Beyond Abyss 73

Chapter 73 Reunion With Amahara-Senpai

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 As I entered the Student Council building supporting Amahara-senpai, we were led by Secretary Tsukuba to the 2nd floor’s document room.

 The officers set up pipe chairs in front of simple folding desks, and I carefully helped Amahara-senpai to sit down. Just as I was about to move away, a 3rd-year female student with an armband on her arm placed a pipe chair under my waist.

 ”Please have a seat~♪”

 ”Uh, sure?”

 Somewhat forcefully made to sit down, the female student grabbed the backrest and brought me closer to the desk and Amahara-senpai. My shoulder touched Amahara-senpai’s shoulder.

 Isn’t this a bit too close?

 As I tried to adjust my position by lifting my hips, the female student placed her hands on my shoulders as if to prevent me from moving.

 ”I’ll bring you some tea now~♪”

 ”Uh, sure”

 The female student stood at the entrance, giving instructions to some people, including Secretary Tsukuba, who seemed to be officers, and started whispering among themselves.

 The officers glanced over at me from time to time, unlike Togamine, they seemed to have a favorable attitude towards me, a nobody. Well, I guess that means I ended up saving the Student Council crisis after all.

 Thinking about it calmly, the situation earlier wasn’t good. If I bite back at Kibakura while everyone is focused on Kibakura, I’ll end up drawing attention to myself. I should have just run away after taking Amahara-senpai. How did things end up like this?

 I thought about contacting Higurashi… but she probably already know.

 ”T-Tsuchimiya-kun… you seem to be doing well. What’re you up to until now?”

 Amahara-senpai approached me. It seems like her voice is trembling a bit, probably still not fully recovered from the shock earlier. The fact that all the people involved in the meeting room indicates that Amahara-senpai still has a tough road ahead. It might be a good idea to relax the tension now.

 ”I’m doing well. I’ve made friends and formed a party now.”

* * *

 ”Tsukuba-kun, you nailed it!”

 The treasurer Ukita Shoko happily patted Secretary Tsukuba’s shoulder. Secretary Sugimoto Rikka then popped her head out from the entrance.

 ”Sogahara-senpai has Kijima-senpai by his side. However, the treatment room is crowded, so it might take a while. But hey, is that Tsuchimiya Takeru over there? Wow, isn’t Amahara-senpai acting all lovey-dovey! It’s the first time I’ve seen such a gentle expression of her since coming here.”

 ”By the way, I can’t believe you brought the real person here… Wasn’t he supposed to be dead?”

 Secretary Inami Hitomi sneaks a peek at Amahara and Tsuchimiya’s situation.

 ”It seems that even after a week has passed since the first dive, he miraculously returned, and the staff are calling him the ‘Last Surviver.’”

 Secretary Tsukuba responds to Treasurer Inami Hitomi’s question.

 ”A whole week!? That’s… unbelievable.”

 ”He’s exceptional. If we team up with Sogahara-kun, we can stand against Kibakura… at least if our supporters believe that, we might just barely manage to get through this situation.”

 Ukita (a classmate of Amahara) eyes sparkled.

 Currently, the Student Council is in a tough spot. The Vice President Sogahara, who is the strongest force of the Student Council and one of the strongest in the school, suffered a major defeat against Kibakura in the ultimate showdown. Even during the time when it seemed advantageous, Kibakura was fighting bare-handed. Yanagi the Kendo Club’s Captain and Togamine, who follow as the Student Council’s number two and three, were completely outmatched.

 If Kibakura gets serious, he can crush the Student Council anytime. Every student who witnessed today’s battle probably thought so. Planning how to deal with Kibakura will be necessary from now on, but it’s difficult to come up with a convincing strategy for supporters right away.

 If Demiurge were to take control of the school’s dominance, being a supporter of the Student Council would become a major risk. Even the neutral forces who were leaning towards the Student Council emotionally will likely turn their backs on them, and it’s inevitable that some current supporters will drift away. There will be very few who would choose to go down with the Student Council.

 However, Tsuchimiya Takeru made a big impact in this battle. He didn’t hesitate or back down against Kibakura, and just before Kibakura could defeat the Student Council, he chose to retreat without fighting.

 If Tsuchimiya had fought and lost against Kibakura, no matter how well he fought, his impression would have been weak. But because he is an unknown factor, that can turn into hope and expectation. Additionally, the title ‘Last Survivor’ gives a special feeling.

 If the Student Council can establish Tsuchimiya Takeru as a hidden gem of the Student Council, it should prevent supporters from leaving.

 ”And if he gets together with Karen, it’s killing two birds with one stone!”

 ”Well, that’s the only option, right? But seriously, why was that guy hiding his face until now? Let’s just ignore the height difference for now. Amahara-senpai is just too tall, but Tsuchimiya-kun isn’t really short either.”

 ”Right now, small boys are popular. Most of them want to dominate men, so being small makes it easier. In the end, it all comes down to a power struggle. Especially those who are androgynous or girly…”


 Secretary Tsukuba hurriedly interrupted Secretary Sugimoto Rikka’s words.

 ”That might be a taboo topic.”


 ”What do you mean?”

 ”W-Well… When I first saw Tsuchimiya-kun, I blurted out that he looked like a princess. Then Tsuchimiya-kun’s face turned fierce, like a demon, and I thought I was going to be killed.”

 Secretary Tsukuba turned pale, remembering the fear he felt at that moment.

 ”I see… maybe the reason he was hiding his face with his bangs was because of that. Anyway, let’s be careful not to upset him.”

 ”From his current attitude and what I’ve heard, he seems to have a calm personality most of the time, so it’s best not to provoke him. Maybe subtly praising his manliness would be better.”

 Ukita (Amahara’s classmate) pondered with her hand on her chin.

 ”Hmm… Supporters are starting to gather in the meeting room. It seems like it would be best to keep the atmosphere going until Amahara-senpai and Sogahara-senpai arrive.”

 ”Let’s leave them alone until then. Karen-chan looks really happy…”

 Since coming to this world, Amahara hasn’t shown a casual smile in front of Ukita except for now. Currently, Amahara, who is desperately trying to cover it up, had a flushed face like a typical girl of her age, a face that Ukita had never seen before.

* * *

 ”Hehe, so you’re really dating Higurashi-kun. You two seemed close.”

 ”Well, it wasn’t that big of a deal back then…”

 ”No, you two looked really close. I even felt a bit jealous. Are you only dating those three? Isn’t that quite a few for you, Tsuchimiya-kun?”

 ”Haha, having three girlfriends like me is more than enough. Physically, it’s already impossible, or rather, deadly…”

 ”Um, well, it’s normal for people to date multiple others at the same time, and having three people might even be fewer than average. Maybe you could consider adding one or two more people… Is that a bad idea?”

 For some reason, Amahara-senpai is suggesting that I should add more members to my harem. But I’m only at level 1. Although I’ve gained some stamina from the Title, I’m still not strong enough to compete with Evold. Well, maybe I could handle it if it were Higurashi.

 ”Karen. Sogahara-kun and Hatsune haven’t returned yet, but the supporters are getting impatient. We have no choice but to start without them.”

 A 3rd-year student council member peeked out from the door and called out to Amahara-senpai.

 Was Amahara-senpai’s name Karen? I should make a mental note to remember it. When asked if you know a woman’s name, saying “I don’t remember” is not gentlemanly. It could even be a matter of life and death in some cases.

 ”I see… Well, I guess it can’t be helped. How many are left…”

 Amahara-senpai tightened her expression, bit her lip, and stood up.

 Then a 3rd-year officer entered the room and spoke to me.

 ”I’m the treasurer, Ukita Shoko. Nice to meet you, Tsuchimiya-kun.”

 ”Ah, I’m Tsuchimiya. Nice to meet you, Ukita-senpai.”

 Ukita-senpai is a beautiful lady, a bit chubby, but charming.

 ”By the way, Tsuchimiya-kun, I’m sorry to ask, but could you look after Karen-chan? Sogahara-kun won’t make it in time, and I think Karen might feel lonely.”


 As an outsider, standing in front of the supporters with Amahara-senpai? Looking at the current situation of the Student Council, I can sense their true purpose.

 I understand that Amahara-senpai and the others are in trouble, but I don’t want to join the organization and I don’t want to stand out. I’m not alone now, so it’s not just my problem. Now, what should I do…

 ”Shoko, it’s okay. This is our problem.”

 Amahara-senpai asserted in a strong tone immediately.


 ”Tsuchimiya-kun, I’m sorry. I don’t intend to involve you in the Student Council’s problem. I’m glad I could see you today. If possible, I’d be happy if you could come to see me again anytime.”

 Amahara-senpai showed me a smile, pushed Ukita-senpai’s shoulder, and walked towards the door.

 ”Let’s go.”


 ’She’s quite a capable girl, isn’t she?’

 Thinking about Higurashi’s words. Now that Sogahara-senpai has been defeated, Amahara-senpai must fully understand the effect of me just sitting in the meeting room facing Kibakura.

 Yet, why does this person choose the difficult path?

 Maybe this person doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. That’s why, without even considering her own safety, she bravely stepped forward as the rear guard in the First Dive. Just earlier, she stood alone in front of Kibakura, and now she is trying to keep me away from the forefront of the conflict, knowing that I am not a strong card.

 This person can do most things because she’s talented. That’s why people gather around her and rely on her. She can’t help but respond to those expectations, even if she has to grit her teeth. She’s too kind.

 I felt like I wanted to lighten the burden on this person’s shoulders just a little bit, as her strong and dignified back that never shows any weakness strangely appeared fragile and weak. Just a little bit, I found myself wanting to protect this person.

 ”Amahara-senpai. Can I also attend that meeting?”

 ”Eh? Tsuchimiya-kun…?”

 ”Is it okay!? Really!?”

 Amahara-senpai turned around in surprise, and Ukita-senpai’s expression brightened up.

 ”I don’t intend to meddle in conflicts elsewhere. But I have a personal conflict with Demiurge. So, I’m interested in how the Student Council will act. Therefore, if I can be allowed to observe, I wish to do so.”

 ”Ah, of course… but is it okay with you, Tsuchimiya-kun? If you show up, it won’t just be observing, right?”

 ”My party operates on a consensus basis, so I can’t make any promises regarding the party’s direction here. All I can do is answer questions about myself.”

 ”Great! Just having Tsuchimiya-kun around changes the atmosphere completely!”

 It’s certain that I’m being targeted by Kibakura and today’s events have made that even more clear. While I have no intention of being absorbed into a large organization, it wouldn’t hurt to be aware of the movements of organizations with similar enemies. I should.

 Higurashi might say something later, but personally, I can’t ignore Amahara-senpai’s plight.

 ”I see. I’ve heard your story. Perhaps I should also attend this meeting you mentioned.”

 Suddenly, a voice called out from near the entrance.

 ”Whoa, Higurashi!?”

 ”Higurashi… kun?”

 When I looked over, Higurashi, who had crossed her arms and struck a cool pose, was leaning against the door as if blocking the entrance.

 She slowly raised her face towards me as she opened her closed eyes.

 ”I wish you had said, ‘Who goes there!’ while looking this way. It’s been a while, Amahara-senpai. I’m glad to see you’re doing well.”

 Higurashi, for some reason, smiled confidently.

 ”H-Higurashi-kun too…! I’m glad to see you’re doing well!”

 ”Um, so… is this Higurashi-san?”

 Ukita-senpai looked puzzled, glancing back and forth between Amahara-senpai and Higurashi. Perhaps Amahara-senpai had told her about Higurashi.

 ”I’m Higurashi Asuka. First year class B, and my seat number is 22. I love rice! Nice to meet you, Ukita-senpai.”

 ”Ah, yes. I’m Ukita Shoko, the treasurer. N-nice to meet you, Higurashi-san?”

 Ukita-senpai, clearly confused, bowed politely. As a first-year, Higurashi probably can’t understand why someone is acting so high and mighty.

 ”Higurashi, what are you doing here?”

 ”Knowing Tsuchimiya-senpai, I predicted this would happen. I’ve been delegated voting rights on this matter by Asagiri-san and Watarase-san.”

 So, they’ve come fully prepared. That means I won’t need to worry about any unnecessary issues. This person’s foresight ability is far superior to mine.

 ”We don’t have much time, so let me explain our position briefly here. We are against Demiurge, but we don’t plan to take the offensive at the moment. We just want to deal with any trouble that comes our way. So, we don’t intend to get deeply involved in the conflict between the Student Council and Demiurge. If you have any requests, we’ll consider them based on the situation. That’s the gist of it, right, Tsuchimiya-senpai?”

 ”Yes, that’s correct.”

 I hadn’t thought deeply about it, but when put into words, it seems that way. Higurashi understands my stance perfectly. Maybe I should just leave everything to her without doing anything unnecessary.

 ”Your aim is probably to use Tsuchimiya-senpai to keep the supporters from leaving, right? If we can maintain our position, I wouldn’t mind cooperating. If the Student Council weakens, more trouble might come our way.”

 ”Sorry. I owe you one, Higurashi-kun. The Student Council probably won’t last at this rate. If our supporters continue to leave, it will become difficult to maintain the minimum strength needed for our activities.”


 Ukita-senpai anxiously signals Amahara-senpai.

 I understand the feeling. In this rate, there is insufficient preparation beforehand, and the fate of the Student Council rests on the uncertain shoulders of Higurashi. We will take the lead in the meeting.

 ”It’s okay. No matter how we try to cover it up, we don’t have a trump card to resolve the situation, Ukita. No, there is no choice to use it. Besides, I trust them.”

 ”Yeah, I got it, Karen.”

 Ukita-senpai nodded strongly after saying just that.

 ”By the way, Amahara-senpai, does the Student Council have any intention of giving up on maintaining their strength?”

 ”…Giving up on our strength?”

 Taken aback by the sudden question from Higurashi, Amahara-senpai paused for a moment, then widened her eyes in surprise.

 ”Well, that’s…! While it is the ideal I aim for, in reality, it’s just a pipe dream.”

 ”It’s not like we need an immediate decision. As long as we understand Amahara-senpai’s thoughts, that’s enough. Besides, the supporters are starting to make a fuss. It might be a good idea to show up soon. I have something to confirm with Tsuchimiya-senpai, so I’ll enter a bit later.”

 ”Ah, I see. Well then, best of luck. Tsuchimiya-kun, Higurashi-kun.”

 Amahara-senpai and Ukita-senpai bowed deeply. Then the two of them left the room and immediately entered the adjacent meeting room.

 ”What do you need me to confirm?”

 Since I still can’t figure out Higurashi’s thoughts, I have no idea what confirmation she’s talking about.

 ”I thought I’d ask if there was an offer of an alliance to Tsuchimiya-senpai.”

 ”An alliance?”

 ”I told you. With Tsuchimiya-senpai defeating the Demiurge’s strike team, the spirit of resistance would rise. I thought Tsuchimiya-senpai’d get an offer to join forces with Student Council sooner rather than later.”

 ”Oh, I heard there have been a few talks like that. It’s a hassle, so I’ve left it to that guy Akiyama.”

 ”Haha… I see, I see. So, things are already in motion. Please arrange for me to meet this Akiyama-senpai later.”


 Higurashi looks like she’s up to something. I have a feeling something big is about to happen.

 Is she okay? She understands my desire to quietly pass by, right? I’m starting to feel anxious because she seems to enjoy exposing me after understanding everything.

 ”Hey, hey, you understand, right? I don’t want to stand out, and I’m sorry for any troublesome situations.”

 ”Picking a fight with that Kibakura-senpai in public, it’s too late for that now. You’re already standing out enough to make the front page of the school newspaper.”


 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai, you don’t care about that when you get heated. We can’t act like it didn’t happen, but I’m thinking of the best solution for the current situation, so let’s leave it to me.”

 ”…Okay. I’ll leave it to you. Wish you luck.”

 In the end, my fate also depends on Higurashi… Even though this guy messes up a lot──I should have just hidden my face! Darn it, I realized it too late! I should do that from now on. I need to repair that mask.

 ”Well, shall we go too? It’s not good to wait too long.”

 ”Okay. By the way, do you know what Amahara-senpai meant by ‘hand that doesn’t fit into the choices’ earlier?”

 ”Oh, that’s about following the flow created by Togamine-senpai. Actually, that’s a powerful move. If used well, the Student Council will become much stronger than it is now, but it’s inevitable that the school will become even more chaotic. If Togamine-senpai were the Student Council President, things would have been terrifying.”

 I see. So, there’s a conflict between a female-led organization and a male-led Demiurge, causing the school to split in two. It seems like it’s going to be bad no matter who wins.

 The only option left is to abandon their forces… It’s vaguely visible, but it seems quite difficult.

 Now, as soon as we step into the hallway, we’ll find the door to the meeting room right there at the end. Two students are standing on either side of the door like sentries, and Secretary Tsukuba is waiting for us in the middle.

 ”Tsuchimiya-kun! I’ll return this to you.”

 Secretary Tsukuba hands over the Kondou Spear that was entrusted to him. The tip is attached to a black leather sheath.


 Are we supposed to enter the meeting room with this?

 ”Yeah, it’s for a mark. If you have this, it’s obvious that you’re a dangerous person who pierced Kibakura-senpai.”

 Dangerous” is unnecessary! This time, it’s essential to emphasize that, so there’s no choice. Let’s brace ourselves.

 But what’s really bad is that Kibakura made me, a calm person, do something like this. That’s definitely it.

 When I received the Kondou Spear, Secretary Tsukuba opened the door to the meeting room.

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