Chapter 200 [Mage] With Assistant After the Business Meeting - Part 2

「—Well, Prince-sama. Why aren't you getting bigger? Don't you want me to take care of you?」
「No, that's... that's right, but...」
 He pauses.
 He wanted to but was disappointed when he saw her flipping through her schedule book.
 "Really, you're a prince of no means," she whispers.
「I'm going to make it big enough to take care」
 After saying this, Maria's hands moved seductively.
 The caressing movement of her hand gradually arouses Alexis' arousal.
 The sullen assistant who has been dealing with the merchant just a few minutes ago is now moving her hand glamorously to serve the object between his legs.
 Thanks to this, it did not take it long for him to start moving.
 Seeing the groin squirming, Maria puts her hand on Alexis' belt.
 She loosened his pants with an expert touch and took his thing in her mouth.
「Ah... Mmm. *Squelch,* *Kiss.* *Suck...*
 She served him while making noises.
 Her tongue is moist and entwined with it. Her lips were also moist and glistening from the in-and-out movement of a single object.
 Meanwhile, Alexis rests his hands on her head, breathing in and out, enjoying the tongue work.
「Haah, haah— you're still good at that」
 As he compliments her, her cheeks turn a little vermilion.
 Puha! Then, Alexis' thing is pulled out from her lips.
「You too, Prince-sama, are in good health」
 Her hand starts to rub from the glans to the pole, glistening with saliva.
 As she does so, Maria pulls off her officer's robe and exposes her breasts.
 The soft white twin dunes arouse Alexis' arousal even more.
 She then presses his cock against the cleavage of her breast.
 The shape of the head changes, and it is buried in her breast valley, and the feeling of warmth and fluffiness is felt.
 Maria puts her hands on her breasts and leads the penis into the cleavage. The bouncing tentacle penis moistens her uniform.
 But Maria did not complain about it, leaning forward and squeezing the penis tightly between the duo of her breasts.
 After a pause, she rocks her body, pistoning it. Her breath is shallow. And Alexis hears her breathing.
 He also sees drops of sweat trickling down between the cleavage of her breasts.
 She is silent, but her eyes are fixed on the penis, and she looks pensive.
 The feeling of pleasure made Alexis cum suddenly jump, wetting her chin. At that moment, Maria lets out a snorting sound.
 Hearing so, Alexis giggles.
「You seem to be excited, too」
 Maria huffs and puffs and turns her red face to Alexis grimly.
「...Of course... I'm excited. After all, it's your, your manhood」
 "You want some?" Alexis asked, and she nodded.
 She put her glasses on the table as she stood up and pulled up the hem of her officer uniform robe by herself, and straddled Alexis' lap.
 Under her pulled-up uniform, panties of crimson color peeked out.
 It is made of transparent fabric with a slit right in the middle of the fabric.
 And as she reached out her finger and opened her secret place, the slit was also opened.
「This underwear is so well prepared」
 Alexis lets out an exclamation.
 Maria turns red and replies with a downcast look on her face.
「Because I am in charge of taking care of you」
 As she said this, Maria's secret place was wet, and her love juices dripped.
 When it touched the pole of the penis, it made a squeaking sound.
 And at the same time, her body trembled when she put the rod.
「Ah—ngh, ngh!」
 A stifled gasp escapes from her trembling lips.
「Haah, haah, Prince-sama. Are you going to make me move again?」
 Maria stares at Alexis, still insisting that he wants to make her cum.
「Well, do you want me to move?」
「No, don't. Today is the day... when I'm going to move... Mmm...」
 Maria's hips buckle.
 And because Alexis knew what she wanted, he contracted his cock so that the glans were in contact with her secret opening.
 At the same time, Maria wiggled her hips and rubbed the entrance of the honey pot against the glans repeatedly, making a gurgling sound.
 Occasionally, when the tip of the glans sank, she pulled it out immediately, repeating the rubbing motion.
「Ah, ah, mmm, mmm, mmm...」
 Maria's eyes were downcast, and she occasionally let out a muffled voice.
 She seems to be enjoying herself rather than being mean and impatient.
 But Alexis was frustrated and stretched out his tentacle.
 At this slippery penetration, Maria gasped, "Oh, God."
「You should have let me do it a little longer... Ah, Mmmmm...!」
 Maria's body trembled.
 She felt a stirring sensation in her vagina, which immediately made her feel a rush of pleasure.
 Her body shattered in a flash and sank onto Alexis's chest.
 Her full breasts are pressed against the breastplate and change their shape.
「Ah, ahhh! Prince-sama, ahhh!」
 Maria's expression melts, her body trembles, and she no longer looks so awkward as before.
「Don't move anymore, ah, ahhhh!」
 She pleads in a mellow voice as Alexis stir inside her.
 She moans flexibly as her vagina tightens and seems to suck on his cock.
 At this sight, Alexis whispered.
「If you want to cum, come on, tell me.」
 Maria stared at Alexis in frustration, then said a muffled "I want to cum."
「Make me cum, Prince-sama. Please make me cum with your cock...」
 Affirming her request, Alexis strokes her hair and replies with a smirk, "Okay."
「Come on, taste it」
 Alexis says, twisting his tentacle back and forth, moving it freely, relentlessly stroking the weak spots in her vagina.
「Yes, ah, ahhhh—!」
 Maria's chin tilts back, clutching Alexis tightly as she cum violently.
「Haaaahhh—Ahh, ahh—Prince-sama—ngh, *Kiss...*
 Maria kisses Alexis' lips as the waves of climax continue.
 She stretches out her tongue and slurps the saliva of the opposite sex.
 For Maria, Alexis is the only person of the opposite sex she has ever been able to do so.
「Haah—haah, haahh. *Slurp...*
 Even after her climax has subsided and been replaced by a lingering sensation, she continues to press her hips against Alexis and kiss him for the sake of the lingering sensation. This keeps the pleasure going.
 But in the middle of the kiss, Alexis' penis moves and thrusts deep inside her. It made Maria jump up and down again with a resounding pleasure.
「Haah, ahhh, Prince-sama. I'm cumming again...」
 As her body shudders with pleasure, he looks into her green eyes and whispers.
「Yeah. I'm going to cum too」
 He does this, and Maria feels happy.
 Still, she can't get rid of the frustration she feels.
 But more than that, she wants it.
「Yes, yes. Let it out...」
 In response to Maria's words, Alexis's cock rises up.
 The hot muck filling her uterus with deep penetration intensifies the tingling sensation that swells in the depths of her womb.
「Ah, ah—!」
 Maria climaxed again.
 Her green eyes, staring at the swelling of her abdomen as she surrenders herself to the waves of climax, no longer have the pouty impression of an assistant.

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