Beyond Abyss 65-2

Chapter 65 Wild Feast ♯

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[Part 2/2]

 The male student squirms in resistance as a female students grabs his arm without hesitation. The female student then starts touching the male student’s penis.

 ”Feels good, isn’t it? It’s getting bigger. Look, everyone is watching. Make it even bigger for them to see.”

 As the female student drools on the male student’s penis, a wet, squishy sound echoes.

 ”Ggh…! Stop it!”

 ”Haha! Are you getting turned on by being watched? Are you about to climax? Your penis is twitching, you pervert!”

 ”Let everyone see you climax.”

 When the female students removes the blindfold from the male student, there is a commotion among the students from Class E next to them.

 ”Isn’t that Shibata?”

 ”Do you know him?”

 ”He’s the leader of the group that barged into our classroom last week.”

 ”Oh, I see.”

 I asked, but I wasn’t interested.

 Shibata-kun looked up and noticed his classmate, but he began to resist vigorously. Then, a girl from behind twisted his arm and whispered something to him, causing him to quiet down. Meanwhile, Shibata-kun’s penis was being vigorously handled by another female student, making squelching sounds.

 ”Are you about to cum? Come on, let your friend see you cumming! Come on!”

 ”Ugh…! Please stop… I beg you! I’m… I’m gonna cum…!”

 ”Look, you’re cumming!”

 Gush! Spurtttt! Spurtttt!

 Shibata-kun convulsed as he ejaculated cloudy fluid.

 ”Hahaha! You came a lot! Since you’re Evold, you can keep going, right? I’ll squeeze it all out for you!”

 ”Eek! P-please stop! I’ll do anything!”

 ”Are you going to cry already? Getting beaten up by a girl, having your penis played with in front of your friends, and being made to cum, have you understood your position now? Come on, go ahead! In front of the whole school, go ahead and experience more defeat and cum! Come on! Come on!”

 ”Oh… this is bad… Ahh…!”

 While Shibata sheds tears and cums continuously, the female students show no mercy. The other five boys are in similar situations.

 Togamine, who was watching with a smile, stood up.

 ”It’s about time to begin.”

 ”Yes♪ I’m all set, Hatsune-senpai♪”

 As Togamine starts walking towards the center of the courtyard, Doi, who left behind, is dragged by two female students on either side following her.

 In the center of the courtyard, Doi is made to crawl on all fours again, and Togamine approaches Doi.

 ”Now, Doi-senpai. It’s time for you, the loser, to receive your due punishment. You always loved publicly raping girls, didn’t you?”

 When Togamine made her declaration, Doi flinched and trembled. Despite that, Doi’s reaction to having his anus and penis toyed with was dull. He struggled to stand on all fours, trembling and breathing heavily through his shoulders.

 Togamine confidently removed her skirt without hesitation. Black stockings hung on a garter belt wrapped around her long legs, with a large black dildo protruding from her crotch. It’s called a “strap-on.”

 ”Now, everyone! Watch closely what will happen to this man who has been raping women with violence!”

 Togamine bent her knees, grabbed Doi’s buttocks, pressed a thick dildo against his anus, and thrust it all the way in at once.

 ”Ah!? Uuuuhhh!! Uuuh! Hoo! Uuuh! Uuuh!!”

 Blindfolded and gagged with a ball gag, Doi shook his head and groaned.

 Togamine mercilessly thrust the dildo deep inside repeatedly.

 In the courtyard, there were sounds like groans similar to screams and the dry thuds of hips hitting each other. As Togamine convulsed heavily, semen was scattered on the grass from Doi’s erect penis.

 ”Hey, hey, what’s wrong! Is it the fierce Demiurge executive who makes even crying kids quiet? Can’t hold it in anymore, huh? Everyone’s watching!”

 Togamine grabbed Doi’s hair roughly, who seemed exhausted, and forced his face up by lying on the ground.

 ”Come on, let everyone see you more!”

 Two female students lifted Doi’s upper body by holding his arms and removed the blindfold.

 While still inserting a dildo into his anus, Togamine penetrated Doi from behind and helped him stand up.

 After confirming the situation, Doi shook his head as if refusing.

 ”We’re just getting started! Now, go ahead and cum! Come on!”

 Togamine grabbed Doi’s waist and resumed thrusting. Supported by two female students, Doi weakly shook his head to hold back the ejaculation, but when Togamine reached around from behind and handled his penis, he arched his back and ejaculated.

 Without stopping her waist and hands, Togamine continued to attack, causing Doi to cum again immediately while convulsing.

 ”Ahahaha! How pathetic! How does it feel to be raped by a junior girl in front of the whole school and cum? Does it feel good? Huh?

 ”Ugh! Uuuu! Fuuu! Uuuuuh!!”

 Doi weakly writhed, his body no longer having any strength. With relentless thrusts, he was made to cum again quickly while his penis was handled and a dildo was twisted deep inside.

 ”Togamine-san… that girl is quite experienced. She knows how to hit the right spots.”

 ”It was quick to find a good spot with good reactions. When the prostate and penis are stimulated like that, it’s unstoppable. It seems like they’re completely crushing it.

 Maekawa-san and Satou-san seem to be calmly starting their critique.

 ”Isn’t that going too far? The Student Council is scary.”

 ”Really? Didn’t he publicly rape a girl before? Quite a bold move.”

 ”That’s true. Togamine-san is strong, dignified, and admirable.”

 It seems like Doi was quite something too. Togamine seems to be popular with the girls.

 After pulling out the dildo, Togamine slowly removes the strap-on from between the legs and takes it off. Then, she inserted the dildo she held into Doi’s anus.

 Togamine then pulled Doi down to the ground and made him lie on his back. Doi was trembling and convulsing, barely able to breathe.

 Togamine then steps on Doi’s face.

 ”No matter how arrogant you act, this is reality! You don’t need to fear Demiurge! Physical strength! Fighting spirit! Us women are no longer inferior to men! In fact, women who are resilient to pain are more suited for battle! Rise up, women who are being exploited by men! You have the power! If we unite, we won’t lose even in numbers! With that determination, the Student Council will always welcome you! Let’s fight together with us!”

 As Togamine raised her voice with theatrical gestures, applause erupted from some and spread throughout the crowd. I noticed applause rising around me as well. The female students were sending enthusiastic applause.

 Togamine raised her hand in response to the applause and looked down on Doi, straddling his hips.

 ”Now, shall we finish this? This time, I’ll fuck you from both behind and in front.”

 Togamine grinned wickedly and, sitting down, placed a hand on her crotch and used two fingers to open her black panties. There was a large slit in the panties, exposing her vagina.

 With vacant eyes, Doi shook his head slightly, but as Togamine slowly lowered herself, she engulfed Doi’s penis with her vagina.

 As Togamine lowered herself completely, Doi arched his chin and spasmed.

 Furthermore, as Togamine played with Doi’s buttocks behind her, a motor-like sound echoed, and Doi writhed in discomfort.

 ”Ugh!! Ugh! Uuuuhh~!!”

 As Togamine vigorously moved her hips, wet sounds echoed, accompanied by Doi’s moans and the motor-like sound stirring his rectum.

 ”How’s that? Does my pussy feel good? It’s overflowing! Can’t stop cumming, huh? Come on, cum more! See! I’ll tighten more for you! There! It must be tough to keep cumming continuously, even with Evold, right? You’ve been defeated by a woman like me, and you’ve succumbed to my pussy!”

 Doi rolled his eyes and bounced his body uncontrollably.

 Even as Togamine pulled out his penis and stood up, semen continued to spurt from his erect penis.

 ”It’s too early for you to pass out. Look, wake up properly.”

 As Togamine took a step forward with a wide stance and straddled Doi’s face, a yellow liquid gushed from between her legs.

 ”Huh!? Ugh…! Cough!”

 The liquid splattered on Doi’s face with a splashing sound, causing him to cough as it also poured into his open mouth with the ball gag. Meanwhile, his spasms continued, and Doi’s penis kept ejaculating.

 ”Ahahaha! There’s so much cum coming out! Did you get excited being peed on? I wonder what kind of face you’ll come to school with tomorrow! If you wish for me to pee on you, I’ll do it anytime!”

 Doi stood there, his chin lifted in exhaustion. His spirit was completely broken, and he had given up all resistance.

 ”Now, let’s start the feast!”

 As Togamine raised her voice, the male students who had been treated in front of the school building were pulled to the ground, and the female students who had discarded their skirts began to straddle them and move their hips.

 Some of the remaining female students pulled male students from the kneeling group and began to rape them.

 ”There are still plenty of men left! Come on! Everyone, show these guys who’s in charge!”

 Togamine called out to the crowd.

 Then, one by one, female students from the third-year classroom on the first floor entered the courtyard and began to rape the male students from the kneeling group.

 The voices of a male student struggling with his hands tied behind his back and a girl’s shrill voice echoed, and when a third girl appeared in the courtyard, the atmosphere around me began to change among the girls.

 Furthermore, several people entered the courtyard and ran towards a group sitting in seiza, while multiple people, including those near me, descended the stairs with lively voices.

 Before I knew it, the courtyard had turned into a scene of one-sided humiliation, with multiple girls flocking around a male student. Perhaps due to Demiurge’s group having earned their resentment, they were being treated quite roughly.

 The total number of students already in the courtyard exceeded 50, and the number of girls continued to increase.

 The courtyard was filled with the shrill and laughter of the girls, the gasps and cries of the boys, and cheers for the girls and jeers for the boys from the female spectators.

 It was like a bizarre space resembling a Sabbath.

 The Togamine group had somehow handed over the males to the regular students and gathered in a slightly open area, watching the wild feast with satisfaction.

 ”I knew that Evold’s women have stronger sexual desires than men… but seeing it so blatantly like this really makes me retreat…”

 Akiyama grimaced as he looked down at the wild feast.

 ”There are quite a few girls who feel dissatisfied with the power dynamics as they were before… I think this might be going too far, but it seems like they hit the mark well.”

 Maekawa-san seemed calm, unaffected by the atmosphere.

 ”That Togamine guy really went all out to create this. Not just the applause, but the first few who responded to the call were probably planted. That was too quick.”

 Those kids who are actively heckling and cheering seem suspicious.

 ”Oh, you really get it, Tsuchimiya-kun. At least the first three are Sakura. They’re the reserve forces of Togamine-chan’s team.”

 I tried talking to Maekawa-san, but for some reason, Akiyama joined in. I wonder if this guy is quite well-informed?

 ”Still, she’s aiming for something… or rather, this must be her aim.”

 ”Yeah, that makes sense… It’s not just about Demiurge, but there’s this unpleasant vibe like she wants to crush men themselves. Togamine-chan seems to be particularly harsh towards guys…”

 While the girls around seem to be having fun, the boys look pale. The boys are sensitive to the fact that not only Demiurge has been targeted, but also themselves.

 Nevertheless, this is a declaration of war from the Student Council to Demiurge.

 Students who are willing to fight against Demiurge, mainly girls, will probably join or cooperate with the Student Council. This seems like a good development to me. The talk about carrying me like a portable shrine (mikoshi) will surely be blown away. Probably.

 ”I’m done. I’ve had enough.”

 It doesn’t seem like there will be any big changes from here on, and I’m getting tired of it.

 I left the window seat, which was still filled with excitement, and returned to the classroom.

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