Returnee 51

Chapter 51 Forced Loyalty

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 ”Ugh! Yukari-san, what in the world…”

 As I was silently watching what Yukari was doing, Naoko, who was bitten on her chest, was letting out a short scream in front of my eyes.

 She only frowned lightly, though, as if the pain was not unbearable.

 Probably because when vampires suck blood, they send a special fluid from the tips of their fangs into their prey’s body to weaken their prey’s resistance.

 The fluid has a numbing effect on pain and is said to be accompanied by a great deal of pleasure.

 If the partner is sensitive to pleasure, it should have the same effect as an aphrodisiac.

 However, I can’t confirm this because it doesn’t work for me at all. Besides, if Yukari bites me, she would become my servant anyway, so I did not know if the pleasure of bloodsucking would make her disobedient to me or not.

 I myself have been sucked by Yukari several times, but all I feel is pain.

 However, I still feel pleasure from s*x, which seems to be a contradiction, but the pain is also a necessary signal for human beings.

 So, although I could understand only a rough idea of this point, I think it is important whether or not the abnormality is judged as an unnecessary adverse effect on the human body.

 Anyway, Yukari seemed to have already finished sucking blood and looked up from Naoko’s breast without much time.

 ”Is this all right?”

 ”Hmm. It should be fine.”

 Yukari turns her face to me and asks me if this is okay, to which I reply.

 I said so, but I don’t know exactly how to make Naoko into a servant, since I am only an imposter.

 If it is a way to make a lesser vampire, I have tried it several times not only in Yukari’s world but also in the other world.

 However, I am not interested in making a human servant of a lesser vampire.

 Even if they make such servants, the church people in the other world can use the oracle magic to detect the evil ones. So, even human servants are not so useful because they are immediately recognized as evil.

 In any case, it seems that the method was right. After all, as soon as I thought that a broken and charming voice started to escape from Naoko, I found her bouncing her hips up and down to lift up Yukari’s body.

 ”Ah… Ah, ahhhhhh. What, this? Ah, ah, ah, it feels good?”

 ”Hehehe… Does it feel good?

 ”Y-Yes. But I’m scared. Yukari-san, I’m scared. Something’s wrong with my body. Ah, ah, ah, no… something’s coming up. Yukari-san, what is this?”

 ”It’s okay, just surrender to the sensation. You’ll see the world differently.”

 ”Ah, ah, ah, no. This feels good. It feels… so good. I’ve never felt anything like this before… Ah, this is bad. Cumming! Ah, ah, ah… cumming, cumming, cummmmmmming… Ah, ah, ahhhhhh… It feels so gooooooooddd!”

 It may be because Yukari did not hold her down so firmly with her weight.

 Even so, it was sure that Naoko, who was only a human being, was exerting an unusual force. Her small body was bending over so much that Yukari’s hips were rising up.

 ”What is it? I heard it was different from my time, but it was not so different. The first time I had done it, I felt like I was going to lose my head from the pleasure. Naoko will never be able to resist the pleasure once she has experienced it.”

 After saying these words, Yukari released her hands on Naoko and climbed down on top of her body.

 The matter is already over when Yukari bites Naoko with her teeth. Even if she is unbound, she will not start to run wild.

 ”Even if you call her a servant, you are still my servant. That much does not change. However, she is still a human, so please be careful not to suck too much blood.”

 ”Yeah, I know that. Still, Naoko’s blood tastes good too. I can’t help but want to suck it like Sienna’s blood.”

 Normally, vampires seldom allow their servants to suck their blood.

 After all, for lesser vampires, it seems to be a joy to suck the blood of their master vampires, and the only time vampires let their servants suck their blood is when they are rewarded for it.

 But I am not a vampire but a fake.

 If my blood is special, it means that there is a master-servant relationship between me and Yukari…

 ”Aaahhh! Yukari-san, it feels so goooodd! Ah, ah, ahhh. What happened? You didn’t even touch me. So, why? It feels so good in my pussy. Ah, ah, ah! I’m gonna get something. Ah, don’ttt. I’m gonna pee my pants. Oh, ah, ah, that’s great… This feels so good! I’m gonna cum again! Ah, ah, ah, ah! Ahh! Oh, my pussy feels so good… I can’t stop cumming, I can’t stop cummmmming.”

 ”Gosh, you’re making me pee my pants. Not only my underwear, but my shorts are soaking wet!”

 Every time Naoko climaxed, she thrust her hips toward the ceiling, and a urine-like liquid dripped from between her legs.

 She herself does not seem to understand why she is doing this. She seemed to be intoxicated by the pleasure that was coming to her, and she could do nothing but climax repeatedly.

 ”Ah, ah, ah… Ah, ah, it feels good. Ah, cumming again! Cummmming! Hahhh… Ah… this is so good, this is so goooood! Ah, ah… My pussy feels so good! Yukari-san, kiss me like you did before. I want you to touch my pussy and stir it. Ah, please…”

 She drools out of the corner of her mouth pleasantly and touches her crotch with her free right hand.

 Seeing her, Yukari starts to wrinkle her brow.

 She had been enjoying watching Naoko’s lasciviousness until a few minutes ago, but now her face has a somewhat uneasy expression on it.

 ”I don’t mean to doubt Sienna, but is this really all right? Is this how servants are supposed to be?””

 ”You mean…?”

 ”I mean… since it’s called “becoming a servant,” it’s more like being submissive. I guess she’s being honest, but it’s not quite what I expected.”

 ”Ah, I see. You thought she would be like a slave without an opinion.”

 ”Is that not what they were?”

 ”Yukari-san, she wouldn’t have been like that even if she’d been made a servant. However, she wouldn’t have disobeyed you if you’d given her a firm order. The rest depends on how Yukari-san does it.”

 When I answered her, she seemed to be satisfied with my answer and turned to Naoko and spoke softly to her.

 ”I see, I see. Then, Naoko. Take off all your clothes. I’m going to make you feel even better.”

 ”Ah, ah, ah… Yes… Yukari-san. Naoko wants you to touch my pussy a lot.”

 ”You’re a nasty girl, aren’t you? But you’re right. If you obey my words, you can have a lot of fun with me later.”

 At last, the strong wave of pleasure seemed to have ended.

 She nodded silently at Yukari’s words and immediately started to take off the shorts she was wearing. She then pulls off her underwear together with Yukari and hugs Yukari sitting next to her lovingly.

 ”Oops, not yet. Didn’t I tell you earlier that you should do as I told you? I’ll throw away a bad girl who can’t keep my word right away, okay?”

 ”Don’t! Naoko will do whatever Yukari-san says.”

 ”Alright. Then let me ask you… who is it that you should swear allegiance to?”

 ”That’s Yukari-san, of course.”

 ”No, it’s not. The one to whom you should pledge your allegiance is my master (Danna-sama). You must swear here and now that you’ll give up your body and soul and become Sienna’s plaything.”

 ”What? But…”

 ”Hmm, are you going against my words?”

 ”N-No. But Naoko’s master is Yukari-san.”

 ”Listen to me carefully. I, your master, give my all to him. Then it makes sense for you to devote yourself to him and serve him together, doesn’t it?”

 ”With Yukari-san?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. We will make love together for a long time. Let our master play with my body and Naoko’s body. It’s my joy to do so. Don’t you want that, Naoko?”

 ”I-I want to be with Yukari-san.”

 ”Then you swear to him?”

 ”Yes. I will devote myself to Master with Yukari-san.”

 ”Good girl. Then come here.”

 I was watching their exchange silently in the back of the room, thinking that I should stay out of it, but it seemed that Yukari was doing quite well.

 In fact, she was even offering Naoko to me. I guess I can trust Yukari. So it is safe to say that Yukari will not betray me.

 But I also wanted to know how Yukari would react if I removed Sienna’s mask…

 ”Even if you’re a virgin, you at least know how to give a blow job, don’t you?”

 ”Yes, I know how to…”

 ”Then after you swear your allegiance to Master, try to serve him with your mouth first.”

 ”I understand. I, Oishi Naoko will serve Master for the rest of my life with Yukari-san. Master, please enjoy my body as a toy to your heart’s content.”

 She comes up to me on the sofa and kneels down in front of me, and starts to put her hands on my pants.

 However, contrary to her words of loyalty, her aura did not show any affection toward me at all.

 I had hoped that since Yukari and I had a connection, it would be possible for me to have some connection with Naoko, but it seems I was disappointed.

 However, the black aura of [Hate] and [Jealousy] has completely disappeared, and all I can see is the pink of [Sexual Desire] and a little bit of green of [Joy].

 I guess that following Yukari’s order is what Joy is all about, and without any hesitation, Naoko starts to take off my pants.

 She swears her allegiance to me with her mouth, but it was obvious that she did so only because Yukari ordered her to do so.

 But that didn’t mean I had any reason to refuse.

 I had already decided to make my move on Naoko from the moment we started talking about this. In fact, when she took off my pants and underwear, the thing in my crotch grew until it was so big that I could hardly stand it, probably because of the anticipation of what was going to happen next.

 ”Master, please feel good in Naoko’s mouth.”

 With those words, she suddenly started to take my dick in her mouth.

 She swallowed it deep into her throat with such boldness that I couldn’t believe she was a virgin.

 But her movements were so poor that she just bobbed her head up and down after she swallowed my cock deeply.

 ”How do you like it, Master? How is Naoko serving you with her mouth?”

 Yukari, who was sitting next to me and hugging me from the side, came close to my ear and asked me something like that.

 ”Well, this is the first time for her. I guess that’s about it.”

 ”Hmm… Even so, she’ll get better at it, even if she’s not very good at it at first. The pussy was small and cute, so I think you should be able to have a good time with it.”

 ”Yes, I think so. Maybe I’ll enjoy it more.”

 ”You’re lucky, Naoko. He’s going to make you a woman. I’ll teach you how to serve him with your mouth next time. Now open your cunt by yourself and ask Master to put his cock in you.”

 When she receives Yukari’s order, Naoko immediately stops sucking my cock and puts her ass on the floor with her hands behind her back on the floor.

 She spread her legs apart in that position and used her hands to spread her cunt to the left and right so that I could see it.

 ”Master, please. Please put your big cock in my virgin cunt and make me a woman.”

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