Chapter 79 [Female Knight] Fellatio Training for a New Knight - Part 1

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 Valencia's overprotectiveness toward Fransisca had been unbearable since their arrival at the dungeon.
「Her Highness, look out! Get behind me!」
「Leave this monster to me!」
「Her Highness! Don't go forward! I'll handle this!」
 The tone of the conversation was such that Fransisca was not allowed to play any role as an attacker.
 This is not an increase in the number of attackers, but rather a weakening of the team.
 And Alexis, not being satisfied with the situation, decides to take advantage of the break time to complain to Valencia.
 So when he found a spring in the grassy area of the dungeon, he decided to take a short break at the foot of the spring.
 Then he invited only Valencia to the outskirts of the dungeon so that Fransisca would not be offended.
 With a large rocky area there as a backdrop, Alexis decided to get right down to business with Valencia, who was facing him with her back straightened.
「You. Have a little faith in Fransisca's skill as an attacker. She's been with us this whole time」
「I'm well aware of that. But from now on, I'm going to take Her Highness' place. I can't get her beautiful hands dirty and I won't make it any harder for her!」
 Alexis looked at Valencia, who was so excited that he didn't know what she was talking about. And Alexis let out a sigh in this thought.
「Substitute, huh...」
「Besides, Alexis-sama, you know what I've been doing, don't you? I'm sure I have enough power to make it here. As an attacker, I can play the role well enough.」
 Valencia is very proud of her words, but even Alexis knows that it is not an arrogant line. She is not the type to get carried away, but rather the type to speak her mind and say whatever is on her mind.
「Sure, I'll admit that...」
 She is a knight who was originally entrusted with protecting the very important place called the treasury. And she survived the dungeon all by herself. So, Valencia is a skilled knight. In fact, if she gets along well with others, she might even surpass Fransisca. But...
「I don't think you can replace Fransisca just because you can play attacker.」
 Alexis meant it as a complaint, but Valencia didn't seem to get it.
「Of course, you're right. Without the artifact that only Her Highness can use, we can't even get out of this dungeon. Besides, Her Highness not only has a lovely voice and a beautiful figure, but she also makes people feel at ease just by being there. Even with that intention, I can fully understand Alexis-sama's desire to keep her close.」
 The way she proudly talks about Fransisca must mean that she is actually showing her respect for her.
 But before that, there was a line that Alexis could not understand.
「Wait, you mean you respect her... but not that much, do you?」
「Do you think so? I don't think so.」
 Valencia looks at him as if it is a matter of course.
「Oh... that's right! Anyway, you know...」
 Alexis decided to forcefully return to the main topic, since anything more would be too much trouble.
「...Anyway! You might think you're showing respect for Fransisca with that. But do you realize it? That's like saying that Fransisca can only be there and that others are good enough for the job instead her?」
「What?! I didn't mean that...!」
 Valencia, who as expected shows her upset face. Then, Alexis tried to force his way in, "Even if this is true for you, it's not true for others!".
 But this approach seemed to have antagonized Valencia.
「I'm only doing this for Her Highness!」
 At this, Alexis said to Valencia, "I know that".
 And Valencia nodded her head in agreement with Alexis.
「I understand. So Alexis-sama is trying to say that I'm unreliable, right? Then, please watch me. I'll do whatever it takes to substitute Her Highness! Then there will be no need for her to do something dangerous!」
 Seeing Valencia's more enthusiastic attitude, Alexis realized that this conversation had the opposite effect.
「Good grief...」
 "This guy is no good," Alexis thinks to himself, and his shoulders slump.
(It's no use. If she won't listen to me, I'll just have to make her understand...)
 Alexis thinks so and eventually says with a sigh.
「If you insist, I'll let you play "all" Fransisca's roles. If you can do all of them well enough, I can say that you can substitute her.」
「Don't be so coy, Alexis-sama.」
 Valencia smiles bitterly, probably unaware of how her words and actions are affecting Fransisca.
 And thinking that he would teach her a lesson that she would never be able to say it again, Alexis says, "Well, let's get on with it," and lifts the corner of his mouth.
「I'm sweating from all that moving around earlier. So, I feel uncomfortable. If you're willing to take over for Fransisca, then surely... —you'll clean up my "thing" for her, won't you? With your mouth.」
 Alexis smiles wickedly. Of course he was going to stop Valencia if she didn't want. After that, he would told her that she can't replace Fransisca.
 And sure enough, Valencia was up to her ears in red.
「Eh... Wh-Wh-What are you thinking...!? A-Alexis-sama, you're making Her Highness do that?」
 Valencia screams out crazy.
「And if I say yes?」
 Alexis smirks at her.
 ...Although he doesn't actually make Fransisca do it. But she would certainly do it if he asked her to.
 And now, Valencia was red in the face for a while, grunting and groaning.
 At this sight, Alexis was about to say, "If you don't want it, you shouldn't replace her".
「I understand...」
 Valencia said with a bright red face.
 "What!?" Alexis asked back.
「I-I have said I would substitute Her Highness! ...S-So, it's knight duty to complete what I've said.」
 Valencia walks up to Alexis and kneels down in front of him.
 She lifts Alexis's plate armor with one hand, and puts her hand on her belt.
「...I should take this off and take it out, Alexis-sama's thing... first, right? Oh, but first, I have to take off my gauntlet...」
 Valencia rushes to remove the metal covering her hands, and then puts her hands on Alexis's pants again.
 Alexis, seeing that she was serious, wanted to stop her. But...
(What am I supposed to do now that I'm the one who started this? Anyway, mine is deformed. I'm sure Valencia will cry and apologize when she sees it.)
 So, he decides to let Valencia do what she wants for the time being.
 Valencia slid down Alexis' pants to the knees with a very slow hand, and then asked, "Do you want me to take these down, too?". And after confirming, she slid down Alexis's pants as well.
 And when Valencia put her hand on the armor to lift up the plate armor again, Alexis stretched his one.
 "Well, it can't be helped," Alexis excuses himself to no one in particular.
(No matter how it happened, when I think that a pretty looking lady knight is actually going to give me service... I can't help but get up. Yeah)

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