Beyond Abyss 65

Chapter 65 Wild Feast ♯

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[Part 1/2]

 ”Doi-san, everyone has gathered.”

 ”Yeah, I’ve been waiting.”

 Sojiro Doi, who was chatting with his friends, turned his attention to the group in front of him upon receiving a report from his subordinates.

 Gathered by the wall outside the school gate were 13 members of the Doi Unit from Doromi Uryuu Goushuu (Mudshade Rainflow Legion), along with five reserve forces who had not yet been officially enlisted.

 Some were leaning against the wall, some were sitting on the ground chatting, and it didn’t look like a very organized group.

 Doi took out his smartphone from his pocket to check the time.

 There were eleven minutes left until homeroom started.

 ”Hey, you guys! We’re about to depart!”

 When Doi speaks in a low voice, tension spreads among the group, and everyone stands up straight. They all knew that if they upset Doi, they would be dealt with without mercy.

 ”First off, that guy Tsuchimiya sits in the back by the window. We’ll leave him to Yonezawa and the others.”

 ”Got it!”

 A strong, sharp-eyed man responded.

 ”No need for questions. Just crush them all without hesitation. Kibakura (Demiurge’s leader) said it’s fine to kill them. Whether alive or dead, they’ll be dragged in front of Kibakura. They seem pretty capable, so don’t let your guard down.”

 ”Got it!”

 ”Next is Akiyama’s group (the one who was kicked in the Tsuchimiya’s class). Only Shibata and the others know their faces. Tell us as soon as they enter the classroom. We’ll all strike at once. After questioning, anyone who fought with Shibata’s group will be dealt with. Do whatever you want with the girls, either on the spot or take them home. Show no mercy to anyone who resists!”

 ”””Got it!”””

 The boys all looked unarmed on the surface. Some of them concealed weapons like batons under their clothes to avoid standing out. Nowadays, even regular students might be armed, so if one threaten them with a weapon, they might retaliate with swords or spears.

 Even the top students who used to be model students have turned into Evolds, becoming dangerous individuals.

 Demiurge has spies hidden in each classroom to disrupt the classes from coming together as one. Class 2-D is not a rowdy class, but it has settled into a form of individualistic gatherings, making it difficult for one or two parties to confront them alone. They have gathered enough people who hesitate to confront them alone, and as long as they don’t make mistakes in their approach, they can handle it. The issue arose when signs of party around a man named Tsuchimiya emerged, requiring urgent action to crush it.

 ”Alright, let’s go!”


 Doi led the group as they began to move.

 However, as they entered the school grounds from the gate, three female students stood in their way.

 The girl at the center was staring straight at Doi while crossing her arms, wearing the Student Council armband.

 With her rimless glasses and neat semi-long hair, her appearance gave off a typical honor student vibe, making her seem uninvolved in rough matters at first glance. However, a sadistic smile played on her lips, and a fierce glint shone in her eyes as she glared at Ido.

 Doi clicked his tongue, stopped in his tracks, and looked around. While the other students watched from a distance, he noticed the absence of her friends and a smirk formed on his lips.

 ”Togamine. I didn’t plan on playing out with you today.”

 Togamine Hatsune. She’s a combative member of the Student Council.

 Her merciless ways are feared more than the Vice President Sogahara, who is known as the strongest in the school. One notable feature is that her team is composed entirely of female students, which Doi didn’t particularly like.

 In his unit, all the combat members are male. In the dungeon, they bring at least three female Lockpickers as support staff, but they don’t let them participate in battles. Giving women the same role as men always leads to complaints and dissatisfaction.

 After all, there’s an issue with how Doi treats woman, as for Doi, women are tools for s*xual purposes, and there’s no need for tools that complain. Women like Togamine will eventually have to understand their place, which always frustrates Doi.

 ”You’re probably planning something shady again, aren’t you? I can’t just ignore you as the protector of the school once I’ve spotted you.”

 Togamine’s team is known for their unmatched strength within the school. This is because they mostly consist of ‘Heavy Armorers’ in the vanguard. While most vanguard classes receive a bonus to their corresponding weapons, the Heavy Armorer types have a bonus to their strength. This difference is significant in a school where proper weapons are not allowed. Furthermore, the Heavy Armorer types have high defense, making it difficult for regular vanguard classes to break through their Heavy Armorer defense barrier +2 in unarmed combat and deal significant damage.

 A few days ago, it was decided that the Doromi Uryuu Goushuu would increase the number of Heavy Armorers to counter Togamine’s team. But it’s not easy to change direction after leveling up and learning skills. It was clear that it would take some time to see results.

 ”It’s fine to act like the hero of justice, but how many of us do you think there are? Just right. I’ll publicly humiliate you in front of the whole school so you can never show your face in public again.”

 If they take down Togamine here, it’ll be a big achievement. Doi thought luck had come his way.

 ”You’re still as simple-minded as ever. Do you seriously think I was just walking around at this time, in this place by chance?”

 ”What did you say?”

 At that moment, screams erupted from behind.

 Doi turned around in a panic, only to see a group of female students attacking his group from all sides.

 It was a surprise attack.

 While Togamine distracts him, her other members launched attacks from behind.

 There were about 10 of them, and there was no doubt that the initial attack had caused significant damage.

 ”Darn it! Surround and crush them! We outnumber them! Don’t underestimate them just because they’re women!”

 Doi tried to encourage his team desperately, but already several men were lying on the ground, and the difference in the number of people standing wasn’t that significant.

 Togamine’s team efficiently reduced the number of Doi’s group, which was still in chaos with some members retaliating and others still confused.


 Right behind, there was a groaning sound, and Doi quickly turned around to see Kishimae from the rugby team, who is 180cm (5’9ft), tall, being forced down onto his knees by a girl student about 160cm (5’24ft) tall.

 This girl is Sawaki Suzuka from the wrestling team, one of the vanguards of the Togamine party.

 ”Haha! You’re big but weak, huh? Look, I’ll dislocate your shoulder!”

 ”Agh! S-stop!”

 As Suzuka twisted his arm even more, Kishimae fell to the ground on all fours.

 Then, a tall and blonde girl stepped forward slowly, and a muscular Kanemura swung his fist at her.

 This girl is Osako Miki, also one of the vanguards of the Togamine party.

 There was a dull sound as Kanemura’s fist connected with Miki’s face.


 Miki turned her face slightly and took the punch with her face. Pain shot through Kanemura’s fist, but Miki stood firm like a sturdy tree.

 ”That hurts, you gorilla jerk. I’ll pay you back tenfold.”

 From the corner of Miki’s lips, blood flowed smoothly. In the next moment, Miki’s roundhouse kick dug into Kanemura’s side.

 Miki grabs his body, which has turned into a bow shape to prevent him from being blown away, grabbing his arm and repeatedly kicking him while he is down.

 On the other side, a dull sound echoed as Gokiri stepped on Kishimae’s back and twisted his arm, causing Kishimae to let out a loud scream.

 ”It’s already down to about half, huh. How many are left on your side?”

 From behind Doi, the angry shouts of men and the laughter of women could be heard.

 ”Darn it!”

 As Doi understood the situation, he ran forward without hesitation. Using the side step skills honed in rugby, he dodged Togamine and increased his speed towards the school building.

 ”There’s no way I’m letting you escape! You idiot ♪”

 Quickly, Suzuka tackled from the side, cutting down Doi’s legs.


 With great force, Doi plunged into the ground, and Togamine’s foot pierced through his back. Air was squeezed out of his lungs, and his breathing stopped.

 As Togamine grabbed his shoulder and flipped him over, he grabbed Doi’s face as if blindfolding him.


 With force in her hands, Togamine made Doi’s skull creak and crack. Despite the intense pain, Doi tried to push her away, but Togamine’s grip only tightened, lifting Doi’s body.

 Doi trembled in fear as his skull was crushed and his brain squeezed.

 ”Stop! Please stop!”

 ”You have a defense barrier, right? You won’t die from this.”

 Togamine, still holding Doi’s face, lifted him with one hand and glanced at the commotion behind him.

 ”It looks like they’re almost done over there too.”

 The remaining five or so male students were surrounded by female students and being used as punching bags.

 Togamine carelessly threw the limp Doi to the ground.

* * *

 It was Monday morning.

 While it used to be a day for a school assembly, there was no one in the schoolyard. I walked through the bustling hallway as usual, heading towards the classroom.

 On the first floor corridor, Himeno, Higurashi, and Kanon were together. It was a fun time, but having three eye-catching beautiful girls with them attracted a lot of attention, making it a bit unsettling.

 The students seemed a bit more aggressive, but rather than before, they felt more lively.

 It’s probably because almost everyone has become Evolds, so they have excess energy. The honor students, introverted otakus like me, and party-goers are all actively engaged in the common activity of dungeon exploration. Building parties has strengthened the connections between them, and the whole school feels like a sports club.

 If this were a group of adults, it might have had a tense atmosphere like a military unit. Normally, everyone would belong to an organization like the Student Council and come together under strict discipline as one group, which would be more efficient. However, as students, we don’t think about becoming a cog in the machine for the greater good. We are basically individualistic. We are starting to accept harsh dungeon exploration as if it were a new club activity.

 Students who have become Evolds and gained powerful abilities can release their urge to attack in the dungeon, acquire more power and money, and improve their quality of life. Students are already diving into the dungeons willingly.

 Another thing that catches my attention is the unrestrained gaze from girls that feels like they are scanning my whole body as they walk by. With their increased s*xual impulses and power that is no different from Evold boys, girls might actually be more proactive than boys when it comes to openly expressing their s*xuality.

 When I go to the bathroom, I’ve gotten used to hearing strange noises coming from the stalls, but Maekawa-san warned me not to go to the girls’ bathroom even if invited.

 She told me a scary story that if someone just used and left you, girls would start crowding in one after another, and you wouldn’t be able to get out.

 Right now, both boys and girls are in a situation where they are the predators. It’s crucial that nobody finds out I’m only at level 1.

 It’s quite a pressure to be seen as prey by unknown strong Evold guys when I’m just a weak regular person. Thinking about the pressure all the girls felt before, I can’t help but feel sorry for them.

 I passed by the shop and went up the stairs, arriving at the classroom of Class 2-D at the end of the hallway.

 As I entered the classroom, several unfamiliar female students stood up and rushed towards me.

 ”Tsuchimiya-kun, good morning!”

 ”Good morning, Tsuchimiya-kun♪”

 ”Tsuchimiya-kun♪ Hey, wanna chat over here?”

 ”Tsuchimiya-kun♪ Come over here♪”

 ”Huh? What’s this?”

 Some girls I don’t even know are pushing their bodies against me, grabbing my arm, and trying to pull me in different directions.

 ”Hey, wait a minute! I don’t get it! And it kinda hurts!”

 ”Come on, come on♪”

 ”Let’s chat over there with me?”

 ”Isn’t it better with me?”

 ”Come here, Tsuchimiya-kun. I’ll give you lots of service♪”

 Being pulled in opposite directions by the power of Evold is tough. I demand the judgment of Ōoka!

 ”Alright, that’s enough. Tsuchimiya-kun seems to be in pain. Everyone, let go of his hands.”

 Whether it was my inner cry or not, a calm voice was heard nearby, and the girls loosened their grip.

 ”Oh, Satou-san…”




 Satou-san, who was suddenly by my side, stepped forward and took my hand. Everyone seemed intimidated and let go of my hand as if feeling pressured. She must be emitting some kind of strong aura.

 ”Sorry about that. Tsuchimiya-kun is temporarily teaming up with us for a party. We have a meeting, so I’ll take him with us.”

 ”Oh, is that so?”

 ”Yes, we even dove together yesterday. You heard that Tomoko (Nishina) became an Evold, right? It’s all thanks to Tsuchimiya-kun.”


 Ignoring the girls who seemed like they wanted to say something but fell silent, Satou-san led me to my seats by holding my hand.

 ”Thank you, Satou-san. I appreciate it.”

 ”Hehe. Tsuchimiya-kun is quite popular, huh?”

 ”Well, that’s true, but why is this happening?”

 ”Remember the commotion from last week? Tsuchimiya-kun, you really showed your stuff by taking down Demiurge’s gang. Everyone’s not just talking about it, they’re actually trying to recruit you into their group.”

 ”So, they’re pinning it on me after all… It’s probably the work of Akiyama and Kageyama instead.”

 ”It’s pretty amazing to boldly challenge Demiurge like that. Other classroom is getting fired up too because their female students being taken away. It seems like there’s a movement to rebel against them (Demiurge) and follow our classroom. So, if Tsuchimiya-kun plays the cards right, Tsuchimiya-kun could become a major leader. Since Tsuchimiya-kun doesn’t seem to belong anywhere yet, it’s only natural that they would make their move.”

 Leader of a major faction? That’s a joke. I’m just someone who prefers staying in my room playing games. Maybe I should actively let people know that I formed a party. It would be best if this situation calms down.

 When I arrived at my seat by the window at the back, Maekawa-san and the others had already surrounded me. Maekawa-san was in the front seat, Hano-san was sitting at my desk, and Satou-san and Nishina-san were next to me, facing this way, arranging their chairs in the usual formation.

 Today, I feel uneasy with all the gazes, but once Satou-san leads me into the circle, it becomes a safe zone.

 ”Tsucchi, good morning♪”

 ”Good morning, Tsuchimiya-kun”

 ”G-Good morning… Tsuchimiya-kun!”

 ”Ah, good morning.”

 At first, I was nervous, but I gradually got used to the situation and became friendly with Maekawa-san and the others.

 As I sat at my desk and looked around the classroom, I saw the girls from earlier chatting in their respective groups. One of them was talking to Akiyama.

 When Akiyama noticed my gaze, he smirked and smiled back at me. He’s quite a sly guy.

 ”Good morning, Valeria.”

 ”Good morning, Takeru.”

 Valeria, who looked like a glass snake wrapped around Maekawa-san’s wrist, greeted back. Since the classroom was still noisy, it wouldn’t be noticed if we spoke a bit louder.

 ”Still, yesterday was tough, huh? It felt like the weekend lasted a whole week.”

 ”But it was a good experience. We were able to strengthen our equipment, making future explorations easier.”

 Yesterday, after finishing our dive and trying to return to the school, we got sent to the abandoned floor due to a Magic Circle accident. We ended up wandering in the desert for half a day, separated from each other. Later, thanks to Valeria, we were able to reunite with everyone. Valeria wanted to return the Spirit Sword to the Spirit King, so we agreed to help her. However, students from another school who were after the Spirit Sword appeared, and we were almost killed. Despite the difficulties, we managed to work together and safely return home.

 The next day, when we met again, we couldn’t stop talking about the events of yesterday. Soon after, Minazuki-sensei came in, and homeroom began.

 After the announcements, the class rep stood up and followed the usual routine of standing at the podium.

 ”──The survivors from last week remain the same. Currently, level 1 consists of Ishigami-kun and Kanaoka-kun. Let’s continue──”

 ”Hey! What’s that!?”

 At that moment, a student on the opposite side of me by the window shouted loudly.

 As the students by the window all turned their gaze to the courtyard at once, the air stirred with a rustle.

 ”Huh? What’s going on over there?”

 ”Hey… isn’t that Togamine from the Student Council?”

 ”That seems pretty serious.”

 Feeling the tense atmosphere, other students also started gathering by the window.

 ”Hey, hey, you guys! We’re still in the middle of homeroom!”

 Even though the class rep scolded everyone, she too approached the window and gazed at the courtyard, taking a sharp breath and freezing in place.

 ”Let’s go check it out.”

 Maekawa-san and Satou-san stood up and invited me to join them.

 The area by the window was already crowded with no gaps, and some students were even standing on chairs and desks to get a better view. Since Hano-san’s seat was close to the window, it must feel like being in the middle of that crowd. Nishina-san joined us, and we left the classroom to look down at the courtyard from the hallway. As Nishina-san stretched and clung to the window frame next to me, Satou-san suddenly lifted Nishina-san from behind.

 In the courtyard enclosed in a U-shape by the school building and covered walkway, there was a group of students.

 Close to the entrance on the east side of the courtyard, nearly twenty male students were kneeling with their hands tied behind their backs and blindfolded with black cloth. Six male students were being escorted by two female students each towards the front of the school building.

 In front of the school building, there’s also three male students stood with their arms held by female students at equal intervals, and the same was happening in front of the opposite school building.

 What was particularly strange was a n*ked man on all fours a little away from the group kneeling in the courtyard, with a female student sitting on his back.

 Isn’t that Togamine from the Student Council?

 The man on all fours had his eyes covered, his wrists and ankles tied so he could only move about shoulder-width apart. In front of him, a female student from the 1st year was kneeling, wearing vinyl gloves and playing with his anus. Every time the girl’s fingers moved between handling his p**is and inserting her fingers into his anus, the man’s body trembled.

 Students poured out from the windows and lined up next to us, curious about what was happening. Students from neighboring classes E and F also noticed the commotion in the courtyard and started coming out into the hallway. Students from the classrooms in the opposite school building also began gathering on the balcony.

 Togamine looked up at the school building, confirmed the students, and slowly stood up, raising her voice.

 ”I’m Togamine Hatsune, the Student Council Executive Committee member! These guys are the executives of the ruthless Demiurge, Sojiro Doi and his subordinates!”

 The students were buzzing with excitement at those words, talking amongst themselves as if planning something.

 ”We’re going to punish those dirty guys who are going to disturb the peace of the school from now on!”

 Togamine said that and sat on the back of a man who was on all fours, crossing her legs. He’s probably one of the executives of Demiurge named Doi. Togamine grabbed Doi’s hair, lifted his face, and said something to him. Doi seemed unable to speak as he had a ball gag in his mouth.

 ”Hey hey, the Student Council is really going all out. This might turn into an all-out war.”

 Before I knew it, Akiyama was standing behind me and spoke up.

 ”If they go this far, won’t their allies come to help, and won’t there be a big brawl right here?”

 ”Well, how about that? Kibakura seems to be shuttling between the dungeon and the student dormitory every day and hardly showing up at school. Maybe he’s not even here. It’s up to the remaining guys, but Demiurge is all about meritocracy and competition is fierce. Yet, most of the current executives are still key members of the old Kibakura group with insufficient achievements. This leads to intense power struggles within, with backstabbing being a common occurrence. When an executive falls from grace, do you think the others aren’t secretly laughing inside?”

 Is that the kind of environment it is? Isn’t it empty to be part of an organization but not be able to rely on your comrades for support?

 While I was talking to Akiyama, the six male students earlier were made to stand towards the school building, where a female student removed their belts, pulled down their pants and underwear, exposing their lower bodies.

 ”Stop it! Damn it!”

 ”Behave. If you resist, I’ll break your arm.”

 ”If you behave, I’ll make you feel good.”

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