Beyond Abyss 7

Chapter 7 Tsuchimiya Vs Asagiri

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 In the middle of a bleak room surrounded by stone walls, I’m facing Asagiri.

 Asagiri keeps a distance of three meters, wielding the Hobgoblin spear, while I hold the wooden stick that Asagiri used to use.



 After exchanging bows, we slowly take our stances.

 Asagiri, who seemed somewhat uneasy, lifts her head and her expression has already changed. Her ability to switch and adapt so quickly is beyond imagination.

 Asagiri takes small steps forward, then immediately retreats, repeating this pattern to unsettle me.

 Her sharp movements seem to be honed from basketball, as if she’s probing for an opening.

 Perhaps I should make the first move. I also want to try out the sensation of using my skills.


 While recalling that movement, I realized that the switch had clicked.

 Voice activation was merely a means to ensure a precise trigger. Tina had mentioned that with practice, it could be activated just by thinking, and it seems to be working fine.

 Asagiri smoothly delivers a thrust at the opportune moment. But then, Asagiri’s eyes widen as she’s caught off guard because I deliver a thrust, but her body is already flying backward. These precise movements seem to be to respond to instant actions.

 Though Asagiri may think she has created distance, I swiftly step forward and unleash a second thrust.

 However, Asagiri, anticipating this, pulls back her spear and leaps further backward.

 She figured out it wasn’t just a single thrust from the first moment they saw it�it was a Double Thrust!

 But my body continues to advance, delivering a third thrust.

 This is beyond my expectations. This technique follows the enemy’s retreat and continues thrusting until it hits!

 I pulled the trigger and my spear flew towards Asagiri’s unprotected upper body.

 Oh, I thought it would hit, so I relaxed and stopped the stick in front of her left shoulder. Alright, the automatic control is working fine, no issues with canceling either.

 And we both stop moving.

 By the third round, I can feel the strain on my body. With full automation, it doesn’t matter how much physical strength I have. I really need to do some muscle training.

 Also, Asagiri’s movements and reaction level are even higher than I imagined. If it weren’t for the third round, she would have prepared a counterattack right after the second round ended. She’s a terrifying opponent!

 Asagiri clenched her lips tightly and swung her spear to knock my stick away.

 Clang! A dry sound resonated as Asagiri took her stance.

 ”One more round please!”

 Oh…she’s completely fired up now. Her gaze is even scarier than before.

 She’s more competitive than I thought…no, as the captain leading the team to the national tournament, it’s only natural.

 I step back and take my stance. Alright, let’s start over.

 ”Come on!”

 As soon as I shouted, Asagiri came charging in, zigzagging and weaving with quick feints.

 Fast! This is bad! I can’t keep up with her movements! What kind of movement is this!?

 In the midst of all this, I managed to twist my body and narrowly deflect her thrust with my reflexes alone.

 It feels like getting outmaneuvered in basketball, with no chance to counter her moves!

 I quickly turned around, and Asagiri swiftly turned and came charging straight at me. Her skirt flared up in that moment, but I can’t afford to be distracted by that!

 Her movement is similar to a straight punch, but she’s not using any special skills. Is she trying to make me hers?

 I put all my strength into deflecting her strike, but Asagiri forcefully crashes into me from the shoulder, not losing any momentum.

 My arm barely managed to wedge in, creaking under the pressure, and I realize it’s impossible to withstand her power.

 It’s like being crushed by a shoulder charge with a reversed power. No mercy, huh?

 If I continued like this, I would be blown away, so I kicked the floor and lifted myself up. Using Asagiri’s power, I quickly fly backwards. While landing, I point the tip (let’s assume it’s a stick) towards Asagiri to keep her on guard.

 I move my feet quickly and jump around, trying to stabilize my balance and slow down the momentum, but I can feel my body wobbling. Darn it, I need to work out right now!

 Asagiri, watching me closely while staying on guard, doesn’t rush in when I manage to regain my balance. Instead, she closes the distance with small steps.

 Asagiri keeps stepping side to side in front of me, mixing in feint moves with sharp attacks.

 I barely manage to defend against them, but I can’t keep up with her fast moves. Darn it, I feel so pathetic!

 Is she even human with these moves?

 I want to throw her off with a feint, but I can’t keep up with her at the moment. It feels like I’ll end up being easily defeated, just like a goblin lured in by a feint.

 I give up trying to follow Asagiri’s movements and instead focus my gaze on one point in front of me. I ignore all the feints and attacks coming at me from my peripheral vision and only defend against the ones that actually come at me.

 Asagiri prioritizes speed and the number of attacks, not forcing them on me. It feels like she’s checking how well I can react to each one. The moment my reaction is even slightly delayed, she instantly increase her rotation and launch a relentless attack. She’s aggressive but cautious, carefully observing me and boldly attacking when the opportunity arises. She must be a great tactician.

 I thought to myself, “If I keep this up, I’ll be at a disadvantage!” But I’m getting used to defending myself in my peripheral vision. I’m starting to have the leeway to read the irregular rhythm of her attacks.

 Just as I was thinking of making a move…

 ”Straight Slash!”

 A skill is coming! I react with a start at Asagiri’s voice. Damn it, it’s a feint! Furthermore, Asagiri stops her movement and looks straight into my eyes, causing my reaction to be delayed.

 A low-altitude sweep that avoids my field of vision was closing in on my shin.

 I can’t dodge this!

 I quickly slammed the spear tip beside my foot.

 Instantly, there was a heavy impact, like a loud thud! If it was just the strength of my arm, I might have been knocked away instead of hitting the floor.

 Huff… I managed to endure it somehow!

 Without a moment of relief, I saw Asagiri approaching me, spinning a spear in both hands, exposing her back to me in a move like a back suplex.

 My whole body shivered, and instinctively, I shifted my body to the side and squatted down.

 Boom! A heavy sound cut through the air, grazing my hair as it passed by.

 A two-stage sweep?

 Or rather, she’s not planning on holding back, is she? Is she trying to kill me?

 Without thinking, I jumped back to create some distance.

 ”Straight Thrust!”

 Asagiri’s voice echoed.

 In the air with no escape, Asagiri’s well-defined face quickly approached.

 This is bad, this is bad, this is bad!!

 The tip of the spear flew towards my heart like a bullet.

 I thought I was done for! At the same time, I yelled, “Here!”

 Driven by my voice, I twisted my body and lifted my left hand, holding the stick, to deflect the trajectory of the stone spike. I made contact with Asagiri, who was flying towards me, but I flowed with her momentum through the rotation of my body. For a brief moment, our eyes met, and Asagiri had a look of surprise. And at the moment of landing, my stick lightly tapped Asagiri’s inner thigh.

 Phoenix Temple Spear Technique – Secret Spiral Whirlwind.

 I managed to make a decision at the last moment.

 I won, right?

 It was too close for comfort, and I still can’t believe it’s real. I cautiously looked back, and Asagiri was standing there, facing away and staring at the ceiling.

 Don’t say ‘one more round!’ I silently took a deep breath and looked at Asagiri, who wasn’t moving.

 ”Senpai… I, I lost.”

 Asagiri mumbled in a dazed voice.

 ”…Yeah, you did.”

 My body and mind are exhausted. I thought it would be a warm-up, but it felt like a boss battle.

 ”Senpai, you’re amazing after all.”

 Asagiri said with a tired, yet relieved smile as she turned around.

 ”I was feeling off since the warm-up. Just a little movement made me realize that I’m completely different from before. Now I can easily make a dunk shot and even win the national championship. I felt invincible, like a superhero. When I heard that you were at level 1 and faced you, I thought, ‘Oh, I’m going to win. There’s no way I can lose.’ I even thought about whether it would be better to lose on purpose. But then I lost the first round so easily, and it made me really angry. Maybe at myself, maybe at you… probably both. Because I couldn’t do much, I was thinking that I just let my guard down, and that I couldn’t possibly lose if I tried my best.”

 Asagiri paused, with a self-deprecating, somewhat sad smile.

 I wonder if it was Asagiri’s way of confessing.

 ”So I asked for a rematch, and this time I gave it my all from the start. But I still couldn’t even come close to beating senpai.”

 ”That’s not true. I broke into a cold sweat many times. I think you did pretty well, considering.”

 ”Hehe… You’re really kind, senpai. Even though I clearly have more power and speed, you effortlessly dodge everything… It’s like a divine skill. In the end, you decided it all with just one strike.”

 So that’s how it seemed to Asagiri… I really didn’t have any room for composure.

 ”So, thank you for taking on my full strength and seriousness. If it had stayed the same, I might have misunderstood and gone crazy. You defeated me flawlessly, leaving no room for excuses. Thank you so much.”

 Asagiri bowed deeply when she said that.

 ”I should be the one thanking you. It was a good game.”

 I also bowed in return.

 It’s all about starting and ending with courtesy.

 I finally started to feel like I won. It wasn’t an exhilarating feeling, but more of a quiet relief.

 But man, it was intense. I definitely can’t make Asagiri mad, no way.

 Well, it seems like I managed to protect the dignity of a senpai after all.

 ”That was fun. Let’s do it again sometime.”

 Saying that, I reached out my hand, and Asagiri happily clasped my hand with both of her.

 There was the usual refreshing smile on Asagiri’s face.

 ”Yes! Please take care of me! Next time, I’ll be even stronger!”

 Seriously? When I get home, I’ll have to do some weight training.

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