Beyond Abyss 66

Chapter 66 President

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 When Maekawa-san and I returned to the classroom, it was still bustling with noise just like the hallway.

 The contrast between the enthusiastic female students and the pale male students was clearly visible when viewed from the side.

 The students gathered by the windows, looking outside, with empty desks lined up behind them, giving the room a deserted feel.

 At the teacher’s desk, only Minazuki-sensei stood there with a pale face.

 Come to think of it, she is just an ordinary human.

 It might be tough for a regular woman like her to see this scene with the sensibilities of the original world.

 Feeling a bit worried, I approached the teacher’s desk and spoke up.

 ”Sensei, are you okay?”

 ”Huh? Oh… y-yes, I’m fine.”

 Minazuki-sensei, who had been staring blankly, refocused her gaze on me as if coming back to her senses.

 ”Are you all alright now?”

 Minazuki-sensei glanced briefly at the students by the window.

 ”Yeah. It’s not something pleasant to watch. Anyway, it’s not the time for homeroom anymore.”

 ”Right. …Tsuchimiya-kun, you… well, sorry, but I’m not feeling well. Can I step out for a bit?”

 ”Of course. Please take a rest for a while.”

 ”Minazuki-sensei, you look pale. Don’t push yourself too hard.”

 ”I’ll take care of the rest.”

 ”I’m sorry. I’ll leave it to you.”

 After saying that, Minazuki-sensei staggered out of the classroom.

 When Satou-san wrote ‘Self-study’ in big letters on the whiteboard with a black pen, we returned to our seats.

* * *

 In the forest just beyond the school’s north entrance gate, there is a fortress of the School Management Committee headquarters. In the meeting room on the 2nd floor, Amahara Karen was sitting alone at a simple long desk.

 She straightened her posture, lowered her long eyes, and did not move an inch.

 Then the sound of hard boots echoed, and the door opened and two women and one man entered.

 As they approached the long desk, Amahara stood up with refined movements.

 The trio was dressed in navy military uniforms, with the leading woman carrying a knight’s sword at her waist, her long blonde hair flowing behind her. She appeared to be in her mid to late twenties, with sharp almond-shaped eyes and a somewhat expressionless face that gave off a cold impression.

 ”I am the School Management Committee President and Seito Academy Fortress Commander-in-Chief, Celestia von Madberg.”

 The woman at the front introduced herself briefly.

 ”I am the Commander-in-Chief’s aide, Riola Stacile.”

 A young woman with tied-up green hair standing behind Celestia announced calmly.

 ”And I am the School Management Committee Vice President and Vice Commander, Judas Vordreck.”

 A mature man with a strong warrior-like aura added

 ”I’m Amahara Karen, the Student Council President of Seito Academy High School.”

 Amahara gracefully bows. Taller than the tall Celestia, Amahara stands confidently in front of an impressive group without showing any signs of nervousness.

 Her long, glossy black hair is neatly cut just above her eyes, and her breathtaking beauty, combined with her full figure, makes her look more like a dignified adult woman than a young girl.

 Her overwhelming presence exudes a powerful aura that even the battle-hardened Celestia couldn’t shake.

 ”Please, have a seat.”

 Prompted by Celestia, Amahara nods again and takes her seat. The three of them sit facing Amahara.

 ”Now… Amahara, was it? It’s not ideal to meet in such a dull place early in the morning.”

 ”No. And Please call me Karen, Your Excellency. Honestly, I didn’t expect to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me.”

 ”Now, let’s get straight to it and ask the Student Council President, Karen. Can I understand that you are in a position where you have been chosen as the representative of the students in the school?”

 ”….No, unfortunately that’s not correct, Your Excellency. The role of our Student Council, elected by student votes, is to represent the students to the school administration, conveying various requests to ensure all students have a comfortable school life and working to make those requests a reality. However, the current situation is different. Right now, the students are facing life and death circumstances. Promises I made in times of peace are no longer important to the current students. To represent the entire student body in this changed situation, we must earn new trust that matches the circumstances. While there are those who support us now, there are also many who do not. Unfortunately, there are also large groups opposing us. As they are also students, we cannot claim to represent the students. The current Student Council Executive Committee will likely become one of the organizations within the school.”

 ”I see. So you’re here to talk to me as a representative of one of the many organizations. Alright then. We don’t have much time, so go ahead and tell me your request.”

 ”Yes. First of all, we wish to strengthen the penalties for violent incidents, enhance surveillance such as patrols by staff, and strengthen enforcement. The current penalties are not sufficient as a deterrent. Tensions are rising with organizations hostile to us, and in the worst case, it could lead to students fighting each other. If a conflict were to occur, it would be desirable for the School Management Committee to take immediate action, regardless of its scale.”

 ”That’s not possible. There will be no changes to the penalties or enforcement from the current situation.”

 Even to the blunt response, Amahara remains unfazed.

 ”Alright. Then, we want you to write down the rules for current punishments clearly. Especially, we want clear penalties for murder. Some people take advantage of the current verbal warnings and lenient enforcement to act boldly. We want it explicitly stated that crimes in the school and dungeon will be punished.”

 ”We can’t do that. We won’t provide you with written penalties. Punishment for murder is a week in jail and a fine. If the cells get full, they’ll be released one by one. We won’t interfere with your activities in the dungeon.”

 ”…What if most of us students end up killing each other?”

 ”We respect your freedom. If it’s the result of your free will, our response won’t change. In fact, if we attract too much attention, there’s a risk that the penalties will be relaxed or abolished.”

 At that moment, Judas glanced at Celestia as if reproaching her.

 ”…Well then, I’d like to hear your personal thoughts, Your Excellency.”

 Celestia’s eyebrows twitched slightly, and her lips curled up slightly.

 ”We have nothing to say to the current players. But if I were to express my personal opinion, I would say that I think people like you are too naive, but I don’t dislike you.”


 Judas murmured softly, as if to remonstrate.


 Amahara stared intently into Celestia’s eyes. Feeling as if their innermost thoughts were being seen through by Celestia’s wise and pure gaze, Judas and Riola stiffened.

 ”I also have something I want to ask, Last Surviver—”

 Just as Celestia was about to ask her question, a chime rang out.

 ”Unfortunately, it seems like it’s time. The meeting is over.”

 As Celestia declared this, Amahara stood up without changing her expression and bowed deeply.

 And walking towards the exit with her back turned, Celestia’s voice echoed behind her.

 ”I grant you the right to use the facilities in the basement of Building C. Feel free to use them as you wish. No need for formal greetings when we meet next time. You can call me Celestia, not Your Excellency, Karen.”

 Amahara turned around at the door and spoke.

 ”Thank you for today. I look forward to the next opportunity, Celestia-dono.”

 Amahara bowed, opened the door, and left the room.

 As their footsteps faded away, Judas and Riola relaxed their shoulders with a long exhale.

 ”That girl… her presence is quite intimidating.”

 ”Is it the power of her Gift? I almost felt compelled to bow my head.”

 ”Gifts are mainly meant to quickly develop a player’s talents. Such a Gift wouldn’t be given to just an ordinary person. She is a vessel… no, she is fit to be a queen.”

 Celestia responded to the two’s words.

 ”Kukuku… So she’s a naive girl who grew up in a peaceful world? But she seems more capable than our foolish ministers. I’d rather exchange her with that useless prince.”

 ”Celestia-dono, I don’t know who might be listening. Please refrain from making such remarks.”

 Judas frowned and admonished Celestia.

 ”But that girl, she seems to have understood our intentions.”

 ”I know nothing. There may be spies even in this fortress. We must not give the empire a chance to exploit us.”

 ”You’re right, Judas. It won’t do if both of us are captured. If anything happens to me, I’ll rely on you.”

 Upon hearing Celestia’s words, Judas let out a deep sigh and slumped his shoulders.

* * *

 After leaving the meeting room, a while later, Amahara started sweating nervously. By the time she walked through the long corridor, her legs began to shake. Somehow managing to go down the stairs and reach the hall on the 1st floor, she was greeted by her classmate Ukita Shoko, who is the Student Council treasurer, and she felt all her strength leave her body.

 ”Good job, Karen-chan. How was the meeting?”

 ”Mom! It was so scary~!”

 Amahara clung to Shoko, tears streaming down her face.

 ”Hey! Who are you calling mom! I don’t remember giving birth to such a big girl!”

 Shoko, who is 157cm (5’15ft) tall, has a height difference of nearly 20cm with Amahara.

 ”Don’t poke my belly! I’m not pregnant anymore!”

 ”Take it easy…”

 Shoko used to be a bit chubby before, but now she has successfully dieted and is slightly plump. She has become popular with boys, but she doesn’t entertain those who suddenly try to hit on her.

 ”I thinks it’s better for Shoko-chan to have more meat.”

 ”Even if you say it like that, it sounds like you’re picking a fight, doesn’t it? (Angry)”

 While saying that, Shoko decided to let Amahara do as he pleased.

 After enjoying the feeling of Shoko’s belly fat as if hugging a stuffed animal for a while, Amahara’s mood calmed down.

 ”So, how was it? Did you meet that person Celestia?”

 ”Yeah. She seemed really scary and I felt like crying. Also, the Commander-in-Chief’s aide and the Vice Commander showed up.”

 ”Wow, not just regular members! And then? And then?”

 As she recalled the meeting, Amahara’s relaxed expression tightened.

 ”Our demands were completely rejected. It felt like there was no room for negotiation at all.”

 ”Ah, I see. That’s how it is.”

 ”But, we had already informed them of the request, and it would be unnatural to go to the trouble of assembling that group for such a response. It could have been handled by just any random servant. Despite the way it was phrased like a thorn in one’s side, that response was not Celestia-san’s true intention. I don’t see this meeting as a failure, but rather a significant step forward. Probably, for both parties…”

 ”Well, if you say so, then I guess that’s how it is.”

 ”Our approach is not wrong. The key is to unite the academies first. Once we achieve that, the next stage should begin.”

 Shoko looked up at Amahara’s determined face. Since coming to this world… no, ever since the first dive, Amahara had been withdrawn, but once she got fired up, she was reliable as ever. Shoko was confident that as long as she followed this friend, she couldn’t go wrong. However, Amahara wasn’t as strong as those around her thought. Shoko felt that in this harsh environment, Amahara needed someone to support her delicate inner self, as she alone didn’t have enough strength.

 At that moment, a petite male student rushed in through the door with the lookout soldiers.


 ”Tsukuba-kun!? What’s going on!?”

 It was Tsukuba Kiyoto, the Student Council secretary.

 ”Togamine’s guy…!”

 ”Hatsune!? Could it be, with Demiurge!?”

 Tsukuba, one of the few members of the Thief class, has been given the role of monitoring Doi from Demiurge just in case. If Togamine ends up in a disadvantageous situation, Tsukuba is to call for backup waiting at the Student Council headquarters.

 ”Um, no… the battle is an overwhelming victory for the Togamine team. However, after that, they took Doi and the others to the courtyard, and… started some sort of punishment…”

 Tsukuba is panting as he struggles to say something.

 ”Punishment? …I’m not particularly impressed.”

 ”Well, to put it bluntly, it’s like a public r*pe. It’s like what Doi did before, but on a larger scale. I was shocked too, so I reported it to Sogahara-senpai at headquarters and came here immediately.”

 ”What!? P-public r*pe!? Why didn’t you stop it!”

 ”Please don’t say crazy things! I don’t know what will happen if a guy like me enters that kind of atmosphere! Just the members of that group are scary enough, but then Togamine is triggering up the audience and causing chaos with the regular female students avalanching into the courtyard! Ever since she became Evold, I thought her behavior was strange, but now it’s really dangerous! She’s like a dictator giving a speech, it could be misunderstood as the Student Council oppressing guys!”

 ”What a mess…”

 ”Hatsune-chan’s attitude towards boys has become stricter than before. It finally exploded, huh?”

 ”Anyway, we have to go stop her…”

 ”I’ll go, Amahara-senpai. Demiurge’s Shiraishi and the others are gathering near the main building, watching for an opportunity, so Sogahara-senpai can’t move. He said he’ll send Sugimoto out, but if that doesn’t work, only the president can stop it.

 ”Got it, let’s hurry!”

 Three people started running towards the school.

 After running for about three minutes on the cleared forest path, they reached the delivery gate. They bowed to the guard soldiers, then jumped into the schoolyard and headed towards the main building.

 They confirmed that about a dozen people were deployed in a combat stance next to the Student Council building adjacent to the martial arts hall.

 A squad that had split off from there was heading towards them.

 The small, blond male student at the front was a first-year named Haraguchi Kouki (the blond one first appeared on first dive).

 Despite his yankee appearance, he was a serious and dedicated student. According to what other first-years had heard, he seemed to have made his high school debut.


 ”Haraguchi-kun! What’s the situation!?”

 ”Demiurge’s Shiraishi and the others are gathering on the 2nd floor of the connecting corridor in Building C, watching us from there! Be careful! Sugimoto-senpai has come out and is meeting up with Togamine-senpai, but the situation is not under control!”

 ”Got it! Let’s head to the scene as is! Please escort us!”

 ”Roger that!”

 As the Amahara and the others approached the main building from the schoolyard, a squad secured the entrance of Building C in preparation for an attack. Since it was during class, there weren’t many people around. Supporters like Haraguchi, who would lead a party if something happened, were valuable assets.

 ”Sogahara-kun (vice president)! I’m heading to the scene with Haraguchi-kun just like this!”

 Amahara called out to Sogahara, who was commanding the squad.

 ”Got it! Be careful!”

 Amahara passed between the main building and Building C, coming out into the courtyard. In front of them was Building B of the school. The scene was in the eastern courtyard between Buildings A and B.

 To the left was a corridor connecting Buildings B and C. The corridor on the first floor had no walls, allowing a clear view to the eastern courtyard. On the second floor, a group of tough-looking male students were peering down at the courtyard through the windows. The sweet voices from beyond the school building echoed all the way here.

 Amahara led Ukita and Tsukuba, along with Haraguchi, from the covered walkway into Building B. There, they saw Togamine and the secretary Sugimoto Rikka arguing in front of the door to the courtyard.

 ”What are we going to do about this? You need to do something about it!”

 ”It’s impossible. We might just have to leave them be until everyone calms down.”

 ”Don’t be ridiculous! You need to take responsibility! If things continue like this, the Student Council’s reputation will be tarnished!”

 ”Oh, it seems like everyone is supporting us. It’s only a matter of time before the power balance between Demiurge and the Student Council shifts.”

 ”I don’t know about the female students, but half of the school consists of male students! If we keep making enemies, the goal of unifying the school will become more distant!”

 ”Enemies, you say? Haha… we’ll just crush them again. Doi and the others won’t dare to oppose us anymore.”

 ”Ohhh! This guy…!”

 Sugimoto scratched her head in frustration at the lack of understanding in the conversation.

 ”Hatsune! What on earth is going on here!”


 As Amahara rushed in, Togamine knelt down with a relaxed smile, followed by Togamine’s team members.

 ”Reporting! We have defeated Sojiro Doi of Demiurge who had gathered in front of the school gate! To reassure the students, we announced our achievements and carried out sanctions against their past atrocities. This led to students who were against Demiurge to sympathize with us and start their own sanctions!”

 ”You’re the one who incited this!”

 ”I only gave the oppressed female students under Demiurge a reason to rise up. It’s all their own doing, karma at work.”

 ”Amahara-senpai! If we keep this up, the Student Council will be distrusted by the male students! We need to calm things down quickly…!”

 ”Okay, I’ll listen to the details later! Sorry, but can Tsukuba-kun and Haraguchi-kun come too! Hatsune, stay here and watch our backs!”


 ”Got it!”


 Amahara led Shoko, Tsukuba, Haraguchi, and three boys and three girls into the courtyard.

* * *

 We watched the wild party from the balcony on the 3rd floor. To the south of the school building… no, now on the north side, there was a balcony running from end to end as an evacuation route, connecting to the emergency staircase.

 When the girls started rushing into the courtyard, the students in the classroom began to move around in a hurry. I thought something unexpected was happening, but most of them seemed to have just moved to the rooftop to get a better view. Thanks to that, the crowd eased a bit. On the second floor corridor, there were staff rooms and counseling rooms, and the east side had a small lobby with a wall facing the courtyard made entirely of glass. From here, you could see students from Class G to Class I gathering and crowding the second floor corridor above Building B on the west side. On the first floor, there were few people as the view was obstructed by shrubs planted in front of the corridor.

 Soon after, Asagiri-san and Watarase-san came to my classroom from the balcony to join me.


 Asagiri-san silently watched the chaotic scene unfolding below.

 ”A-Awawa… I-I can’t believe that…”

 Watarase-san was wandering around at the back of the classroom, seemingly not understanding what was going on in front. Blushing, Doi from Demiurge was intensely watching as the girls took turns teasing Peni-Pan.

 ”Oh, Tsuchimiya-senpai just went back to the classroom.”

 Asagiri-san murmured. She must have spotted Tsuchimiya-senpai in the crowd across the school building? As expected of Asagiri-san.

 After a while, a ponytailed girl with a Student Council armband entered the courtyard, trying to calm things down with big gestures and shouts. However, her voice was drowned out by the girls’ giggles and the crowd’s noise, and no one paid attention. Eventually, the girl gave up and approached Togamine-senpai, talking animatedly.

 It seems like Togamine-senpai is doing things on her own, but the impact of this demonstration will be huge.

 If some of the girls who are influenced by this commotion join the Student Council, it will be a big boost to their strength, and on the other hand, the members of Demiurge won’t be able to come to school for a while.

 They might act like nothing happened when they come to school, but they might be mentally broken beyond repair.

 What’s even more concerning is that this might completely change the atmosphere of the school. It’s probably all part of a plan. Togamine-senpai seems to be quite a strategist.

 ”Hey, Asuka-chan. That Togamine person…”

 Asagiri-san is giving a sharp look to Togamine-senpai as she enters the school building with her friends. It seems like Asagiri-san has some thoughts about Togamine-senpai.

 ”That underwear, I wonder if they sell it at the store yesterday? The impact is amazing. I was so distracted by the string panties that I missed it. If I don’t buy it for Tsuchimiya-senpai anytime, anywhere… No, I must buy it!”

 Yeah, it was as usual.

 ”I-I’ll buy it too! Men really love that kind of thing, right? I want Tsuchimiya-senpai to be very happy too!”

 Watarase-san seems to have completely let go after experiencing it for the first time. The girls around are sparkling, and some are even pleasuring themselves by putting their hands inside their skirts.

 Before we knew it, there were no male students in the classroom, apparently huddled on the rooftop. I suddenly became worried about Tsuchimiya-senpai’s safety, but if Maekawa-senpai and the others are together, it should be fine. If Maekawa-senpai and the others attack, it’s a shame, but let’s give up.

 If Tsuchimiya-senpai gets ambushed by girls who are in heat and it gets exposed, it’s interesting that there’s a hard mode system where Asagiri-san, who is burning with a sense of rivalry, would squeeze him to death in a follow-up attack.

 It was truly fortunate that we happened to discover the recovery spring by chance. Without it, even the Evold men would have run away barefoot from our formation, which had made a secret pact with Maekawa-senpai and the others.

 But with Tsuchimiya-senpai, there’s no need to worry! No matter what happens, Tsuchimiya-senpai remains calm once it’s past the critical moment without experiencing a mental breakdown. It’s truly reliable. It’s a shame that he’s not Evold, but that’s just part of who Tsuchimiya-senpai is. Let’s accept it as interesting.

 As I pondered over these thoughts, another group entered the courtyard from the corridor that Togamine-senpai and the others had just vacated.

 At the front, the tall woman caught everyone’s attention. That’s Amahara-senpai!

 In an instant, the commotion quieted down, her presence was captivating. Just her appearance alone changed the atmosphere.

 The excited voices of the girls engrossed in gossip gradually faded away.

 Amahara-senpai stood in the center of the courtyard, unmoving. Just that made all eyes turn towards her. A female student who was supposed to be completely turned away and swaying her hips suddenly stopped and turned around. She hurriedly sat up straight with proper posture.

 I remember when she stood on the stage during the school assembly, the restless students calmed down as if a spell was cast, but this was on a whole other level.

 After confirming the silence in the area, Amahara-senpai raised her voice.

 ”I am Amahara Karen, the Student Council President! I’m sorry, but I’ll be taking charge of this situation!”

 Even though she’s not pushy, there’s an undeniable sense of determination. Amahara-senpai cuts in, scanning the place slowly. No one dared to object.

 ”Alright, we’re gonna gather up the boys and conduct an interrogation! Everyone, fix your outfits and get back to the classroom!”

 The girls, completely deflated like they had been doused in cold water, looked down at their appearances and hastily put on the discarded uniforms.

 ”We appreciate everyone’s help! We, the Student Council, aim to create a peaceful school life where boys and girls who have evolved as Evolds join hands and walk together on equal footing! Our lives have changed, but let’s all work together to create an environment in the school where we can focus on the dungeon without any worries! We want to work with the School Management Committee to resolve poverty relief and focus on environmental improvements, but we need everyone’s cooperation and support for that! We are ready to accept anyone, regardless of gender, who agrees with our policies! Let’s walk together as fellow members of the school to overcome this difficult situation!”

 Applause began to ripple, turning into a loud wave of cheers.

 Did she unintentionally turn this into an election speech using the attention of this moment? While she haven’t completely dispelled the distrust, the atmosphere from earlier has been blown away. Quite impressive.

 Amahara-senpai, huh… The contrast between her blushing and shy appearance when carried by Tsuchimiya-senpai during the first dive and the completely seductive expression she had when being carried is amazing. Tsuchimiya-senpai, who was carrying her, didn’t notice, but Amahara-senpai had a completely seductive look on her face.

 Tsuchimiya-senpai is like a prince charming who appeared gallantly in a life-threatening situation, so it’s no wonder. Although it wasn’t a white horse, it was me that Tsuchimiya-senpai was straddling!

 Seeing that, Togamine-senpai got furious. This love triangle is really intriguing.

 Amahara-senpai expected to be contacted as soon as she heard that Tsuchimiya-senpai survived, but so far, there has been no news.

 Has the heat cooled down after calming down, or is she still clueless? Even though I think she’s the type who doesn’t mix personal and public matters, seeing Tsuchimiya-senpai’s skills firsthand at the Student Council meeting might lead to some kind of contact. The rush to form a party with Tsuchimiya-senpai as the leader was also in preparation for that, but let’s wait and see for a while.

 Once the commotion settled down, everyone moved away from the balcony, and Asagiri-san and Watarase-san returned to their own classrooms. The male students who were observing also returned to the classroom in groups.

 It’s already time for the first period to start, but after a while, the instructor from the School Management Committee finally arrived, and the lesson on the Player System began.

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