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Chapter 41 Uninvited Visitor

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 I had gained some fruits of my labor, and I was thinking of leaving the temple when I heard the phone extension ringing as if it was trying to hold me back


 ”As I have said many times before, Miki-san joined our religion of her own will. I understand your concern for your friend, but we cannot neglect the faith of our followers, even though we are in a position to teach and lead them.”

 ”That’s not what I’m saying, I’m just asking you to bring Miki here. You’re Higashikawa-san, aren’t you? If you insist that this Gospel Church is not doing anything wrong, there’s nothing wrong with it, is there? What do you have to hide?”

 ”Hmmm, you are a very clueless young woman. Miki-san herself said she doesn’t want to see you. Besides, you and Miki are both grown women. Then shouldn’t you respect her wishes a little more?”

 ”Yes, of course, I respect her wishes. But after I hear Miki’s words directly with my own ears, until then I won’t budge an inch from this spot.”

 ”Sigh, here we are. To think that I’ve told you this and you still don’t get it. It can’t be helped. Takagi, please report this to the Founder and tell him to come with Miki-san to the guest room of the main hall.”

 ”Yes, Auxiliary Bishop.”

 As soon as I understood roughly what had just been exchanged over the phone, I immediately left with Nishikuze and the others and went to the guest room of the main hall, and listened to what was being said in the room in the hallway outside, which was separated by a single sliding door

 Unlike the Sacred Temple, the main hall is a purely Japanese-style building

 It must be a place where many believers come and go during the daytime. Because of this, security seemed to be very limited

 Now, I waited for the man called “Takagi” to come out of the room and tried to enter the guest room to replace him

 I quietly enter the guest room so that Takagi, who looks doubtful for a moment because the sliding door does not close easily, does not notice my presence

 What I saw there was Higashikawa and a woman sitting on a luxurious sofa facing each other

 ”I believe that if you listen to the teachings of the Gospel of Love, you will understand the splendor of God. Why don’t you take this opportunity to hear me preach?”

 ”Hmm. I’m afraid I don’t believe in the existence of God at all, and I have no intention of relying on Him at all.”

 ”I see. Well, that’s understandable. Miki-san was the same way in the beginning. On the contrary, I am sure that most people are skeptical about the existence of God. So, I think this is a perfectly normal feeling, and I am not trying to force you to accept the existence of God. However, there are various sufferings waiting for you in the lower world. Sickness, injuries, car accidents…”

 ”Huh? What are you trying to say?”

 ”What I’m trying to say is that God’s mercy does not extend equally to all people. No matter how much God tries to help you… it’s meaningless if your voice doesn’t reach Him.”

 ”That’s enough. I’m not interested in such nonsense at all.”

 I was surprised at Higashikawa’s greed to win followers even under such circumstances, but there was something that surprised me even more. A woman was sitting on the sofa facing Higashikawa. It was someone I knew

 She had long black hair and a clear nose and eyes. And long, slender legs that gave her a s*xy look

 She was wearing a denim skirt today, but her jacket was still a scajan with dragon embroidery

 There is no doubt about it. She is Higuchi Yukari, Higuchi Nobuo’s big sister

 I was struck by the coincidence of meeting Higuchi Yukari again as if there was something intentional in the meeting

 At this chance encounter, I was just standing there in a daze

 After Sayaka and a beautiful boy named Tsuzuki, I met Higuchi Yukari

 What is the meaning of these coincidental encounters, as if they knew where I was going in advance?

 Isn’t this a little too strange?

 It’s as if some kind of fate is forcing me to make a connection with these people

 Or is it the compulsion of fate that I fear is causing such a situation?

 If that’s the case, then I’ve met both of them in the past besides Sayaka..

 ”Excuse me. I’ve brought the Founder and Imada Miki-san here with me.”

 As soon as I heard such a voice from the corridor outside, I saw the two who had just entered the guest room

 Miki seemed to have covered all the traces of their affair, but she looked exhausted and her steps were unsteady. Probably the effect of the aphrodisiac had not yet left her body

 I was worried about whether it was safe to bring her to such a place in such a state. However, it seems that I was not the only one who was worried, as Higashikawa’s face showed a shocked expression for a moment

 Probably, Higashikawa did not expect that Nishikuze would be done at such an early hour

 Despite such concerns, Nishikuze plopped down on the sofa next to Higashikawa and bowed deeply to Higuchi Yukari with a naturally mild expression on his face. However, I didn’t miss the amorous glint in his eyes for a moment

 ”It is my first time meeting you. My name is Nishikuze Eishin and I am the archbishop of this religion.”

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