Beyond Abyss 67

Chapter 67 Student Council’S Plotting

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 I was sitting at my desk, chatting with Maekawa-san and waiting for the class to start, ignoring the students gathering by the opposite window.

 The time for the first period had long passed, but the teacher still hadn’t arrived. The atmosphere wasn’t suitable for starting the class at all.

 Just as I was thinking that, the noise suddenly ceased as if the tide had receded, and after a while, a familiar voice echoed.

 ”I’m Student Council President Amahara Karen! I’m sorry, but I’ll be taking charge here!”

 It seems like Amahara-senpai has stepped in to handle the situation. It looks like that was Togamine’s decision after all.

 Amahara-senpai seems to be doing well. I kind of want to see her face, but looking at the crowd by the window, I don’t feel like going in there right now.

 In the quiet school building, Amahara-senpai’s strong voice echoed, causing scattered applause to start, which soon turned into loud applause and cheers.

 ”Wow, that was impressive. The atmosphere changed in an instant.”

 She’s really amazing. It feels like she lives in a different world from me, a shy otaku like myself.

 ”Amahara-senpai… She has a track record so far, and she really gives a sense of security. She still feels like the school’s representative even now.”

 ”For now, it seems to have settled down. We don’t know how much impact it had earlier, but it’s better to act cautiously for a while, Tsuchimiya-kun.”

 ”Huh? Me?”

 Satou-san urged me seriously to pay attention.

 ”It seems like things have calmed down for now, but we can’t just ignore the tension from earlier. From now on, I think the movements of the girls who have been holding back will become more active. Especially Tsuchimiya-kun is at level one, so if you were to be attacked, you wouldn’t be able to resist, right? It’s better to be careful in less crowded places or places where girls gather.”

 ”Ah, I see…”

 It’s like a warning that says ‘It’s dangerous for a girl to walk alone,’ but am I really in that position? Certainly, if I were to be caught by Evold, I would need to be prepared to the extent of being injured. Dealing with a man would be simple, but even though they’re much stronger than an ordinary person like me, I have too much resistance to hitting or poking a girl in the eye.

 As the commotion settled down, everyone else started to return to their seats, but the classroom was noisier than usual. It feels like the boys are shrinking back compared to the high-spirited girls. Akiyama also seems to be getting an earful from the girls in the same group.

 After a while, the instructor from the School Management Committee entered, but today, even though the class had started, it was still as noisy as during regular subjects or break time.

 Not long after the class started, Maekawa turned back to me.

 ”We’re going to step out for a bit. We’re going to the special room for a contract.”

 ”Oh, I see.”

 I remember the reception window at the entrance hall office opens at 9:30. Looking at the classroom clock, there were about three minutes left.

 ”If you want, Tsuchimiya-kun, you can come with us.”

 Satou invited as she stood up.

 ”No, I’ll just nap here.”

 ”Haha, got it.”

 Maekawa and the others left the classroom together.

 The lesson was on the player system, but it wasn’t particularly interesting, so I rested my head on the desk to take a nap.

 Then, I sensed someone sitting in the front seat.

 ”Tsuchimiya. Is it true that you joined Hiromi-chan’s party?”

 When I heard my name, I looked up to see Akiyama sitting at Maekawa-san’s seat, leaning against the window.

 ”Oh? What are you doing here? Weren’t you talking with them over there?”

 ”Oh, it’s nothing. The girls suddenly got all excited, it’s quite a hassle. Seriously, I wish they’d cut me some slack…”

 Akiyama shrugged his shoulders and let out a dramatic sigh.

 ”Don’t worry about me. How about you? It’s a party with four girls and one guy, right? Rumor has it that Hiromi-chan’s group over there is quite something. Have they made any unreasonable demands because of this incident?”

 ”Oh, Maekawa-san and the others are pretty cool. Besides, I already have my own party, so it’s a bit different to join Maekawa-san’s party. We get along well, so it feels like we occasionally dive together.”

 Rather than coming here to chat idly, he’s probably more about gathering information. If I tell this person that I formed a party, it might spread quickly. Let’s make the most of this situation.

 ”Oh… so you’ve been creating your own party. The other person isn’t from our class, right? It must be Asagiri Himeno.”

 ”Huh? How did you figure that out?”

 ”Because on the first dive, you were with Himeno-chan, right? There were eyewitness reports of Himeno-chan clinging to a guy who seemed like you in front of the shop, crying loudly. What about the other members?”

 That incident was quite noticeable, after all.

 ”All of them are first-year students. There’s Higurashi and Watarase, and with those two, we have a party of four.”

 ”What! Higurashi is that mysterious girl who made her high school debut, right? She’s quite unique but also a tall beauty. And Watarase is the busty girl who got in through the entrance exam, right? You’re amazing. Why are all these beautiful girls gathering around you?”

 ”No, you’re the amazing one! How do you even know about someone from a different grade?”

 This guy must have memorized the faces and names of all the female students in the school.

 ”Oh. You seem clueless about that kind of information… Those girls are all highly popular. It’s only natural for a party of one guy to attract attention, right? It seems like Himeno-chan has been in a good mood since you came back. Ah, who would have thought that the background character who always sleeps in the corner of the classroom would end up winning the school’s idol… Truly, envy at its finest.”

 I don’t deny it. I never thought something like this would happen to me.

 ”Hey, Yuu-kun? Things won’t progress without you here, you know?”

 Two female students approached Akiyama and called out to him. One of them was the girl who had pulled my arm earlier.

 ”No, no, spare me, Sonoka-chan. Isn’t my treatment of the girls fine? The results are equal, and I think even s*x is under fair conditions, right?”

 Akiyama looked troubled and chuckled.

 ”So, what about the ‘take home’ system? The rotation decided there is strictly adhered to unilaterally, right? Lately, there have been many days where there is one extra girl, right? Also, shouldn’t we have the right to ‘take home’ someone here too?”

 ”W-Wait a minute! Taking someone back to the dorm is dangerous! If twelve people attacked me, I’d seriously die!”

 ”Then, why don’t you help out with half of the entrance fee for the girls’ dormitory from the party funds? We’re not planning to move elsewhere. Yuu-kun, you are using the party funds for your room rent too, right? Isn’t that unfair?”

 ”Umm… we don’t have much leeway yet. Okay, let’s rent a room once the month changes. If we rent now, we won’t be able to pay the rent in ten days. Let’s work hard in the dungeon until then to earn money!”

 ”I promise. I’ll reserve a ‘take home’ spot for you at the beginning of next month, no matter where it is.”

 ”Oh, really…?”

 ”Tsuchimiya-kun, feel free to reach out anytime. Our guys are all a bit pathetic and a little frustrated.”

 ”Yeah, yeah, even though Yuu-kun used to say things like ‘I’ll definitely satisfy you’ when inviting, he’s been a bit hesitant lately. It’s really pathetic.”

 Sonoka-san and the others, who is probably at the top of the class caste, smiled and held her hand or put her hand on my shoulder, inviting me. Akiyama also turned away, showing no signs of reproaching Sonoka-san and the others.

 ”I’m happy, but I already have a partner. It’s a bit complicated.”

 I feel a bit nervous, but in the past, I might have panicked just from this. But now, I’m getting used to it. Also, Himeno’s sense of smell is too sharp, so I don’t want touch unfamiliar women too much.

 ”Haha, whenever you feel like it.”

 ”Let’s talk again next time, Tsuchimiya-kun.”

 Sonoka-san and the others waved goodbye to me.

 ”It’s tough, right? When I became Evold, I thought I’d become super energetic and have a harem like a cheat protagonist, but in reality, even the girls are super energetic, so it feels like I’m overwhelmed even when I’m alone.”

 ”Are you like that too?”

 I thought Evold’s guy would be more cool, so it’s a bit surprising.

 ”Since there’s not much difference in power anymore, if I let my guard down even a little, they’ll try to take me down and get on top. Isn’t it harder for the guy to change positions from miss*onary to cowg*rl? It feels like battling a carnivorous beast every night for the mount position. When it’s two against one, I can’t keep up at all. Moreover, we have three guys and four girls, so we used to have threes*mes every night, but that’s impossible. If I could take a break, I could go all night, but the girls keep coming at me non-stop. I wanted to add another guy, so I thought of you. Those two are like vanguards, they’re stronger than me now, and I’m struggling a bit. I want to know how you, as a guy alone, are managing.”

 ”I’m not managing at all.”

 I always thought of a harem as a strong Evold guy surrounded by average level 1 girls, but in reality, since all the girls are carnivorous Evolds, it’s tougher than a regular harem with normal people. Even if I become an Evold, I feel like I wouldn’t stand a chance if there were multiple Himenos.

 ”Oh, really? A harem with just one guy as an Evold, it’s like picturing a man being devoured by a pack of lions!”


 While Akiyama laughs heartily, I can’t find it funny. I unknowingly ended up with a hardcore harem as an non Evold guy. Am I being too reckless?

 ”Ah… sorry, it seems like you’re quite serious about this.”

 ”N-no, it’s okay.”

 Akiyama seemed worried about something. Right now, I’m doing well with a three-person rotation. Kanon also seems to have some control over her impulses, so if I handle it well, things should be okay. Plus, there’s a recovery spring, and as long as I can get through Himeno every three days, I should be fine.

 By the way, tonight should be Himeno’s turn if everything goes smoothly. I should think of some countermeasures so it doesn’t follow the usual pattern.

* * *

 ”Then, Hatsune, you will be suspended for five days and will be stationed at the headquarters with the team members. You understand the Student Council’s policy, right?”

 In the meeting room of the Student Council headquarters, the officers gathered for the interrogation of Togamine Hatsune, and the punishment was handed down by the president, Amahara Karen.

 ”Alright! I’m sorry for doing things on my own without permission! In order to achieve Amahara-senpai’s goal of uniting the school, I, Togamine Hatsune, am determined to dedicate myself to Amahara-senpai with all my heart! Now, I will gather team members immediately to defend the headquarter!”

 Togamine Hatsune, who had consistently shown regret for her reckless actions and submission to Amahara, briskly left the room.

 As Togamine left, a sigh escaped from everyone’s lips who were seeing her off.

 ”Amahara-senpai, you’re too lenient on Hatsune! She never reflects on her actions! She’s doing it on purpose! At this rate, she’ll just keep getting carried away!”

 The secretary, Sugimoto Rikka, confronted Amahara with her eyebrows raised, while the vice president, Sogahara Takashi, tried to calm her down.

 ”Hey, calm down, Sugimoto-kun. While Togamine-kun’s actions are indeed a problem, we can’t afford to lose her strength right now. Demiurge might attack us any moment. Besides, considering the current situation, the suspension period is on thin ice. Protecting the headquarters is important, but if she can’t level up, it will be a noose around our necks.”

 In response, the treasurer Inami Hitomi spoke up.

 ”It’s true that without Togamine’s team’s strength, we won’t stand a chance in a full-on battle against Demiurge. That guy is smart, and she probably calculated her position from the start.”

 ”Ugh! It’s so frustrating! Her influence has grown stronger without us noticing! She even tried to win me over with sweet talk!”

 ”The female students who have come to rely on the Student Council for support are joining Togamine’s faction one after another. Those girls who have fallen under her influence are all brainwashed by Togamine’s ideology. It’s better to stop entrusting support hopefuls to her.”

 Sugimoto Rikka barks, and the secretary Tsukuba Kiyoto frowns.

 It’s not uncommon for students who are left out of parties or struggling in poverty on the 1st floor of the dungeon to turn to the Student Council. Togamine actively takes on the important task of helping these students level up and nurturing them as supporters of the Student Council, but only for female students.

 As a result, the Togamine team became the most powerful force in the Student Council. They boast unparalleled strength within the school by actively mass-producing heavily armored soldiers early on. Togamine, who was originally a Magician, also upgraded to a Heavy Armorer class.

 Ukita Shoko (Amahara’s classmate), the treasurer, agreed with secretary Tsukuba’s opinion.

 ”Okay. Let’s remove Hatsune-chan from the support role for Support hopefuls. She’s already an indispensable asset, but if she grows any further, she might practically take control of the Student Council. At least it’s a relief that Hatsune-chan doesn’t seem inclined to turn against Karen. Is that okay with you, Karen?”

 Ukita confirmed with Amahara.

 ”It can’t be helped… Alright, I’ll talk to Hatsune about it later.”

 When Amahara let out a small sigh, Vice President Sogahara spoke up.

 ”Let’s leave the defense of the headquarters to Togamine-kun for a while. Today, Ukita-kun will stay with me and Amahara-kun. Inami-kun and Sugimoto-kun, I want you to focus on supporting the Support hopefuls. However, always leave half of our forces at the school in preparation for a Demiurge attack, and try to avoid situations where two people dive at the same time.”


 ”Tsukuba-kun, please continue to monitor Demiurge’s movements and look for Support candidates who can be deployed immediately.”

 ”Immediately deployable candidates?”

 ”Yes, we need personnel who can be used at Amahara-kun’s discretion for her personal protection.”


 Amahara looked puzzled as she turned her gaze to Vice President Sogahara.

 ”Yanagi-kun and Haraguchi-kun were considered as candidates, but unfortunately, there are aspects that they can’t make up for.”

 ”I see, is that so…”

 ”Yanagi-kun and Haraguchi-kun have been doing well, and I trust them!”

 Amahara looked over at secretary Tsukuba, who seemed to have made a point, and raised a voice of protest in a strong, accusatory tone.

 ”I understand. I’m not doubting their sense of justice, and I trust them.”

 ”But, the way you say it──”

 ”Well, Karen-chan, in short, we still don’t have enough reliable people. We need more trustworthy individuals.”

 Ukita (Amahara’s classmate) intervened to calm Amahara.

 ”That’s true, but…”

 ”Yanagi-senpai and Haraguchi-kun are not a problem at all, but we need many Thief types like me. It wouldn’t hurt for Amahara-senpai to have your own sources of information, right?”

 ”Well… I get what you’re saying, but please refrain from speaking like that in front of Haraguchi-kun and the others. It’s rude.”

 ”I know. Seems like my wording was off.”

 ”Ah, be careful. I’ll go check on Hatsune.”

 Amahara left the meeting room looking displeased.

 A sigh escaped from everyone who had been watching his every move.

 ”That person has zero self-awareness.”

 Sugimoto Rikka, looking exasperated, let out a sigh along with his words.

 ”Why would you bring that up in front of the person themselves, Sogahara-senpai?”

 Secretary Tsukuba glared at Vice President Sogahara with sharp eyes.

 ”Hey, I was curious about how much Amahara-kun actually knows.”

 Vice President Sogahara returned a smile without any hesitation.

 ”Seriously… that person, well… is still a virgin, right, Ukita-senpai?”

 Secretary Tsukuba glanced at Ukita (Amahara’s classmate).

 ”Yeah, that’s right. Once before, she seemed really distressed, so I helped her out, but she still seems very resistant. Even though I keep trying to invite her, she firmly refuses. It would be easier for me if she just found a casual partner quickly.”

 ”Wow, she can endure a lot. Even I couldn’t bear it and ended up being embraced by this guy multiple times.”

 Sugimoto Rikka frowned and playfully nudged Inami Hitomi’s arm with her elbow.

 ”Ouch! Your ‘being embraced’ is not something cute! My dignity and mental anguish as a man, having been violated continuously since level one during my first time, are──”

 ”Rather than that, what kind of person is Amahara-senpai into?”

 Sugimoto Rikka ignored Inami Hitomi’s protest and directed a question to Ukita (Amahara’s classmate).

 ”…Well, Karen-chan’s type is… a prince on a white horse.”

 Ukita furrowed her brow in a troubled manner and said,

 ”A prince?”

 Sugimoto Rikka let out a surprised voice.

 ”Well, she seems to be detached from reality, so to speak… but then the candidates are narrowed down, right?”

 Not only secretary Tsukuba muttered, but everyone’s gaze turned towards one person.

 ”Huh? I-I have Shiori, so it’s impossible for me. Shiori is surprisingly jealous, just hearing this kind of talk would lead to trouble!”

 Vice President Sogahara, who suddenly became the target, panicked.

 ”Isn’t it cool, Sogahara-senpai? I wouldn’t mind being squeezed to death by that Kijima-senpai (Shiori), or even by Amahara-senpai. I wouldn’t regret it at all. Oh man, I’m so jealous. I wish I could switch places with you. It’s totally impossible though.”

 ”Hey, Inami-kun! Even as a joke, please don’t say things like that. If Shiori hears about it, it won’t be funny at all!”

 ”No one would complain even if two people who could create a harem of a hundred people surrounded someone. I don’t know Kijima-senpai, but as far as I know, the only person who looks good in a prince cosplay is Sogahara-senpai.”

 ”Inami-kun… Were you really that kind of character?”

 ”The pure me is died. I was killed by this guy.”

 ”Don’t blame others! That was with consent!”

 Sugimoto Rikka protested to Inami Hitomi,

 ”That’s a scam! It’s like thinking it’s a cat behind the door, but a tiger barges in!”

 ”You’re so petty!”

 As the two started arguing, the conversation moved on.

 ”Well, we’ll look for new members as usual, but it’s troublesome to be expected to be a prince charming that even Sogahara-senpai, who doesn’t bend to Amahara-senpai’s tastes, would approve of. Hasn’t she ever liked someone before? I’d at least like a hint.”

 ”Someone she liked… I think there was someone.”

 ”What? Who is it!? Is it a student from the school?”

 Ukita (Amahara’s classmate) responded to secretary Tsukuba’s curious question with a difficult expression,

 ”His name is Tsuchimiya Takeru. He’s the real prince charming for Karen-chan. But he’s one of the missing in action from the first dive.”

 ”Oh, him…”

 Vice President Sogahara squinted his eyes in pain.

 ”Tsuchimiya… I’ve heard some not-so-good rumors, but I also heard that during his first dive, he rescued nearly 30 female students from a goblin nest.”

 ”Shiori was one of them. Since he is passed away, she haven’t told me much about him, but she always praised Tsuchimiya for being brave and kind-hearted.”

 ”That day, it seems Karen-chan and Hatsune-chan, along with some helpers, went out to defeat monsters around the Magic Circle. They were attacked by a group of twenty goblins, and Karen-chan, who got injured, stayed behind to protect Hatsune-chan and the helpers. She was prepared to sacrifice herself, but just when she was running out of strength, Tsuchimiya-kun appeared, bringing the girls and the remaining students to the Magic Circle. He swiftly defeated the goblin group alone, carried the weakened Karen-chan back to the base.”

 ”He’s like a real prince charming! And if Amahara still holds feelings for that student who has passed away, no one can compare!”

 On the day of the first dive, secretary Tsukuba heard a story about Amahara returning and breaking down in tears in front of the Magic Circle for reasons unknown. It’s not just because Amahara stubbornly refuses to find a partner due to dragging along the ethics of the previous world, but if it’s because of feelings towards a student named Tsuchimiya who has already passed away, then it’s a more serious situation than expected.

 The stress of suppressing the urge of Evold on top of heartbreak is definitely eating away at Amahara, and it’s clear to everyone that it’s affecting their duties. Since coming to this world, Amahara has always been tense and hasn’t shown the soft smile she used to. While it seemed understandable given her position as the Student Council President in this harsh situation, the cause was not just that.

 If Amahara were to give in to Evold’s impulses and form a relationship with someone, it doesn’t seem like it would end well given Amahara’s serious nature. Amahara might end up unable to forgive herself. What’s needed is someone to heal and warm Amahara’s wounded heart. And to capture Amahara’s heart, it seems like someone with an impact greater than just a student like Tsuchimiya is necessary.

 ”This is the most outrageous request ever! It’s impossible to find someone within the limited students in the school who meets those conditions!”

 ”To defeat a group of 20 monsters alone with just a first dive, without being accustomed to battle, that’s an incredible strength. Tsuchimiya Takeru… I wonder what kind of person he was?”

 Vice President Sogahara responds to Sugimoto Rikka’s murmurs as they stop arguing and listen attentively.

 ”I met him during that time too. He had this elusive quality about him. His movements and overall presence made it clear he wasn’t just anyone, but he didn’t seem to carry any tension, just a natural ease. Thinking back on the situation now, that in itself was pretty extraordinary.”

 Then Inami Hitomi spoke up.

 ”Actually, I saw that Tsuchimiya when I was in middle school.”

 ”What!? Really!?”

 Sugimoto Rikka grabbed Inami Hitomi’s arm, pressing him for more details.

 ”Oh, I just saw him. Back in my third year, I used to hang out in Class B where my friend was. There was this unfamiliar student who always seemed to be sleeping alone or gazing outside absentmindedly. I asked my friend about him, and he said it was Tsuchimiya, who transferred in towards the end of our second year. He was a slim guy with long bangs covering his eyes, giving off a low-key, unassuming vibe. He never really engaged with anyone who tried to talk to him. My friend said he was the same whether he was there or not. There were rumors that he was involved in a violent incident at his previous school, but the details were unclear.”

 ”In the end, we can’t quite figure out what kind of person he is.”

 ”I plan to approach students who seem like they could be useful in battle, but I don’t think we’ll find anyone better than Sogahara-senpai. Personally, I think it would be easier to persuade Kijima-senpai. How about running both the A and B plans simultaneously?”

 ”Hey, that’s not cool at all! Absolutely not! Even if Shiori agrees, I don’t think Amahara-kun would fall for me. If I suddenly start hitting on her, our trust that we’ve built up would be ruined!”

 ”Sogahara-senpai and Amahara-senpai are both serious, right? Since it’s Evold, it’s totally okay to have multiple love interests. If Sogahara-senpai is fine with it, you can do whatever you want.”

 ”Please, never mention that kind of thing in front of Shiori. Anyway, everything rests on Tsukuba-kun’s shoulders.”

 ”In the end, you’re just passing the buck to me!”

 ”Sorry, Tsukuba-kun. I’ll make a desperate wish. Also, be sure not to let Hatsune-chan hear about this.”

 Ukita (Amahara’s classmate) wears a smile that seems apologetic.

 ”I might get assassinated by Togamine… Alright. I’ll do the job, but don’t expect too much.”

 Secretary Tsukuba sighed heavily, feeling overwhelmed.

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