Beyond Abyss 5

Chapter 5 I Fed Asagiri-San

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 ”Thank you very much. I look forward to working with you, Tsuchimiya-senpai.”

 Asagiri-san lifted her head once and returned to a formal sitting position. She then expressed her gratitude with a shy expression and three fingers touching. Her refined gestures and blushing face were alluring, making my heart race.

 ”Ah, yes… Likewise, take care of me.”

 Timidly, I reached out my right hand, but then became hesitant and tried to withdraw it. However, Asagiri-san grabbed my hand with both of hers, showing a hint of eagerness.

 My heart was pounding so much it felt like it would burst, but I had just made a rude comment a moment ago. The relief that she didn’t seem to despise me was stronger.

 Asagiri-san smiled and continued to gaze up at my face with eyes still moist from tears. It seems like she’s willing to let go of what happened earlier.

 ”Okay, we can’t relax too much, but I’d like you to practice a little.”


 When I stood up and handed the goblin’s spear to Asagiri-san, she blinked her eyes and accepted it.

 Then, I taught her the basic thrust and a simple move to counterattack when dodging and being attacked.

 To be honest, I didn’t expect much because I just wanted her to be able to protect herself at the very least, but Asagiri-san has surprisingly good muscle tone. She mentioned being in the basketball club, so it seems like she has a pretty high level of physical ability. Since I also have some knowledge downloaded from some school of martial arts, I was able to provide quite specialized guidance.

 In terms of time, it was only about 30 minutes. Considering Kanon-chan, we couldn’t take any more time. Finally, I wrapped a handkerchief around Asagiri-san’s bleeding knee, and we set off.

 ”I gained a little confidence. Thank you for your guidance.”

 Asagiri came closer with a happy look on her face.

 ”Don’t worry, you caught on quickly. With more practice, you’ll get even better at it.”

 ”Okay. But actually, when I was in elementary school, I used to do naginata. However, once when goblins attacked, I couldn’t do anything to help. If I had kept practicing, things might have been different.”

 Naginata, huh? It’s a less common martial art than kendo. As I remember, hits to the shins can also score points, just like in spear fighting. Since naginata and spears are both pole weapons, there is some overlap in their techniques.

 ”It takes time to use new skills in real battles, even with lots of training,” Asagiri assured him. “With more experience, you’ll get better at applying what you’ve learned.”

 ”You’re right, I’ll do my best!”


 Tina stayed quiet, carefully listening to our discussion. It seemed like she wanted to add something too, as she looked intently at me.

 ”Asagiri-san, are you hungry? If you’re okay with jerky, I have some.”

 ”I’ll eat it!”

 Yeah, she has a good appetite. It’s understandable since she’s still growing and on the sports team, and she hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Plus, she’s doing the Death Race.

 As I take out the dried wild boar meat from the leather bag hanging from my belt and try to hand it over, Asagiri-san leans in, narrows her eyes, and opens her cute mouth in front of me.

 She’s so cute that I can’t help but stop not only my hand but even my feet.


 ”Senpai, please feed me♪”

 She’s too cunning! And it affects me too much!


 I desperately suppress the trembling of my hands and offer the dried meat to Asagiri-san’s mouth. Asagiri-san takes a big bite. In that instant, her soft lips touch my fingertips, and my heart is thrown into turmoil.

 ”Mmm, that’s delicious! I’ve never had jerky before, but it’s so tasty.”

 ”That’s right. This is far more delicious than the beef jerky I got as a souvenir in Hawaii. You can have seconds, so be sure to chew your food well.”

 ”Yes, thank you♪”

 After finishing, Asagiri-san opened her mouth like a baby bird, asking me for more in a hopeful way.

 What is this happy place?

 Asagiri-san, aren’t you getting a bit too attached?

 Well, she seems easily pleased. So, I wonder if I should keep a closer eye on her.

 ”Now that I think about it, Tsuchimiya-senpai always calls me ‘Asagiri-san,’ doesn’t he?”

 ”Hmm, that’s right. Is something wrong with that?”

 ”Um, well…you see…since you’re my senpai, it feels a bit odd for you to use ‘san’ when addressing me.”

 ”Is that how it is? I’m not part of any club, so I don’t really understand the traditions of senpai and kohai.”

 But just being called ‘senpai♪’ by such a cute kouhai makes me feel happy. There seems to be a trick behind why so many students are desperately involved in club activities. It’s deep.

 ”That’s how it is. S-so, Tsuchimiya-senpai, please call me by my first name without honorifics! …Ah, um…my first name is Himeno…”

 I couldn’t hear the last part clearly, but I understood what she wanted to say.

 Asagiri-san’s glitch is probably due to a signal problem.

 ”I understand, Asagiri. …But, this kind of thing makes me feel embarrassed. Well, I’ll probably get used to it soon.”

 And I responded coolly… but wait, what’s with this sense of dominance!? She’s using casual language while looking down on me with honorifics! It’s embarrassing and makes me feel restless, but it also gives me a sense of omnipotence, like I can do anything. So this is what it means to be a senpai!

 But calm down, me.

 This power is too powerful and clearly surpasses my abilities. If I use it incorrectly, it will be a double-edged sword that will consume me. I know that in club activities, there is a harsh and inhumane system where “kouhai must obey senpai’s orders.” But even though Asagiri and I are in a senpai-kohai relationship based on our grade level, I am not Asagiri’s direct senpai in the non-club-affiliated group.

 If I get carried away and go too far, I will definitely face a severe backlash. I need to stay calm. Remember Kondou-senpai’s teachings. As Kondou-senpai’s kohai, I must become a senpai who is not ashamed of Kondou-senpai. That’s right!

 …Okay, calm down, me. It’s okay now.


 Huh? Asagiri looks dissatisfied, but maybe it’s just my imagination?

 ”Do you want any jerky again?”

 ”……I’ll enjoy having this”

* * *

 ”Hmm, I think we’re on the right…?”

 ”No, left. Let’s go.”

 ”Y-Yes, Senpai!”

 We are moving towards the spot where Kanon-chan was taken.

 The automap floating in front of me shows the footprints Asagiri would have followed as pink lines, so you won’t get lost.

 This is an extension that Tina suggested to me, and I got it for 11 exp points.

 It seems that my approval is required to use exp points, so I silently nodded and agreed to the expansion so that Asagiri wouldn’t notice.

 However, it’s also inconvenient to hide Tina’s existence forever. Tina is capable, but in order to fully receive her support, I need to communicate through conversation. But then I end up become a dangerous man who mutters into the air. It’s hard to cover up things like that, and it can lead to a lot of suspicious things.

 Even now, Asagiri obediently follows me as I show her the path we should take without hesitation, but I think she’s probably feeling suspicious inside.

 ”Ah! There’s a stick over there! It’s probably mine!”

 Asagiri yelled and ran to a wooden stick that had fallen at the end of the path and picked it up.

 ”Wow! As expected of you, Senpai! You’ve come this far without making a single mistake!?”

 Asagiri ran up to me and hugged me, innocently happy.

 That’s true, but it’s clearly unnatural. Isn’t there any doubt of her that I have a stalking ability that memorizes her body odor and follows her everywhere?

 Anyway, as I’ve been thinking for a while now, Asagiri is close to me. With a carefree smile on her face, she approaches me so close that I can almost feel her breath as she speaks to me. Even though she must have been sweating so much, the smell was somehow sweet and made me dizzy.

 Maybe Asagiri has a small personal space. Personal space is the distance from which you don’t feel stressed when talking to others, and this varies from person to person. For example, people who have a personal space of 1 m (3.2 ft) unconsciously try to maintain a distance of 1 m when having a conversation. If someone comes within 1 meter of your personal space, you will feel stressed, uncomfortable, and disgusted. Of course, this is not the case if the other person is someone you are close to or someone of the opposite sex you like; in fact, you will gain a sense of security and joy by keeping it inside your personal space.

 From what I can see, Asagiri’s personal space is about 20 cm (7.87 inch). Yeah, this girl has some issues with personal boundaries. Asagiri is cute, so I don’t feel uncomfortable around her. Instead, I get excited, but she’s a bit of a handful.

 I’ve heard that women with extremely small personal spaces can sometimes be misunderstood by the opposite sex just by having a normal conversation, like they think “You like me, right?” and it can lead to trouble. I wonder if beautiful girls like Asagiri constantly face such troubles.

 But I have this knowledge, so I won’t make the foolish mistake of thinking that the super beautiful Asagiri is in love with me or anything like that! (smug face)

 If I were to go crazy and make advances towards Asagiri, she might not be able to refuse because of our positions, but our good relationship would definitely crumble. It wouldn’t be strange for someone as beautiful as Asagiri to have two or three boyfriends. Once I leave the dungeon, an unremarkable guy like me would never have the chance to be involved with Asagiri again, but I want to be a good senpai to her until the end. Like Kondou-senpai is to me.

 ”Senpai, what’s wrong?”

 Oh, sorry, I got lost in thought. Asagiri is looking at me with concern from a close distance, tilting her head. She’s so cute that I could get lost staring at her, but I have to resist.

 ”No, it’s nothing. Anyway, isn’t the place where Kanon-chan was taken nearby?”

 ”Ah, yes… It’s just around the corner, so we’re almost there…”

 Asagiri’s mood seems to drop as she remembers what happened. I understand that it can’t be helped, but the heavy atmosphere is not good.

 ”Don’t worry, Asagiri. I’m with you. I’ll kick those goblins away and rescue Kanon-chan right away. So, you don’t have to worry about anything.”

 I spoke in a calm tone, trying to encourage Asagiri.

 I don’t know how many monsters are in the goblin’s nest, or if I can even find Kanon-chan. There’s no guarantee that things will go well, but as a relied-upon senpai, I have to do my best to alleviate Asagiri’s anxiety.

 Feeling embarrassed that her weakness was exposed, Asagiri blushes and smiles.

 ”Yes! I’m counting on you, Tsuchimiya-senpai!”

 Alright, she’s a good girl. There’s no trace of the gloomy atmosphere anymore. I think Asagiri is a strong girl. She’s just a high school girl who was suddenly thrown into a deadly battle and has had a terrifying experience. It wouldn’t be strange for her to be more hysterical. Even though she may seem cheerful, her ability to switch gears quickly is one of her good qualities. She was so cute that I couldn’t help but pat her head.

 ”Hau!? S-shenpai…!?”

 Oh no, I didn’t expect such a big reaction. Is this considered sexual harassment? This is bad, I hope it doesn’t turn into a lawsuit.

 ”N-no, I’m sorry! It’s just that Asagiri was so cute… No, that’s not what I meant…”

 Yo, this is nuts! I’m freaking out here. What should I really do? Is there any good excuse I can come up with?

 ”C-Cute…!? Ah…that…shhenpai…”

 Asagiri was stuttering and panicking too. But she seemed to calm down faster than me.

 ”Senpai…I-I don’t dislike it. I like getting my head patted. So, please… do it more…”

 Asagiri said shyly, lowering her head and putting it out like she wanted me to pat it more.

 ”Oh, okay…”

 No way! This is it! It’s like that feeling of accomplishment when a stray cat finally lets you pet its head after slowly gaining its trust over a long time.

 Asagiri is too adorable, I almost lost it! But it worked out alright in the end. That Jarkie is crazy wild!

 But Asagiri might be a little too easy to tame, if you know what I mean. As her senpai, I’m kinda worried about her.


 When I gently place my hand on her soft hair and stroke it, Asagiri closes her eyes with a happy expression and rubs her head against me.

 Ah, she’s really cute. It feels like I’m in a dream because I can’t believe I’m petting the head of such a beautiful girl. I feel like I could keep stroking her head for 36 hours straight, but Asagiri’s melting face starts to look erotic and it’s getting dangerous.

 ’Master, two monsters are approaching from the front.’

 When I decided to stop petting her by mustering my mental strength, Tina calmly informed me of the monsters’ approach.

 Maybe Tina’s eyes feel colder than usual because I have a guilty conscience.

 ”There’s a guest. Asagiri, stay back and watch.”


 When I remove my hand from her head, Asagiri still responds with a dazed expression.

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