Beyond Abyss 13

Chapter 13 Magical Girl Kanon

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 The plans for our movement were efficiently organized by Kijima-senpai. The girls worked together to support the child who had been r*ped by a goblin, and we somehow managed to move everyone.

 Including the children brought by the recovery team later on, there were a total of 27 girls, excluding Asagiri.

 As I was observing, I noticed Kanon-chan sitting with Asagiri, away from the girls who were starting the formation exercise.

 ”Is Kanon-chan not participating in the formation?”

 I approached the two of them, who seemed idle, and called out.

 ”Ah, Tsuchimiya-senpai.”

 When I spoke to them, both of their faces brightened up like blooming flowers.

 Normally, I don’t interact with others much, so even just approaching girls makes me a little hesitant. But just receiving such a positive response from them really puts me at ease.

 ”Actually, Kanon-chan hurts her ankle badly and can’t walk.”

 ”Oh, really? Well, it seems like I should carry you then, Kanon-chan.”

 ”Huh!? Senpai, you would carry me?”

 ”Senpai! L-Leave Kanon-chan to me!”

 ”But Asagiri? It’s difficult to carry someone while walking.”

 ”It’s okay! I’m stronger than before, senpai!”

 ”Oh, right. I forgot about that. Alright then, I’ll leave it to you.”

 Because she looks like a slender girl, I tend to forget. Kanon-chan would feel more at ease with Asagiri anyway.

 ”By the way, Kanon-chan…”

 Come to think of it, Asagiri said something like ‘senpai should act more like a senpai.’ Asagiri from the sports club seems strict about that, so maybe it’s not good to call Kanon-chan without the ‘chan’ honorific.

 ”Do you mind if I call you ‘Kanon’?”


 ”Huh!? I-I-I don’t care whether you call me that or not, Tsuchimiya-senpai! So, please call me that!”

 ’Kanon-chan’ has already become so popular that I don’t even remember the name I just heard. I am astonished at how weak my memory is of other people. Well, she says she doesn’t mind, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

 ”If I remember correctly, Kanon can use Magic.”

 ”Y-Yes! There’s only one magic called ‘Small Flare’ that burns the enemy.”

 ”Then could you please take this?”

 I held out Magical Girl’s wand to Kanon.

 ”T-this is…the Shining Luminous Baton!? Moreover, it’s an early model that only appeared in two episodes before the Lunatic slot was introduced!”

 ”Huh? I don’t really understand that part, but you’ll be able to use the ‘Flare Bomb’ Magic. Kanon should be able to use this.”

 ”So… what would I do?”

 I had planned to take the Magical Girl’s wand back and sell it, but I can’t calm down because it seems to have a time bomb attached to it. If, by any chance, I were forced to ‘transform’ with sparkling effects in front of all these female students, I would have no choice but to commit suicide right there.

 On the other hand, Kanon would look cute in that kind of outfit. Although her chest might be too big for a kids’ show, I would actually love to see it.

 Or rather, I would really love to see it.

 Anyway, if she had that Magic the Goblin Mage used, it would be more than enough firepower even when carried by Asagiri.

 With that calculation in mind, I decided to entrust the Magical Girl’s wand to Kanon.

 ”U-um… Isn’t this an incredibly valuable item? Like a national treasure of the Windaria Kingdom…”

 ”I judged that you were the most suitable person to have it. (Based on your chest size.) It’s up to you whether it can continue to grow stronger. So, could you please accept it?”

 ”t’s up to me… Then… I have to become stronger!”

 Kanon held my hand, which was holding the Magical Girl wand, tightly with both hands, determination shining in her eyes.

 ”I’ll do it! No, Let me do it! I’ll become a Magical Girl!”

 ”Oh, you’re willing to do it!”

 For some reason, she seemed excited to transform.

 It was unexpected for shy and introverted Kanon to show this kind of reaction, but it was a pleasant surprise.

 Kanon lowered her head and received the Magical Girl wand from me with both hands, as if she was a knight being bestowed a sword by a king.

 She then gazed at the wand with sparkling eyes, not getting tired of it.

 ”I’m glad you liked it. Hey, Asagiri——”

 ”Asa… giri?”

 I heard a cold voice and the sound of my molars clenching, and my heart suddenly froze.

 Asagiri, with an absolute zero coldness, was staring at me expressionlessly.

 This is bad! I feel like my life is in danger, like I’m about to be strangled right now!

 She must have seen through my perverted desire to see Kanon’s s*xy cosplay!

 ”Do you have something to discuss with this Asagiri, Tsuchimiya-senpai?”

 ”Uh… n-no… nothing…”

 Oh no! The jerky supply is already zero! There’s not enough jerky! Jerky…!

 ”If you have no business, I have a meeting with Kijima-senpai.”


 With that, Asagiri stood up and dispersed a black aura as she went towards the formation.

 I-I… survived…?

 ”Hey, Tsuchimiya-senpai”

 Somehow, Higurashi came walking towards me from the line.

 ”You look pale. Are you still tired?”

 ”No, it’s okay. What’s wrong, meditating girl?”

 ”I don’t like how you call me that because it seems like I’m going astray.”

 ”I’m doing it, mainly for character creation.”

 ”Isn’t that why Tsuchimiya-senpai can’t say anything about other people?”


 ”I can see you trying to act cool but not being able to do it.”


 How did this girl know that?

 ”Regardless of what Asagiri-san said in your earlier exchange, I don’t think Tsuchimiya-senpai had any intention of abandoning us.”

 ”…Certainly, that may be true. But if I accept there, won’t everyone be grateful to me and I become a heroes?”

 ”Well, yeah, I guess so. Tsuchimiya-senpai really looked cool like a hero, and no doubt you’re super popular.”

 ”But, you know, it’s not normal to turn down something like that. Isn’t it weird to be praised for just doing the obvious thing?”

 ”…Geez, Tsuchimiya-senpai seems like quite a handful. It’s pointless to worry about those little things. If you’re going for the cool hero image, you should just ditch the hero act and get rid of us burdens. If you can’t do that, then you might as well just be a hero. I mean, that’s basically what Tsuchimiya-senpai ended up doing.”

 ”But it’s not like I came to help everyone out of some grand idea, I just came to help Kanon because Asagiri asked me to. It’s not like I was thinking about saving everyone.”

 ”Seriously… not just anyone can do what you did. In the end, Tsuchimiya-senpai saved us from a life-or-death situation. It’s only natural to be grateful and admire you for that.”

 ”Hmm, but I’ve always been alone at school. Even if I suddenly get attention, it’s troublesome. I just want to be left alone. Being a hero is too heavy for me.”

 ”With this, it’s like an endless loop. Let’s summarize it as Tsuchimiya-senpai having a hero complex but not wanting to become a hero.”

 ”You’re summarizing it like that?”

 ”No matter how much you try to pretend, this is the character you have now, so it can’t be helped. Wouldn’t it be easier to just accept it?”

 Damn it! I thought I was poking a little fun, but it feels like I’m being fiercely counterattacked.

 ”Besides, the fact that Tsuchimiya-senpai is popular right now hasn’t changed anything.”

 ”What? But since then, no one except Kijima-senpai and you has talked to me. So, that’s not true.”

 ”…Do you really think so?”

 Huh? What do you mean?

 I suddenly feel anxious.

 ”Hey, if you think you can fool everyone with that, Tsuchimiya-senpai is really underestimating the insight of high school girls. Well, there are some who are really clueless, but most of the students have noticed it, just so you know.”

 ”So, everyone seems to like Asagiri, but no one comes to talk to me, right? It’s still the same as always, a paradise for loners!”

 ”Hehe, you seem flustered, Tsuchimiya-senpai. Is your image starting to crumble?”

 Huh? You figured it out? Then, what does it mean that no one comes to talk to me?

 ”No one coming to talk to you means that they’re overlooking Tsuchimiya-senpai’s feelings.”

 Overlooking my feelings? Behaving exactly as I want? Huh? Does that mean they’ve completely seen through everything, even the hidden part?

 ”The current situation feels like everyone is pretending not to notice that Tsuchimiya-senpai is forcing a cool image while warmly watching over him.”

 ”Uwaaaah! No way! Tell me it’s not true!”

 I couldn’t stand still, trembling all over from the embarrassment. I ended up sitting on my knees, holding my head in my hands.

 ”It’s because you half-heartedly tried to act cool that you ended up like this, senpai. You thought you could hide them, but it’s probably better to think that everything is already obvious, especially to the girls. People aren’t as clueless as senpai thinks.”

 ”No… that’s not true… I’m not like that…”

 ”But there’s no need to be so pessimistic. I think your likability has actually gone up. It’s a time of bonus points no matter what you do now. You’re probably being seen as modest and cute, in a childish way.”

 Like kicking a dead body! Likability and all that doesn’t matter!

 ”What should I do…? How can I face everyone after this? What kind of face should I put on?”

 ”Shouldn’t you spill everything? Admit that it was a lie? Like, I’ll protect everyone, even if it costs me my life! Or should I say it again? It doesn’t matter, it’s already been exposed.”

 ”…Impossible! That’s… too late! It’s definitely impossible! It’s just impossible… *sniff*”

 I covered my face with both hands and let out a sob.

 ”So, you have no choice but to continue, right?”

 Higurashi declared as if it were the most natural thing.


 ”Yes, keep acting. Be the cool one.”

 Saying that, Higurashi showed a devilish smile.

* * *

 The preparations for departure were complete. The formation consisted of Asagiri leading with me and Kanon, followed by 26 people in two columns, and Kijima-senpai and Higurashi at the rear.

 ”Don’t disrupt the formation just because monsters appear. We’ll defeat them right away anyway. We’ll leave behind anyone who gets lost. Those who can’t keep up will be left behind too!”

 ”Alright, Tsuchimiya-kun, since there are still some students who haven’t fully recovered, let’s start off with a relaxed pace, okay?”

 ”Ah, yes. I understand. If anything happens, please let me know right away. I will be able to spot monsters as soon as we get close, so just keep an eye on everyone.”

 After bowing to Kijima-senpai and raising my head, I made eye contact with the second-year girl in front of me, who I’ve entrusted Asagiri’s spear to. The girl smiled softly and gave me a kind smile, as if she was looking at something adorable.

 I quickly turned my gaze forward and desperately tried to calm my breathing.

 What, what’s with her smile just now? She seemed really friendly.

 I said something pretty harsh, didn’t I? If it were me, I would have clicked my tongue if someone said something like that to me.

 Can she see through me? Maybe I was just easily fooled by Higurashi, and it’s not like that at all. But every time I try to act cool, is she looking at me with those warm eyes, as if she’s watching a mischievous child?

 It’s impossible to keep up this act in this situation! What does it even mean to keep acting? Come to think of it, the usual me wouldn’t say something like that on purpose, right? It’s like a reckless kamikaze style, willingly going to embarrass myself! How did it end up like this?

 …The reason is because I was persuaded by Higurashi.

 When I turned around to check on the last person, Higurashi’s shoulders were shaking slightly, although I couldn’t see her face.

 That girl fooled me!

 Shit, I can’t forgive you!

 But I feel like I can never win with words. I almost cried just now.

 No, I only feel defeated now. I shouldn’t have had anything to do with her after all.

 ”Um, Tsuchimiya-senpai. Let’s leave now.”

 ”Ah, yeah…”

 As I was drooping my shoulders, Asagiri hesitantly called out to me.

 By the way, after that, Asagiri sheepishly apologized to me while Kanon was patting my head and comforting me, saying, “I’m sorry for what happened earlier.” Asagiri didn’t say why she was angry, but I won’t pursue that either. It’s best to keep it under wraps.

 ”Alright, let’s go!”

 I give the command and start walking, with everyone following in a neat double line. It feels like we’re on a field trip with a chaperone.

 The aisle is wide enough for three columns, but we decided to go with two columns to make it easier for emergency personnel to move around. When we need to turn around at a dead end, only the front and back rows switch places in a clockwise direction. Kijima-senpai took care of all the arrangements for that.

 Based on the initial explanation, it’s likely that the Magic Circle is located away from where people are. We start searching from this area, but there aren’t many narrow passages or small rooms to explore, so we quickly move on to other areas.

 After a while of moving between areas, a red dot appears on the auto map.

 ”Alright, everyone stop!”

 I raise my right hand to bring the formation to a halt.

 With Asagiri and Kanon, I go ahead to the corner of the aisle. In front of us is a straight passage about 30m (98ft) long. Three dots are slowly approaching from the right side up ahead.

 ”Monsters are coming soon. Kanon, get ready with the Flare Bomb.”

 ”Y-yes, I understand.”

 Kanon, carried by Asagiri, pointed her Shining Magician, um… Magical Girl’s wand forward.

 She had already practiced using it before setting off, so she knew it would work. However, it seemed to make her feel quite tired after using it, so it must consume something like MP. Considering her level, she probably couldn’t use it repeatedly.

 As three goblins appeared from around the corner of the passage, Kanon cast a spell.

 ”Flare Bomb!”

 An orange fireball flew and hit one of the goblins, making a big explosion.

 The goblin was blown away, hit the wall, and fell down without moving, eventually vaporizing and disappearing.

 Wow, using this magic in the passage is really dangerous with no escape route.

 ”Yay, I did it!”

 ”Wow, amazing, Kanon!”

 Kanon, who was innocently happy, suddenly shook with surprise.

 ”Huh? W-what’s this!?”

 ”Calm down, it’s a level up.”

 Everyone here has been given a simple lecture about leveling up. I want the knights who manage us to do this properly. It’s too strict, isn’t it?

 Clutching onto Asagiri and enduring that feeling, Kanon eventually regained composure.

 ”Can you see the status screen?”

 ”Yes… Oh, I did it, Tsuchimiya-senpai! I’ve become a Magical Girl!”

 You became a Magical Girl? Does that mean the your class became Magical Girls?

 ”Um, can you tell me the class and title?”

 ”Yes! The class is ‘Magical Girl.’ The title is ‘Magical Girl’ and ‘Magician’!”

 Kanon answered happily.

 It’s… obviously because of the influence of a Magical Girl wand. Yup, it’s a pretty special item.

 Kanon seemed to be earnestly staring at the screen for a while, but after a moment, she opened her mouth.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai, can I use the new Magic I just learned on everyone?”

 ”What kind of Magic did you learn?”

 ”It seems to have the effect of recovering fatigue and refreshing.”

 ”That might be just right. Please go ahead and use it.”


 After returning to the formation and receiving everyone’s approval, Kanon was about to activate her new Magic.

 Kanon raised her Magical Girl wand and chanted the name of the Magic.

 ”Shiny Floral Spring Wind!”

 That’s quite long. Due to certain circumstances, it would be helpful if she could make it shorter.

 Now, the formation was enveloped in a faint light, and a pleasant breeze blew. As the gentle scent of a flower field spread through our nostrils, countless colorful fragments of light in the shape of flower petals rained down. They floated and swayed on the wind, and when they touched the skin, they disappeared as if melting away.

 Soft cheers rose from the female students.

 My heart feels calm and content, as if wrapped in a warm and happy feeling.

 Somehow, this feels really nice.

 The gentle breeze brushes against my skin, as if washing away the deep wounds in my heart. Each time a petal touches and disappears, it feels like something is being healed.

 I wonder why I worried so much about such small things. After all, the world is so beautiful!

 When I look next to me, Asagiri and Kanon have soft smiles that make me admire them. It makes me realize that Asagiri has been carrying a lot of tension all this time.

 Even after the effects fade, we continue to bask in the afterglow for a while before mustering the courage to continue marching.

 The Shiny Floral something-or-other effect has had a huge impact, completely changing the overall atmosphere.

 The girls who were once mentally scarred from being r*ped by goblins now seem to have fully recovered. They are chatting with nearby girls and laughing with wide open mouths.

 ”You know, that goblin was bigger than my boyfriend!”

 ”Yeah, its size was quite something, huh?”

 ”It was all bumpy, and it was scary when it went in.”

 ”Aw, I just felt pain. Why am I all wet?”

 ”Yeah, those goblins just keep pounding like crazy. It’s not cool.”

 ”Yeah, true. If they let me be on top and move my hips, then it could be useful.”

 ”Yeah, you’re right.”


 Is this even a conversation I should be listening to? It feels really uncomfortable, but I can’t help but unconsciously focus on every word.

 When I glance sideways, Asagiri and Kanon are blushing like boiled octopuses, staying silent.

 Come to think of it, as a combat member, I should also be mindful of the outside world, and especially being the only guy in this group, I might have felt a sense of alienation, which might have influenced me to distance myself from the situation early on.

 Overall, everyone was feeling relaxed and like they were having a picnic, and they were starting to think that magic wasn’t a good idea to use during a war.

 I can appreciate that they perfectly took care of the non-combatants’ mental health this time, but when I saw the goblins dancing and screaming after being turned into a ball of fire by a small flare, I said with a warm smile, “Wow, that looks like fun.” But when I saw the girl, I realized, “She’s no good.”

 In short, everyone is tripping like they’ve taken some bad drugs.

 I also felt very happy, but I wonder if it’s okay to be addicted to it.

 If this magic continues as it is, there will be too many problems.

 ”H-hey, Kanon. Isn’t it possible to adjust the output of Shining or something like that?”

 ”I wonder? And the name is Shiny Floral Spring Wind.”

 ”So, can you do it!?”

 Kanon is still nervous, and her tone has become more towards that of classmates. I don’t mind it at all because it’s cute.

 ”Yeah! And there’s this super move called ‘TURBO’ that, when you pour magic into it, creates a huge storm! Then, the enemy character called Jerk Mob has their evil heart purified and becomes a kind fairy, and even the enemy boss reflects on their wrongdoings and becomes our ally.”


 Kanon, that’s called ‘brainwashing.’

 I definitely don’t want to make enemies with someone who uses that kind of magic. Magical Girls are awesome!

 ”N-no, that’s not it. I mean, you mustn’t make it too strong, absolutely. E-everyone is getting too excited at a time like this, and it’s actually dangerous, rokay? So, when you use it next time, I want it to be much weaker. Can you do that?”

 ”…Yeah, probably! I got too carried away earlier and got tired. If Tsuchimiya-senpai says so, I’ll do it!”

 Phew, it’s good to have an honest kouhai.

 But I wonder what will happen to this person once she grows up.

 A hint of anxiety crossed my mind.

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