Beyond Abyss 2

Chapter 2 Goodbye, Senpai

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 After completing my improvised spear, I decided to say hello to Kondou-senpai.

 This spear was also an item left behind by my senpai, but I feel like there’s something about that person that sticks with me.

 As I was walking back down the aisle carrying my spear, Tina let out a sharp voice.

 ’Master, please stop!’

 I stopped in my tracks and braced myself as I heard the most urgent voice I had ever heard.

 ”What’s wrong, Tina?”

 ’There’s an abnormal presence ahead…Oh, it disappeared?…I’m sorry, it might be a system glitch.’


 ’The Guide Fairy app was originally designed only for high-level players. It is not expected that it will be used by ordinary level 1 players, so any problems found during installation will be addressed by changing the specifications. Please note that some areas may require some minor adjustments for a while.’

 ”By the way, I had a lot of trouble with errors during startup. I understand now.”

 Anyway, let’s refocus and move forward.

 ’Master, there are three monsters ahead. It’s the same place where the… body was.’

 I nodded slightly and peeked around the corner of the corridor to check on Kondou-senpai’s body.




 I could hear a noisy cry resembling a monkey coming from the end of the corridor.

 It seems that three goblins are surrounding Senpai and making a fuss.

 Now, should I lure them out while hiding and attack unexpectedly, or quietly approach and launch a surprise attack?

 As I was thinking about it, one of the goblins suddenly stabbed Senpai’s chest with a short sword. While laughing “Kikikii,” it repeatedly thrust the sword into Senpai’s body.

 Watching that scene, for some reason, a deep sense of murderous intent welled up from the bottom of my stomach.

 At that moment, one of the goblins turned its face towards me, and our eyes met directly.


 At that moment, I instinctively started running while letting out a loud yell.

 The goblins quickly jumped back in surprise and prepared their weapons. However, one of them was slightly slower in reacting because it had its back turned towards me.

 ”You’re too slow!”

 Before the goblin could raise its club to defend itself, my thrust was already sucked into its throat.

 The knife’s blade smoothly slid into its flesh. The goblin fell backwards, spewing blood.

 Without losing momentum, I quickly thrust my spear multiple times towards the goblin lying on its back amidst the blood mist.

 The spear pierced its arms, legs, and abdomen, causing it to cower.

 Meanwhile, a goblin wielding a short sword jumped towards me. Damn, it’s quite fast!

 If I don’t pull back the spear quickly, it will get inside my guard.

 While performing a backstep, I swiftly rotated the spear and stabbed the goblin’s chest with the butt end. In the instant I performed consecutive backsteps, the goblin’s sideways swing with the short sword narrowly missed my abdomen.


 I keep my distance from the goblin while using stone thrusts as a feint, like the Hundred Rending Fists (Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken).

 It seems that goblins are weak against feints and can’t handle irregular thrusts that don’t even hit.

 After carefully timing it, I spin my spear and slash upwards, effortlessly cutting the goblin’s throat.

 Then, I thrust my spear into its belly as a finishing blow. Since ot was wearing a cheeky leather armor on its chest, I aimed for a sure spot to pierce. Once I confirm that it’s no longer moving, I finish off the one that’s crouching and barely breathing.


 I managed to defeat them somehow. It could have been dangerous if I was surrounded in an open area, but it was good that I could fight in a narrow passage. With my longer reach, if I keep attacking, I can unilaterally attack the goblin.

 I collect the magic stone and put the remaining short sword on my belt. The familiar shape might be their trophy from the student they killed.

 A student notebook was found lying in front of senpai’s body. It was probably being scavenged by goblins. After picking it up and checking its contents, I put it back in my senpai’s breast pocket. I can picture my senpai smiling and giving a thumbs up.

 As I knelt down and put my hands together, Tina spoke to me.

 ’Do you know him? ‘

 ”No, I don’t know him at all. But he doesn’t feel like a stranger.”


 ”Yeah. Goodbye, Kondou-senpai.”

 I said goodbye to Kondou Isaki-senpai and left the place.

 ’Master, now that you have accumulated exp points, you can level up.’

 After a while, Tina called out to me as if she had remembered something.

 ”Oh, I ask for automap.”

 ’…By the way, the current status is like this.’

 My status screen appears in front of me.

 Tsuchimiya Takeru (16 years old)

 level 1

 Exp point: 20/20

 Class: Ordinary person

 Title: –

 Skill: –

 Magic: –

 Hmm, small fry.

 ’If you raise your level, you should be able to acquire titles and skills, Master.’

 It seems like I should raise my level somehow.

 ”Well, if this continues, won’t I be able to obtain it?”

 ’It’s not impossible. I’ve applied for a while ago, but it seems like Master still don’t meet the requirements or it’s being rejected by a wall of probability. Leveling up is also a great opportunity to acquire titles and skills.’

 ”I see. For now, I’ll ask for automap.”

 ’…got it. Acquired the “Automap” function by consuming 20 exp points’

 Then a map screen appeared in front of me.

 The blue dot in the center is probably me. The passages and rooms I have walked so far are displayed, and the unexplored parts are blank.

 The map doesn’t move even if I change direction, so I can assume that the top of the map is fixed to north.

 It has good transparency and does not obstruct my view.

 ’Humans are displayed in blue light, monsters are displayed in red light.’

 In games, having an automap or not makes a huge difference in exploration efficiency. Moreover, it provides a significant advantage as it allows you to grasp the position of nearby enemies.

 Now, I had just advanced a little and entered a large hall.

 ’Master, there are monsters approaching from the front. And humans too.’

 Before hearing Tina’s voice, I had already checked the map screen.

 Blue dots were approaching from the passage leading to the hall, followed by several red dots.

 Are they being chased?

 ’There are too many monsters. Leveling up from Level 1 to Level 2 dramatically improves physical abilities, making it difficult to control the body until you get used to it. So, I do not recommend leveling up during or right before a battle. I think it would be best to get through this by staying in a nearby small room.’

 Surely, that is the right answer. I wouldn’t normally bother getting involved with others. But once you see something, there’s no helping it. If I were to overlook it, I would definitely feel really bad.

 Roughly estimating the number of monsters, there are about seven or eight. It’s a delicate number that can’t be said to be impossible if handled well.

 I placed the water bag at my feet and started walking towards the passageway with a spear in hand.

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