Chapter 145 [Medical Officer] Trick Her into Thinking He Has No Ulterior Motive and Then Do Intercrural Sex - Part 1

(But how could that Lily nod her head so quickly and without hesitation? What was she thinking?)
 With doubts in his mind, Alexis removes his clothes and steps into the bathroom.
 The reason is that Lily told him to go ahead of her because she is embarrassed.
(But is she serious?)
 Alexis had no choice but to sit in the bathroom chair and wait impatiently.
 After waiting for a while, he finally heard the door open.
「E-Excuse me...」
 Lily entered the room with a red face, covering her body with a bath towel.
(Hmm... I can't see her body line well because the bath towel is in the way...)
 Thinking so, he looked at her with a curious look.
「Uh, you know...」
 Alexis was surprised when she pointed out to him with a red face.
「Ah... sorry, sorry」
 But sensing that she must be embarrassed, he hurriedly turns his eyes away.
「Y-Yes. Excuse me...」
 Lily walks up behind Alexis as she speaks.
 She kneels down, and then picks up a nearby soap and says, "Well then".
「I'm going to wash your back」
「A-Ah, yeah. You'll do it for me?」
 Lily nodded and, as she had said, began to wash Alexis' back. After a few moments, she says, "All done," and then.
「Now, if you'll excuse me. Please take your time」
 Lily stood up, and Alexis turned around and asked, "Huh, Is that it?"
 "Eh?" Lily asked back.
 She looked puzzled, not understanding why Alexis said the question mark.
「I see, Lily. You... are just going to give me a backrub as you say and then leave, huh...?」
 Alexis is so impressed that he can't help but speak up.
 But this makes sense. This is why Lily, who had turned so red just after talking with Fransisca, nodded her head so easily.
「Eh? ...Ah? I-Is it possible that I have something else to do? Oh, um, I'm sorry. I don't really know how to do this...」
 Lily looks troubled and fidgets.
「No, it's not really that much...」
 Even Alexis is confused.
 By the way, nowadays, it has become his common practice to done it with someone. And moreover, it is a naked man and a naked woman. He had a certain feeling of certainty that it was impossible for nothing to happen. But... —There are girls in this world who react like this. It is natural.
(...But, it awakened...) Alexis thinks.
(The thing between my legs is ready...)
 Alexis glances at his crotch, which is hidden by a towel.
(I'm in the mood for a little bit... Well, just the tip...)
 As he was thinking about this, Lily asked him, "What else should I do?"
 Alexis ponders for a while.
 The most gentlemanly response would be to say, "No, nothing". But unfortunately, Alexis is not a gentleman.
 Eventually, he says whatever comes to his mind.
「Well, Lily, why don't you sit here. I'll wash you for you this time」
 Alexis stands up from the chair he has just sat in and urges Lily to sit down.
 "Eh?" she exclaims, her face tense and bright red.
「Huh...! What...! N-No! I can't ask a prince to do such a thing!」
「It's okay, it's okay. I'm just washing you.」
 Lily is still red-faced.
 So Alexis decides to call her on it.
「...Lily, do you think I have ulterior motives?」
 In fact, he does.
 "No, not at all!" Lily politely and solicitously responds in a healthy way.
「Then that's good.」
 Alexis smiled smugly.
「Haven't you ever washed your body before?」
「I-I've done it with my friends when we stay over during the training...! B-but, as expected...」
 There must have been more words after "as expected".
 But Alexis interrupted her by saying.
「Well, it's not your first time, is it? What's the need to hesitate?」
 Lily is stunned.
 But he is the Prince, and it would be impolite to refuse him any further.
 So she nodded her head reluctantly.
「Then, just a little bit...」
 Lily said and apologetically sat down on the chair indicated by Alexis.
 Her small hands tighten their grip on the bath towel.
 And Lily, blushing bright red up to the back of her ears, says, "Oh, um,".
「I-I'm sorry for asking Prince to do such a thing...」
「You're not actually saying that you don't like to be touched by me, are you?」
「T-That's not what I meant...」
 Perhaps because of her embarrassment, Lily's voice is muffled.
 With tears threatening to well up in the corners of her eyes, she pulls off the bath towel, exposing her white shoulder blades, which are covered with her hair.
 Her slender and petite back trembles a little.
 Seeing such a naive girl's reaction, Alexis' tentacle is energized irresistibly. But showing it now might startle her.
 It is Lily. If he is not careful, she might be completely frightened and start crying.
 Being very careful not to let the tentacle extend itself, Alexis takes a bath towel and lathers the soap on it.
 First he touched Lily's back, and she shivered.
 As if nothing had happened, he washes her back first.
 "Any itches?" He asks her.
「Ah... no, it's okay. It feels good...」
 She may be saying these words with her utmost care, but it makes Alexis' arousal swell up.
 After washing her shoulders, back, and other safe places for a while, Alexis finally reaches out his hand.
 Alexis' hand touches her abdomen, and Lily says, "Hyaa".
 She wants to protest but can't, her voice upset and upset leaking out in an upturned tone as she tries to stifle the inflection.
「I'll wash your front too, while since we're at it」
 Alexis says, to which Lily responds with a shout.
「B-But! I haven't done that to you, Prince...」
「So, what?」
「I'm sorry that you have to go that far...」
 Even if she clearly refuses, she can't do it. Alexis can understand her distress and confusion. To which Alexis responds, "No, no," while biting back the urge to laugh.
「Don't worry about it. I've never been much for that kind of status consciousness. I'm the one who said it's okay. So, it doesn't matter.」
「Don't worry, I don't have ulterior motives.」
 When Alexis says this, Lily shuts up and says
 "...R-Really?" she asked as if she wanted to make sure.
「Yes, of course」
 Alexis answered, and Lily said nothing more.
 So Alexis continues to enjoy the feel of her skin under the cover of the bath towel.
 Lily's body is generally thin and small.
 However, despite her thinness, her skin is soft and smooth to the touch, and her skin feels soft and fluffy in the palm of his hand.
 Her abdomen is also smooth, moist, and absorbent to the touch.
 Now, he slips off the towel so that he can see the lines of her body from her back to her waist.
 She looks petite from the nape of her neck to her waist, but her butts are firm and feminine.
 He is tempted to stick his object into the soft cleavage of her buttocks, which is hidden by the chair, but he must resist for now.
 Instead, Alexis moves a little closer and gradually moves his hands up from her abdomen over her back.
 He moves his hands above her navel, below her breasts, and now to the outer sides of her breasts.
 Finally, his palms touch the outside of her soft bulge.
 And Lily's body jumps.

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