Beyond Abyss 8

Chapter 8 Tina’S Unrest

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 ’Master, I’ve updated your stats. Please check the status screen.’

 Asagiri had just finished a practice battle and was taking a breather when Tina approached.

 ”Updated stats? Alright, show me.”

 At this timing? I wonder if it’s related to the practice battle.

 And then, the status screen appears in front of me.

 Tsuchimiya Takeru (16 years old)

 Level 1

 Exp points: 59/22

 Class: Spearman

 Title: Spearman (+1 spear) Warrior (+1 attack, +1 defense, +1 body)

 Skills: Phoenix Temple Spear Technique Introduction (Hououin-ryu), Leapstone, Secret Spiral Whirlwind

 Magic: None

 Oh, the title now has ‘warrior’ added to it. With three modifiers, it feels like a great deal.

 ’After the battle with Asagiri-san, you obtained the title of “Warrior.” Congratulations!’

 ”Thank you. What exactly is this title?”

 ’It grants an increase in physical abilities, a bonus during combat, and a barrier against attacks. It won’t close the gap with level 2, but you can expect about a 1.3 level increase in abilities.’

 ”Wow, that’s awesome!”

 Honestly, I was prepared to struggle a lot if everyone at level 2 was as strong as Asagiri. It’s good news that there are means to strengthen abilities beyond leveling up. If there are other titles like this, there is hope for Restriction Play life.

 ”Are there other titles to enhance physical abilities? I’d like to actively aim to acquire them if possible.”

 ’Yes, there are. Basic titles and skills tend to be easier to obtain at lower levels. This is said to be a measure to present as many possibilities as possible at low levels and allow individuals to choose their own path. However, there are very few precedents for higher-level ones, so it’s hard to say.’

 Wow, Level 1 has some real benefits, doesn’t it? I can see the light starting to shine on my road.

 ”Senpai, is everything okay?”

 I was getting all excited by myself when Asagiri came over and asked. Asagiri can’t recognize Tina, but since she know about her existence, she probably don’t think I’m weird, maybe.

 ”Thanks to Asagiri, I got the ‘Warrior’ Title. It’s just a little, but it seems like I powered up too.”

 ”Really! Congratulations! I’m happy to be helpful to you, Senpai!”

 Asagiri jumped up and down, looking delighted about me. So cute.

 I should probably get used to it too.

 At first, I tried doing repetitive sideways jumps, but it felt really weird.

 The timing of my landing ingrained from the steps was clearly off. I was jumping a much longer distance than I expected. My body wasn’t flying at the angle I had in mind for the turn. As for Asagiri, she got so much more power that she fell over.

 But once you get the hang of it, it was quick. First, practice jumping by adjusting your strength to the desired location. Once you can do that, mix in small movements and full-power movements to adjust and complete it!

 If you can control your lower body, there won’t be any problems with your upper body. You can just make small adjustments while walking or during combat. It takes about five minutes. It’s less than half the time of Asagiri, but in my case, the increase is smaller compared to Asagiri, so it’s fine. Asagiri looks worried, saying “Is that all…?” but it’s okay.

 ”Oh, before we leave, let’s check the Kondou Spear.”

 I pick up the Kondou Spear that I had placed together with my water bag and check for any looseness in the tip or any damage to the blade.

 ”As expected of the Kondou Spear. I’ve been using it quite a bit, but there are no problems at all.”

 I was only aiming for the soft parts of the monsters and not the bones with the tip, but it should have hit the bones at times. Still, there are no chips on the blade, and it even seems to have a more mystical aura than before.

 ’Kondou Spear…’

 Tina, who had been watching the work, was now staring at Kondou-senpai as if she couldn’t look away.

 It was unusual to see Tina like this, or rather, I saw it for the first time.

 ”Huh? What’s up, Tina?”

 ’Master… that’s Kondou Spear!’

 ”…Oh, yes?”

 Tina, are you okay? Did you glitch a little?

 ’I mean! It’s changed to the official item name “Kondou Spear”!’

 ”Well, it is Kondou-senpai after all.”

 ’That’s not it! What did you do!? It’s become a “Named Weapon”!’

 ”A Named Weapon?”

 ’It’s a rare magic item with its own “name”!’

 ”Isn’t that amazing?”

 So, does this mean that the spear I DIYed as a keepsake of Kondou-senpai has evolved into a magic item?

 ’It’s unbelievable! How could an ordinary human do something like ‘Inscription’!? …No change in magical power… Vital signs normal… No loss in soul… Cause unknown…’

 ”Well, calm down. Anyway, Kondou-senpai is amazing, isn’t that good enough?”

 If it’s Kondou-senpai, he can make one or two miracles happen. Just now, that was proven. It’s just that.

 ’That’s not good! It has nothing to do with Kondou-senpai! What’s with that abnormal faith in Kondou-senpai! Didn’t you say something about not knowing him at all!?’

 ”Isn’t it natural for a kouhai to admire a senpai?”

 While I was thinking about how to explain Kondou-senpai’s greatness to Tina, Asagiri, who shouldn’t have heard the conversation, for some reason came up to me. Asagiri-san, your eyes are a bit scary. Also, you’re bumping into me? Your sense of personal space is still off, but I won’t get sued, right?


 Suddenly, Tina grabbed her head and screamed, and then she suddenly stopped, as if she had pressed a stop button.

 ”Oh, hey! Are you okay, Tina?”

 Did she freeze? Tina has become like a still image, and there are occasional noises that make me feel really bad.

 But my hands can’t touch Tina, and there’s nothing I can do. What the hell happened? Since I don’t know the cause at all, there’s nothing I can do about it.

 After a while, Tina disappeared as if she had pressed a button on a TV.

 ”Tina! Tina! What happened!?”

 ”S-Senpai! Are you okay!? Who is Kondo-senpai? Is she a woman?”

 Asagiri was worried when she saw me wandering around alone.

 ’I’m very sorry. I have shown you some unsightly things. It seems that my emotional fluctuations exceeded the limit many times, putting a strain on my suppression program, causing a discrepancy. I’ve done a reset and reboot, so there’s no problem for now.’

 Tina suddenly appeared in front of me again and started explaining in her usual expressionless, emotionless voice.

 ”Whoa, you surprised me by showing up out of the blue. But hey, did you actually have emotions?”

 ’Yes. The Fairy app series uses the souls of deceased humans in this dungeon as its core. In the prototype, we tried to preserve the personality and memories of the souls, but we encountered cases of cooperation refusal and rebellion due to difficulties in building a relationship with the owner. Therefore, we attempted to suppress some emotions and memories from their previous lives. This led to significant benefits in processing speed and accuracy, so the current series comes equipped with the suppression program as standard.’

 ”Wait, so you used to be a human…”

 I’ve just learned something shocking. Personally, I think it would be okay for memories and emotions to come back. Oh, but if I’m being asked whether a loner and introvert like me can build a good relationship with a girl, I’m not confident. If I kept getting verbally abused by Tina, who stuck to me like a ghost, I might not be able to continue living.

 ’Right now, we’re working on fixing and optimizing the control program at the same time. So, for a while, my emotional fluctuations are expected to be pretty intense. Please be careful not to trigger me, okay?’

 ”Yeah, I got it…”

 Even if you tell me to be careful, I wasn’t doing anything in the first place, so it’s not really my fault, you know.

 ”Se… Senpai~~”

 Oops, looks like I’ve worried Asagiri too. She looks like she’s about to cry or something. Isn’t that a bit too dramatic?

 ”Sorry, everything’s fine now. Tina suddenly had a glitch while we were talking, and I got a little flustered. Oh, and it seems like Kondou’s spear has evolved.”

 ”Ugh… Senpai…”

 ’Please stop saying things like “it’s not related to this” or “it’s not related to that.” It’s starting to annoy me. That’s the kind of thing, Master.’

 Hey? It looks like Tina isn’t in a good mood. Why am I being criticized, huh?

 Asagiri still looks pale, too.

 ”Tsuchimiya-senpai, Kondou-senpai, and…”

 ”Oh, yeah, Kondou-senpai was the first person I met in this dungeon. And this Kondou Spear is an equipment made as a memento of senpai.”

 ”Ah… the green tie…”

 Asagiri reached out to the tip of the Kondou Spear and touched the thin tie that secured it with delicate fingertips. Her expression seemed to soften. It looks like Asagiri has also regained her composure.

 ”Tina, how exactly did Kondou Spear change? You’ve already done the Appraisal, right?”

 ’Appraisal… ugh! My head…!’

 ”Hey, are you okay, Tina?”

 Tina looked troubled and made a pained expression.

 ’Um, even if it’s called a named weapon, there’s a wide range of quality. A weapon made by connecting cheap materials together like a child’s craft shouldn’t function as a proper magic item, right? But, I couldn’t appraise it…’

 ”Huh? You couldn’t appraise it?”

 ’Yes! Let’s stop talking about this topic for now! Please don’t bring it up again!’

 ”Oh, okay…”

 Tina seemed desperate. Kondo’s spear was being heavily criticized, but I decided to leave it alone as she might break if I poked too much.

 Even though it took more time than planned, we resumed exploring the area.

 As expected, there were many monsters around here, and every time we moved a little, Tina’s radar immediately detected monsters.

 Asagiri suddenly became motivated and started saying, “I’ll clear the way, Senpai!” and skillfully defeated them all. She was completely invincible. She easily defeated multiple normal-type hobgoblins without any trouble, and it seemed like Asagiri alone could rescue Kanon-chan.

 Eventually, one of the hobgoblins dropped a treasure chest. Inside, there was water and jerky. I was relieved because I was running out of jerky that I had on hand, even though the water pouch wasn’t a problem.

 Asagiri seems to be very friendly, which makes me feel a bit anxious. However, after finishing her snack time, she shows a cold attitude, and it really bothers me to see the diminishing jerky.

 By the way, I tried using the Kondou Spear, but I didn’t feel any significant difference compared to before. However, the blade was incredibly sharp, so it’s probably very durable or capable of self-repair.

 Thinking that way, I can swing it boldly and use it effectively. But after cutting the goblin along with its leather armor, I noticed that the blade was chipped, and it made me a little disappointed.

 Also, when monsters die, they usually disappear, but there are quite a few student bodies lying around. It seems that the density of students was high in this area, not just monsters. Perhaps the monsters gathered here because there were so many students.

 Thinking about it, I wonder if I was sent to a remote place. Even here, I’m treated like a loner. Well, thanks to that, I was able to prepare calmly without being suddenly attacked by monsters, so you could say I was lucky.

 The number of male students among the corpses is overwhelmingly higher. For the girls, it seems that those who were killed fiercely resisted, as they were taken away. All of them clearly show signs of being r*ped, which is unbearable to see.

 At first, Asagiri looked away, but after a moment of silence, she started ignoring it. She must have gotten used to it, or rather, she made herself get used to it. Asagiri is definitely a strong girl.

 Although the smile has disappeared, I feel the same. I didn’t have any friends, but I feel the urge to avenge them.

 However, maybe because I had some expectations, I wasn’t particularly shaken even after seeing so many dead bodies. After all, there’s nothing we can do for the ones who are already dead. All that’s left is to pray for their souls or satisfy ourselves by seeking revenge.

 Just when I thought I hadn’t seen any living students, I heard a girl’s scream not too far away.

 A cluster of red lights popped up in a blank area on the map.

 I started running towards it, and at the end of the corridor, I saw the backs of a group of goblins carrying the arms and legs of individual female student.

 The girl was crying and screaming, suspended in the air by four goblins each. Two goblins and a white hobgoblin were leading her.

 ”I have to help her!”

 I held back Asagiri, who was about to rush out.


 ”Wait, Asagiri. Let’s observe the situation as it is.”


 Asagiri glared at me as if blaming me.

 ”Calm down. Most of the ones who were killed were male students. So, where did the female students go? We are searching for them, but we don’t know the location. It would be quickest to ask someone who knows.”


 As I pointed to the group of goblins, Asagiri became quiet.

 ”Um, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking at all…”

 ”Don’t worry about it. It’s tough for that child. This is a decision I made.”

 ”No, I also agree with Tsuchimiya-senpai’s decision. So, please don’t take all the responsibility, Senpai.”


 Asagiri is such a nice and kind kid.

 Whenever I quietly stroke her head, Asagiri would shyly lower her face.

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