Chapter 50 Aura of Jealousy, Part 2

 Main Character’s Perspective
 A short voice, which could be taken as either rejection or shame, escaped from Naoko's mouth as she was pushed down by Yukari.
 However, even such a sound was immediately stopped by Yukari's lips.
 Even if it were not for that, the two of them were more than one size different from each other.
 So, there was no way a woman like Naoko could escape once Yukari, a lesser vampire, stretched on top of her and held her down.
 Now, Yukari grabbed Naoko's arms, which were showing a token resistance, and held her down.
 Naoko tried to scream and resist, but her mouth was already sealed by Yukari's lips.
 As Naoko was unable to move, Yukari was kissing her like a caress and forced her to be quiet.
 I just stood by and watched the two of them without saying a word.
 To tell the truth, I might have been enjoying the way Naoko's eyes, which had been raised cheekily, were gradually lowered by Yukari's kisses.
 At this moment, I was under the illusion that the sensation of having done my best in the barbaric world in the other world was coming back to me.
 "Mmm... Ah... Mmm... No... Yukari-san, stop!"
 "Sienna, you said I shouldn't do it in places where something can be seen, like her neck, right?"
 "Yes. Like me and Yukari-san, the scar won't close immediately. I think it's best to avoid places that will be seen by the public."
 "Then, is the chest area a good place?"
 "Anywhere that can be covered by clothes is fine. But be careful not to suck too much blood. A bite with your teeth will do the trick."
 "Yeah, okay."
 I don't know if Naoko heard our conversation or not.
 But her face looked like she was completely elated by the kiss with Yukari.
 Yukari moved her arms above her head and held her down with only her left hand as if she wanted to free her right hand.
 Even so, it may no longer have been even necessary.
 Her aura, which was almost yellow and pink by this time, told me that Naoko's feeble voice of resistance was nothing more than an appearance.
 Now, Yukari pulled up Naoko's raglan sleeve T-shirt with a cute devil printed on the front.
 Her big breasts, which were somewhat disproportionate to her thin body, were about to spill out in her white underwear.
 "Wait, Yukari-san. Stop it. If I'd known you were going to do that..."
 "I'm sorry. It doesn't matter anymore whether I have such an intention or not. It's already decided that you're mine from now on."
 "Then, at least when we're alone..."
 "You're no better than me. Sienna's going to make you a woman with his cock in your cunt. You'd better get yourself ready."
 "No way. I don't mind what Yukari-san does to me, but this is too much..."
 "You like me, don't you? And it's not that I don't like you at all. I mean, I just like Sienna a little more than you. Then why don't the three of us just have fun together?"
 Yukari slips her right hand into Naoko's bra with such a sweet lie.
 Her hand was wrapped around her twin dunes, and I could see her pink nipples at the top of them, which looked as if they were pointed to represent Naoko's feelings.
 Yukari licked her nipple and made Naoko's hips bounce with a pleasant sensation.
 Perhaps she has already given up on being toyed with by Yukari, but her face looks a little like that of a naughty lover, even though she is being forced.
 "Hehehe... Naoko, you are quite sensitive, aren't you? I think I can enjoy this to the fullest."
 Yukari opened her mouth wide and bit into Naoko's breast right in front of my eyes.

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