Beyond Abyss 64-5

Chapter 64.5 Character Introductions II

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◎ 2nd Year D Class

* Minazuki Riona

25 years old

163 cm B-type


Ordinary person

Second Year D Class homeroom teacher. Ancient Japanese literature teacher. Beautiful and caring, popular with students.

“I don’t understand the feelings of students who have become Evold…”

☆ Maekawa Hiromi

16 years old

161 cm A-type


Magic Spearman (Water)

2nd year D class. The girl sitting next to me. Bright and sociable with a wide network of connections.

“Then, come with me. I’m sure I can be of help.”

☆ Satou Akari

16 years old

165 cm, O-type


Lockpicker -> Scout (Sand)

2nd year D class. Long black hair, slender and cool-looking. Passionate underneath, she was once the leader of the violent yakuza gang ‘Kenryu-kai’ (Sword Dragon Society), Satou Kenji’s granddaughter. Gift: ‘Master Key’, which can open any lock.

☆ Hano Chikako

16 years old

164 cm, B-type



2nd year D class. Brown-skinned, brown-haired gal, and free-spirited. Honest and straightforward. She joined Maekawa Party after being helped in the past. She’s become good friends with them. Gift: ‘White Lady’, a rapier.

☆ Nishina Tomoko

16 years old

145 cm, A-type


Magician (Ice)

Class 2-D. Looks like an upper elementary school kid despite being in high school. Childhood friends with Satou Akari. Gift is ‘Magic Evolution’, which boosts Magic levels.

“I want to lick Tsuchimiya-kun all day…”

△ Akiyama Yuuki

16 years old

175 cm, A-type


Class 2-D. He seems like a shallow guy in the popular group, always grinning, but he shouldn’t be underestimated.

“Wha? Weren’t we friends?”

△ Kageyama Shousei

16 years old

161 cm, AB-type

Martial Artist

Class 2-D.

A joker in the popular group, but he’s got a strong core and switches his character depending on the situation. He’s been learning Shorinji Kempo since elementary school and now studies authentic Tai Chi under a Taiwanese master. He wants to learn Bajiquan but hasn’t found a master, so he’s learning it on his own by watching videos.

“Since transferring to this class, I can clearly sense the flow of chi.”

◎ Student Council

* Amahara Karen

17 years old

178 cm, A-type

F cup

Commander (Light)

Class 3-A. Student Council President. She has long black hair with a princess cut, and comes from a wealthy family. She’s serious, has a strong sense of justice, and exudes an impressive aura. Always keeps up a strong leader facade, but inside, she’s just an ordinary girl.

“I’m the Student Council President, Amahara Karen! Sorry, but I’ll take charge here!”

“Shoko-chan, I think you’d look better with a bit more meat on your bones.”

* Sogahara Takashi

17 years old

185 cm, B-type

Magic Swordsman (Wind)

Class 3-A. Student Council Vice President. He’s got the looks, brains, martial arts skills, and a great personality—he’s the perfect all-rounder. With blonde hair and blue eyes, people’d think he’s a half-Japanese, but his parents are pure British who are obsessed with Japan. He’s been learning Hokushin Itto-ryu since he was a kid and is known as the strongest in the school.

“That’s absolutely not allowed! Shiori is unexpectedly jealous, and even just hearing about this would be no joke!”

“There’s no one in this school who can stop that monster!”

△ Ukita Shoko

17 years old

157 cm, B-type

E cup

Magician (Wind)

Class 3-A. Student Council Treasurer. Best friends with Amahara Karen. She used to be chubby but became super popular after successfully dieting.

“With a figure like that, it just sounds like you’re picking a fight with me! (angry)”

△ Inami Hitomi

16 years old

173 cm, A-type

Magician (Fire)

Class 2-A. Student Council Treasurer. A serious intellectual type. Traumatized after being extremely worked over by the secretary, Sugimoto, when he was at level 1.

“That’s a scam! It’s like thinking you opened the door for a cat and a tiger breaks in!”

“I don’t think so. Having a hundred-person harem is possible with just two people around, right? Kijima-senpai doesn’t know, but…”

△ Tsukuba Kiyoto

16 years old

165 cm, O-type


Second year, C-class. Student Council secretary. In charge of spying on the Student Council.

“Last Surviver…? I don’t know. What’s that about?”

△ Sugimoto Rikka

16 years old

157 cm, O-type



Second year, A-class. Student Council secretary. The mood-maker and energetic girl of the Student Council.

“Amahara-senpai is too sweet on Hatsune! That guy, she’s definitely not reflecting on her mistakes!”

“Ooh, I can hold myself back, but I’m still getting wrapped up in this guy’s embraces all the time.”

* Togamine Hatsune

17 years old

165 cm B-type


Heavy armorer (Earth)

Second year A-class. Student Council Auditor. Intelligent and talented student with no-contact lenses. A lesbian with a strong personality who is completely in love with Amahara-senpai. A serious and intimidating personality. Dislikes men.

“These guys are the worst of the worst, the Demiurge’s top dogs, including Sojiro Doi and his underlings! From now on, I’ll bring justice to the dirty men who threaten to destroy the peace of our school!”

* Kijima Shiori

17 years old

174 cm O-type


Support Magician

Third year A-class. Sogahara-senpai’s girlfriend. Currently working as a Student Council assistant.

“Oh, what’s up, Takashi? What were you talking about earlier?”

▲ Sawaki Suzuka

15 years old

159 cm O-type


Heavy armorer

Class 1-F. Short black hair. Member of the wrestling club. Feisty and loves to fight. Vanguard of Togamine’s party.

“Haha, you’re so weak despite your big build. Come on, come on, I’ll dislocate your shoulder!”

▲ Shimura Hidemi

16 years old

162 cm, A-type

E cup

Support Magician (Water)

Class 2-B. Curly long hair. Member of the tea ceremony club. Sexy. Rearguard of Togamine’s party.

“But it doesn’t look like you mind this. Hehe, I’ll take my time convincing you until you want to beg us to make you our ‘dog.’”

▲ Osako Miki

16 years old

172 cm, B-type

E cup

Heavy Armorer

Class 2-C. Tall with curly blonde hair, looks like a white gyaru. Quick-tempered. Vanguard of Togamine’s party.

“That hurts, you gorilla bastard…”

▲ Machida Hinako

17 years old

167cm A type

D cup


Third-year D-class. Black hair bob cut. Clear complexion with a relaxed atmosphere. Togamine Party’s leader.

▲ Hagiwara Akane

15 years old

157 cm (5’2″) AB-type


Heavy Armorer (Water)

First-year B-class. Brown hair short cut. Swimming club. Bright and energetic. Sub-member of Togamine class. Got caught by a goblin in her first dive, but was saved by Tsuchimiya.

△ Haraguchi Kouki

15 years old

160 cm (5’3″) O-type


First-year E-class. Bullied kid who made his high school debut as a yankee. Helping out in Student Council as a favor for being saved in her first dive.

“Hey, you’re Higurashi, right? Haha! You look pretty energetic, don’t you? I’m also feeling pretty energetic! Just like you can see!”

△ Yanagi Ryota

17 years old

179 cm (5’10”) A-type


First-year E-class.

Class 3-B. Kendo Club Captain. Student Council Supporter.

◎ Other Characters

* Kibakura Reiji

17 years old

Estimated height: 230 cm, A-type

? ? ? ? ? ?

Class 3-B. Rugby Club Captain. Leader of Demiurge. Known as the strongest creature in the school.

“In this world, there are only two types of people: the strong and the weak. That’s all there is to it.”

“Don’t kill the students? That’s your problem. I’ll kill them without hesitation!”

* Iwakura Eiji

16 years old

182 cm, B-type

Heavy Magician (Dark)

Class 2-G. Rugby Club. Officer in Demiurge. Holds a grudge against Tsuchimiya. His gift is a ‘Corpse Dragon Battle Axe’ that makes whatever it cuts rot.

“I know, right now you’re at level 1.”

▲ Shitone Shizuka

17 years old

169 cm, B-type

F Cup

? ? ? (darkness)

Class 3-E. Mysterious, sexy senpai. Wears round glasses and braids, has a beauty mark under her left eye.

“I have nothing. There’s nothing fun. I wish everyone would disappear. This world, and myself too…”

△ Shimomura Kiyoshi

17 years old

181 cm, A-type

Support Magician

Class 3-A. Newspaper Club President. Skinny. More dedicated to the ‘School Daily Report’ than dungeon exploration.

“It’s just a rumor, but I heard there’s a student who returned a week after their first dive.”

△ Kamen Papillon

15 years old

170 cm, AB-type

D Cup

Modified Human/Papillon Alien

Class 1-B, Student number 22. Wears a white cape, red scarf, and red butterfly mask to hide their identity. Mysterious and elusive. Everyone knows who they are but pretends not to.

“Stop right there, Demiurge! I am Kamen Papillon! I won’t let you get away with your evil deeds!”

“Wait! Is that Great Leader Kibakura? Today, I’ll get back the money I lent you!”

☆ Valeria

1352 years old

??? cm

Elder Undine

A part of the spirit king Varniora. Despite being a high-ranking spirit, she doesn’t exude much dignity.

“Heh, are you challenging me, an Elder Undine? You’re fearless, Takeru. I’ll have you know I’ve already taken down four people in ‘easy mode’.”

“While materializing would make me stronger in this world, this form has its own perks. I can press the reset button while sitting here, and I don’t have to worry about stubbing my pinky toe on the desk corner.”

* Fujisaki Kaede

17 years old

166cm type B

E cup


2nd year, 3rd grade. A student at Akatoriba Academy. Confident and strong-willed, but actually afraid. Scared of dogs that bark. Loves well-behaved dogs. Fought against the Tsuchimiya group on the abandoned floor…

Her gift is the power of miracles to escape ‘Absolute Escape’.

“Wait, you’re going to attack when there’s an opening? That’s what second-rate people do. Once I decide to escape, I’ll escape no matter what!”

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