pulls out his load, and a trickle of white spunk dribbles out of Fatima’s loose anus.

 ”You have done a good job. Well done, Fatima.”

 After saying that, he undoes the rope and sees Fatima fall down to the floor, and for the first time Alexis realizes that he has overdone it.

 ”…Oh no.”

 He feels like he has one more person to apologize to.

 But first, Alexis has to clean up first.

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