Beyond Abyss 6

Chapter 6 Asagiri Level Two

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 Two red dots slowly moving side by side in the automap appear.

 The location seems to be just around the corner in front of me, judging by the way they move, it looks like it’s inside a room.

 I run to the corner to check. A room without a door is 10 m (32.8 ft) ahead. It’s still not within my field of vision.

 So, I jump into the room, trying not to make any noise while running. Without even realizing it, I seem to be using the walking technique of the Hououin (Phoenix Temple) school, and there is absolutely no sound of footsteps.

 Inside the room, there are two hobgoblins leisurely walking. The one earlier had a color that looked like white makeup, but these ones are the typical earthy color of goblins. Does that mean they are the normal type and not warriors?

 They notice me and hurriedly draw their swords, but they are too slow!

 Before they can get into position, my spear pierces one of their throats, and then I pierce the right hand of the one next to it. While thrusting the tip of my spear into the thigh of the one who dropped its sword, I kick it down.


 ’No… Hobgoblins are about on par with level 1 players. Going up against two frontally would normally mean big trouble.’

 But it seems the skills made the difference. This was an incomplete combustion. I want to fight stronger opponents.

 ”Wow… Senpai, you’ve already defeated them?”

 Asagiri peeked from the hallway and cautiously approached.

 ”Surprise attacks are fundamental. You don’t know what could happen if it drags on. The sooner the better. Anyway, Asagiri——”

 I waited until Asagiri came right up close.

 ”Kill this one,”

 I pointed at the hobgoblin writhing in a pool of blood from its hands and feet.


 Asagiri’s expression hardened as she tightly gripped her spear in front of her chest.

 Asagiri stared at the hobgoblin crying out in pain for a while, but slowly took up a fighting stance and pointed the tip of her spear at it.

 ”…It’s necessary, isn’t it?”

 Asagiri’s eyes, when she asked that question, had already cast aside any doubt and she had made up her mind.

 ”Yeah, if Asagiri wants to survive from now on, it’s absolutely necessary.”

 Asagiri nodded slightly and slowly approached the Hobgoblin. The Hobgoblin, while making a threatening sound, twisted its body and crawled back, trying to create distance.

 ”That thing is a harmful beast. Just like squashing a mosquito, there’s no need to feel any guilt. If we let it live, other students will definitely become sacrifices. And it’s still trying to kill us. Its injuries shouldn’t be severe enough to prevent it from moving. It will attack when you let your guard down and get close.”


 At that very moment, the Hobgoblin jumped up and crawled on all fours, charging towards Asagiri.

 Asagiri calmly pulled back her spear without showing any signs of being disturbed, and thrust it out with a clean form.

 The spear tip pierced the Hobgoblin’s neck, and blood spurted out. Asagiri weakened the momentum of the charge, then circled around the Hobgoblin and thrust her spear into its back once again.

 The Hobgoblin twitched and convulsed, then collapsed and stopped moving. Asagiri, still holding the spear in place, didn’t move either, and her hand trembled.

 Eventually, the hobgoblin turned into a black miasma and disappeared, and Asagiri sat down flat as if exhausted.

 I picked up a dark red magic stone that looked like confetti and crouched down in front of Asagiri.

 ”You did a great job, Asagiri. This is your magic stone.”

 When I stroked her head, Asagiri threw away her spear and clung to my chest.

 ”Senpai! Senpai~! I… I! …I’ve killed it!!”

 ”Ah. Well done. That was great.”

 Asagiri rubs her face against my chest and sobs.

 I’m sorry for making you feel scared. But I don’t want Asagiri to die.

 So, I continued to pat her head as if to comfort her.

 After doing this for a while, Asagiri finally calmed down and rested her chin on my shoulder while sniffling.

 ”I’m sorry. I soiled Senpai’s clothes.”

 ”If Asagiri will defile my clothes, it will be an honor.”

 ”Hehe… What’s that?”

 Asagiri chuckled softly in my ear.

 Her soft body pressed against mine, her warmth, her scent, it all felt really nice. But because I was trying to understand Asagiri’s state of mind, I didn’t feel any inappropriate feelings.

 …However, Asagiri tightened her grip on my back and pressed her face against my neck, sniffing me.

 ”Hey… Asagiri!?”

 ”Mmm… Tsuchimiya-senpai’s scent is calming. Just a little more… like this.”

 Maybe the smell of jerky had soaked into me.

 ”You’re such a hopeless girl.”

 Saying that, I gently stroked Asagiri’s back as if soothing a child.

 However, I could feel her warm breath directly on my neck, and even the soft touch of her lips. Honestly, it was getting pretty dangerous. For a moment, I felt like her lips were about to touch, and I almost made a weird sound.

 Hey, get lost! My blood, don’t gather in my crotch! I’ll arrest you for illegal assembly!

 The defense line is too weak compared to the number of rioters. This is a critical situation where Senpai’s dignity could collapse.

 Oh, right, the prime number! Count the prime numbers!

 2357111317… 191.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai… I will be useful. I will do my best to be of help to Senpai. So…”

 ”Ah, Asagiri is a hard worker.”

 I also worked hard. But it seems like I’ve reached my limit.

 I slowly and gently moved away from Asagiri, trying to be as kind as possible. As Asagiri’s warmth and the hand on my back reluctantly separated.

 Looking at Asagiri’s face, Asagiri also looked back at me with watery eyes. Alright, don’t look down. Absolutely not.

 And then, Asagiri closed her eyes and gently offered her slightly parted lips as if seeking something.

 Ah, I see, Asagiri-san. I’m sorry for not realizing it.

 ”Would you like some jerky?”


 Asagiri-san puffed out her cheeks in disgust and stood up, turning to the side. I picked up my spear and she turned her back to me and started walking away.

 ”It’s okay now! Let’s find Kanon-chan!”

 ”Ah, ah, that’s right.”

 Hmm, I don’t understand women’s feelings.

 Then we started exploring the surrounding area.

 As expected, there seem to be a lot of monsters around here, and three goblins were immediately caught on Tina’s radar.

 I taught Asagiri a feint that is effective against goblins, and then engaged him. There were three goblins there.

 When I showed her how to defeat one of them, Asagiri immediately swallowed and quickly defeated two of them.

 After all, Asagiri-san has a good streak. She is strong-willed and bold. She is truly an athlete. I heard that Asagiri-san was the captain of the girls’ basketball team in her junior high school, and that she made it to the top 16 of the national tournament.

 ”Wow, I did it! It’s so easy to defeat them…”

 ”Yeah, what’s important is the intention to ‘kill’. Instead of hesitating every time, think of it as something natural. Otherwise, you’ll be overwhelmed by the opponent’s killing intent and won’t be able to move.”

 Since I have a master-like atmosphere, I’ll say something like that.

 ”Yes! …Oh!? W-What is this…?”

 Asagiri suddenly grabs my arm and trembles.

 Oh, how dirty.

 ”L-Level… up? Senpai, what is this…?”

 It seems that Asagiri’s exp points have accumulated.

 ”Level 2… It’s just like a game, isn’t it?”

 Asagiri stares at the space in front of her with a bewildered expression.

 Perhaps her status screen is floating there. Anyway, unlike me, who is managed by Tina, it seems that Asagiri automatically levels up when exp points accumulate.

 Classes are determined based on the player’s actions. For example, if you are using a spear, your class will be called Spearman. Classes also have a title: Title. For example, the title of Spearman also has the name “Spearman”. Skills are also related to classes. Spearman’s skill is “one character punch”.

 The skill Nantoka-style Spear Technique is extremely rare. The probability changes depending on the player’s qualifications, but I never expected to be able to acquire such a skill at level 1. Sounds like you’re pretty lucky.

 Yes, actually I’m talking to a person named Asagiri. It seems like you’ve been interested in him since the first time we met. But don’t worry. You are not considered a weirdo. In fact, he seems to be aware of this situation. The timing was good because I was just scheduled to speak to Asagiri.

 ”Hey, remember when we did the Crystal Gacha before entering the dungeon? Well, I got this guide fairy app. Instead of leveling up, I activated it and a fairy appeared to support me in various ways. It’s really convenient, with features like Auto Map and Appraisal.”

 ”I thought so, because I heard that some people obtained skills and titles, so I figured it was related.”

 ”By the way, what did Asagiri get? I don’t want to pry, but I’m curious.”

 ”Well, it’s best to avoid letting others know about these trump cards.”

 ”I’m (Watashi), here it is.”

 ”…A ring?”

 Asagiri extended her right hand towards me. Other than a thin silver ring with intricate carvings on her middle finger, there was nothing particularly unusual.

 ”Yes, that’s right. However, when I obtained it, there was no explanation, so I still don’t really know what it is. Some people apparently instantly know the name and usage of the item they obtain.”


 ”いいですよ. どうぞ”

 Asagiri took off the ring from her middle finger and handed it to me.

 Hmm, it’s pretty, but it’s just an ordinary ring with nothing special about it.

 ”Tina, can you appraise it?”

 ”Yes. It’s called the ‘Divine Craftsman’s Ring (Hephaistos Ring).’ It’s difficult to fit into the standard criteria for regular magic items, but in terms of its bonus value, it’s equivalent to around +8. It’s a quasi-divine artifact.”

 ”Is that impressive?”

 ”If its existence becomes known, high-level players may come and fight over it. However, the chances of it being effective when used by someone other than the original owner are low. I can’t perform a complete appraisal right now, but if you simply think of it as making your hands more dexterous, you won’t be mistaken.”

 ”…It seems dangerous in terms of rank, but the effect seems plain.”

 ”Do you understand anything?”

 Asagiri looks on expectantly.

 ”It’s like a ring and apparently gives you great manual dexterity.”

 ”…It’s a subtle effect.”

 ”However, it seems to be a quasi-sacred weapon and of a very high rank, so please don’t tell anyone. It’s called the ‘Hephaestus Ring’.”

 ”Okay. It looks great, but I don’t really understand how to use it.”

 ”That crystal is a sacred treasure that gives the user a gift once according to their aptitude. Therefore, Asagiri-san is a “thief” who uses his hands to unlock locks and disarm traps, and a “blacksmith” who specializes in backup. I think a class related to item production would be suitable.”

 ”That’s the thing. After all, Tina is reliable.”

 ”Now that you have obtained that, it seems that Asagiri-san is suited for classes that involve disarming traps, opening locks, and creating items.”

 ”Ah, thieves and rangers. It’s true that vanguard classes aren’t really for me, but when it comes to crafting classes, it can be difficult to level up.”

 Oh, Asagiri-san is surprisingly a gamer? It’s quick to understand and helpful.

 ”I’ll think about it later, but since I’ve leveled up, I think I’ll get used to it.”

 ”Are you getting used to it?”

 Yeah, it doesn’t seem to make much sense.

 ”I think you’re powering up. How do you feel now?”

 ”Hmm…I feel lighter…ish? Ah, the weapon might feel lighter than before.”

 Saying that, Asagiri swings his spear around with one hand.

 ”Then, next time, let’s do some light repetitive sideways jumping.”

 ”Okay. Well then… Kya!?”

 Asagiri took a side step and suddenly fell down.

 ”Oh, hey, are you okay, Asagiri?”

 ”Itata…my feet are so fluffy it’s weird.”

 ”Get your body used to that feeling. If you can’t master it, even the power-up will have the opposite effect.”

 Oops, is Asagiri-san unexpectedly a gamer? It’s helpful that you understand quickly.

 ”Well, let’s think about that later. Since you’ve leveled up, let’s get you used to it a bit.”

 ”Get used to it… you say?”

 Yeah, it seems like you don’t really understand the meaning.

 ”I think you’ve powered up, so how do you feel now?”

 ”Well… I feel light… I think. Oh, the weapon feels lighter than before too.”

 Saying that, Asagiri swings the spear around with one hand.

 ”Alright, next let’s try doing some light side jumps.”

 ”Understood. Then… whoa!?”

 Asagiri, who did a side step, suddenly fell down.

 ”Hey, hey, are you okay, Asagiri?”

 ”Ouch… something feels fluffy and dangerous at my feet.”

 ”You need to get used to that feeling. If you can’t handle it, your power-up will be counterproductive.”

 ”Ugh… I understand.”

 After that, it seems like Asagiri quickly grasped the technique and became able to move properly. I’m not sure if this is because Asagiri has a good sense or if it’s just normal. I haven’t experienced it myself, so I don’t really know.

 And now, Asagiri is standing in the room, holding a spear.

 ”Well then, here I go. ‘Ichi Monji Tsuki’!”

 Under Tina-sensei’s guidance, Asagiri vocalizes firmly and activates the skill. As she thrusts the spear forward, Asagiri’s body accelerates rapidly and shoots out like a bullet.


 Fast. If I had been suddenly faced with that on my first try, I might have been hit by it. I’m starting to break out in a cold sweat. Just having this one skill makes a clear difference compared to Level 1.

 ”That’s amazing… What do you think after using it?”

 ”My body moves on its own, it feels strange. It’s like riding a vehicle, the sensation is similar.”

 In other words, it means it’s fully automatic. It would be quite troublesome if the enemy were to use this. We still don’t have a clear understanding of our position or situation, but I think there is a possibility that we will have to fight against other players in the future.

 Until you get the hang of it, it’s good to practice a few times. However, be careful not to tire yourself out too much. Ultimately, it would be good if you can do it on your own without relying on skills.

 ”Yes! I’ll do my best!”

 Yeah, Asagiri is a good and obedient student. …Or rather, judging by her physical abilities, she might be stronger than me already. Is there really such a big difference between Level 1 and Level 2? Reality can be harsh. Well, I cleared Nightmare Mode without saving. The more impossible the game, the more fired up I get.

 ”Master, would you like to level up?”

 ”No, instead, what are those two skill-like abilities that I have?”

 ”Those are advanced techniques of the Hououin-style Spear Technique that Master acquired on his own.”

 ”Double Thrust and an impromptu counter, huh? That’s all you’ve been doing.”

 ”The introductory transmission is the foundation of all techniques in the Hououin-style spear technique. However, my lord, you immediately mastered it and swiftly developed jumping techniques. As for the Spiral Rotation technique, it seems to closely resemble the movement you came up with, coincidentally existing in the advanced transmission… I was truly amazed when you unleashed advanced techniques right after acquiring the introductory transmission. I even checked the data multiple times. You truly are amazing, my lord.”

 ”Oh? Did I just get dissed?”

 Asagiri, who had tried the Ichimonji Thrust a couple more times, quickly returned.

 ”I’ll stop here because it’s scary. This move will definitely make you sore later.”

 ”I see. Well then, how about having a match with me?”

 ”Huh!? W-With you, senpai!? Th-That’s impossible! It wouldn’t be a fair match!”

 ”No, it’s not necessarily the case. I’m level 1, so Asagiri has better physical abilities at the moment. I haven’t specifically trained, so I don’t think I can match her strength.”

 ”Huh… Senpai is… level 1?”

 Asagiri looks at me with an incredulous expression. Well, she’s been defeating multiple monsters right in front of me. Normally, it would be impossible in terms of exp points.

 ”Because I obtained a guide fairy, I’ve remained at level 1.”

 ”That… isn’t that bad?”

 If I were to say that I do Restriction Play as a hobby, people would definitely think I’m crazy. I understand that much.

 ”That explanation is unsatisfactory. I strongly recommend leveling up, Master.”

 Tina-san protests, claiming it’s a false accusation. I haven’t lied, although my explanation may be lacking.

 ”So, I also want to see how far I can go against a Level 2 opponent. Of course, if I think I’ll hit with the stone thrust, I’ll stop just short.”

 ”Uh, I understand. If that’s the case, I’ll give it a try.”

 It seems like Asagiri is convinced. I’ll do my best not to embarrass myself.

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