Beyond Abyss 68

Chapter 68 Nishina-san’s Service #

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[Part 1/2]

 As soon as the second period physics class began, Maekawa-san and the others returned to the classroom.

 Few students took the general subjects seriously, carrying on noisily as if it were break time. The teachers for abolished subjects like English, Geography, and World History were nowhere to be seen in the school anymore. Where could they have gone?

 Maekawa-san and the other four didn’t seem intent on listening in class, as they gathered around my desk as usual.

 ”Welcome back. How did the contract go?”

 ”It went smoothly. I’ve already checked the room and moved our belongings in.”

 ”The location is in Building C, and I informed Higurashi-san and the others yesterday.”

 ”Is that so?”

 Now Maekawa-san and the others are like neighbors. It’s a relief that they seem to be getting along well with Himeno and the others.

 ”Of course, that room is awesome! Tonight, we’re having a welcome party for Valecchi and a celebration for yesterday’s dive, so make sure to invite Tsucchi and Himecchi too!”

 ”Oh, that sounds great. I think Himeno and the others will be happy.”

 I don’t have any plans for diving today because I have an appraisal of monster carcasses in the afternoon. I’ll send a message to everyone later.

 Nishina-san, who was sitting next to Satou-san with a chair, suddenly stood up and then sat on my lap, placing her hand on my shoulder.


 ”Huh? Nishina-san?”

 With a passionate look in her eyes, Nishina-san wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.


 Nishina-san’s tongue slipped between my lips and intertwined with mine. She kissed me repeatedly, taking her time to explore every corner of my mouth with her tongue, breathing softly. She seems much better than yesterday.

 ”Tomocchi, you’re completely in heat, huh?”

 Hano-san, who was sitting on my desk, casually looked down at us. Well, we are in the classroom, technically in the middle of a lesson.

 ”I’ve been practicing a lot since then… I wonder if I’ve gotten a little better, Tsuchimiya-kun.”

 ”Y-yeah… You’ve improved a lot.”

 I wonder if she learned this gentle touch from Maekawa-san. If she learned from any of the other three, she would probably improve quickly.

 As I pondered this, Nishina-san’s hand moved towards my crotch.


 When Nishina-san surprised me with her bold move, she unzipped my pants and smoothly took out my penis.

 ”Hey…! Wait, Nishina-san, sto…p!”

 Nishina-san’s lips covered my mouth, and she slowly stroked my penis with her small hand.

 ”Don’t make a loud noise. Everyone might hear.”

 Nishina-san whispered as she slightly parted her lips. Well, more like Maekawa-san and the others are totally watching us.

 ”I’ve practiced a lot too…”

 Nishina-san smiled mysteriously, then smoothly slid her small body under the desk while crouching between my legs. My chair was pulled forward, bringing me closer to the desk. The sound of the chair moving was loud, but luckily the classroom was noisy, and no students at the back turned their attention towards us.

 Without asking for permission, Nishina-san licked my penis from the base. Nishina-san then started licking my whole penis carefully.

 ”Ah… Nishina-san, th-this is… wait…”

 While Nishina-san licked all over my penis, she focused on the underside and the tip, occasionally sucking on the glans and intertwining her tongue skillfully. She’s clearly gotten really good at this.

 ”There are quite a few people doing similar things in secret, so as long as the class rep doesn’t find out, we’ll be fine.”

 Maekawa-san, facing me, said with a smile. Satou-san moved her chair closer to me, trying to shield me, but if someone takes a good look, it’s definitely going to be obvious.

 ”When we finish at noon, we’re going shopping before Appraisal──”

 ”Mwah, lick… Lick, lick, slurp…”

 ”Tsuchimiya-kun, are you listening?”

 ”Y-yes, kind of…”

 Everyone is talking to me as if nothing happened, but I can’t focus at all. They all seem to be enjoying this situation with smiles on their faces.

 ”Huh… ugh!”

 Nishina-san is moving the penis she’s holding in her hand in small motions, pressing the glans against the underside of her tongue. I couldn’t help but feel the urge to cum, so I lowered my head to hold back, when a sharp voice suddenly pierced my ears.

 ”Hey, what are you all doing! This is a classroom!”


 Surprised, I raised my head and saw Maekawa-san sneakily glancing towards the front row.

 ”Kasumin was making Kanaoka-kun (the one who was lvl 1) perform cunnilingus. Kasumin was moaning so loudly that the class rep found out. Oh, it seems she’s not stopping yet. She’s even using her legs to lock Kanaoka-kun’s head. The class rep is really angry.”

 Hano-san looks excited as she starts live commentary. The class rep always takes classes seriously. I can hear the class rep’s stern voice and a relaxed voice that seems to be Kasumin’s. Meanwhile, Nishina-san puts the glans in her mouth and starts moving her head back and forth rhythmically.

 ”Um, Nishina-san… that’s risky…”

 Her tightly squeezed lips move back and forth on the glans, and her tongue that was entwined around it starts probing the urethra.

 ”Tomoko. Tsuchimiya-kun is about to cum. We can’t spill semen in the classroom, so you have to swallow it all. Should I take over?”

 When Satou-san (the scout) mischievously speaks up, Nishina-san shakes her head vigorously while still sucking on the glans as if refusing. Wait… that’s dangerous because it seems like I’m about to cum.

 Nishina-san intensified her suction and began to engulf my penis. My penis glided along her swirling tongue and hit the back of her throat. Despite that, Nishina-san’s lips descended with a ‘glup glup’ sound, reaching the base inside the zipper. My entire penis was enveloped in warm and soft tissue, causing my body to tremble slightly as I struggled to hold back my ejaculation. As Nishina-san’s throat tightened, my innermost waist tingled and exploded.

 ”Kuu! …Uhh!”

 I trembled, lowered my face, pressed my mouth against my arm, and suppressed my voice.

 Inside Nishina-san’s mouth, my penis convulsed, releasing a large amount of semen with ‘spurt, spurt’ sounds. Nishina-san remained still with her face pressed against my crotch, but her tongue continued to contract and squeeze the glans at the back of her throat.

 Oh no! This feels way too good!

 Every time the glans were squeezed, I convulsed and couldn’t stop cumming.

 The semen that was released directly into the esophagus seemed to flow down into the stomach as it is.

 It felt like I cum a lot, maybe twice. Finally calming down, as Nishina-san slowly pulled her mouth away, various things caught on my glans, sending shivers through my body with each touch.

 As I relaxed and lay my head on the desk, Maekawa-san gently stroked my head, and Hano-san’s hips in front of me lifted slightly, causing her skirt to flip up. Her plump, brown buttocks were exposed and placed on the desk. Is Hano-san wearing a thong?

 Just when I thought Nishina-san’s cleaning fellatio would never end, she took it in again, and the sucking and stroking started once more.

 In the end, Nishina-san’s service fellatio continued until the end of class, occasionally receiving precise advice from Satou-san, and I ended up climaxing four times.

 When the school bell started ringing, Nishina-san, who had been clinging to my penis, vigorously shook her head while sucking on the glans, and my penis, which had been teased plenty at the brink of climax, reached its fifth ejaculation by the time the bell finished ringing.

 After finishing cleaning my penis, Nishina-san gently tucked it back into my pants, which had slightly softened, and zipped up.

 My body, thoroughly indulged for a long time, no longer had any strength, but the amount of ejaculation did not decrease until the end. The reason was probably the ‘Brave Warrior’ Title I obtained yesterday.

 Although the Warrior Title had been on standby mode within the school until now, the Brave Warrior Title had been set to active mode since morning to get used to the body ability +2 bonus. I might still not be able to compete with Evold in an endurance battle, but it seems effective enough for a short time. I should actively make use of it from now on.

 Nishina-san climbed up my body with a flushed face and sat on my lap. My body became sensitive to the breath on my neck and the fingers stroking my body, causing it to twitch in response, while the sensation of her small buttocks on my lap resonated in my groin. Nishina-san looked as lovely and charming as an angel. So this is what it means to be captivated!

 ”How was it, Tsuchimiya-kun?”

 ”Uh… It felt good, phew.”

 I’m totally worn out.

 ”Hehe, I’m glad. I’ll do this for you every day from now on.”


 Not ‘hey,’ but it’s a very charming offer. I’m worried my head might get messed up.

 ”I’ve cum many times too… I’ll go change my underwear.”

 Saying that, Nishina-san kissed my cheek, then stood up and left the classroom with Satou-san.

 ”Tomocchi looks so happy.”


 ”You have a puzzled look. Are you thinking, ‘Why me?’”

 Was it was written all over my face? Maekawa-san crossed her arms and rested her chin on the back of her hand, peering at me.

 Just being loved by Himeno and the others is more than enough for me, but I do have thoughts like, ‘Why me?’

 ”Normally, a girl’s first experience is mostly filled with negative memories like ‘it hurts.’ Making up for that includes things like becoming one with someone you love or receiving kindness, focusing on the mental aspect. So, if you have a bad experience during your first time, you might end up hating sex itself. In Evold’s case, the pain is only for a moment and quickly turns into pleasure, so once you get hooked, it seems hard to hold back for a while. Tsuchimiya-kun, even though you were also unsteady at level 1, you were kind to Tomo-chan when she went out of control. Because I felt like I was only showing Tomo-chan the ugly side of intimate relationships between men and women, I’m also grateful to Tsuchimiya-kun.”

 That’s just how it is? I thought I was going to die back then, but it’s not really something to get angry about, and I think it’s normal to care about a girl.

 ”Isn’t Tsucchi too modest about himself? I think you should have more confidence.”

 ”Is that so?”

 I don’t feel bad when they say that, but I’m just an ordinary person, so I’ll be careful not to get carried away. I don’t want to become like my old man.

 ”Is 2D17 here!”

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