Chapter 160 Fifth Event - Survival, Part One - 1

 She is in her late twenties.
 She is an attractive woman with semi-long hair and eyes full of tranquil light.
 She wears a loose turtleneck sweater, a knee-length flared skirt, and black tights, and her body is slender but soft like an adult woman.
 It must be comfortable to hug her.
 She rides on a manual wheelchair.
 The reason she rides a manual one is that she wants to move around by herself as much as possible, even though it would be easy to replace it with an electric one. She says it's her policy.
 Since her childhood injury, her limp has been crippled, but it can be cured if she has patience and having treatment from [Lost Item].
 However, she refused to have it healed.
 She is not particularly concerned about it.
 She said that she would be happier if the power to heal her could be used to heal others.
「Just to be clear, let me introduce myself. I am Enjou Mizuki. I'm an S-ranked with an ability called [Gate(Kaimon)].
 Almost everyone in Japan is familiar with her name.
 After all, she is the face of [Lost Item] in Japan, and her picture appears on the website of a national organization, and she is also a celebrity who occasionally appears on TV programs.
 At the same time, she is a mother of a child with an ordinary man.
「Wow, I wonder if I can get her autograph later.」
 Someone was muttering this.
 That was not surprising. She is the object of admiration for other [Lost Item], and is one of the goals to which they should aspire.
 But at the same time, she is a person whom they do not get to see very often because of her busy schedule.
(...Is this the second one?)
 The first one, Fukami Kaito ―― [Ruler], whom Chihiro met yesterday, is also S-ranked. He is not hiding his existence, but he is not widely open to the public.
 Still, Chihiro did not expect to meet so many S-ranked in a row.
 While thinking this, his eyes suddenly met with Mizuki's.
「...Oh my」
 At the same time as Mizuki smiled faintly, through their intertwined gazes, her affection for the students of Shibahou, Shibatsuru, Shibaryuu, and Shibakkou flowed into him.
 [Emotion Amplification] is not activated.
 However, the "depth" rather than the "strength" of the feelings is unusual. It's like an ocean that envelops Chihiro and blows away all his emotions.
 Within just a second or so of their intermingling, Chihiro's tension was released, and he even let out a breath later.
 It was just as he had expected.
 It seems that Mizuki has a personality that is rather too perfect.
 Anyway, Lucille wasn't afraid of her personality, but her ability.
 Especially if Kaede is going to cooperate with her.
 Just then, a staff member's voice came out.
「We'll be handing out transmitters to all of you. This is to shorten the battle time and to prevent you from getting lost.」
 Each person was given a pin-shaped transmitter and told to wear it on their clothes or in their hair.
 If the transmitter was purposely lost, the participant would be disqualified.
「Enjou Mizuki-san and Izumi Kaede-san, both of them have a terminal that catches the signal from the transmitter. Of course, our staff will also monitor them from time to time.」
 The idea is that no matter where participants run to, their location will be identified and they will be attacked.
 They have also been informed that they are not allowed to leave the school.
 To put it another way, it is also expected that the participants could escape as far as the edge of the school.
 After the staff explain something, Shirosaki Madoka of Shibatsuru Academy raised her hand.
 She glanced at Chihiro.
「Is the attack order random? If it is based on the attacker's mood, won't there be an advantage or disadvantage?」
「Don't worry.」
 Kaede answered calmly.
「The attack criteria have been predetermined. Enjou-san will not move from the area around the log house, and she will attack all those who are nearby. In the meantime, I will target those who are closest to the log house within the range where Enjou-san cannot see you」
「Even for an acquaintances and relatives?」
「Is that a reason for me to hold back?」
「...Fufu. No, that's fine. Thank you.」
 Madoka smiles lightly, and her expression becomes more relaxed.
(I wouldn't be surprised if Kaede-san would rather target Nii-san first, just because it's a good opportunity.)
(Well, I can't say that it's not true, but...)
 After some hesitation, Chihiro finally gave up denying it.
「...Oh, and then... If either me or Enjou-san is disabled, the student in question will be considered the winner immediately.」
 An exceptional victory condition is announced.
 However, it is only a special case. It is not something that students would consider aggressively aiming for. In fact, the majority of the students' reaction was "even if you say so".
 At this point, everyone fell into a subtle silence.
「――then, I will give you three minutes to prepare now.」
 Kaede suddenly announced.
「The battle will begin in three minutes. Spectators can go to the monitors in the log house. The representatives are advised to flee as far as possible during this time.」
 She then pulled out a mobile terminal the size of a smartphone.
 She operated the terminal in some way, which seemed to indicate that she started a stopwatch or a transmitter monitor.
 As she stared at the screen, she said.
「Ten seconds have passed.」
 Hearing these words, the students finally understand the situation and start to move at once.
 The students of Shibaryuu Academy run away as if they were spiders.
 Minamoto from Shibakkou Academy smirks and pulls out his spear in his hand. But the remaining four of his friends run away as if they cannot be bothered by him.
 The Shibatsuru Academy students gather, exchange a few words, and then disperse.
 And then Shibahou Academy――
「You can do as you please」
 Lucille looked back at Chihiro and the others with sweat on her forehead.
「No strategy?」
「If we try any tricks, we'll get crushed. Rather, each of you should survive in the way you think best. Give it your all. If you're lucky you might win.」
「...I see. That's easy to understand.」
 Kamishiro nodded deeply.
 He looked back at Kaede, who was standing calmly in front of the log house.
「This is a good chance for me to get revenge on her. For that, I'm going to get away from here first.」
 He leaves the place at a pace that does not put a burden on his injured leg, and moves out of sight of Mizuki.
 He seems to be planning to "wait his turn" and challenge Kaede with Minamoto, who seems to be thinking of doing something similar.
 Frankly speaking, this is not a smart move.
 However, depending on one's point of view, it could be a way to "buy time" for the other members. At least while Kamishiro and the others are fighting, the others are not targeted.
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