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Chapter 160 Fifth Event – Survival, Part One

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Of course, I’m going to challenge Enjou-san. That’s the best way I can do.”

 ”…I see”

 The meaning of the request for [Retaliation] instead of [Self-Healing]

 Maria, who sensed Hana’s intention, tried to say something, but in the end simply nodded her head. In return, she smiled and took Hana’s hand in hers

 ”Don’t force yourself”

 ”Yes. I’ll try not to kill myself, don’t worry.”

 After talking for a while, Maria walked into the log house

 Hana turned around with a smile, but her face turned delicate when she saw Chihiro

 ”…Ah, Izumi-kun. Please cut off the share…”

 ”Eh? Oh, okay”

 [Stimulus Sharing] is the ability to distribute wounds and damage to fellow humans

 [Retaliation] is the ability to return the damage to the attacker

 If the damage is distributed, the damage returned to the attacker is also reduced. This would destroy the concept of [Retaliation] itself

 ”So, please use the sharing effectively, Izumi-kun. Frankly speaking, I think you will be our trump card.”

 Out of the twenty representatives from all the schools, Chihiro is almost certainly the most resilient

 If the winner is the one who survives to the end, Chihiro will win if he survives anyway

 ”So ―― I think it would be better if Izumi-kun would escape quickly, but why are you still here?”

 Are you sure you’re not thinking about nothing? I mean, you’re not thinking about anything, are you?

 Chihiro smiled at Hana’s staring eyes and answered

 ”I don’t have any deep thoughts, but I want to challenge Enjou-san too.”

 Mizuki’s [Gate] is not a direct combat ability

 Her physical ability is as good as anyone else’s, or rather more fragile than Shibahou alumni such as Suzu because of her legs, which prevent her from training properly

 Just as Hana was willing to try [Retaliation], there may be a chance after surviving the attack

 ”…I understand”

 Hana nodded slowly, seemingly satisfied with Chihiro’s explanation

 ”Then, would you do it after I challenge her? If you don’t think you can do it, then please escape quickly.”


 Chihiro answered and took a deep breath


 Just then, he hears a voice from the log cabin and turn around

 Aika, Riko, Maria, and Suzu were standing in front of the entrance, looking at him. He raise his arms in the same manner as they do, and answer their encouragement


 Mizuki, who had been watching Chihiro and the others, laughed

 Before everyone knows it, she has moved her wheelchair to the ground in front of the log cabin. Within this range, she can easily be heard without speaking out loud

 ”You have a lot of supportive children, Izumi Chihiro-kun”

 ”You know my name?”

 ”Yes. I know the names of all the participants. But that’s not the only reason in your case.”


 What does she mean by that?

 Chihiro was about to ask, but Kaede’s quiet voice interrupted him

 ”Two minutes and fifty seconds”

 It will start

 Chihiro looked at Hana and stepped back. Hana stepped forward to stand in front of Chihiro

 Once again, Mizuki said

 ”I’m glad. I thought I would not be of much help under the rule.”

 ”It seems that many of the students are even more stupid than I expected.”

 Kaede looks at the terminal as she answers

 ”Three minutes.”

 It was the beginning of the fifth event, survival

* * *

 As soon as the game starts, Kaede rushes out

 Kaede does not attack those who are within the range of Mizuki’s vision. Therefore, Chihiro and the others are ignored. For Chihiro, this is a good thing, since A-ranked Kaede is more frightening than S-ranked Mizuki

 Also, the flow of air has slightly changed

 There is a sensation of a big wall appearing around the log house, probably due to the creation of an invisible “wall” that protects the log house

 It seems to be an ability of one of the staff members

 With this, everyone can use their ability without worrying about the effect on the log house


 Of course, the most powerful person here―― Mizuki

 ”Now, let me show you my ability”

 After a few seconds of looking away from Kaede, Mizuki announced

 Hana whispered in a low voice to Chihiro in the back

 ”Hey, don’t you feel like getting rewarded just for seeing this in person?”

 ”Yes, but the price will be too high if we don’t survive.”

 As they were saying these things to each other, Mizuki made a move

 She looks at the terminal on her lap, and a change occurs in the empty space above the left side of the wheelchair

 On there, a fluctuation of space is occured

 Something that can only be described as such was born. Within an area of about 30 centimeters in the air, there was a scene of some other place, a warehouse or something

 This is Mizuki’s ability, [Gate]

 She could open a gate that leads to somewhere other than here. The opened gate can carry her and others, and she can move to any place she has been

 She uses this ability to move from place to place on errands and business

 This ability must be the reason why she does not want to heal her leg

 After all, she has the ability to go anywhere

 Perhaps she is thinking that if she heals her leg, she could move, but as a result, she will lose her ability

 However, this ability itself does not have the ability to kill

 Then, how will she fight?


 Suddenly, a brown-colored sphere appears from the fluctuation of space

 Surprisingly, it’s a basketball. It appears from the fluctuation and shoots straight toward Hana

 The speed is comparable to that of a high school boy throwing a basketball without any effort


 Hana took a serious hit. The ball sank into her stomach, but she managed to hold on just in time to be almost blown away by the impact

 She could have caught it with her hand, but she did not because of [Retaliation]

 As a result, the Hana felt should be returned directly

 ”…This is”

 ――However, Mizuki’s reaction was only a faint frown and a murmur


 Hana, standing on two legs, staggered. It would not be surprising if Mizuki, who is in a wheelchair, would fall over if she was hit by it, but the damage seems unnaturally small

 Hana saw this and exhaled regretfully, as if she had expected this result

 ”…I knew it. If it was Maria-chan, maybe the result would have been different…”

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