Beyond Abyss 16

Chapter 16 Escape

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 The ones who came to pick me up were Vice President Sogahara-senpai, Yanagi-senpai, and the Yankee Haraguchi. They seemed to be the strongest fighters at the base.

 When they saw Amahara-senpai sleeping soundly, they led me quietly with a warm smile on their face.

 Amahara-senpai woke up when we arrived at the base with the Magic Circle. She seemed a bit dazed at first, but then she suddenly jumped off my back and her face turned bright red. She started thanking me while her gaze wandered nervously.

 ”T-T-Tsuchimiya-kun, um, th-thank you so much. Thanks to you, I was able to come back alive!”

 No, even from my perspective, she was acting suspiciously, so please calm down. I won’t tell anyone.

 Higurashi was watching us with a smirk on her face.

 Togamine apparently returned to the school quietly by riding the Return Magic Circle.

 After that, Amahara-senpai is busy listening to reports from each department and giving instructions after calming down.

 Higurashi wandered around for a while, but then sat down next to me and asked, while munching on jerky.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai, what are you planning to do next?”

 ”I’m thinking of going on a little exploration since I’m here.”


 Higurashi put her hand on her chin, deep in thought.

 ”By the way, did you talk to Amahara-senpai about the tea party after that?”

 ”No, I didn’t. Is there something going on?”

 Higurashi’s attitude at that time felt strange, like she was trying to convey something.

 ”Hmm, it’s hard to talk about it here. Let’s just start our journey for now.”

 ”Huh? Where to?”

 ”Where else, but for an exciting adventure? You weren’t planning on leaving me behind, were you?”

 ”Huh? You really planning to come with me?”

 ”Of course, isn’t it obvious?”

 Huh? Is it really that obvious? Nah, I didn’t hear anything about it and didn’t expect it at all.

 ”But, it seems like the return Magic Circle will disappear at 6PM.”

 A warning sign was placed in the corner of the room. It said that powerful monsters come out at night.

 ”So what, Tsuchimiya-senpai?”

 ”Well, there’s only two hours left, so I think it’s better for you to go back before then.”

 ”Hmm, but it seems like you don’t plan to return using the return Magic Circle after all. So, I’m in.”

 ”Don’t do it! I don’t even know if I’ll be able to make it back alive this time!”

 Ah, this feels like looking at myself from someone else’s perspective. I was planning to say hi to Amahara-senpai, but I’ll stop. I feel like I’ll be strongly discouraged.

 ”There must be some reason for it, right?”

 What’s up with that trusting look?


 ”So, it’s not impossible, right?”

 ”Alright, it’s enough for me.”

 This guy is probably serious.

 ”Still… Is it really enough for you? Are you stupid for not asking for a reason?”

 ”If I ask, will you tell me?”

 ”There’s no reason for me to tell you. After all, because it seems interesting for me. That’s all. It would be foolish to get involved, wouldn’t it?”

 ”No, it’s a good enough reason. Doesn’t that make you excited?”

 Ah, what should I do with this guy?

 ”Oops, there are more people glancing over here. With the previous conversation, let’s talk outside for now, Tsuchimiya-senpai.”

 That’s right. First, let’s talk nearby and try to persuade… Can I really win against this guy with words?

 Higurashi spoke to one of the students and received two knives and a belt for boys, then returned.

 With the equipment obtained from the returning student, it seems there is surplus stock of knives and wooden sticks.

 Higurashi is wrapping a belt directly around her waist. It’s a men’s belt, so the holes don’t line up at all. She’s using a knife to make a cut and then trim off the extra part.

 She’s also fixing a knife onto the belt and hanging an empty water bag, which contains magic stones and other small things.

 ”Alright, all set and ready to go!”

 She seems really motivated. I’m starting to feel a bit resigned myself.

 As we leave the base, we call out to the students sentry along the way.

 We’re moving to another place with a different Magic Circle, so we told them not to worry about us coming back. We’re not just making things up.

 Well, the sentry looked surprised, but we left before they could ask any questions.

 After walking for a while, Higurashi called out to me.

 ”First, let’s find out where we’re supposed to go. The other Magic Circle the student sentry mentioned to us probably disappear all at once around 6 p.m.”

 When we were sent to the dungeon, there were probably five or six magic circles lined up, although I didn’t count them properly. By the way, the sign at the base said ‘Return Magic Circle 4’ with a number, so I expect there to be the same number of magic circles.

 ”And I think there’s another magic circle. I think this return magic circle was temporarily set up by the Kingdom’s knight order for our ‘entrance ceremony’.”

 ”Yeah, that’s right. When we arrived, there were six magic circles, so I think the return magic circle was set up to form a large hexagon, and we were sent into it.”

 Looks like this person was thinking along the same lines. My guess leads to the same conclusion.

 ”So, since we’ll be diving into the dungeon to earn a living from now on, there should be a permanent return magic circle for that purpose.”

 ”Is that for sure, senpai? Maybe, there’s a possibility that there are no permanent types for some reason, and the knights prepare installation types every time.”

 ”Well, there is a reliable source of information for this.”

 Should I talk about Tina to this person?

 ”I see. If that’s the case, does it mean we have to leave the hexagonal area where we were summoned and search for the permanent type somewhere else?”

 Without any particular explanation, Higurashi is accepting my words as they are. I don’t know where that trust comes from.

 ”Well, that makes sense. However, what I’m looking for is a bit different. Actually, there is a place where the Return Magic Circle definitely exists. It’s the room to descend to the lower floor, the so-called ‘boss room’.”

 ”Oh, if it’s called the boss room, does that mean there’s a floor boss? Are you saying we should defeat it?”

 ”The goal I have set for this time is the third floor. Of course, if it seems impossible, I plan to turn back midway.”

 ”That’s amazing! Being with Tsuchimiya-senpai is never boring! Wow, I’m so excited!

 I thought she might give up and go back if she heard the story, but it seemed to have the opposite effect. This guy is really crazy.

 ”Oh well, I’ll tell you. It’s something I got from the Crystal Gacha. It’s called the Guide Fairy app, and it’s a fairy that only I can see, who teaches me all sorts of things.”

 ”Oh, so that’s why you knew the location of monsters and humans.”

 ”It has an auto-map feature, and it shows the location of monsters and humans on it. It can also do Appraisal and manage the status screen. My exp points are used for expanding its functions.”

 ”So, you’re only level 1… It’s kind of like a curse, maybe? Did you find the Magic Circle with it too?”

 ’Hey, it hurts my reputation.’

 ”Yeah, I can sense magic power with its expanded functions.”

 ”Hehehe… You’re amazing, Tsuchimiya-senpai. It’s easier than I thought. Now it’s just about how far I can go. So, can you teach me some spear practice?”

 ”Sure. If there’s a suitable hall, I’ll teach you the basics there.”

 Higurashi has a strong skill, but even without it, there was a strong feeling that she could become stronger with training.

 Now, We’ve reached the base with the Magic Circle from the south, so we’re choosing the route to the north. If our guess is right, we should have already escaped from the hexagonal area.

 ”So, in the end, do you want to tell ‘not to go’ to Amahara-senpai’s tea party?”

 ”Yeah, that’s it. Hmm, where should I start…”

 Higurashi puts a hand on her chin and looks up at the ceiling.

 ”First, about the Student Council, don’t you think they did an amazing job of leading the group with impressive leadership skills?”

 ”Oh, that’s really something. They managed to organize and run a group with random members they didn’t even know.”

 ”That’s right. It’s a big deal that the president and vice president happened to be in the same area. The only other Student Council members at that base were Togamine.”

 ”Come to think of it, why did that guy have a grudge against me?”

 ”What, you didn’t realize?”


 Does Higurashi know the reason?

 ”It’s because Tsuchimiya-senpai was piggybacking Amahara-senpai.”

 ”That’s it? At that time, it wasn’t because of any dirty feelings or ulterior motives. I just carried Amahara-senpai because she was in trouble. I thought it was a bit soft, but with my strong spirit, it was no big deal and everything went smoothly.”

 ”Enough with the nagging. Well, it’s fine because it’s troublesome. Togamine-senpai can’t stand it when guys get close to Amahara-senpai. Especially when they were so close, and it seemed like Amahara-senpai didn’t mind either. In other words, it’s jealousy.”

 ”Huh? So, what about Togamine…”

 ”It seems like Togamine-senpai has a big crush on Amahara-senpai. Like, totally head over heels. Although, it doesn’t seem like Amahara-senpai feels the same way.”

 ”No way…”

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai, you really are totally clueless. It’s kind of typical of Tsuchimiya-senpai though. Anyway, be careful around Togamine-senpai. Women’s jealousy can be scary, you know.”

 ”Huh? So, wouldn’t everything have turned out fine if you had carried Amahara-senpai at that time?”

 ”But that wouldn’t be fun, right?”


 ”Just kidding. Even if I did that, it would only be a temporary fix. Plus, we had to make sure Togamine-senpai gets treatment before it’s too late.”

 I hope that was just a joke…

 ”Sorry for getting off track, but the Student Council managed to form a strong group in a short time there. They paired up those who have already leveled up with the newbies and sent them to the front lines. And now, they’re trying to bring that strength back to the school.”

 ”Take it back to school?”

 ”Yeah. At that base, they were making a list of collaborators. With this situation, if they hint at the cooperation with that people after returning to the school, anyone would jump at the chance. I mean, they even asked me to sign up. I declined though.”

 ”Why would they do something like that?”

 ”It’s for maintaining the school’s security.”

 ”Security maintenance? Isn’t that the responsibility of the knights or something?”

 ”You still don’t get it, huh? Well, that line of thinking still exists, but considering the entrance ceremony this time, it’s really unfriendly, you know?”

 ”That’s true, I thought so too. They just throw us into the dungeon with the bare minimum of explanations and expect us to figure things out on our own.”

 ”That’s exactly it. I don’t understand their intentions. If their reason for summoning us is to use us as labor to extract resources from the dungeon and actually manage us, then it would make sense to provide proper training, make sure everyone reaches level 2, and have us form parties to explore. It would be beneficial for them. But in reality, they leave it up to each individual, and there should be quite a few casualties. They said they would recognize us with a certain degree of freedom and rights, but they hardly mention any restrictions other than that. In other words, they might intend to give us superficial freedom but not get involved much.”

 ”Is that a good thing?”

 ”Well, I’m not so sure about that. What do you think would happen if, after returning to school, we were completely free except for the requirement to dive into the dungeon… What do you think would happen?”

 ”What would happen… What would happen?”

 ”It would be a struggle for power. Students would gather and form multiple groups, with the stronger ones swallowing up the smaller ones and creating factions. These large groups would start to confront each other. It would be chaotic until a certain point, where it would reach a stalemate. But until then, it would be a lawless zone. Students would even fight and kill each other. In reality, maybe it won’t go that far depending on the leaders, but if I assume the worst, it would be like that.”

 ”No way… Even if we have freedom, it can’t be to the point of killing each other, right?”

 ”It would happen. Tsuchimiya-senpai hasn’t leveled up, so you don’t seem to be aware of it, but after leveling up, people emotions become heightened and they have an uncontrollable urge to go wild. If someone with a weak mind gives in to this impulse, they would easily spread chaos around them. Once someone starts, the restraint on everyone’s minds will start to unravel.”

 By the way, Asagiri started fighting more actively after leveling up. She didn’t hesitate at all to kill goblins. I wonder if that was because of the level up.

 ”So, is the Student Council planning to create a strong organization ahead of others to discourage students from doing reckless things?”

 ”That’s probably the plan. Even though they won’t be able to stop the formation of violent groups, it’s important to have a rational organization that can counter them. This is just my guess, but it shouldn’t be too far off.”

 ”So, how does that connect to the tea party?”

 It’s becoming a grand story, but it was originally about me being invited to a tea party by Amahara-senpai.

 ”Don’t you understand yet? Tsuchimiya-senpai is supposed to be pretty clever, but that’s what worries me.”

 Don’t sigh. Don’t look at me with eyes that make me feel sorry.

 ”What was your impression of Amahara-senpai from Tsuchimiya-senpai’s perspective?”

 ”Oh, I thought she was serious, responsible, and a good person.”

 ”Well, that’s true I guess. But that’s just one side of her. She’s actually a really capable girl.”

 ”So, she’s talented, right?”

 ”Yeah, she is. If Tsuchimiya-senpai were to attend a tea party, Tsuchimiya-senpai would probably be surrounded by Student Council members and asked for a favor.”

 ”A favor?”

 ”They would want you to help with the organization they started for the Student Council, to lend your strength. And before you know it, senpai would end up accepting the request and working tirelessly for the Student Council like a workhorse.”

 ”No, that won’t happen. I’m a carefree individual. I have no intention of working myself to the bone for an organization that I have no obligation to.”

 ”Stop acting cool. You’ve already been through a tough time. For example, if a weak and struggling student asks for help, can Tsuchimiya-senpai refuse if Amahara-senpai begs, even if it means going as far as to prostrate? Can that cool attitude be maintained?”


 It’s frustrating, but I really don’t have confidence.

 ”Amahara-senpai might be a good person, but she is carefully evaluating how beneficial Tsuchimiya-senpai is for the organization due to her competence. And, just from that one incident, she should have an idea of how Tsuchimiya-senpai operates. Of course, you wouldn’t think that Tsuchimiya-senpai could deceive everyone by helping Amahara-senpai without expecting anything in return, right?”

 ”My way of operating?”

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai can’t refuse when emotions are involved, right?”

 ”Umm, no, it’s not like that…”

 ”I wouldn’t say being cool is bad, but you need to acknowledge it and come up with a plan beforehand, or else you’ll have a hard time later, Tsuchimiya-senpai.”

 ”Ugh… Sorry.”

 Damn, I can’t say anything.

 ”I know that deep down, Tsuchimiya-senpai doesn’t want to work for some unrelated organization. So, going to the tea party is a really risky move for Tsuchimiya-senpai. It would be better not to go, but just in case things end up like that, it’s important to stay calm and have a strong mindset.”

 ”I understand. Thank you very much.”

 Ugh, it really hits me in the heart. I get it now. I can’t compete with this person.

 As we were having this conversation that made my heart feel like it was breaking, we arrived at a perfect spacious room.

 ”Is this place okay? First, I’ll teach you the basics of thrusting and parrying, the use of spear strikes in close combat, and footwork.”

 ”Alright, got it! Please!”

 After that, I spent quite a bit of time teaching Higurashi.

 Higurashi is really quick to understand. She has a good sense and is confident. Plus, she’s good at putting together unexpected attacks.

 She’s improving so fast that I got really excited and caught up in it too.

 Sometimes, goblins (practice dummies) come into the room, so the environment is perfect, and before I knew it, 2 hours had passed.

 ”Oops, it’s already past 6 o’clock. I guess we’ll stop here for today.”

 ”Yeah, I got really caught up in it too. But if I can handle using a level 2 body, it’s going to be amazing. Tsuchimiya-senpai handles it like it’s nothing, which is even more amazing.”

 ”No, it was good practice for me too. I don’t have much real combat experience either.”

 To be honest, when I was watching Asagiri, who is growing rapidly, I was feeling a bit intimidated, but now I feel like I can handle it somehow.

 ”Hahaha, Tsuchimiya-senpai got stronger, huh? Anyway, thank you for the guidance!”

 After that, the two of us bowed and finished our practice.

 ”Should we look for a small room where we can camp while moving? It seems like the rooms with Magic Circles can keep the monsters out, so it’ll be easier if we find one.”

 ”We also need barricade ourselves in a room with a door, Tsuchimiya-senpai. Looks like we’ll have to take turns keeping watch.”

 ”No, if the monsters get close, Tina will wake us up, so it’ll be fine.”

 ”It’s really convenient… Oh? There are still some students left?”

 I looked ahead and saw three male students slowly walking towards us from the dim corridor.

 Huh? There doesn’t seem to be any reaction as they approach.

 I noticed and looked at the map, and there were three red lights shining in front of us.

 ”Higurashi! These guys are monsters!”

 ”Monsters? Whaaat?!”

 As my voices reached her, the boy let out a beastly growl and quickened his pace.

 The way he approached with jerky movements, hand extended forward, definitely looked like a zombie.

 Higurashi stood frozen, still holding her spear.

 It probably wouldn’t be as easy as defeating a goblin.

 I stepped forward and thrust the tip of my Kondou Spear into the chest of the leading zombie.

 ”Grrr! Gaaaah!”

 But the zombie continued to push forward without losing momentum. As the others caught up, I pulled out my spear and distanced myself.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai, sorry! I got this! Leave it to me!”

 With those words, Higurashi passed me by and stepped in front of me.

 ”Flame up!”

 The tip of the spear erupted with a loud “boom,” spewing flames.

 With a single swing, two zombies were engulfed in flames. The last one caught fire as my clean thrust struck it.

 ’Zombies have a strong resistance to physical attacks, so they seem tough, but they are actually weak against effective attacks. In addition, Higurashi-san’s skill “Flame Sword” is a higher-level skill in the “Flaming Sword” category. It has a special effect against undead and dark-type monsters, so it’s an overkill against the monsters on this floor.’

 Hmm? If Higurashi wasn’t here, things could have gotten quite troublesome.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai, these guys aren’t our students.”

 Higurashi said while looking at the fallen zombies still burning.

 Come to think of it, these guys aren’t wearing ties. It’s tough to keep the shirt collar closed even in the summer with the tie as part of the uniform. That’s probably why the school has air conditioning throughout the whole building.

 ”Tina, what’s going on?”

 ’These are monsters made from the souls of the deceased who were taken into the dungeon.’

 ”That means there are other students who were summoned before us, right…”

 ’It will happen.’

 I wonder what this Kingdom thing is all about.

 I wonder how the people at this school are doing now. They probably haven’t been completely wiped out, right?

 …Well, there’s no point in thinking about it now.

 ”Maybe we were summoned because these guys got wiped out.”

 ”Don’t casually mention the things I’m trying not to say, Higurashi.”

 ”I have a habit of saying what I think. When we go back, I should investigate that as well. Right now, there’s too little information.”

 Looking at the map that was quiet until a while ago, there are red dots popping up here and there.

 ”It seems like a lot of things are popping up. How much longer can you use your skill, Higurashi?”

 ”Well, when I was level one, I couldn’t use it for a while after burning three goblins. But now, I still have some room to spare. However, it won’t last too long either. Let’s turn it off to save it.”

 After that, while looking at the map, I tried to avoid the enemies and move forward. Once, I used the magic of the Flare Bomb to blow them all away, but because of the loud explosion, nearby monsters started moving towards me, so we hurriedly ran away.

 There are quite a few monsters other than zombies.

 It seems like Higurashi’s skills work well when used intermittently. Higurashi worked hard because there were many undead monsters.

 After walking for more than two hours, a purple light appeared at the edge of the map.

 Higurashi Asuka (15 years old)

 Level 2

 Exp points: 193/375

 Class: Magic Spearman

 Title: Magic Spearman (+1 spear +1 Magic) Magic Swordsman (+2 sword +1 defense +2 magic)

 Skills: Flame Sword, Aerial Flame Slash

 Magic: None

 Special: Fire Resistance +2

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