Beyond Abyss 17-5

Chapter 17.5 Trailer & Character Introduction

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 ”It’s time. Dispel the magic circle for the teleportation.”

 A woman in a military uniform, with blonde hair, declared. People in beautifully decorated robes chanted something in front of the magic circle, and the magic circle disappeared one by one.

 Kanon-chan and I, sitting in a line, were amazed by the sight.

 ”Excuse me! There are still people who haven’t returned yet!”

 I ran up to the woman in the military uniform who was in charge of the withdrawal.

 ”I see. But unfortunately, no one has returned on their own after the time limit for the first trial dive. The dungeon changes its face at night. Even if you’ve leveled up a bit, it’s impossible to survive with initial equipment. Not returning means just that. I won’t say anything bad, so forget about it. Once the return procedures are complete, return to ypuu classroom immediately.”

 The woman delivered the news expressionlessly and went back to her command.

 ”Oh no… Tsuchimiya-senpai…”

 My vision went completely dark, and I fell to my knees right there.

 Just a moment ago, there were students from the Student Council returning one after another, but now there was someone who hadn’t come back. The woman let out a desperate cry.

 ”I-It’s okay… Tsuchimiya-senpai is amazing. Right, Himeno-san…”

 Kanon-chan said in a trembling voice, and she sat down next to me.

 After that, Kanon-chan and I waited until morning in front of the door that supposedly led to the Magic Circle for the main dive in this facility, but Tsuchimiya-senpai didn’t come back.

 The next day, and the day after that… Tsuchimiya-senpai never returned.

* * *

 Alert spoiler!

 ■ Tsuchimiya Takeru

 16 years old

 Height 171cm, blood type O

 Magic Spearman

 An ordinary high school boy you can find anywhere.

 ■ Kondou Isaki

 17 years old, blood type A


 3rd year class B. A senpai at heart. When I close my eyes, the glorious days of my youth I spent with Kondo-senpai still come back to me in vivid colors (delusions).

 ■ Tina

 ?? age

 A guide fairy that supports my restricted play dungeon life with various functions. I am expanding the functionality using my experience. He used to be serious and businesslike, but since his memory returned, his personality has changed 180 degrees.

 ”I strongly recommend that master level up.”

 ■ Asagiri Himeno

 15 years old

 Height 167 cm, blood type O

 E cup


 1st year class A. basketball club. Nordic quarter. She has light brown hair with a loose short cut and blue eyes. she is very cute She is unforgiving when she gets angry, so you should never make her angry. She loves jerky.

 ”Please let me eat it, senpai♪”

 ■ Watarase Kanon

 15 years old

 152 cm tall, blood type B


 Magical Girl

 First-year Class C. She wears pink glasses and has a ponytail. She may look small and innocent, but her body is strong. She loves Magical Girls. She has a dreamy and childlike atmosphere, but if you look closely, her words and actions can be quite bold.

 ”I’ll do it! Please let me do it! I will become a Magical Girl!”

 ■ Higurashi Asuka

 15 years old

 170 cm tall, blood type AB


 Magic Spearman

 First-year Class B. A girl afflicted with an incurable disease. She has a straightforward personality and is reliable but also a bit strange.

 ”Me and Tsuchimiya-senpai just fused together a moment ago!”

 ■ Amahara Karen

 17 years old

 178 cm tall, blood type A



 Third-year Class A. The Student Council President. She has long black hair in a princess cut. She is serious, righteous, and emits a powerful aura. She always acts as a leader, but inside, she’s just like any other girl.

 ”I have never seen such a noble person like you before!”

 ■ Togamine Hatsune

 17 years old

 165 cm tall, blood type B



 2nd year, Class A. A talented girl with glasses but not popular. She has a strong personality and is a lesbian who is deeply in love with Amahara-senpai. It seems like she views boys as enemies.

 ”Level… 1…?”

 ■ Sogahara Takashi

 17 years old

 185 cm tall, blood type B

 Magic Swordman

 3rd year, Class A. Vice President of the Student Council. He is handsome, smart, and a master of martial arts. He looks like a perfect superhuman with blonde hair and blue eyes. Surprisingly, his parents are pure British, but he seems to have a strong interest in Japanese culture.


 ■ Kijima Shiori

 17 years old

 174 cm tall, blood type O


 Support Magician

 3rd year, Class A. She is Sogahara-senpai’s girlfriend. Currently, she seems to be helping the Student Council.


* * *

 ■ Shitone Shizuka

 17 years old

 169 cm tall, blood type B



 Class 3E

 ”Hey, you look different than I expected. Your vibe is not matching what I heard.”

 ”Wow, you endured it. I thought you’d only be able to think about doing things with me, so how did you manage?”

 ■ Maekawa Hiromi

 16 years old

 161 cm tall, blood type A



 Class 2D

 ”I messed up. It’s hard to see clearly when you’re close to something.”

 ”I’m Maekawa Hiromi, the person who sits in front of you. Nice to meet you.”

 ”If it’s okay, umm… would you be interested in being with me? Like, having s*x?”

 ■ Celestia

 29 years old

 174 cm tall, blood type A



 ”It seems like they also killed Kondou Isaki. Indeed, they should have protected the boy even if it meant breaking the rules.”

 ”Are you the last survivor of the first dive…?”

 ■ ?????

 ?? age

 166cm ? blood type


 ? Year ? Group

 ”Are you the leader of this group? Sorry, but you’re going to suffer and die.”

 ”Do you think you can beat me? Even at level 20, I don’t think it’s possible.”

 ■ Lugia

 2? years old

 174cm O type



 ”Come over here! I’ll lock you up in a cell!”

 ”Wait! Wait a minute! I’m feeling dizzy!”

 ”Huh? Can I have this? Seriously? *slurp*”

 ■ Gil-san

 ?? years old

 188cm blood type B


 ”You’re young, but don’t rush into things. Be careful not to get into any trouble or dance with hardship.”

* * *

 ”I like Tsuchimiya-senpai. I really, really love you! I love you so much!”

 ”I’m sorry, Asagiri. I’m (Ore) sorry for how you feel.”

 The second season.

 The Last Survivor.

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