Chapter 41 Uninvited Visitor, Part 1

 Main Character’s Perspective
 "Come on, put more pressure on your butt hole and tighten your cunt. You don't know who's doing the work here. Try to squeeze every last drop of semen out of me."
 "P-Please forgive me. It feels too good. I'm cumming again! Oh my God, Founder, your cock is amazing! Ah! Ah! No! I'm cumming again, I'm cumming! My cunt's been twitching since a while ago... and I can't hold it... It's coming... it'll come again soon. Ah, ah, ah, no! I can't resist this cock! I can't resist it anymore. I'll die, Founder's cock feels so good, I'll die! Ahh, ahh, ahh...ahhhhh!!!!!!"
 I saw Nishikuze Eishin give a big thrust with his hips as if he was going to slam his hips down for the last time.
 As if that thrust was a signal, the woman let out a scream and collapsed, leaning against Nishikuze's body.
 Her youthful and fleshy body is leaning against Nishikuze's plump and middle-aged body as if a father and daughter are embracing each other.
 However, the woman who collapsed on Nishikuze's body as if she had run out of energy seemed to be still enjoying the greatest pleasure.
 Her hips were shaking occasionally, but her face had a happy expression on it. This was definitely proof of the effect of the aphrodisiac.
 On the other hand, Nishikuze's face shows the satisfaction of ejaculation and a condescending look toward the woman.
 More than five minutes after the end of the sex, the woman was still leaning against Nishikuze's body and twitching her lower body, but Nishikuze did not seem to be in a hurry and started to sip from a glass of wine that was placed nearby while the woman was still penetrated.
 It was obvious that the woman was fascinated by the sex with Nishikuze.
 The way she licked up his penis was as polite and eager as a prostitute, and the way she looked up at Nishikuze was always filled with passion.
 The woman's attitude as if she was having sex with her beloved lover suggests the effectiveness of the aphrodisiac. If one simply looks at the effect of the aphrodisiac, it would be convincing enough.
 However, Nishikuze used the aphrodisiac differently from what I expected.
 Just before starting to have sex, he put a few drops of the aphrodisiac on the tip of the condom.
 I honestly didn't expect to use it in such a way.
 Well, I might have come up with such an idea myself if I had been a little cleverer, but in a world where condoms don't exist, it is common to put them in drinks and so on. Having sex with Ayano raw was a matter of course for me, but it had never occurred to me until now.
 In the other world, there are contraceptives made by alchemy, and there are even medicines effective against STDs. However, if someone goes to the countryside even a little bit, they don't even use contraceptives, and if they get pregnant, they can just give birth to a baby on their own.
 Because I was in such an environment for so many years, the idea of using a condom completely slipped out of my mind.
 Anyway, the result is as can be seen.
 The woman must have absorbed the aphrodisiac from the vaginal mucous membrane without knowing it. As a result, it is not surprising that Nishikuze's penis is special.
 Well, as far as I am concerned, I just want to see how effective aphrodisiacs are for people in this world, and I don't care how Nishikuze uses them.
 It took another 10 minutes or so for the woman to recover to the point where she could move again. The woman was kissing Nishikuze's neck as if she was spoiling her lover.
 Perhaps in response to her, Nishikuze started to move his hips even after the woman recovered.
 Considering the fact that he remained inside the woman after ejaculating, there is a strong possibility that he mixed an aphrodisiac in the wine. It was also clear that Nishikuze was not wearing a condom as a contraceptive, since the condom could come off completely if he had sex with the woman after ejaculating.
 As I was secretly peeping at the scene, a new problem came to my mind.
 The effect of the aphrodisiac was too strong.
 It would not be a problem for normal use. So far, the woman's face does not look unhealthy. However, if it is used as a part of the materials for the parasitic slime, the burden on the woman's body will be a problem.
 Unlike male ejaculation, female orgasm does not seem to be accompanied by a sudden rise in blood pressure, and the use of an aphrodisiac would not cause abdominal death, but it would still require a great deal of physical exertion.
 If the parasitic slime keeps secreting the same ingredients as the aphrodisiac, won't it gradually weaken?
 Such a worry was nagging at my mind.
 I should reduce the amount of the aphrodisiac to half, or even less than one-third.
 However, if I simply reduce the quantity, not only will the effect of the potion become weak, but also the possibility of failure in alchemy will increase. Then, it would be necessary to compensate for the remainder with some other substance.
 The first thing that comes to mind is the body fluid of an incubus, but there are other candidates as well.
 The ovaries of a war-rabbit.
 It has an effect similar to that of an aphrodisiac, and although it does not bring pleasure and climax like incubus fluids or orc semen, it stimulates female sexual desire and induces sexual impulses.
 War Rabbit was a female monster and was famous for its strong sexual desire.
 I only guessed that it was probably due to the high level of estrogen, a kind of female hormone secreted by the ovaries.
 In a sense, what is frightening about such a war rabbit is that it attacks humans and monsters alike in a sexual manner. However, the appearance of a war-rabbit is so far away from the common taste of humans that only a few people with special sexual propensities would be interested in having intercourse with it.
 However, since the ovaries of the war rabbit were very expensive and in high demand, many people tried to hunt them.
 They were very popular among upper-class ladies because of their beauty-enhancing effects, such as improving skin tone and moisturizing hair. It was also a well-known fact that its side effect was to make them aroused at all hours of the day and night, after all, that was in a world where people were loyal to their own desire. So, they didn't seem to be concerned about it.
 Anyway, it was enough for me to know that I should not use it as it is.
 I had gained some fruits of my labor, and I was thinking of leaving the temple when I heard the phone extension ringing as if it was trying to hold me back.

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