Beyond Abyss 11

Chapter 11 Goblin Extermination Battle

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 We followed behind a group of goblins who were kidnapping female students.

 We didn’t get too close, but stayed a little distance away, watching the light dots on the auto map, so the risk of being discovered was low.

 But after about 20 minutes, the goblin group passed by what seemed to be goblin sentries. The two goblins who didn’t move from their spot were quickly taken care of by me and Asagiri once the group was far enough away.

 There were several more sentries later on, and at one point, there were two of them in the depths of a long corridor, which made me wonder how to defeat them without making any noise. But I followed my instinct and threw Kondou spear, and it flew straight and pierced the goblin’s throat.

 I clearly felt some kind of magic power, but when I asked Tina, she said she didn’t see anything. No way, she’s definitely lying. Is she a referee in pro wrestling or something?

 Asagiri, on the other hand, was defeating goblins almost at the same time as my thrown spear with a series of Straight Thrust attacks.

 Somehow, she’s clearly getting stronger. What level is she?

 When I asked, she said she has defeated quite a few enemies, but she’s still only level 2. I found out that she needs 330 exp points to reach level 3, which is more than 15 times what she has at level 2.

 Tina said that reaching level 2 is like a rite of passage from being a “regular person” to becoming a “player” within the system. That’s why the requirements for reaching level 2 are made easier. And leveling up after that isn’t as big of a jump in abilities as it is from level 1 to 2.

 But for players, leveling up is an important opportunity to change classes and gain titles and skills. They have to work steadily to collect exp points by taking actions that fit the characteristics of their desired class.

 Asagiri seems to be aiming to become a “thief,” and is learning the knowledge needed to gain the title through Tina and taking notes in her student handbook. Apparently, becoming a thief requires a lot of skills, so it’s quite difficult to obtain the title. She’s even taking pictures of the notes with her phone to keep them in both places.

 Hmm, she’s really serious about this.

 In my case, Tina is always applying for titles and skills for me, and for now, I plan to go as a Spearman, so I don’t really need to worry about anything. It seems like she can change my class anytime as long as there is a title that allows it.

 When a group of goblins approached what seemed to be two sentries, Tina called out, “Master.”

 Suddenly, a large number of red and blue dots appeared in the unexplored area of the auto-map screen.

 ’It seems like we’ve arrived at the goblin’s temporary base. We’ve confirmed about 20 reactions from both monsters and humans. It’s not yet accurate due to the distance.’

 Tina said calmly.

 ”Isn’t it a nest?”

 ’That’s right. Judging from the number of goblins present, it can’t be a nest. It seems like a large number of civilians were sent in, and an expeditionary force from a distant nest is temporarily storing the females.’

 ”Gathering them all up just to bring them back to the nest in one go, huh? Well then, looks like we’re still in time.”


 Before I could speak, Asagiri called out to me. She couldn’t hear Tina, but she seemed to understand the situation from my expression.

 ”It seems like we’ve arrived. There are a lot of monsters and human reactions in the room ahead.”


 Suddenly, Asagiri’s expression changed. It’s like a gear shifted up.


 ”First, let’s take care of the sentries and then see what’s going on. Don’t rush ahead. Let’s be careful.”

 Asagiri nodded silently in response to my words. She can get really worked up easily. Since we haven’t known each other for long, I need to be careful or she might take unexpected actions.

 About 5m or 6m (16 to 20 ft) after turning right at the T-junction, there was an entrance to a hall on the left side of the corridor, with two normal hobgoblins standing on either side. And from inside the hall, we could hear a girl’s sweet voice and crying.

 ”I’ll handle the back.”

 It’s become customary for the fast Asagiri to take care of the distant targets.

 When we both jump out at the same time, Asagiri mutters the name of the skill in her mouth, and in the blink of an eye, she zoom off. Two seconds after she jumped out, Asagiri’s spear pierced the throat of the hobgoblin in the back.

 Did we pass the entrance in just one second? Anyway, you wouldn’t notice from inside the room unless you were paying close attention.

 The speed of the Straight Thrust has increased compared to the beginning. It seems like Asagiri has adjusted the timing of the step and activation to improve it on her own

 While the one in front is distracted by Asagiri, I easily stab the Kondou Spear into its throat.

 At that moment, something strange happened.

 The hobgoblin that I stabbed with the Kondou Spear crumbled from the tip as if it were evaporating all at once. It’s way too quick for natural disappearance. The black vapor disappeared as if it were being sucked into the Kondou Spear, and not even a magic stone was left behind.

 Asagiri, who was watching, froze with wide eyes.

 ”Tina, what’s with that…?”

 ’I don’t know! I have no idea! I didn’t see anything!’

 She’s usually pretty competent, but when it comes to the Kondou Spear, she’s totally useless. Why is that?

 ”It looked like it had been ‘eaten’… Yeah, the tip seems to have healed. Did it replenish what was missing?”

 ’Master! Let’s just throw that away already! It’s kind of scary! No, don’t point it at me!’

 Tina-san seems to be regressing into a childlike state.

 ”It’s okay, it’s not scary. The Kondou Spear is a smart and loyal weapon. It wouldn’t turn against its owner.”

 ’People who have been attacked by their own pet dogs always say the same thing! That’s definitely not right! It’s abnormal!’

 Oh, this is getting nowhere. Tina will probably calm down after a while. Asagiri seems to be getting impatient too, so let’s just check out what’s going on in the room for now.

 When I looked through the entrance, I saw the biggest room I’ve ever seen. It’s kind of like a room that’s still being built.

 This is because, although it is a stone-made room that I have seen many times, from the middle of the left side, it looks like a cave with exposed rocks. The stone walls that were neatly arranged are about 3m high (10 ft), and above that is just rocks, and the ceiling is really high.

 I already checked the position on the automap, but there were about twenty girls sitting huddled against the wall in the back on the right. There were 8 hobgoblins, some with white skin and some with normal skin, surrounding them with weapons. And there were 3 white hobgoblins, each in the middle of r*ping a girl.

 The girls, still wearing their uniforms, were being penetrated in different positions by the hobgoblins, and they were moaning with vacant eyes, matching the movements of the hobgoblins’ hips.

 Nearby, three girls were lying down as if they had exhausted all their strength, and it seemed like they had been imp***ated.

 Around them, including the ones that had just joined, there were about 20 goblins wandering around in a restless manner, surrounding them. Every time they tried to approach the girls, the hobgoblins threatened them.

 It seems that there are more safe students than I expected, probably because they are still in the stage of being “picked off” for now. The real deal will probably happen after they are taken back to the nest.

 Most of the girls are sitting with their knees hugged, their faces down. Only a few of them are looking up, but there is one girl sitting against the wall, meditating in a cross-legged position, which stands out. It’s called kekkafuza. What’s that?

 There are three warrior-type hobgoblins in the middle of something without any defense. I would like to defeat them quickly if possible, but it’s impossible for me to reach them before being blocked by the goblins because there’s quite a distance. But Asagiri can do it.

 Also, I didn’t realize until I got closer to the entrance, but there are about 10 monsters gathered far in the back on the left side. There is no human reaction there. It’s a little concerning that they are the only ones apart.

 ”Tina, do goblins use projectiles?”

 ’…Goblins that appear in outdoor fields use bows and arrows, but it’s very rare in dungeon floors or cave floors.’

 Tina, who was about to cry earlier, seems to have managed to pull herself together. There is a low possibility that they will use projectiles, but it’s not definite, right? We have no choice but to charge in first.

 ”Hey, have you seen Kanon-chan around?”

 Asagiri was staring intently at a group of girls, but when she turned to me, she nodded slowly.

 ”She’s the one near the back wall, kneeling down with her face hidden.”

 It’s hard to see because of the goblins, but there is a girl with her left leg stretched out and her face hidden. Her shoulders are shaking, she’s probably crying.

 But still, it’s impressive that she spotted her. If it were me, even at this distance, I might not recognize someone with their face hidden.

 ”First, let’s clear out those goblins. It’s hard to see, but there are about 10 of them on the left. Be careful. I want Asagiri to take down at least one of the white goblins that are tormenting the girls first. Can you do it?”

 The white goblin, engrossed in its activities, has dropped its weapon by its feet, so it should be easy to defeat now. After that, we’ll attack it from both sides while it’s confused.

 It’s a big burden for Asagiri, but I’m confident that she can handle it in her current state.

 ”Okay, leave it to me.”

 Asagiri said, nodding confidently with determination on her face.

 ”And… thanks to senpai, I’ve made it this far. Thank you so much,.”

 Asagiri added, looking straight into my eyes with a determined expression.

 ”You can say your thanks after helping Kanon-chan. Don’t let your guard down, partner.”

 ”Huh… partner!?”

 Asagiri widened her eyes in surprise, blushed, and showed a shy smile.

 ”Yes! Let’s definitely come back alive!”

 When Asagiri replies with her usual cheerful face, her expression quickly tightens again.

 From inside the room, the cry of a girl could be heard. I looked over and saw another collapsed student, and the white hob was pulling the arm of a girl who was sitting on the ground. The goblins around seemed to be focused on that direction too.

 ”Alright, let’s go!”


 When the command was given, Asagiri swiftly dashed forward.

 Although the goblin on guard at the entrance noticed, by the time it raised its voice, Asagiri had already turned its back and swiftly pierced the goblin from behind with a rapid move called “Straight Thrust.”

 Afterwards, Asagiri activated “Straight Thrust” once again, slipping through the watchful hobgoblin’s position. Then, she deeply stabbed the tip of her spear into the unarmored armpit of the white hobgoblin that was holding onto the crying girl’s arm.




 The goblin’s screams and my battle cry intertwined, and chaos quickly enveloped the scene.

 Asagiri pulled out her spear and swiftly pierced the throat of the next white hobgoblin, which was still in a daze while holding onto the girl’s waist.

 The surrounding white hobgoblins and hobgoblins rushed towards Asagiri, attempting to surround her, but Asagiri had already escaped to an open space using “Straight Thrust” before the encirclement was completed.

 Alright, if she can take down two warrior-type enemies at the beginning, it will be a job well done.

 The last remaining one, engrossed in mating, pushed aside the girl it was mating with in a rear-entry position and reached for the spear at its feet.

 However, the girl who had been meditating by the wall suddenly jumped up, her long hair flowing as she ran, and just managed to grab the spear.

 As the white hobgoblin tried to snatch the spear back, the meditating girl thrust the spear at it, making a dull metallic sound. Although the spear had aimed at its chest, it was blocked by the chainmail it was wearing, and it managed to grab the spear handle.

 And the white hob grabbed the handle of its spear.

 This is bad…

 The girl is brave, but she’s not used to fighting. Asagiri and I are also fighting to avoid getting surrounded, so we can’t rush to help her immediately.

 But the meditating girl firmly gripped the spear and braced herself, then shouted,

 ”Flame up!”

 She said it with fluent pronunciation.

 In the next moment, the spear spewed flames, startling the white hob, which let go of the spear and stepped back.

 The meditating girl stepped forward and thrust the flaming spear into the white hob’s face. Its head burst into flames, and it ran wildly, screaming, before collapsing after a while.

 What’s that?

 That skill is so cool!

 A few goblins are trying to jump on the meditating girl, but when she swings her spear with flames around it, they back off and watch from a distance.

 Alright, looks like we’re okay for now.

 I’ll take down the goblin that’s coming at us and make sure Asagiri is safe.

 Both me and Asagiri are struggling because it’s the first time we’re facing this many enemies at once.

 If we attack carelessly, the others around will take advantage and attack from all sides. So, it’s important to keep moving and find a safe position to avoid getting counterattacked.

 The fact that I wasn’t able to defeat them as much as I had hoped during this chaotic time is resonating with me.

 But I’m starting to figure it out and the number of enemies is definitely decreasing.

 In the corner of my vision, the meditating girl with flames has knocked down a goblin and is sitting on the ground, using her spear to keep the other goblins at bay.

 What’s wrong!?

 I instantly thought about it and quickly figured out the reason.

 ”Level up, huh!”

 Leveling up during battle is quite tricky. Isn’t there a way to deal with this?

 ”Stop and fight! Only intercept the ones that come close!”

 When I shouted at the meditating girl, she seemed to understand and slowly stood up, giving me a thumbs up. For a girl, she’s quite cool.

 She’s a first-year student like Asagiri, with a sky blue skirt and ribbon. She’s tall and has a slender figure.

 Even if she doesn’t fight actively, it’s a big help if she can attract a few over there.

 As for me, I run through the open space, targeting only the enemies that chase after me.

 Asagiri is better than me. She accurately assesses the movements of the goblins running around and finds spaces that I don’t notice, swiftly breaking through with feints and taking down one or two. It’s like watching a basketball player on the court. It’s a valuable lesson.

 Gradually, I’m getting used to the chaotic battle, and as a result, the number of enemies is decreasing, making it easier for me.

 So maybe that’s why I noticed it.

 In the corner of my vision, I caught sight of a ball of flames flying towards me from a distance.

 I dodged sideways and it hit a white hob directly in its path.

 Bang! There was an explosion, the flames swelled up, and it blew away the nearby goblins as well.

 Is this a magic attack!?

 When I looked in the direction it came from, I saw a group that had come closer from the depths of the cave. The humans remained at the back, not reacting.

 The group formed a formation, with a robed goblin holding a staff in the middle behind two rows of hobgoblins on the left and right. There was one white hob on each side, protecting that goblin. It must be the one who cast the magic.

 ’That’s a goblin shaman… no, a goblin mage. It’s dangerous to keep receiving magic attacks from this distance.’

 ”Even if you say that!”

 I know it’s dangerous, but I’m also in the middle of the battle, and it seems really tough to dodge the Magic and break through that Hobgoblin to attack.

 However, both the enemy Goblin is frozen in shock from that attack that blew away its allies.

 I quickly attacked and defeated the nearby Hobgoblin and Goblin. There are only about 10 left, and if those guys don’t come, I can easily wipe them out.

 When the Goblin Mage raises its staff and starts screeching, a ball of fire floats at the end of the staff and flies towards me again.

 My attempt to dodge stops.

 This angle is not good. There is a group of female students in the line of fire.

 Once I notice it, I can’t avoid it.

 ”Asagiri! I’m counting on you!”

 Shouting, I prepare myself and face the incoming ball of fire head-on. How much impact does it have?

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai!? No way!”

 While listening to Asagiri’s voice, I bravely thrust out my Kondou Spear, taking a big risk. I tried to make it explode from a distance away from my body.

 Right before the tip collided, I covered my face to protect my eyes. But I didn’t feel any impact.

 Did I miss?!

 A chill ran down my spine, but nothing else happened afterward.

 When I raised my head, I couldn’t see any flames. The Kondou Spear trembled as if it had a pulse.

 Could it be that it ‘ate’ the flames?

 No time to think! I can’t let the magician go free.

 I swung my Kondou Spear with all my might.

 In that moment, it was like an electric current ran through my brain, and I understood how to use it.


 The Kondou Spear I held became thicker and gained more mass.

 A shining silver cavalry spear was gripped in my hand. And while I was at it, I tried greedily to do something like the meditation girl from earlier.


 The cavalry spear crackled with a blue electric light.

 Alright, this should do it.


 With Tina’s scream as a signal, I threw my cavalry spear. The Kondou lance roars as if it has been released and flies away.

 It aimed straight at the goblin mage and pierced through it, including the white hob that stood in its way.

 At the same time, lightning bursts out and the surrounding hobgoblins fall down with a flop.


 After confirming the results of the battle, I clenched my fists and took a fist pump. Tina is opening her mouth, maybe imitating a goldfish?

 While dodging the goblin that jumped at me without reading the atmosphere, I pulled out my short sword and slashed it at the back of the head. After looking around, I raised my right hand and called for my partner.

 ”Come back, Kondou Spear!”

 Kondou Spear spun around as if attracted by a magnet and flew towards me. With a snap, it settled in my hand. What was there wasn’t a cavalry lance, but the usual Kondou Spear. That sneaky guy.

 ’Hey, what’s going on!? What are you doing!?’

 ”Oh, it’s a total capture. Kondou Spear is amazing.”

 ’No, I don’t understand! Why is this happening!?’

 ”Um, Kondou Spear has awakened? Well, it’s just that Kondou-senpai is amazing, right?”

 ’Please don’t explain everything with Kondou-senpai! And that lightning magic earlier… Oh! When did your skills increase!? And your parameters are all weird!?’

 ”Let’s check it later. We’re still in the middle of a battle.”

 The guy next to me seems to be heading towards Asagiri. Asagiri is dealing with about five of them, but she’s effortlessly outmaneuvering them with her speed. While I’m watching, she casually takes out two of them, and even though there’s still one white hobgoblin left, it’s only a matter of time before it’s settled.

 The meditating girl is standing steadfast in front of the burning goblin.

 ”Hahaha! Burn, burn to ashes!”

 She’s like some kind of villain, doing all these things. She’s definitely just playing around, huh?

 Anyway, I was lurking around in front of the meditating girl and tried to help Asagiri by taking care of the two guys, but in the end, the last white hob was pierced through the back of the head by Asagiri, who had gotten behind it.

 Now, when I check the automap, there are no red dots left around.

 Looks like we managed to wipe out the goblins at the base somehow.

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