Beyond Abyss 72

Chapter 72 Attack On Kibakura

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 ”Tsuchimiya-kun, a friend came to visit earlier.”

 As soon as I returned to the classroom, a female student sitting near the entrance called out to me.

 ”A friend? …I don’t recall. I don’t have any friends.”

 Since the class had already started, I replied in a subdued voice.

 ”Am I not considered a friend?”

 Akiyama chimed in with a grin.

 ”No, you’re not. And what kind of person was it?”

 ”Hmm… I think he was a serious-looking, small boy. He was polite. When he found out Tsuchimiya-kun was alive, he was really surprised.”

 So, he’s either someone I knew when I was in Japan or a guy I met on my first dive. …I don’t remember him at all. When I was in Japan, I hardly interacted with anyone other than my family, except maybe the stray cats. Well, there was this guy I shared a room with in the dorm, but he was short and polite, completely different. If I had to describe the short guy I met on my first dive, he might be a freshman delinquent. But there’s no way he looks serious.

 ”I see, I don’t get it. Well, if he has something to do, he’ll come back to see me, right?”

 I don’t like it when strangers come to see me. It’s bothersome and annoying. Thinking about it makes me feel heavy, so I’ll just forget about it. I hope he never come back.

 When I returned to my seat, Satou-san was there, looking mischievous, and spoke to me.

 ”Can we say we’re more than friends?”

 ”Uh, yes.”

 I answered in a hurry, and Satou-san chuckled.

 Did she hear the conversation earlier? It’s a habit, I accidentally said I don’t have friends, but I’m actually getting along well with Satou-san and the others. We’ve even done some naughty stuff, so we’re closer than just friends. Working together to return from the abandoned floor, it feels more like being part of a group.

 Satou-san isn’t getting involved further, focusing seriously on taking notes.

 As soon as I sat down, drowsiness hit me, so I decided to sleep until break time.

 After some time passed, I was awakened by a loud noise that felt like something hitting my stomach. When I looked up, the window glass was shaking, and the classroom was in chaos.

 Outside the window, some students were on the balcony looking towards the corridor. It seems like something happened while I was asleep.

 Alright, let’s go back to sleep.

 I turned my face down and started to doze off, ignoring the distant commotion.

 In a dreamy state, I was suddenly awakened by someone calling my name loudly.

 ”Tsuchimiya-kun! Is Tsuchimiya Takeru here?”

 When I looked towards the entrance, a small male student was standing there with a pale face.

 Was he the guy the girl mentioned earlier? He was indeed an unfamiliar student to me.

 Getting woken up like that made a magma-like anger rise from the depths of my stomach, surprising even myself. Although Maekawa-san and others sometimes forcefully wake me up, I’ve never felt this angry before.

 As I thought about it, I somehow came to a conclusion about the cause.

 It’s a guy──

 Back in elementary school, I was literally kicked awake by my awful father. Getting kicked hard in the stomach out of nowhere while deep in sleep was a common occurrence.

 It seems that being woken up by a guy brings back those emotions from that time.

 The male student, following where the girl pointed, turned his gaze towards me and hurriedly approached me.

 ”Um, are you Tsuchimiya Takeru-kun?”

 The boy with a strangely cute face timidly spoke to me.

 ”Oh, it’s Tsuchimiya.”

 I let out an irritated voice, but I yawned to cover it up. I’ll just swallow this anger. It’s none of his business.

 The male student looked surprised, his mouth hanging open as he stared at me. What’s up?



 ”O-Oh, no… Princess?”



 Hmm… Quite bold to pick a fight right after waking up. Even though I look all sleepy. If he’s up for it, I’ll take him on!

 ”S-Sorry! I didn’t mean any harm! I’m really sorry!”

 The male student started bowing repeatedly, apologizing.

 Tch! As a gentleman otaku like myself, I can’t lay a hand on him now.

 ”Well, fine… What do you want from me? Or rather, who are you?”

 ”Um… hey, I’m Tsukuba, the Secretary of the Student Council! Please help me! I need Tsuchimiya-kun’s help! I wish for it!”


 The Student Council, huh… I was warned to be careful by Higurashi because they might contact me, but they came out of the blue. They seem quite desperate. I don’t have an obligation to help, but I do know Amahara-senpai and Kijima-senpai (Sogahara’s girlfriend). We’ve only talked a little, but they seem like good people. However, they are so impressive that they live in a different world from me.

 ”What’s the situation?”

 Even if I help, Higurashi always says to consult first with her. There may be limited things I can do alone.

 ”Kibakura attacked the Student Council building! Sogahara-senpai got defeated, so Togamine and Yanagi-senpai wouldn’t stand a chance… By now, Amahara-senpai must be facing Kibakura…”

 ”Kibakura, huh…”

 So that monster has finally appeared within the school grounds. It seems too much for the Earth Defense Force to handle. Well, it’s probably revenge for this morning. When it comes to conflicts between organizations, it’s not really my time to shine, but is it Amahara-senpai’s time to step up?

 But I can’t seem to calm down. What should I do with this clenched fist?

 ”…I’m sorry… It’s impossible after all, right? It’s too reckless to expect someone to deal with that monster… What am I doing…”

 Right now, I feel like punching someone, but I can’t just punch Tsukuba-kun, who is apologizing and bowing down. I’m a gentleman, after all.

 …Hmm, but Amahara-senpai, huh? I’m not interested in the Student Council organization, but when it comes to Amahara-senpai personally, it’s a different story. It doesn’t sit right with me to leave her knowing that Kibakura is causing trouble for her. In this case, punching Kibakura shouldn’t go against the gentleman’s code. Those who are likely to complain are probably the same type as Kibakura, so my reputation shouldn’t suffer if I punch them when I see them.

 ”It’s the Student Council building, right?”

 I slowly stood up looking displeased.

 ”Huh? T-Tsuchimiya-kun…?”

 Tsukuba-kun looked surprised and flustered, but I ignored him. I need to punch someone first to clear my head before I can talk calmly.


 Maekawa-san and Satou-san, who were listening intently, suddenly stood up with a serious expression.

 ”Don’t worry. I just got to know Amahara-senpai a bit during the first dive. I can’t just ignore her as a gentleman. Plus, I have a bit of a history with Kibakura.”

 It seems like this irritation isn’t suitable for girls after all. I felt a bit relieved.

 As I quickly left the classroom, Secretary Tsukuba followed me.

 ”Tsuchimiya-kun! Not that way!”

 As I passed by the classrooms of Class E and Class F and approached the second staircase, Secretary Tsukuba hurriedly called out to me.

 ”This way is faster.”

 When I turned right at the intersection, there was a crowd of onlookers on the west side of the covered walkway.

 ”Could you please move aside?”

 Pushing through the crowd, I forcefully made my way to the front. Below, in the courtyard, many students were scattered around. In the back, there was a clearly visible giant figure in front of the Student Council building. Even the students in the midst of a battle stopped to pay attention in that direction.

 Just as Kibakura was about to reach out to Amahara-senpai, I jumped onto the open window frame, dancing in the air and raising my right hand.

* * *

 ”Here they come!”

 ”I’ll hold them off here!”

 Kibakura dashed towards the girls from the Togamine party who were lined up.

 In front of the vanguard who was preparing to stop his massive body, Kibakura swung his log-like arms, easily sending four women into the air.

 Then, without showing any sign of avoiding the attacks from the second row of kendo club members, Kibakura caught one and casually lifted the grabbed arm of the kendo club member.

 When swinging humans around like weapons to clear the second row, Kibakura slams the members into Yanagi, the captain, and blows them all away.


 Kibakura closes in on Togamine, who stands frozen with a pale face.

 Sawaki Suzuka, the Vanguard of Togamine’s party and member of the wrestling club, tackles Kibakura’s right leg head-on, but Kibakura pays no attention. With the right leg that being held by Sawaki, Kibakura kicks Togamine with all his weight.


 Togamine, guarding with both arms, is slammed with the force of a cannonball into the wall of the dedicated building 10m (33ft) away behind her.

 Togamine tries to get up immediately, but she can’t muster any strength.

 On the other side, Kibakura lifts Sawaki, who is still clinging to his leg, and tosses her aside.

 ”I’m not interested in weaklings, but I have my reputation to uphold. Togamine, I’ll have my way with you right here.”


 Togamine grimaced as she struggled to lift her upper body, unable to stand while leaning against the wall.

 ”Wait! We admit defeat! Could you please back down, Kibakura-kun?”

 Amahara stepped in between Togamine and Kibakura, holding a wooden sword.

 ”Amahara, huh… Sorry, but I can’t do that. I’m still not satisfied and can’t hold back. Besides, it’s been a while since I’ve had a woman, so this is perfect. When I get going, everyone ends up crushed.”


 Even through his pants, Amahara could see the enormous bulge, like a water bottle, making her face twist in disgust.

 ”Amahara-senpai! Please! Run away!”

 Togamine desperately shouted, but Amahara didn’t budge, holding her wooden sword in an upper stance as Kibakura slowly stepped forward.


 The smile disappeared from Kibakura’s face.

 In the scene, everyone present felt a strong pressure like a powerful wind blowing around Amahara.

 It was an overwhelming aura surpassing even Kibakura.

 ”Hey, what’s with that intensity!”

 ”No way, is she even stronger than Vice President Sogahara!?”

 Demiurge’s members began to stir.

 While Amahara was diving with Togamine or Vice President Sogahara’s party, no one had ever witnessed her fighting style.

 ”Why must students from the same school fight each other, Kibakura-kun! There’s no need to show off your strength, no one doubts how strong you are! With that power, you should be able to save many people!”

 ”That’s just empty talk. My power is for my own sake. I don’t care about the words of the weak. If you want to stop me, you’ll have to try to stop me with force.”

 As Kibakura advanced, Amahara’s high-held wooden sword began to emit light.

 ”Stop, Kibakura-kun! There’s no point in us fighting!”

 ”If you want me to stop, then make me stop. Not with words, but with your own strength.”

 As Kibakura approached, Amahara’s wooden sword gleamed brightly and was swung down with determination.


 The wooden sword struck Kibakura’s chest with a thud as he stood still, staring at the thick pectoral muscle pressed against the tip of the wooden sword.

 ”…What’s this all about?”

 Kibakura picked up the wooden sword, causing Amahara to stumble and fall on her butt. Her long legs were trembling.

 ”Tch…! You’re all talk, aren’t you? Aren’t you supposed to be a vanguard?”

 Kibakura threw away the wooden sword and looked down on Amahara.

 ”I’m not interested in weaklings, but when it comes to women, that’s a different story. You’re a fine lady, Amahara. If I were to violate you here, it would be the end for the Student Council.”


 As Amahara, with a pale face, stepped back, a hand resembling a glove reached out towards her.

 At that moment, a spear that came flying from nowhere pierced through Kibakura’s hand.


 Kibakura grimaced and staggered back. The screams from the Student Council side, on the verge of erupting due to the sudden event, and the jeers from the Demiurge side ceased, and a chilling silence fell.

 ”W-what is this…”

 What was thrust into Kibakura’s hand was a bright blue spear. Its sharp tip had pierced through and protruded out of the palm.

 ”Sorry about that~ Are you okay? I got a bit carried away with spear throwing, and my aim went off a bit.”

 A taunting voice echoed from a distance, where the spear had been thrown.

 ”Oh, you seem perfectly fine. I was worried about what would happen if it hit a human, you know~”

 From the direction of the corridor, a voice slowly approached.

 Kibakura looked toward the voice and everyone’s gaze gathered there. A male student, with a grumpy face, stared at Kibakura while walking with his hands in his pockets, swaying his shoulders like a punk. The other students hurriedly moved away from his path, making way for him.

 The male student confidently walked down the empty path, followed by Secretary Tsukuba, who had a pale face and looked around anxiously.

 ”You bastard… Tsuchimiya, huh?”

 Kibakura muttered with a growl.

 ”Tsu… chi… mi… ya?”

 Amahara said with a bewildered expression, staring at the male student.

* * *

 ”Huh… Tsuchimiya-kun?”

 Kijima-senpai, who was sitting down and supporting the exhausted Sogahara-senpai from behind, looked up at me.

 ”Long time no see, Kijima-senpai, Sogahara-senpai.”

 I bow to the two of them and walk past, heading towards the Student Council building.

 Kibakura, with blood dripping from a spear stuck in his fist, looks at me.

 ”Tsuchimiya, you… throwing a spear at me out of nowhere, what’s the big idea?”

 Despite appearing furious, Kibakura smirks with the corner of his mouth lifted. Annoying guy, he should be more furious.

 ”Oh? Isn’t that Kibakura-senpai after all? Don’t come into human territory looking so confusing, okay?”

 I deliberately provoke him because I don’t like his relaxed attitude.

 ”What’s this? Suddenly getting all worked up, Tsuchimiya. Do you know Amahara?”

 ”Huh? I’m not angry at all. I’m totally calm. If I were to get angry, it would be something serious.”

 Maybe I was a bit grumpy when I woke up, but I’m not the type to lose my temper over something like that. I can make a rational decision to punch Kibakura instead of Secretary Tsukuba. Because I’m a gentleman.

 Before I knew it, my fist had turned into a spear, but considering that this guy had tried to kill me out of the blue before, I guess it’s okay to let this minor difference slide.

 It’s okay, I’m calm.

 This guy is just so annoying. If he hadn’t gone berserk, I wouldn’t have been rudely awakened, and it’s creepy how he’s grinning while the spear is stuck in him. I feel compelled by a sense of duty to provoke him even more until he loses his cool in anger.

 ”W-Wait, Tsuchimiya-kun!? Are you, Tsuchimiya-kun!?”

 Amahara-senpai was sitting on the ground, looking at me with a surprised expression.

 ”Long time no see, Amahara-senpai. I’m glad to see you doing well.”

 ”W-why? I thought you died on your first dive… I even checked the list of deceased!”

 ”After that, I lived in the dungeon for a while. I was eating steak made from monster drops every day, but Higurashi said she wanted to eat rice, so I came back a week ago.”

 ”A week ago… you could have at least come to show your face…”

 ”I’m sorry. I thought you must be busy.”

 Half of it was true. I was also threatened by Higurashi that if I got involved, it would burden me with troubles. Even though we were only acquaintances, I felt bad about taking up the Student Council President’s time just to report that I had returned. It was also a hassle to go meet her, so I tried not to think about it. Seeing her sad face made my heart ache a little.

 ”I’ve been thinking about you all this time, and I couldn’t focus on my work. But… I’m glad you’re safe.”

 Amahara-senpai had a relieved smile on her face. I didn’t expect her to care about me so much, so I feel a bit guilty. It seems like I’ve caused her a lot of worry. Just like with Himeno and Kanon, maybe I should try to be more open to others. It’s important to show respect and consideration to people you interact with. I still have a lot to learn about being a gentleman.

 ”Sorry to interrupt this touching reunion, but don’t think you can get away with what you did to me, Tsuchimiya.”

 This guy is annoying. I had finally calmed down, but now I’m getting irritated again.

 ”To you, it might just feel like a splinter, but you’ve always had the intention to kill me, so it’s too late for regrets now.”

 ”Guahaha! No way! I was planning to crush these guys today, but now I’m not in the mood anymore. Hey, you guys! Let’s pull back!”

 Kibakura blurted out something unexpected.

 ”Kibakura-san!? W-Wait! One more push and the Student Council will be done! Are you just going to leave Tsuchimiya hanging like that!”

 Iwakura (The Axe User) protested in surprise. I also want to punch this guy while I’m at it, but for now, I’ll just watch the situation. I don’t understand Kibakura’s true intentions.

 ”I win this round. I could have crushed them all as it is, but someone interfered… Haha! Hahaha!”

 Kibakura is laughing, shaking his shoulders, finding something amusing.

 ”This brat’s gonna be your job to take down for now, Iwakura. Your weapon got confiscated by the dorm manager, so it’s not a good idea to do it here. Let’s save the fun for later.”

 ”…Yes, understood.”

 Iwakura reluctantly agreed. Kibakura grabbed the Kondou Spear and pulled it out, examining it closely.

 ”This… is quite a strange spear.”

 ”? …That’s the Kondou Spear.”


 Kibakura furrowed his brow, then casually tossed me the Kondou Spear.

 ”I’ll let it slide this time because of your best effort at humor and that spear. But next time won’t be so forgiving. Keep that in mind.”

 Kibakura walked towards me, passing by my side. The members, watching this, hesitantly followed suit, looking puzzled.

 ”…Is this a full-on gag?”

 I couldn’t understand why Kibakura lost his fighting spirit. When he tried to join in with the rowdy kids with the same energy, he suddenly felt a vague sense of being treated like an adult. I’m not the only one feeling out of place here, right?

 At that moment, a sad flute sound echoed from somewhere. Is this the famous song “Donadona”?

 Looking around, the other students were also looking around trying to find the source of the sound. Eventually, one student pointed to a spot and raised their voice.

 ”It’s over there!”

 The students’ gazes gathered where the finger was pointing. There, on the rooftop part of the covered walkway, stood a mysterious figure playing a subtly skilled vertical flute with single-minded focus on top of the railing to prevent falls.

 It was a female student wearing a white cape and a red scarf fluttering in the wind, with a red butterfly mask resembling a butterfly covering her face.

 The mysterious figure attracted the students’ attention, and as she finished playing “Donadona” up to the chorus with the recorder, she took her mouth off the recorder and raised her voice.

 ”That’s enough! You Demiurge lackeys! I am Kamen Papillon! I won’t overlook your evil deeds!”

 She shows up at the worst timing! Read the room!

 ”Huh! Over there is the big boss Kibakura! Today, I’ll make sure you pay back the money you owe me!”

 While his entourage looks up at Kamen Papillon and says something to Kibakura, Kibakura shakes his head, tells them to leave it, and disinterestedly enters the school building with a low voice.

 ”Huh? …You scoundrel, did you escape! I am Kamen Papillon! I can appear anywhere Demiurge is! Farewell, everyone!”

 Masked Butterfly jumps down to the rooftop side, letting her cape flutter, and runs towards Building B.

 What is she here for?


 When I turn around at being called, Amahara-senpai is sitting there, looking at me.

 ”Are you okay, Amahara-senpai?”

 ”Oh, thanks, I’m fine. But my back gave out again. Sorry, but could you lend me your shoulder?”

 Amahara-senpai blushed shyly like when she first dived. When a beauty like Amahara-senpai, who exuded the aura of a stunning beauty rather than just a cute girl, made such a face, it was alluring and made my heart skip a beat.

 ”Got it.”

 As I approached Amahara-senpai, Secretary Tsukuba rushed over and took the Kondou Spear.

 Amahara-senpai wrapped her left arm around my neck, I put my arm around her slim waist to help her stand up, and she entrusted herself to me. Her knees were still trembling.

 Since Amahara-senpai was considerably taller, it felt balanced.

 ”You cut your hair, Tsuchimiya-kun…”

 Amahara-senpai is staring at my face with a dumbfounded expression.

 ”Yeah, having a wide field of vision makes it easier to fight. It’s dungeon rules.”

 ”You, you look really good in it…”

 ”Thank you?”

 Amahara-senpai’s face turns bright red up to her ears. Well, this situation must be quite embarrassing.

 Looking around, Amahara-senpai grabs my shoulder and puts strength into her legs. Her expression becomes sharp.

 ”Sawaki-kun, please take Hatsune to the infirmary!”


 Amahara-senpai calls out to a short-haired female student nearby, and the girl named Sawaki (Vanguard of the Togamine’s party) rushes over to Togamine, who is sitting against the wall.

 ”Those who are okay, take the injured to the infirmary! Those who are free, I’m sorry, but please gather in the meeting room on the 2nd floor!”


 Sawaki lifted up Togamine, who looked stunned, and called out,

 ”Don’t worry about me. Make sure you get proper treatment, Togamine.”


 As Togamine was carried away by Sawaki, she reached out into the empty space and gave me a piercing glare in the final moment. It was so intense that it sent chills down my spine.


 Come to think of it, she had a crush on Amahara-senpai. I don’t want to provoke her, but it’s strange to act coldly towards me just because of Amahara-senpai. Let’s not worry about it.

 Amahara-senpai, unaware of Togamine’s gaze, was giving instructions to the students.

 ”Tsuchimiya-kun… Could you please take me to the reference room on the 2nd floor of the dedicated building?”

 Amahara-senpai, who had been giving orders efficiently, suddenly looked timid and asked me for a favor.

 ”Sure, no problem.”

 I can’t just leave things hanging like this after coming this far.

 ”R-Really! Thank you, Tsuchimiya-kun!”

 Amahara-senpai let out an exaggerated sigh of relief. Despite being scared, she showed great courage by bravely standing guard to let other students escape during the first dive. Deep down, she’s a scaredy-cat with too much bravery.

 I supported the still unsteady Amahara-senpai as we slipped through the door of the Student Council building.

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