Beyond Abyss 69

Chapter 69 Encounter On The Stairs

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 The sunlight pouring down was warm, and a gentle breeze blew through. The daytime temperature in this fantasy world was mild, not much different from when in Japan. The dry southern wind carried away the cold night air, making it more comfortable here due to the lack of rain.

 Looking down to the right from the rooftop of Building B, the special zone resembled like a slightly worn-out modern Japanese downtown area, surrounded by a deep forest that seemed to have been mysteriously transported from somewhere else.

 Building C in front housed special classrooms like the music room and science lab, along with an adjacent auditorium that was no longer used for classes. From here, it looked deserted, like an abandoned shell.

 Shitone Shizuka gripped the railing for fall prevention, staring into the empty space with vacant eyes.

 In the school, she doesn’t have many places where she feels like she belongs. Actually, it’s not just limited to the school. Even staying with roommates in the girls’ dormitory felt suffocating, and if possible, she didn’t want to go near her family’s house forever. Now that she’s cut ties with her family, she feels like her current situation is somewhat better. She gained special powers in this world and became freer than before, but that didn’t necessarily give her a sense of belonging. Instead, her uniqueness stands out more, and she feels more isolated. The only place she feels at ease is in a secluded spot where no one can see her, even if she cuts her arm without anyone noticing.

 This place is behind the rooftop entrance where it’s not easily visible, but a little further away, three male students were sitting on the ground, chatting happily in loud voices.

 ”Jinnai from Class F seems to have made it onto the casualty list.”

 ”Seriously? Wasn’t his party going pretty smoothly?”

 ”They went to the 2nd floor to aim for a treasure chest in the boss battle for the second time. While picking up a strengthening potion, the door closed, leaving only him outside. The remaining people desperately defeated the boss and when the door opened, it seemed like he was nowhere to be found.”

 ”What an idiot… like a lost puppy.”

 ”He was a good guy. Except for his brains…”

 Laughter erupted, and Shizuka suppressed her frustration as she tightly gripped the iron fence.

 In this world, human life is cheap. Most students have adapted to this fact. Laughter from the first-year girls’ classroom below filled the air with joy.

 The loud laughter made her angry, and Shizuka clenched her teeth tightly.

 Just before the first dive, Shizuka immersed herself in dark pleasure while watching the panicked and crying students as if it were someone else’s problem.

 It’s fine if everyone becomes unhappy.

 Just like her.

 However, the sense of desperation in the school lasted only for a brief moment.

 In a school assembly held the next morning with almost half of the students absent, everyone was thrilled by the powerful speech of Amahara Karen, the Student Council President. Some students who had stayed in the classroom even came out just to applaud.

 The day after half of the students evolved into Evolds, the atmosphere became lively again with laughter filling the air. The initial sense of omnipotence and excitement from becoming an Evold helped dispel negative anxieties.

 As a result, although there is more disorder and violence in the school than before, it is filled with energy. Even as someone else’s acquaintances die, only their few close friends stop by, while most people find joy in progressing through the dungeons.

 Shizuka bites her lip at the cheerful laughter of the girls who have bubbled up. Even though they live in the same school, the world they see is different from hers. She can’t laugh like that. They live in different worlds. Everyone, it would be nice if thet fell over here.

 Now, the bell rang for the end of class, but the boys didn’t move. Shizuka felt the urge to cut her arm again and decided to leave to find a quieter place.

* * *

 ”What’s this… Kondou-senpai’s… investigation report?”

 I stood there dumbfounded for a moment, then looked around and took out my phone to snap a picture of the document. Just to be safe, I quickly stashed the phone in my locker. Even though this is a secluded spot near the stairs, Lugia-san, who might have noticed I dropped something, could come back.

 My heart was pounding. Whether it’s top secret or not, I had no choice but to read through this document. All questions could wait.

 ’Progress report and speculation on Isaki.’

 Just reading that title made my heart race. I suppressed my excitement and started reading the document.

 ’SGH3B15 Kondou Isaki

 17 years old, 169 cm (5’54ft) tall, and weighing 55 kg (excerpt from April physical measurement data), he is a member of the literature club.’

 Oh! What a surprise, Kondou-senpai was in the literature club! I wonder if he was writing erotic novels. I definitely want to read them.

 ’According to interviews with the teachers, Kondou Isaki is serious, gentle, doesn’t stand out much, and there’s nothing particularly noteworthy about him.

 During the ceremony of acquiring gifts through the crystal of Regileus, initially, he seemed nervous like many other students.

 The gifts Kondou Isaki acquired were visually confirmed to be a sword-like gem, a green fang-shaped gem, and a bronze mirror. Although the Appraisal official was present, none of them could be appraised. However, the Appraisal official and other high-level individuals sensed a tremendous divine aura centered around Kondou Isaki and a dazzling white light. Witnesses unanimously testified that all three items are undoubtedly sacred artifacts.

 In other countries, only about one out of four or five schools can receive a sacred artifact even when looking at foreign materials. It is extremely rare for someone to acquire multiple sacred artifacts as gifts at the same time, making it a very unique case.

 From that moment on, Kondou Isaki’s attitude changed to a calm and composed atmosphere. It seems that this temporary personality suppression effect was due to the sudden increase in recognition ability, possibly pushed to a higher level of existence by the sacred artifact. Despite this, Kondou Isaki responded to the staff’s inquiries rationally, indicating that he had already adapted to this state.

 An emergency meeting was held, including the Commander-in-Chief, to discuss whether Kondou Isaki should be isolated and protected. However, it was concluded that it would go against the “player regulations,” so it was decided to observe the situation without interference in accordance with the regulations.

 As a result, Kondou Isaki never returned from his first dive into the dungeon. During subsequent investigations, items belonging to Kondou Isaki, such as his student ID and damaged clothing, were found in the dungeon. It is presumed that he has died.

 Three sacred artifacts are also missing, either disappearing along with Kondou Isaki’s death or possibly being taken by someone.

 Since there were no testimonies of anyone seeing Kondou Isaki in the dungeon, the circumstances leading to their death remain unknown. Also, due to the difficulty of directly questioning students based on player regulations, it is challenging to claim that a thorough investigation has been conducted. Despite using passive methods, investigations are still ongoing.’

 Wow, Kondou-senpai, you managed to get three sacred artifacts through gifts? These are the three sacred artifacts (treasures) from Japanese mythology, right? The sword, magatama, and mirror, right? Kondou-senpai is truly amazing. Tina said gifts enhance a player’s talent, but this is more like something a god or hero would have, isn’t it?

 There’s still more to the document.

 ’Eight days after the first dive, an incident occurred where students from Sekitoba High School, managed by the Fórgedína Empire, attacked students from Seito Academy inside a dungeon. The details will be skiped, but during the attack, the assailants hinted that they were members under ‘Zeus.’ The attack was planned, with the aim to assassinate our excellent students, raising strong suspicions of ‘Zeus’ involvement in the death of Kondou Isaki.

 In a high school setting, ‘Zeus’ is one of the clans involved in summoning a group of people from another world using the ‘Player System’. It’s reported that the high school has collapsed due to an internal conflict. The standout members of ‘Zeus’ under the ‘Player System’ have been summoned for almost five years now and are estimated to be at a Master level or higher.

 If high-level players still have means to independently come to this unexplored area, there might be a traitor who leaked the Magic Circle log before the first dive attack after the summoning. It’s natural to assume the presence of a traitor. To prevent future harm, efforts should be focused on secretly identifying and rooting out the traitor.’

 So, those are the ones who killed Kondou-senpai…? Come to think of it, at that time, when I made the Kondou Spear and returned to Kondou-senpai’s place, Tina mentioned sensing an abnormal presence. Kondou-senpai seemed like he had escaped from somewhere, so maybe it was the presence of those Zeus guys who were chasing after him.

 Thinking about how I met Kondou-senpai, it makes me feel conflicted, but I can’t just forgive them.

 Even though I can’t do anything right now, as Kondou-senpai’s kouhai, I must take revenge someday.

 And there might be a traitor within the School Management Committee. They’re probably a staff member of the Teleportation Facility, leaking the Teleportation Magic Circle logs.

 Earlier, Lugia-san mentioned that the personnel had increased this week; could it be to send spies into the Teleportation Facility? Lugia-san seems to be struggling as well.

 I can’t meddle in this as an outsider, but that informant is indirectly also the culprit who killed Kondou-senpai. It’s bothering me…

 ”You’re making quite a scary face.”


 My heart jumped as their face suddenly peered in.


 ”What a coincidence, meeting you here.”

 ”Could you stop sneaking up on me like that? It’s bad for my heart.”

 Even though my senses should be quite sharp, I can’t sense this person and Himeno at all.

 ”I like seeing cute kids surprised. And Tsuchimiya-kun, you’d run away if you noticed me, right?”

 Shitone-senpai wraps her arm around my shoulder, leaning in with a smile. Her sweet breath spreads like poison from my nostrils to my whole body, pressing against my chest, the soft sensation threatening to overwhelm my thoughts.

 ”It depends on the situation, but I won’t run away from a normal conversation.”

 I maintain a calm attitude and continue the conversation. She wears large round glasses and has her long hair divided into two braids. She is about the same height as me, with a plump, feminine figure that appeals to men. Despite her serious appearance, she exudes sensuality, and just being touched by her seems to heighten one’s senses due to some mysterious skill.

 As the school bell begins to ring, Shitone-senpai grips my left shoulder with her left hand and shows no sign of letting go. It would be futile to struggle here. It’s better to stay calm and keep talking.

 ”Oh? Is that so? I thought you’d be more scared. By the way, what were you looking at with such a serious expression?”

 Shitone-senpai glances at the document in my hand, so I quickly move it out of her sight.

 ”That’s a confidential document from the School Management Committee that I found there. It’s about a possible traitor or something like that. If you don’t want to get involved in trouble, it’s better not to look at it.”

 ”Hmm~. What will Tsuchimiya-kun do about that?”

 ”I know the owner of the item and we have a meeting scheduled for the afternoon, so I’ll return it then.”

 ”I see… I was thinking of kidnapping you as is, but if you have a prior commitment with the School Management Committee, I guess I can’t help it. It seems troublesome, so I’ll let it slide today.”

 Phew… That was a close call. It’s important to handle everything calmly after all.

 ”But… Tsuchimiya-kun, you just eja**ated, right? You smell delicious. I feel like taking a little taste.”

 Shitone-senpai approaches me with a gentle smile and pushes me against the wall. Just the sensation of her soft body rubbing against mine makes me let out a moan.

 ”I-I don’t want to be left completely exhausted like the other day.”

 ”Oh, you can still say that? Hehe, you can’t forget my kiss, can you?”

 Shitone-senpai slowly licked her lips as if showing off.

 ”Well, that was my first kiss…”


 Shitone-senpai widened hwe eyes in surprise.

 ”W-was that so? Surely, you’re not still a virgin, right?”

 ”W-well, I did get a girlfriend after that…”

 ”What a shame… If I had known, I wouldn’t have let you go…!”

 Shitone-senpai bit her lip in frustration. In that state, I would have been taken home without resistance and turned into a wreck.

 ”A-anyway, it’s the end of break time, so let’s call it a day for today.”

 As I tried to move away, Shitone-senpai placed her hands on the wall, blocking my path.

 At that moment, the door to the rooftop opened, and several male students started to come in one after another.

 Startled, I turned my gaze towards Shitone-senpai, who placed a hand on my chin and pressed her lips against mine without asking for permission. Rather than just touching lips, she completely covered my lips and sucked on them. As her tongue sensually explored the underside of my lips and gums, a shivery sensation ran through my entire body, making me lose my strength.

 Unconsciously trying to push back, my right hand on Shitone-senpai’s shoulder was grabbed, and my wrist was pressed against the wall.

 ”He’s getting wall-slammed.”

 ”Girls are more aggressive, huh? They skip the pick-up lines and just attack out of the blue. Clearly, there are more girls doing this.”

 ”When there are more of them than us, it’s hard to approach. I’ve heard stories of a man being taken to a group and g*ngb**ged.”

 ”Even though we’re also feeling the desire, we have to be cautious. With a success rate of over 80% in picking up, we don’t have trouble finding partners, but…”

 Three male students seem uninterested in getting involved with us, passing by us with a sidelong glance.

 During that time, Shitone-senpai’s tongue slipped in, sending a thrilling sensation like electric shocks from my groin to my spine, making my body jump. As I felt like I was about to collapse, I was embraced around the neck and waist, and the soft sensation of the body made me unable to think of anything else.

 Every time Shitone-senpai’s slippery tongue rubbed against the inside of my mouth, my body convulsed. Just as I was about to climax from having my p**is pressed against her thighs, her lips were slowly pulled away.

 ”Hehe… My side feels much better than your girlfriend, right? Want to continue?”

 Shitone-senpai whispered gently with an angelic smile. I felt like I wanted to entrust myself to Shitone-senpai like this. I didn’t want to let go. Before I knew it, my hand was wrapped around Shitone-senpai’s back. However, Himeno’s face came to mind, and I desperately shook my head.

 ”It’s not easy to fall for it after all, huh? This is the first time for me. Hehe… Let’s stop here for today. But if you want to continue, you can anytime. Just imagine… what if my tongue licked your whole body… hehehe.”

 Shitone-senpai narrowed her eyes with a look of enjoyment, slowly moved away from me, and I, losing support, knelt on both knees right there.

 ”Well then, Tsuchimiya-kun. I’ll play with you again.”

 Shitone-senpai turned her back to me, looking pleased, and headed towards the stairs. I tightly held back the urge to reach out towards her back. This feeling is an abnormal state caused by a skill. After Shitone-senpai disappeared from view, I took out my smartphone from the storage room to check my status. Under my name, the red text ‘charmed’ was flashing.

 Last time, ‘In Estrus’ was also there, but this time, did I resist successfully or did she go easy on me? Somehow, I feel it’s the latter.

 A water bag appeared in front of me, and I caught it with both arms. I untied the mouthpiece and took a sip.

 The smile of Shitone-senpai that had occupied my mind disappeared as if a fog had lifted. Still, my p**is remained stiff and er*ct from the lingering pleasure, and I couldn’t move, sitting down with no strength in my body.

 Imagining Shitone-senpai’s voice echoing in my head, my p**is, pushed to the brink of eja***ion, trembled.

 It was dangerous; just from that sensation earlier, I felt like I could release at any moment. If I were to cross this line on my own accord, I might end up only thinking about Shitone-senpai. It’s a straight path to becoming a wreck. I hurriedly tried to distract myself with Nishina-san’s fellatio, but even that was tough. I need to divert my attention with something else.

 Leaning against the wall, I noticed something had fallen at my feet.

 ”What’s this?”

 When I picked it up, it was a worn-out red hair tie for holding hair in place. It had a plastic charm with a black cat character printed on it.

 ”Is this Shitone-senpai’s… I wonder?”

 It seemed quite childish for Shitone-senpai, but considering the situation, it seemed plausible.

 I quickly stuffed it into my pocket as I sensed someone coming up the stairs.

 ”Hey. You look exhausted, Tsuchimiya.”


 Akiyama, with one hand in his pocket, leaned against the wall and looked down at me sitting on the floor with a wry smile.

 ”Why are you here?”

 ”Being alone with that blonde pretty lady from the teleportation facility, it caught my attention.”

 Was he following me? I really can’t let my guard down around this guy.

 ”That lady always looks scary, but is she actually nice? You seemed quite friendly with her. How did you get close to her?”

 It seems like he overheard our conversation. I really can’t afford to be careless.

 ”When I came back from my first dive, I was interrogated. She was nice.”

 ”Oh, so you’re giving out cup noodles as treats. I might give it a try too. It’s good to make a good impression on the staff… Hmm.”

 Akiyama sits down next to me as we talk. Well, chatting with the guys seems to help distract me for now.

 ”The one earlier was Shitone-senpai from the third year, right? Are you close with that person?”

 ”Who knows? We just happened to run into each other, and it seems like she got interested in me.”

 He must be aware of the situation earlier, of course.

 ”That person is a veteran of the Kibakura group, but she wouldn’t send an assassin after you, right?”


 ”Togamine-chan just publicly humiliate the third-year students, Doi and his gang, right? It seems like they were about to attack our classroom when Togamine-chan ambushed them and captured them. Doi’s target was us, the ones who defeated Shibata’s group. Both you and I are wanted by Demiurge, so we need to be careful.”

 ”Why am I involved in this?”

 ”Well, you were the one who took the lead. Everyone in Class E knows about it.”

 That little guy probably shouted my name!

 ”I only met Shitone-senpai a week ago, so if she wanted, she could have taken me away then.”

 ”I see. But it’s the first time I’ve heard of someone willingly picking a fight with others.”

 I guess Shitone-senpai became interested in me after hearing about me from Iwakura.

 ”By the way, where does Shitone-senpai stand in Demiurge?”

 Demiurge seems to have a bad image when it comes to how they treats women, but Shitone-senpai seem to move around quite freely, and being a long-time member, does that mean she’s one of the executives?

 ”Don’t you know? Well, you transferred here towards the end of middle school. Anyway, that senior, back in middle school, she was subjected to terrible bullying, and she used to come to school with a nearly shaved head. By the time she entered high school, she probably approached the Kibakura group herself. The surface-level bullying stopped, but since then, she’s been rumored to be a s*x sl*ve for the Kibakura group.”


 ”But, it seems like her treatment changed after coming to this world.”

 ”Her treatment changed?”

 ”In the past, it seems like she was being g*ng-r**ed by the executives every day, but now it seems like no one dares to lay a hand on her. She freely comes and goes to places only accessible to executives, but she is not reprimanded as if touching a sore spot. I heard this from an acquaintance at the bottom of the hierarchy, who warned me sternly not to get involved with her because they might be killed by Kibakura.”

 Has she become more useful after acquiring a powerful gift in this world? No, it feels more like being feared. If it’s about gifts, it seems related to that debuff. I don’t know the internal affairs of Demiurge, but it seems like Shitone-senpai has been treated quite unfairly…

 ”She’s undeniably attractive to anyone, but everyone knows she belongs to ‘Demiurge’, so no one dares to approach her. If you’re getting too close to Shitone-senpai without Demiurge’s permission, that alone becomes a reason to be targeted.”

 ”Wow, you’re really nice. Why are you telling me that?”

 ”Huh? Weren’t we friends?”

 ”Huh, really?”

 ”Hey, that’s terrible! We fought together against Shibata’s group the other day! If we fought together, we’re already allies! Friends, right? Don’t you read Jump manga?”

 I don’t remember fighting together, I just got rid of the trash in front of me.

 ”You’re not that innocent, are you? I’d feel more comfortable if you asked for something in return.”

 ”Haha, you’re cautious. There are people in the class influenced by Demiurge, so that might be just right. If you get taken down, the target will shift to me, which is inconvenient.”

 I had a feeling, but this guy is trying to make me the mastermind to spread out the retaliation.

 ”Don’t make that face. It’s a fact that we’re accomplices. Since we’re in this together, if you carry the mikoshi (portable Shinto shrine), your name value is higher than mine, making it easier for others to join in and further dispersing the target.”

 ”Do I really have name value?”

 ”Of course you do, as the ‘Cop Killer.’ It’s known to be in bad taste by some, but the majority of students have heard of it. You were even called the ‘Sleeping Tiger’ in our class. It’s just a joke though.”

 ”I really was just sleeping. But even if we temporarily disperse the target, we’ll end up being picked off one by one. It won’t just buy us time. In the end, they’ll go for the root cause.”

 ”We know those who resist. That’s why they should be calling for cooperation in our classroom. In fact, I’ve already heard through some acquaintances that such discussions have come to me. By gathering them together, we’ll become a major force that they can’t easily touch.”

 ”Hey, wait a minute! That’s how I’m going to become the leader!? Are you kidding me! You should be the one doing that! Actually, if we just storm into Kibakura and take them down, everything will be solved, right?

 What Higurashi mentioned before is starting to feel real. I really hope for a break. I’m not interested in dealing with the day-to-day management of the organization. I just want to act for my own sake and spend my days peacefully sleeping in the classroom.

 ”Well, if you can do that, then it won’t be a hassle. But seriously, you lack ambition. It’s disappointing to see you content with being second in command and figuring out how to benefit from it.”

 ”You can be the leader from now on, I’ll leave all the troublesome stuff to you. I don’t want to be involved with organizations or anything like that.”

 ”Well, it’s not like you can do that now. For the time being, I’ll handle things like alliances and cooperation. I won’t betray someone who talks about taking down Kibakura by saying ‘It’ll be over once we take his head,’ so don’t worry about that. It’s just a weak route where the protagonist gets expelled and gets what they deserve.”

 Actually, I wouldn’t mind being expelled.

 ”For now, stop with the ‘Cops Killer.’ It’s better to stay as the ‘sleeping tiger.’ I’ll discuss the details with my party members, so we’ll talk about that later.”

 This is a case that’s beyond me. I have to rely on Higurashi.

 ”Got it. Have you decided on a party name?”

 ”Yeah, it’s ‘The Last Surviver.’”

 ”Oh, that’s cool. ‘The Last Surviver,’ huh? That’ll be your title from now on. It’s a great name for the organization’s banner.”

 ”I don’t want my name to be mentioned too much. I don’t want to stand out.”

 ”So, it’s underground operations until the big uprising. Not a bad idea.”

 Akiyama smirked with a mischievous look on his face. How can I not let him push everything onto me? I wish only ambitious people would do this kind of thing.

 But talking about unsexy stuff made the excitement go away. I could feel the tension leaving my body, and I could stand up.

 ”I’ll just go back to the classroom and sleep.”

 ”Yeah, you’re so carefree. Well, I’ll be counting on you from now on, Tsuchimiya-kun.”


 I returned to the classroom with Akiyama, who had a frivolous smile on his face.

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