Beyond Abyss 64-2

Chapter 64 Interlude Twenty Two – Watarase Kanon ♯

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Part 2/2]

 ”This chicken, the skin is so crispy and delicious.”

 The spicy sauced chicken is well seasoned and tastes great even when mixed with pasta.

 ”Alright! After steaming and cooking through, you just need to quickly sear the surface over high heat! Butter burns easily, so make sure to add it in for fragrance at the very end… Don’t forget to take notes!”

 Himeno looks so happy, which is the best part. I’m truly grateful to Hano-san and the others.

 After that, I told everyone about what happened on the abandoned disposal floor. I had intended to cover up the fact that I almost died, but it seems like they had already heard about it from Maekawa-san and the others. It’s only natural since they came for that reason. I thought the story would be interesting despite being long, but it seems like it wasn’t that captivating to everyone. They are listening intently to my story. The part where Sendou (the blue magician) is taken to the spirit world while mumbling something might be a bit amusing.

 ”As expected of Tsuchimiya-senpai! There’s no way senpai would lose in a one-on-one match! Can I have a friendly match sometime soon, senpai?”


 This is an unavoidable fate that I’ve resigned myself to, but Himeno moves at that speed without even using skills, and I can’t use attack magic against Himeno. Can I win?

 ”You really met the Spirit King! What’s the Spirit King like?”

 Kanon asks with sparkling eyes.

 ”Well, it felt like the wife of a yakuza boss.”

 ”Lisphy-san mentioned earlier that Tsuchimiya-senpai has received the protection of the Spirit King. What does it mean to have the protection of the Spirit King?”

 ”I don’t know? I had forgotten until you mentioned it. I think it’s like a yakuza’s family crest or a sake cup with a hak attached.”

 ”Is Valeria-san, a high-ranking spirit, still with Chikako-senpai and the others?”

 ”Yeah, that’s the glass snake bracelet that Maekawa-san had.”

 ’Nyuru!? A rival appears!?’

 After finishing our meal, Higurashi and Kanon took care of the dishes, but the questions kept coming.

 ”Oh, I almost forgot. We have dessert after the meal.”

 I took out some Nectar fruits from the storage.

 ”Wow, it smells really nice.”

 ”These are Nectar fruits. It’s said that you should eat the skin and seeds too. It not only boosts your magic power but also keeps you very healthy, and you won’t catch a cold for a while.”

 ’Njorn want some share to, nyuru~!’

 ”Sure, I’ll share mine. I’ve already eaten mine before.”

 Higurashi and I used a knife to cut the large yellow fruits, about the size of a big peach, into easy-to-eat pieces and served them on separate plates.

 ”This is so delicious!”

 ”Yeah! It might be the most delicious fruit I’ve ever had!”

 ”Oh, it’s really tasty. It feels like it’s seeping into my body… Thank you, Tsuchimiya-senpai.”

 Njorn happily eats the small pieces of fruit I offer on a fork. In the end, Njorn ends up eating most of my share. Njorn unhinges their jaw to swallow the large seeds whole in a horror-like manner.

 ”Wouldn’t it be easier to eat if you made yourself bigger?”

 ’Eating dynamically like this feels good. It’s also nice to digest slowly. Thanks for the meal.’

 Njorn’s belly bulges out, and they falls asleep right there.

 As we talk about their adventures in the special zone in the afternoon, we realize it’s already late at night.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai, why don’t you stay here tonight?”

 ”Here? I don’t mind.”

 I leave my textbooks lying around in the classroom without any issues.

 ”Tonight, Watarase-san will keep you company, so please take care.”

 ”K-Kanon will?”

 When I look at Kanon, her face turns bright red as she looks down shyly.

 ”Aaah, um… please take care of me…”

 ”Oh, me too.”

 I see… finally with Kanon…

 ”Go for it, Kanon-chan!”


 ”We’re heading back to our room, so feel free to use the bedroom. The bath is ready too, you two can use it together.”


 Taking a bath with Kanon… my heart won’t stop pounding, but since Kanon is also Evold, I need to carefully lead to prevent any outbursts.

 ”Um… this way, Tsuchimiya-senpai.”

 Kanon pulled my arm as she guided me to the bathroom.

 When we opened the door across the room from the stairs in the hallway, it was a spacious changing room.

 ”This is for you, Tsuchimiya-senpai.”

 Kanon pointed to one of the baskets lined up on the shelf by the wall. Inside the basket were bath towels and bathrobes.

 After Kanon turned her back, untied her ponytail, and took off her glasses, she slowly turned around.


 With her hair down and her face revealed, Kanon looked different, like a stranger standing there, making me feel a bit nervous.

 Kanon then removed her light blue ribbon necktie and started unbuttoning her shirt.

 Just as her neckline became visible, Kanon stopped moving, blushing and looking down.

 This is no time to hesitate. I need to take the lead firmly.

 I approached Kanon and gently embraced her.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai… I’m sorry.”

 ”It’s okay. Actually, I was too embarrassed to move as well. Let’s not force ourselves, okay?”


 Kanon relaxed, letting out a sigh of relief and lifting her face.


 Gently pressing our lips together, Kanon wrapped her arms around my back, accepting me.

 As we continued to kiss like pecking at each other, Kanon also pressed her lips against mine.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai… Please give me a kiss like you do with everyone else.”

 Kanon pleaded with a blissful expression. So, I kissed her silently, gently brushing the soft underside of her lips with the tip of my tongue, making Kanon shiver slightly.

 Slowly invading with my tongue, meeting Kanon’s tongue, we rubbed against each other slowly and entwined, confirming each other. Kanon’s arms tensed, her body temperature rising.

 When we parted with a pop, saliva formed a string between us.


 Kanon pushed out her lips with a dazed look. Then, she pushes her tongue a bit roughly into my mouth, licking around inside while she hugged me tightly, trembling with excitement.

 When we parted, Kanon immediately sucked on my lips and inserted her tongue. It seemed like her Evold’s instincts were ignited. I just enjoyed her inexperienced moving tongue as I relaxed and surrendered to pleasure.

 As I nervously placed my right hand gently on her large breast, my fingers sank deep into the soft, yielding flesh. Kanon didn’t resist, instead responding with a passionate kiss, letting out a sweet voice from deep in her throat as she writhed and pressed her breast against me.

 My mind was overwhelmed by the soft sensation and warmth, as I eagerly fondled her breast while devouring her lips. Eventually, Kanon clung tightly to me, trembling slightly.

 ”Ahh… I’m so happy… Tsuchimiya-senpai, to think you desire me this much…”

 Looking up at me, Kanon began unbuttoning my shirt.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai too…”

 ”Ah, yes…”

 My gaze was captivated by the deep cleavage that was gradually revealed, as I too started to undress.

 ”How do you like it, Tsuchimiya-senpai?”

 Kanon, now in her underwear after removing her skirt, emphasized her breast by lifting it with both arms, peering mischievously into my face.

 Kanon’s unbalanced, large chest was wrapped in mature, pure white lingerie. The matching panties were already damp, with love juices dripping down to her thighs. Kanon had a better figure than expected, with a slim waist and curves. She probably wore oversized clothes to contain her large reast. This made her body lines appear more relaxed.

 Seeing my mesmerized reaction, Kanon seemed satisfied and with an excited smile, she reached behind and unhooked her bra. Holding the bra with both arms, she slowly slid it off, teasingly revealing her breasts.


 I unintentionally let out a sound.

 Her large, white breasts maintained a shape close to a sphere, defying gravity. Her pink nipples were erect at the tips.

 ”My chest is still growing, but it seems to have gotten bigger since I became an Evold.”

 The effects of breast enhancement might be due to the strengthening of the pectoral muscles and Cooper’s ligaments. It’s possible that maintaining a shape like that of a two-dimensional character despite having large breasts is because of that.

 ”Kanon… you’re really beautiful…”


 Overwhelmed by Kanon, who had taken off her clothes, I managed to squeeze out some words.

 When I finally mustered the courage to take off my last piece of clothing, Kanon’s eyes widened in surprise.

 ”Oh… Th-That’s amazing, Tsuchimiya-senpai…”

 Blushing, Kanon couldn’t take her eyes off my already hard and erect penis.

 ”Let’s take a bath.”


 The bathroom was on a scale that would be unimaginable in an average household. Right now, a large round bathtub with a jacuzzi was snugly fitted against the wall with closed blinds, and the bathroom, illuminated by adjustable lighting, also had multiple showers. While not as spacious as a communal bath on the 1st floor, the luxurious decorations and equipment clearly surpassed it. Even though it seemed to be of lower grade compared to Building A or Building B, being able to live in a special room that only students who donated millions of yen could enter for a monthly rent of 250,000 yen was actually a ridiculously good deal when you thought about it.

 As I stood there gazing, Kanon suddenly hugged me from behind.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai… this, it must be tough for you like this, right?”

 Kanon reached out and boldly grabbed my penis.

 ”Oh, um…”

 ”Leave it to me. I’ve practiced a lot for you, Tsuchimiya-senpai.”

 Kanon whispered in my ear while slowly stroking my penis.

 ”Uh, I-I see.”


 With a mysterious smile, Kanon moved around to the front while still holding onto my penis.

 ”I heard that Tsuchimiya-senpai really likes big breasts.”


 They’re my favorite. Actually, I think guys who dislike them are in the minority.

 ”I always thought my breast was big and heavy, and it was always a bother. I’ve been teased by boys since I was young and girls have said mean things to me… But if Tsuchimiya-senpai is happy, I might come to like my breast too. Since I became Evold, the weight doesn’t bother me anymore.”

 Kanon lifted up her large breasts with both hands as if to show them off. Then, she knelt down and opened her chest in front of my erect penis, and my throat made a gulp sound.

 The stiffened nipples press against my hip bones, and the cleavage closes in to capture my penis. My penis is suddenly enveloped in soft, warm flesh.

 The fine, smooth skin feels like marshmallows, soft and clingy, yet with a strong elasticity. A tingling sensation, like a faint electric current, flows on the surface of my penis.

 Kanon skillfully moves her breasts alternately, guiding my penis deeper inside. My erect penis is buried in Kanon’s large breast, completely out of sight.

 ”Hehe… Tsuchimiya-senpai’s thing is throbbing inside my chest.”

 Kanon exhales hot breath as if savoring the sensation.

 ”I’ll move a little.”

 With a sliding motion, her breasts rise and fall slowly. The soft skin entwined around the glans rubs, causing my hips to twitch involuntarily.

 ”Excuse me for a moment.”

 From between her breasts, Kanon sticks out her tongue towards the exposed glans. Drool drips down from the tip and entwines around the glans. Perhaps to cover it entirely, Kanon sinks the glans into her cleavage and sways her chest gently.


 Being rubbed messily in the warmth of her breast, I let out a moan.

 ”Hehe, now it’s easier to move. Alright, here I go.”

 Kanon lifts and lowers her breast as if pulling on my penis. The movement is monotonous and slow, but the continuous stimulation excites and heightens the sensation of climax. The soft flesh that snugly clings rubs smoothly with saliva, and soon, pre-cum joins in, creating a lewd squelching sound each time the glans emerges from the tightly closed cleavage.

 ”K-Kanon! I’m about to cum!”

 Desperately pleading, the movement of her breast intensifies, swiftly bringing me to climax.


 The ejaculated semen spurts out vigorously, dirtying the cleavage and even splattering Kanon’s face.

 When the convulsions subsided, Kanon slowly released the penis.

 ”Haha, amazing. So much…”

 Kanon looked happily at the milky liquid on her chest.

 ”Sorry, it got on your face too.”

 ”It’s totally fine. I’m actually happy about it. Anyway, let’s hurry and wash up and go to the bedroom.”

 With a lively voice, Kanon turned the shower handle and washed away the semen. I also applied body soap to a bumpy sponge while showering. This sponge, it’s called a loofah or something.

 Then Kanon, covered in foam all over her body, hugged me from the side.

 ”Let’s wash each other, Tsuchimiya-senpai!”

 Kanon innocently laughed while rubbing her overly voluptuous body against mine. It seems like she’s let go of something and is becoming more and more bold.

 ”Ah, got it.”

 Kanon pressed her body against me as if hugging me from the front, running her slippery hands over my back. I carefully washed Kanon’s back with a sponge. When I started washing her surprisingly well-shaped butt, Kanon squirmed ticklishly and giggled.

 ”Oh, Tsuchimiya-senpai, you’re getting bigger again. Are you excited?”

 ”Well, um…”

 I started feeling embarrassed.

 ”I’m a little scared but excited to have something so big from Tsuchimiya-senpai coming in!”

 Kanon seems excited, but surprisingly, she seems to be able to control her impulses. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s still a virgin or if it’s just individual differences. If it were Himeno, she would have pushed me down without a word.

 We quickly washed our bodies and hair, dried our hair in the changing room, put on bathrobes, and eagerly headed to the bedroom. The large bedroom connected to the living room had two king-size beds lined up, looking like a messy room. I’d like to think the School Management Committee set it up.

 Kanon seemed to have calmed down a bit, blushing as she hesitated, then smoothly discarded her bathrobe.

 She sat on the bed, reaching out both hands to me, exposing everything.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai… please come.”

 ”Ah, of course.”

 I also took off my bathrobe, covered Kanon from the front, and our lips met. Pushing her down, Kanon happily wrapped her arms around my neck and wrapped both legs around my waist.

 Our bodies rub against each other as we passionately kiss each other’s lips. Even though we have become friends, compared to Himeno and Higurashi, Kanon still felt a little distant, but now she is this close.


 As I squeezed and massaged her large breasts with both hands, she let out a sweet moan. Lost in the sensation of ample flesh, I sucked and licked at her nipples.

 ”Yahh! Tsuchimiya-senpai! Ah, it’s intense! Ahh!”

 While shaking her head, Kanon pressed my head against her breast.


 With a soft breast pressing against my face, the sweet smell almost made my brain numb, but I couldn’t breathe!

 As I sucked on her right nipple and pinched her left one firmly with my hand, kneading her breast, Kanon’s pressure intensified. Unable to break free from Evold’s grip, I felt dizzy. This was getting dangerous!

 I couldn’t die here!

 I quickly raised my hips, pressing my erect penis against Kanon’s secret place, causing her to relax with a short gasp.

 Not yet!

 I managed to lift my upper body while turning my face sideways.

 I survived! That was close!

 Seeing that Kanon was already wet enough, I pressed my lower body against hers and moved slowly.

 ”Ahh! Tsuchimiya-senpai! Come!”

 Completely disheveled, Kanon opened her legs, inviting me.

 ”I’m going in.”

 Carefully, I pressed my glans against Kanon’s secret place. With a little force, it slid in smoothly, surrounded by soft folds that seemed to suck it in.

 It was hot!

 What surprised me the most was the heat, almost as if I had plunged into hot water. The temperature reached the core of my glans, melting it from the inside. As Kanon tightened around me, a tremendous pleasure surged through me, and I couldn’t help but moan.

 ”K-Kanon, are you okay? Relax your grip.”

 ”Yes… I’m okay.”

 With her grip slightly loosened, I began to slowly enter.

 The tight, hot passage felt dangerous. Whether it was the heat or the slippery texture, I couldn’t distinguish. I was already on the brink of ejaculation, but I wasn’t sure if I was applying enough force. It felt like something was dripping from the tip.

 Still, as I carefully pushed through the narrow passage, I noticed a thin wall I was pushing against. Kanon gritted her teeth, enduring the pain. I eased the tension a bit and took a breath.

 ”Kanon, are you okay?”

 ”Y-Yes! I’m fine! Please, Tsuchimiya-senpai!”

 Taking a deep breath, I thrust forcefully, feeling a sudden breakthrough.


 Kanon arched her back and let out a scream. The pressure intensified all at once, and I exerted all my strength to endure it.

 ”Kanon… are you okay?”

 I asked Kanon, who had tears in her eyes and was breathing heavily, but I couldn’t relax as I felt like I might lose control. It felt like the heat from her body was melting my brain through my penis, making me feel light-headed.

 ”Yes… I’m fine now. The pain was just for a moment. It’s… starting to feel good.”

 As Kanon smiled, the warm passage slowly tightened to the base of my penis.

 ”Whoa!? S-Sorry! I…!”

 ”Eek!? Ahh! Ahh… Ahhhhhh!!”

 Unable to hold back, as I release my desires into Kanon, she clings to me, wrapping her arms and legs around me while her body trembles.

 As I relax into Kanon’s body, she embraces me tightly with her arms, legs, and her… and I shudder even more.

 ”That’s amazing… Tsuchimiya-senpai is filling me up inside…”

 ”Sorry, it just felt too good. I’ll make sure to hold back more next time.”

 ”It’s okay. If we go any further, I might not be able to hold back either… Today’s been enough.”

 ”Huh? Are you sure?”

 ”Yes! I’m already so happy, today will definitely be a wonderful memory! It would be a waste to go further, I want to save it for next time.”

 Kanon, you’re amazing. It seems like you can really control your impulses.

 ”Instead, can I try out a lot of the things I’ve practiced?”

 ”Things you’ve practiced?”

 ”Yes… umm… paizuri… I’m still not satisfied earlier, and Tsuchimiya-senpai, you’re not satisfied either, right? If it’s okay with you…”

 ”Ah, yes! Of course, I don’t mind!”

 Actually, I want to make a wish from my side!

 ”Thank you!”

 As I raised my body and pulled out my penis, Kanon also got up and happily settled between my legs.

 ”Please stay lying down like that!”

 ”Ah, okay.”

 As I lay down, Kanon immediately lifted her chest and covered my lower body.

 My just ejaculated penis was sandwiched between her warm breasts and stroked gently.

 ”I wanted to do it properly in this position.”

 ”Ah… if you do it so intensely, it might be dangerous…”

 I’m feeling a bit shaken by the strong sensation without any preamble. Just the rhythmic pounding against my lower abdomen and the vibration of breasts rubbing against me, even without any foreplay, intensifies the sensation of my climax. Each time the soft flesh, slick with fluid, wraps around my entire penis and moves up and down, the pleasure gradually builds up.

 ”W-Wait… I’m about to… uh…”

 ”Hehe, it’s okay. Just let it all out.”

 ”Ah…! Ohh!”

 As the movement of her breasts speeds up, I quickly reach my limit. Even though there’s not much since I just came, Kanon continues to move her breasts without hesitation, urging me to ejaculate, and the spasms last longer.

 ”Seems like less than before, but it looks like it’s still okay.”

 When Kanon stops moving, she presses one breast against the middle of my shaft, sandwiching the tip, and moves it up and down.

 ”Ah!? Th-That’s intense…!”

 The sensation of her grinding against the tip sends a strong jolt through me, making my hips squirm.

 ”Does it feel good? When Tsuchimiya-senpai feels it, I feel it too.”

 Kanon started moving her breast up and down alternately with a happy expression. And that movement gradually sped up. It should be a strong stimulation, but there was a frustrating feeling mixed in, like being cushioned by something soft. After receiving such intense teasing, my limit was approaching again.

 ”Ah… it’s swelling and twitching a lot. Are you about to cum? Please let me taste it next.”

 At the moment of ejaculation, Kanon took the glans into her mouth.

 As I ejaculated into Kanon’s mouth, Kanon slowly raised her face with a sound from her throat.

 ”It’s a strange taste… but if I think it’s Tsuchimiya-senpai’s, it excites me! Oh, there’s still a little bit left.”

 Kanon sucked on the tip like kissing the bell mouth, making a strong sucking sound.

 ”Eh!? Ahhh!?”

 I writhed in ecstasy as I feel as if all my strength has been pulled out of my body.

 Then, Kanon finally released my penis and sat up.

 It was more intense than I had expected, but well, compared to usual…

 ”Well then, let’s move on to the main event.”


 I couldn’t believe my ears at Kanon’s smiling words.

 ”W-Wait a minute──”

 ”Now, come over here.”

 As Kanon sat down and pulled me towards her by placing her hands behind my knees, my hips were placed on Kanon’s knees.

 ”This is called a paizure above-thigh job, it’s easier to move this way.”


 Without a moment’s delay, my penis was sandwiched between Kanon’s breasts without a word. The intense pressure was unlike anything I had experienced before, leaving me momentarily speechless.

 My penis is tightly sandwiched between Kanon’s breasts, snugly pressed against her warm, soft flesh without any gaps. As she slides it up and down, a strong sensation runs through me, as if the flesh is being teased all the way to the back of the head. Even as she changes direction, the stimulation remains intense. The relentless stimulation continues without mercy.

 I try to break free, but my hips are too weak to move much, and all I can do is gasp as the sensation of climax builds up, causing my body to convulse and my hips to jerk.

 ”Oh, did you cum? …It didn’t seem like much came out. Pre-cum, perhaps?”

 ”N-No, it’s…!?”

 ”Slurp… Slurppppppp!”

 Suddenly, Kanon takes my glans into her mouth and vigorously sucks on my urethra. Everything goes white before my eyes, and stars explode.

 While my mind is still reeling, Kanon resumes the intense paizuri.

 ”You just cum, didn’t you? Hang in there, I’ll make you feel even better.”

 ”─Ah! ──Ah!!”

 This is a disaster!

 Normally, the intense paizuri wouldn’t last long, but with Evold, there’s no hope for a break. My hips continue to convulse, but there’s hardly anything left to come out.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai, you seem to be enjoying yourself… Let it all out again, okay?”

 Kanon sticks out her tongue and teases my urethra, making it hard to breathe. Then she takes my glans into her mouth and transitions into a vigorous blowjob.

 ”Suck… Shlick! Slurp! Slurpppp!”

 Her lips rub against the head, her tongue entwines around it in her hot mouth as she vigorously sucks, while the breast moves up and down.

 It feels like something exploded, my hips jump up, but the spasms don’t stop. I can’t tell if I just climaxed or if I’ve been climaxing since earlier.

 My consciousness was wandering beyond time and space, but suddenly my penis is released and Kanon sits up. Is it over…?

 ”Hehe, when I saw Tsuchimiya-senpai writhing, I couldn’t resist. So, just one more time, I’ll make a wish.”

 Kanon, with a melting expression, straddled my hips on her knees and looked down at me. She grabbed my still erect penis, not very hard, and began to lower her hips.

 ”Eh? W-wait…! I can’t… anymore! I-I can’t move…!”

 ”It’s okay. Tsuchimiya-senpai, please relax. I’ll do everything.”


 Without any hesitation, her hips dropped, and my penis was completely swallowed by Kanon’s hot secret place up to the base. The scorching folds of flesh tightly wrapped around my penis without gaps, squeezing tightly and sucking in.

 ”Oh… it’s amazing… Tsuchimiya-senpai’s thing is getting bigger and bigger inside me! Ahh! If you thrust that hard…!”

 I’m having convulsions!

 Kanon slowly raises her hips and then drops them all at once.

 ”Ahh! Amazing! It’s echoing deep inside!”

 The awkward thrusting gradually becomes smoother, and Kanon’s breast moves dynamically as she gasps.

 ”Ughh! Ahh! It feels so good! Ahh! I’m… gonna… ah!”

 Kanon tightens her vagina while her body trembles, and I bounce around like a grasshopper.

 Kanon, breathing heavily, brings her face close to mine.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai, you haven’t finished yet, right?”

 I’ve been climaxing since earlier, haven’t I?

 As I try to shake my head to indicate a negative, Kanon grabs my cheeks with both hands and presses her lips against mine.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai is about to finish, so please don’t mind me. Please do it a lot more.”

 When Kanon smiled sensually, she started moving her hips on top of me again.

 Around the time Kanon reached climax, my memory of that day was cut off.

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