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Chapter 52 Unexpected Transformation

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 As if it was a matter of course for her to do so, Naoko started to spread her cunt wide right in front of my eyes as Yukari ordered

 Judging from her aura of [Joy], I was sure that she was changing into an obedient servant as I wanted her to be

 Probably, for Naoko now, the only joy is to obey Yukari’s orders

 However, I do not think that this is the only reason. Because Naoko’s aura is dominated by the pink color of [s*xual desire] more than the green color of [Joy]

 Even by looking at her aura, it is obvious that she is now a captive of pleasure

 Now, the tips of her rather long and narrow nipples are pointed hard, and clear love juice is flowing out of her small vagina, which is spread open with both hands

 She is about to have a man’s dick she doesn’t like plunged into her virgin cunt

 On the contrary, Naoko even seemed to be excited. I even suspected that she might be a masochist. Kind of person who gets excited by being bullied

 Even so, the bite definitely had an effect on her. I can easily imagine that such a great amount of pleasure is still running through her body

 ”Good girl. Just accept Master’s cock and think only about making yourself feel good.”

 ”Yes, Yukari-san. Ah, mmm…”

 Yukari-san said and moved away from me, then went behind Naoko and hugged her from behind

 Yukari seemed to be enjoying Naoko’s training

 She may have always been like that, but it is probably because she has been transformed into a Lesser Vampire, revealing her abusive and brutal nature

 Well, sometimes she even turns her eyes toward me so that I can see the two women’s lasciviousness. She seemed to be checking whether I was enjoying the experience or not while she was playing tricks on Naoko herself

 Naoko, on the other hand, didn’t care about me. She is just looking up at Yukari with her chest as a backrest and a fascinated expression on her face

 Anyway, as Yukari puts her hands on Naoko’s breasts from behind, she starts to stimulate the two bulges

 ”How does it feel, Naoko? Does it feel good?”

 ”Yes… It feels great.”

 ”Hmm? Don’t stop. While I make you feel good, you have to spread your pussy properly. Here, hold your legs like this.”

 Yukari grabs Naoko’s hand and leads her toward her thighs to hold her legs

 The reason why Yukari said that was because Naoko was about to turn around and grab Yukari’s arm. However, she was not resisting the fact that Yukari was fondling her breasts, but rather the opposite

 It seemed that she couldn’t resist having her cunt played with any longer, and her vagina, which was dripping her love juice, and her asshole, which was repeatedly contracting under it, seemed to be inviting my cock like a woman who was used to having s*x

 ”I’m going to put it in, then.”

 ”Go ahead. Please, Master, give her lots of love.”

 I got up from the chair and approached Naoko, and then I came between her legs, which were spread wide apart, and we were sitting close to each other

 And because I’ve been interrupted during my s*x with Yukari by Naoko, and the blowjob Naoko just gave me was halfway through, I’m ready to ejaculate and I’m ready to cum

 Now, I put my erect cock in her cunt, and I slowly penetrate into her cunt


 A short voice escaped from her mouth as I plunged my cock into her narrow girlhole

 The other girl is a virgin

 And even though she is now a servant, she is still a human being. Unlike Yukari, her body structure has not changed

 It’s hard to believe that Naoko would be able to feel pleasure from s*x from the beginning

 However, her reaction now clearly shows that she feels the penetration of a cock

 I don’t feel the need to be shy with my servant whether she feels it or not, and it doesn’t matter to me either way. I only made her a servant because I didn’t want her to make a fuss, and s*x is just an added bonus

 However, this was an interesting reaction

 Of course, I know that this is the effect of Yukari’s bite. Perhaps the pain was numbed and only pleasure was running through her body

 Besides, I was sure that the feeling of her slippery and soggy pussy was quite pleasant for a virgin, and I had nothing to complain about it

 ”Ah, ah… A p*nis is going in and out of me. Ahhhhh… Master’s big cock is inside my cunt…….”

 ”I’m so happy for you, Naoko. You’re so lucky to have Master make you a woman. Sex feels so good, doesn’t it?”

 ”Ah, ah, ah… Yes, it feels good. The p*nis feels so good.”

 ”That’s not quite right. It’s Master’s p*nis that feels good. You should learn that with your body.”

 ”Ah! Ah! Yes… yes… It feels good because it’s Master’s p*nis.”

 The fact that Naoko is actually getting pleasure is mostly due to the effect of Yukari’s bite

 Even though it was out of jealousy, Naoko must have hated me

 However, it seems that the vampire’s body fluid is so effective that she feels comfortable with my dick

 No, perhaps her body has already learned the pleasure of having her cunt gouged by my dick

 Her love juice, which is gradually turning white by the frictional heat, makes a sound and gets entangled with my cock. She seemed to be trying desperately to escape from the pleasure of my cock by shaking her hips delicately

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