Confinement 100

Chapter 100 Fumio Dynamite

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 Today I stepped into the red light district for the first time.

 However, the red-light district of a local city is not that big of a place.

 Although there are a lot of bars that serve drinks to old men, many of them are still closed. And it’s not even like there are any fancy clubs.

 In the middle of such a shabby bar street, there is a row of skyscrapers with signboards of snacks and bars. Behind it, on the first floor of an old building, there is a business space with no signage.

 The windows are covered with mirror stickers and the shutters on the front remain tightly closed, making it impossible to see inside.

 The only thing that stands out is the bad behavior of the people who come and go. It was a branch of the Kamishima clan, which was run by the clan leader’s only son, Ryuichi.

 I put on an indifferent face and walked around to the back of the building.

 Sure, I can’t see what’s going on inside, but I already know the structure of the room.

 After all, Lili scouted the interior for me the night before.

 Thanks to the floor map she had drawn for me, I knew exactly where everything was in the building.

 I stepped into the alley at the back of the building and used <Passing Through Room> to enter the reception room at the back of the office.

 I wasn’t trying to do anything. The only purpose at this point is to break in, that’s all.

 Once I’ve done that, I can always open the door to this place with <Revisit>.

 As soon as I’ve accomplished my goal, I’ll use <Passing Through Room> to get out.

 With this, the preparations should be complete…… Right?

 I wondered if there was anything I had forgotten about this morning’s discussion.

◇ ◇ ◇

 Lili is floating near the ceiling.

 On the table were my three favorite princesses, Masaki-chan, Tashiro-san, and Kurosawa-san. In addition, Ryoko was dressed in a pantsuit.

 ”I can’t believe you even messed with Terashima-san……”

 ”Ahaha, the Confinement King is a bad man”

 Tashiro-san smiled at Kurosawa-san, who looked at me with a frown.

 ”By the way, I have always wondered, what is this ^Confinement King^……?”

 ”After all this time!?”

 Masaki-chan looked at Kurosawa-san twice, and Tashiro-san said.

 ”The Confinement King is the Confinement King, of course”

 That made it seem as if they were somewhat convinced.

 I wonder if it’s okay, but well, if Kurosawa-san is satisfied with that, then it’s okay.

 In the first place, I don’t really understand the subtle feelings that girls have regarding this.

* * *

 ”By the way, Masaki-chan. Is that thing I asked yesterday ready?”

 I asked her, and she proudly held out a V-sign.

 ”It’s perfect, I’m good at crafts and handicrafts!”

 ”Ah…… that’s right. Have you ever been to Masaki’s house, Fumio?”

 ”Not really, why?”

 When I tilted my head at Kurosawa-san’s question, she gave me an amused look.

 ”You’ll be surprised. All the doorknobs are covered with Masaki’s handmade doorknob covers, which are very cute. Maybe one day, all the doors here will have doorknob covers on them”

 ……I’d like to pass on that one.

 After all, if people were about to be tortured and then taken to a room with a very cute doorknob cover on it, they wouldn’t know what face to make.

 ”So, Ryoko, did you find out who kidnapped Kurosawa-san?”

 ”No…… but if we investigate based on the characteristics of the kidnapping group that Misuzu-sama told us about earlier, we should be able to identify them in the near future”

 ”But…… I can’t wait for that, you know. In the meantime, I’m going to have one of the yakuza who seems to be involved in human trafficking take the role of the criminal, as planned”

 I said casually.


 ”It’s like a food chain where the bad guys are preyed upon by the much badder Confinement King……”

 Kurosawa-san made a face of disbelief, and Tashiro-san nodded her head. Then, suddenly, Lili changed the subject.

 ”By the way, Fumi Fumi, one of the six people that Kurosawa-chan and you brought with you yesterday would like to stay here, Devi. What should we do, Devi? It seems she has nowhere to go, Devi……”

 ”Well…… there’s an extra room, so I don’t mind”

 ”Then, you can meet with her later and decide what to do with her, Devi. If you don’t like her, you can treat her as an apprentice servant, Devi”

 ”Apprentice servant……”

 The four girls from the track and field club are supposed to be apprentice servants, but in reality, they are honey traps.

 In the future, there may be times when it is necessary to entangle men. In preparation for that time, Freesia is going to take her time to teach the girls s*xual skills.

 However, I don’t want to treat innocent girls like that, still I don’t have time to worry about that today anyway.

 After all, I worked out the details of the plan for the day.

 Even though…… it was Lili and Ryoko who had made a detailed minute-by-minute plan beforehand, and all I had to do was figure it out and approve it.

◇ ◇ ◇

 I went around to the front of the office again.

 But it was still hot.

 Even though it was evening, it was early summer.

 Despite the fact that it’s early summer, I’m wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a long black coat that looks like a Chuunibyou.

 No wonder it’s so hot.

 I wipe the sweat from my forehead with the cuff of my sleeve, take out my phone from the pocket of my jeans, and check the time.

* * *

 It’s two minutes before I go in.

 I casually look around and see a figure watching me from an alley.

 It’s probably Ryoko and the others.

 At five o’clock today, the Kamishima clan will be attacked by a firing squad. I had her report such a tip to her superior.

 It was a separate case that had nothing to do with the kidnapping case under Inspector Nakamura’s command. Ryoko said that she could bring in the police from her jurisdiction in this form.

 I wondered if the police would act on such a fishy story, but apparently she was able to set things up well. I could feel quite a few eyes on me.

 Then I took a deep breath.

 It’s time to go in.

 The door on the office is locked.

 But it doesn’t matter.

 Aware that the policemen are watching me, I set up a ^door^ that looks exactly like the one there.

 Then, when they enter the building by <Passing Through Room>, the original door is left unlocked.

 Of course, this is for the detectives who will be coming in later.

 I have a good grasp of the structure of the building. No, it’s not so much the structure.

 Right now, in front of me, there is a tsuitate that looks like a Japanese gold folding screen. (*Note: Tsuitate is a form of single-panel portable partition traditionally used in Japan since at least the 6th century)

 On the other side of the screen, there are desks that look like the office of a small business.

 The only difference between this and a normal office is the unpleasantness of the people there.

 Apparently, this place was originally a bookstore and then used as an election office. The name of the office is still the same as the election office, and the contents are still the same.

 I thought it might be a black relationship between politicians and the underworld…… but the truth is that the person who was the nominee was unsuccessful in his election campaign and then, they forced a debt-ridden person to run for office in order to get the office. After all, not many landlords are willing to rent space to yakuza.

 (Well…… I’ll have to do it when I have to)

 I took a deep breath, kicked over the partition in front of me, and shouted.

* * *

 ”Get out of the way! You idiot!”

 Immediately, the men sitting at the desk on the other side of the fallen partition stood up with a clatter.

 Some were quick to reach for the wooden swords that were propped up. Others hung their hands on the desk drawers. As I expected, none of them suddenly brought out their pistols, but I was met with a terrifyingly swarthy stare.

 There are fewer of them than I thought. One, two, three…… a total of eight people.

 They all have a scary look on their faces.

 However, the most powerful person is the all-black man at the back of the room with his legs propped up on the desk.

 He’s probably the most powerful guy in the group.

 And then… there’s a woman standing leaning against the back of the chair that the …… all-backs are sitting on. She looks like a cabaret girl, but she also has a very strong presence.

 Perhaps that’s Teruya-san’s older sister, Anna.

 She is the one who gave Fujiwara-san a bad time.

 As I stared at the woman, I felt my gut boil.

 ”Where the hell did you come from? You little shit!”

 A young man with a punched-out perm, who was closest to me, reached for my chest.

 ”Don’t touch me with your dirty hands”


 I grabbed the wrist of his hand that was about to twisted up my chest, and the next moment, the punch perm softly floated in the air and slammed into the wall.


 ”What!? What did you do!”

 It’s nothing too much.

 In fact, Torture just threw him away, but I say it as if I’m the one who did it.

 ”If you don’t want to be hit by my ^air throw^, give her back to me!”

 The ^girlfriend^ here is an image of ^Rin Fukuda^.

 Of course, I’m just acting.

 After all, if I’m being interrogated later, I will make an excuse to the police that I was almost framed as Rin Fukuda’s kidnapper, and because I was cornered, I rushed into the yakuza’s office on the verge of losing my mind…



 After Teruya sister showed some serious thought, she gave me a blunt look, as if she was judging me.

 And she twisted her cheeks in a happy way.

 ”Fuuh… So, because she was kidnapped, you ran into this place”

 ”That’s right! I know it was you who kidnapped her”

 She laughed loudly when I told her that.

 ”Ahahahahaha, that’s nice. I thought there was something strange about Hikaru-chan, who eats faces, but you’re quite a nice guy. I mean, it’s not like you’re a decent guy to come into the office by himself for her…. Right, Junichi Kasuya-kun?”


 There seemed to be some kind of strange misunderstanding going on.

 ”Anyway! I want her back! Or else!”

 I took the lighter out of my pocket and flipped up my coat. Underneath, there were a lot of red tubes.

* * *

 The red tubes with fuses are wrapped around my stomach.

 ”I’m going to blow this place up and take you all with me!”


 ”Where do you get dynamite……?”

 ”You idiot! It’s a bluff!”

 The men’s faces scrunched up, and I bent over my chest to give myself more room to breathe.

 ”You can’t tell if I’m bluffing or not if I don’t light it!”


 ”What’s the hell is that!! What the hell are you thinking, asshole?”

 At that moment, the shaved head shouted at the top of his lungs.


 Unfortunately, one of the red tubes broke off in the middle and rolled on the floor.

 The shaved head, who had picked it up, shouted angrily.

 ”You bastard! That’s a toilet paper roll, right? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

 Masaki-chan! It’s not glued on properly!

 When the members of the gang showed signs that they were about to hit me at once, I quickly prepared myself.

 In fact, I don’t need to brace myself because I’m relying on Torture.

 But at the very moment when the shaved-headed gang member was about to grab me.


 Teruya shouted. And then she leaned down to the man with the all black and whispered to him.

 ”Hey, dear. Don’t hurt him. She’s Hikaru-chan’s favorite. He has a lot of guts, so why don’t you tell him well and we’ll take care of him in the future?”

 ”Oh…… well, if it’s for the sake of my cute sister-in-law, I can tolerate a little mischief”

 It seems that Teruya sister still thinks that I am Kasuya-kun.

 However, thanks to this, the gang members surrounded me from afar did not attack me.

 I turn my attention to the clock on the wall.

 Somehow, I was able to buy some time.

 The next moment.

 ”Oh, don’t push me!”

 ”Even if you say so!”

 The door at the back of the room opens with a bang, and the girls come tumbling in.


 The Teruya sister and the all-black guy widen their eyes.

 ”Who the hell are you people! Where the hell do you come from?”

 ”Hii!? It’s not like that!”

 The man near the door shouted at the girls, and the next moment, the door of the office behind me opened with a loud noise.

 ”Don’t move! Police!”

 In an instant, the air was tense and the members of the gang stopped moving.

 I turned around to see Detective Inomoto and Ryoko behind me. Behind them, a number of police officers, fully equipped with transparent polycarbonate shields in their hands, stepped in one after another.

 Detective Inomoto then raised one eyebrow in a grand gesture when he saw the girls in the back.

 ”When I stepped in on a tip that there was a yakuza conflict, an unexpectedly big fish was caught in the net. You guys! You’re all under arrest for kidnapping a minor!”

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