Beyond Abyss 12

Chapter 12 Magical Girl’s Wand

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 ”Ah… Himeno… san?”

 Kanon-chan was sitting down, looking up at Asagiri with eyes that couldn’t believe what she was seeing.


 Asagiri knelt down and hugged Kanon-chan.

 ”I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I was the only one who ran away…!”

 Asagiri started crying.

 Kanon-chan was stunned for a moment, but then she understood the situation and gently placed her hand on Asagiri’s back.

 ”No, thank you. Thank you for coming to help. Himeno-san, you’re amazing. You’re just like a prince.”

 She said with a smile.

 Looking around, some of the girls were taking care of the girls who had fallen, but many of them were still sitting down, looking restless and stealing glances at me and Asagiri.

 ”Um…I’m sorry, were we saved?”

 A girl nearby asked me in a hesitant voice.

 ”Yeah, for now, we’ve defeated all the goblins here. But, we need to find the Return Magic Circle to go back.”

 ”Oh…I see…that’s right.”

 The girl said with a complicated expression.

 Although she was saved, she probably didn’t feel like searching for the Magic Circle and walking through the dungeon again.

 The girl suddenly looked up as if she had remembered something.

 ”Um…thank you for helping us.”

 She said, deeply bowing her head. Following that, the other girls expressed gratitude to me and Asagiri, saying “Thank you,” “Thank you very much,” and “We’re saved. Thank you,” one after another.

 It’s not that I’m not used to this kind of thing, or that it’s embarrassing, but it feels strangely uncomfortable. In the classroom, my daily routine is to relax alone without talking to anyone.

 ”Um, I’m just here to help Kanon-chan, you know.”


 Kanon-chan looked up at me with surprise. Well, it’s our first meeting after all.

 ”I was asked by Asagiri. But I’m glad you’re safe. I’m Tsuchimiya. Nice to meet you, Kanon-chan.”

 ”Y-Yes! I-I’m Watarase Kanon. N-Nice to meet you, Tsuchimiya-senpai. A-And, thank you very much.”

 Kanon-chan, who is shy around new people, blushed a bit and introduced herself with a slight stutter. By the way, this girl has a really big chest. She’s wearing a white sweater over her school-designated button-down shirt, but it’s so full and round it’s like she’s playing volleyball or something. It’s hard not to get distracted by it.

 ”Sorry, senpai. I’m late with the greetings.”

 When I turned around in response to a voice from behind, I saw a meditating girl approaching unsteadily, using a spear as a cane. From a distance, she had a certain vibe, but up close, she looked like an energetic and lively beauty.

 ”MyBoku name is Higurashi Asuka. I used to be classmates with Asagiri-san in middle school. Thanks a lot for helping me out. I really feel like I’ve narrowly escaped death. Thank you both so much.”

 Saying that, Higurashi bowed her head while leaning on the spear. I’ve never seen a “bokukko” before. She’s definitely a weirdo. (T/N: bokukko => young woman who uses the first person pronoun “boku”)

 ”Oh, um… I’m Tsuchimiya, a second-year student.”

 ”Nice to meet you,” I almost said, but I decided against it. I don’t really plan on getting along with her or getting too involved. I have a feeling it’s best to keep my distance from this kind of person.

 ”By the way, Tsuchimiya-senpai, what do you think of ‘Bokukko’? I would love to hear your honest opinion.”

 My feelings are being ignored and Higurashi is asking me nonsensical questions.

 ”Huh…? Well… If it was in the world of anime, it might be fine, but in reality, it gives off a strong ‘I’m playing a character’ vibe and kind of puts me off.”

 ”Oh wow! This is a totally honest opinion in front of the person themselves! As expected of Tsuchimiya-senpai! But yeah, I guess so. Actually, I also felt a bit uneasy. Alright, I’ll stop being a ‘boku-ko’ from now on!”

 ”Huh!? Can you really just quit that easily just because I said so?”

 ”No problem. I’m still in my high school debut phase, and my character isn’t fully formed yet. Thanks to Tsuchimiya-senpai, I feel like I can steer towards creating a character that truly represents me.”

 High school debut… huh? Even if it’s an escalator-style school, everyone around you will still be people you know even in high school!

 I didn’t mind telling my true feelings, even if I end up being disliked, but for some reason, she seemed to really like it.

 So, I’m being bothered by a strange girl, but what should I do?

 When I look to Asagiri as if seeking help, I see Kanon-chan embracing Asagiri, who then looks up at me with a troubled smile.

 ”Um… I haven’t really talked to Higurashi-san much…”

 Well, just because they’re classmates doesn’t mean everyone is friends. In fact, there are lots of classmates I don’t even know the face or name of.

 ”Oh, right. I wonder if Tsuchimiya-senpai and Asagiri-san are planning to take us with them as they search for the Magic Circle. I don’t want to force them, but it’s important for us to know about their plans for the future.”

 Higurashi asked a surprisingly sensible question. Well, I can’t just leave all these girls here alone. It would be too unsettling if we returned to the school and found that no one who stayed here had come back.

 When I look at Asagiri, she nods quietly, but I deliberately ask aloud.

 ”Asagiri, what do you want to do?”

 ”Uh? I can’t leave them behind after all, so I know it will be difficult, but I want to take everyone with me…”

 Asagiri looked at me with a slightly worried expression and replied.

 ”Oh, I see. I just thought it was a hassle, but if that’s what you want, I’ll respect your opinion, Asagiri.”

 The female students, upon hearing this, visibly relaxed. Asagiri looked at me with a curious, almost wanting-to-say-something expression.

 ”Okay. Let’s thank Tsuchimiya-senpai and Asagiri-san again. Also, at least 8 people may not be able to move right away. Can we take a short break?”

 It must be about the student who was r*ped by a goblin. This girl is a bit odd, but surprisingly decent.

 I thought there was one too many, but now that I think about it, it probably includes the recently leveled-up Higurashi herself.

 ”Ah, of course, no problem. We’re all tired too. We have a little water, so it would be good to share it with everyone. With this many people, we should have enough for about one or two sips each.”

 ”What!? That would be a lifesaver!”

 Well, I guess we could also share some jerky. Eating something, even just a little, might help lift their spirits.

 ”Excuse me for a moment.”

 As I started to move to retrieve the water bag I left in front of the entrance, a student who was comforting a student who had been inseminated called out to me.

 ”Yes, what is it?”

 The other person wore a green skirt, indicating that she was a third-year student. She was a very beautiful lady, tall and slender like a model. She’s even taller than me.

 ”I’m Kijima Shiori, a third-year student. Once again, thank you very much.”

 Kijima-senpai bowed politely with a graceful posture.

 ”I’m Tsuchimiya Takeru, a second-year. I’m just accompanying Asagiri, who came to help a friend, so please don’t worry about me.”

 ”I was listening to the conversation. Please take care of me on the way. So, about the break time…”

 That’s how Kijima-senpai started the conversation.

 ”I wonder if they’re called Goblins. Those creatures have six groups, each group abducting a girl. There are six small Goblins and one or two bigger ones in each group.”

 If she knows the number of groups, does that mean she can distinguish individual Goblins? It’s amazing how she could observe so calmly in that situation.

 ”And, actually, there are still three groups that haven’t returned here yet.”

 ”Eh… does that mean…”

 ”Yes, probably in about 30 minutes, the remaining groups will return. With the girls.”

 ”Oh, I see. Understood. Since I already took care of one group during the Asagiri incident, there are two groups left. When they come back, Asagiri and I will rescue the girls. We won’t move until then.”

 ”Thank you. It really helps, Tsuchimiya-kun.”

 Kijima-senpai said that and bowed her head again. Not only Higurashi, but it’s amazing to be able to think about things other than herself and act in times like these.

 During the break time, Asagiri was instructing Higurashi to “get used to it”, so I took the opportunity to collect magic stones. I made sure to separate the ones that Asagiri and Higurashi defeated.

 And while I was collecting the magic stones of the Goblin Mage…

 ”Hmm? What’s this?”

 There, lying on the ground, was a wand about 50cm long (20 inch).

 It’s not just any wand; it’s a fancy-looking toy with a white and pink color scheme, and it even has a heart-shaped decoration on the tip. It’s exactly like the wand that a magical girl from an anime would have.

 As I held it in my hand and admired it, Tina appraised it for me.

 ’It’s probably a drop item from the Goblin Mage. It’s a “Magical Girl’s Wand +1”.’

 ”Oh, really?”

 So, are there really magical girls in this world?

 ’This is a new, unregistered item. Its specs are similar to a “Magician’s Staff +1,” but its abilities are not yet confirmed. It’s a very rare situation.’

 ”Not confirmed? What does that mean?”

 ’Probably, this item was created based on a new concept introduced into the ‘system.’ My data doesn’t include anything about a ‘magical girl,’ but if Master from another world, you might know. This item serves as a prototype for a ‘Magical Girl’s Wand,’ and depending on how it’s used, it could either reach its full potential here or evolve into a more powerful magic item. Do you have any thoughts on the potential of this wand, Master?’

 Possibility? When you talk about magical girls, it’s like that, right? A girl transforms and changes into a sparkly, frilly mini-skirt costume…

 Thinking about it, my whole body shuddered with goosebumps.

 If this thing activates a “transformation” function, would I transform into that figure? And I wouldn’t know when it would suddenly evolve and activate.

 ”Tina… this item is too dangerous. Let’s sell it as soon as we get back.”

 ’…Understood. Then, it’s recommended to use the item to cast Magic once. In a level 1 state, you should easily acquire the title of “Magician” and at the same time, you should also acquire Magic.’

 ”Wow, I’m looking forward to getting Magic.”

 To proceed at level 1, it’s necessary to acquire a wide range of skills and titles to cover the level difference. Especially since the enemy will use Magic, it’s urgent for me to prepare countermeasures as well.

 ’Okay, just hold up the wand like that. I’ll connect Master’s magic power to the wand’s magic circuit, so all you have to do is chant the magic name to activate it. The magic contained in the staff is called “Flare Bomb.” It explodes violently when it hits something. It should be easy to imagine since the Goblin Mage used it earlier.’

 I raise the staff towards the depths of the cave. Suddenly, I feel something inside me connect with the wand. So this is magic power, huh?

 I calm my mind and chant its name.

 ”Flare Bomb!”

 An orange fireball appears at the tip of the wandd, and with a light flick, it flies off with a “whoosh” sound.

 The fireball flies about 30m (98 ft) and then disappears.

 ’As your proficiency and magic power increase, the power and range will also increase. You have successfully acquired the Title and Magic. Please check the status screen.’

 A status screen appears in front of me.

 Tsuchimiya Takeru (16 years old)

 Level 1

 Exp Points: 374/30

 Class: Magic Spearman

 Title: Magic Spearman (+2 Spear +1 Defense +2 Magic), Magician (+1 Magic +1 Magic), Warrior (+1 Attack +1 Defense +1 Body)

 Skills: Blue Thunder Fang, Phoenix Temple Spear Technique Introduction (Hououin-ryu) (+1 Spear), First Step Leapstone, Inner Spiral Reversal

 Magic: Flare Bomb

 Special: +3 Lightning Resistance


 ”Oh… I do remember learning magic, but… there are too many other things that I’m curious about. Is there some kind of garbled text at the bottom?”



 ’Yes, you checked it. I will close the screen now.’

 ”Huh? Well, there are various things I want to ask about, like the class change or the garbled text.”

 ’It’s over. No more questions!’


 Tina seems in a bad mood. By the way, she mentioned something about the repair of the restraint program and emotional values. It’s like a blue day. It seems better to leave her alone for now.

 ”Hahaha! Amazing! Power is overflowing infinitely! I am invincible! Bow down, you foolish people… Ugh!?”

 It seems that Asagiri and Higurashi are having a mock battle. While playing, it seems like she got lightly bumped on the head with a stone.

 After that, the goblin retrieval team, who had abducted a female student, returned, but the three of us, me, Asagiri, and Hinoko, were able to handle it without any problems. Actually, I didn’t have much of a role to play.

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