Confinement 99

Chapter 99 Getting Home is an Escape

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“Haa~…… haa~…… haa~…… haa~……”

“Haa~ haa~ haa~……”

Misuzu and I were lying on the bed, completely naked, and breathing hard.

Every time Misuzu fainted, I poured a tiny bit of the energy drink into her mouth and forced her to restart.

I continued to embrace her until morning, completely ignoring her words of forgiveness.

And now, the bed was in a terrible state.

It was so soggy that it looked like a bucket had been thrown overboard by the overflowing bodily fluids and s**en.

It’s fine because I can do something about it by installing furniture, but normally I’d have to buy a new bed.

The room was filled with a sweet and sour smell. It was a thick scent of male and female.

Misuzu looked very tired lying there.

Her legs were spread open, and she couldn’t close them. There was a lot of liq**d coming out.

It was not just one part.

Misuzu’s whole body was wet and sticky. Her white skin had lines of liq**d. Her pink n**ples were wet, and when she moved, more liq**d dripped from her breasts.

I felt an inexplicable sense of accomplishment and a surging sense of love at the sight of her.

“I love you, Misuzu”

“I love you too… Haa~, haa~, haa~…”

The moment Misuzu smiled debaucherously――

The door suddenly slammed open, and someone stepped into the room.

When I turned my head to look at the door, I saw Masaki-chan and Tashiro-san.

Masaki-chan’s eyebrows twitched slightly at the sight of the rough and tumble of the room, and then she put the loudspeaker she was holding in her hand to her mouth, regardless of where she had obtained it.

A squeaky――――high-pitched sound.

Then she raised her voice.

“Ourselves! Demand! Fumio-kun!”

“We demand!”

Misuzu, who should have been slumped over, jumped up in a surprise at the noise.

“It’s noisy! W-w-w-what? What happened?”

As she looked at Misuzu’s figure, Masaki-chan took a deep breath and shouted again.

“Treat your favorite princess equally!”

“Treat us equally!”

“Specifically, I demand that tonight, and Hatsu-chan tomorrow. We demand the same or more s*x as Misuzu-chan got today!”

“Tonight…… w-wait a minute, Masaki-dono! Why are you the first to go? I can’t hold out until tomorrow!”

* * *

“I’m the first, Hatsu-chan is the second. It’s natural, right?”

“What’s natural! I’ve heard that first and second are just an order, not a hierarchy!”

(Why the two of them argue over that……?)

I thought about it, but of course I couldn’t say it.

I think this is Lili’s work, as they were apparently peering into this room from somewhere.

And it wasn’t hard to imagine that Masaki-chan would have had a rivalry with Misuzu, not wanting to lose to her.

(I’m in trouble…… But wait. On the contrary, if I hold Misuzu and Masaki-chan together, it will be very erotic, right?)

The rivalry between the two is fueling the s*x…….

When I imagined it, it became fun.

But not tonight.

I shrug my shoulders and tell them.

“Masaki-chan, Tashiro-san, don’t you remember you’re leaving here tonight to go home?”

Both of them let out a dumbfounded “Oh”. Only Misuzu, who was not aware of the situation, looked puzzled.

Later today, we’re going together and discuss the plan.

We’re going to finalize the plan for the girls’ return, excluding the four in question.

Tashiro-san and the rest of the track and field club, Masaki-chan, Misuzu, and the girls who were rescued from being trafficked yesterday.

I’m going to release them all today.

◇ ◇ ◇

“Shima-senpai, why did you decide to stay here?”

“It’s obvious. It’s because I’m worried about Hatsu-chan. Hatsu-chan can’t read the atmosphere, and I have to follow her……. Besides, if I can go back and forth, I don’t think you need to take it so seriously……”

After the dinner, we were given a pair of rooms for three or four people to spend the night.

In the same room with me were Shima-senpai and Amemiya-senpai.

It felt a little like a school trip, and we talked until midnight.

“Then, why did you decided to stay here, Amemiya-senpai?”

“Maybe…… I’m in love with umm…… you know”

Well, I stopped listening to her.

No, Saori know it!

There are so many things in this world that are better left unknown!

The next morning, the silver-haired maid announced at the breakfast table.

“Everyone is expected to return around 7:00 p.m. this evening. You are welcome to relax in your rooms until then, or to use the swimming pool or large baths at your leisure. Tea and snacks will always be available in the dining room”

I was drowsy while listening to that because I stayed up too late the night before. So, I finished my breakfast and went back to my room to have another sleep.

* * *

Near noon, I woke up and headed back to the dining room.

In the dining room was Takasago-senpai, of course.

She had a variety of cakes laid out on the table and was happily munching on them.

At the table at the back of the dining room, Yui-chan was indulging in her boastful talk.

And then there was Amemiya-senpai, looking at Yui-chan with passionate eyes and lifting her up as if she was a taiko drummer, “As expected of Yui-sama”.

Yeah, I’m definitely not going to go near that place.

Then there were Mako and Saito-san, who had become apprentice servants, bringing the tea and cake.

As Mako served me a tea, I spoke to her, and she answered in a rather formal manner.

“The head maid has firmly instructed me to serve you girls as a servant”

Even when I told her to stop it because it’s made me uncomfortable, she stubbornly refused to budge.

I had no choice but to continue the conversation.

When I asked her if she was able to eat yesterday, she said that she was allowed to eat the same thing after we finished eating and returned to our room.

She said that although the silver-haired maid was very strict about the work, she didn’t hit her or anything, and that she was fed well.

To be honest, I was relieved to hear this.

I had been worried that she was being abused.

After enjoying tea for a while, I returned to my room to find Shima-senpai had returned.

I asked her about her condition and found out that she was a servant and was allowed to enter the private room that was given to Captain.

Her impressions were.

“It was like a hotel in Dubai. I guess”

I think she was trying to say that it was luxurious.

In the evening, when the uniforms and bags that we had been wearing when we were confined here were handed out, the feeling that we were going home began to grow in us.

“Then, please gather in the hallway, starting with those who have already changed”

Following the silver-haired maid, we formed a line in the hallway and were led directly to a room in the back.

A new door had been opened in a place that had been a dead end yesterday. Yeah, well, I’m not surprised anymore.

We stepped into the room led by Shima-senpai. It was a rather spacious but plain stone room with no furniture. At the back of the room, I saw a rather massive wooden door.

(Is that the exit ……?)

“Then, please wait here for a while longer”

The silver-haired maid said this and left the room, but no one opened their mouths. We all glanced around with a somewhat wary look on our faces.

* * *

I guess that’s natural. So far, we’ve had a pretty bad time. With the exception of a few people, our relationships have been devastated, and even if we were able to return home safely, I can’t imagine what will happen next.

As the thirteen of us, excluding the four of us who remained here, waited there for a while, five women, led by a silver-haired maid, came in one after another.

They were of various ages and appearances.

At least, I don’t remember meeting any of them.

“Umm…… who are those people?”

Shima-senpai asked, and the silver-haired maid replied.

“Yes, these are the people that the Confinement King-sama rescued from the human traffickers last night. These people will be going home as soon as everyone else does”

Rescued from a human trafficking ring?

We could only be puzzled.

Wasn’t the Confinement King a bad guy?

After another five minutes of waiting, three girls walked into the room.

They were wearing the same uniform as us.

Captain, Masaki-sama, and one other girl I didn’t recognize.

But I could hear whispering among the club members behind me.

“Hey, isn’t that MISUZU the model?”

“I’ve heard of her! She’s in our third year, right?”

“Why is she here?”

Apparently, she’s famous.

I’m not really a fashion person. Most of my clothes are bought by my mother and I wear them all the time. So, even if she said she was a model, it didn’t ring a bell.

“The first favorite princess, Masaki Haneda-sama, the second favorite princess, Hatsu Tashiro-sama, and the third favorite princess, Misuzu Kurosawa-sama, are here”

The silver-haired maid shouted. However, the three of them were distracted by this and somehow continued to talk without any sense of tension.

“As I thought, I’m not really satisfied with the third position. Masaki, can you switch with me?”

“No, I don’t want to. But, if you want, I’ll be the first, Misuzu-chan the second, and Hatsu-chan the third”

“Don’t make someone the third without permission, Masaki-dono”

“I don’t want to be told by you, Hatsu-chan”

The silver-haired maid coughed up to curtail the three of them and opened her mouth.

“Then, I would like to ask you all to leave now. The exit is through the door behind you. The door will close thirty seconds after the first person exits, so please exit as soon as possible. Please exit in the order in which you came to this room”

Then, she looked around at everyone and continued.

“Please understand that once you leave this room, all memories of the people in this room will be sealed, with the exception of the favorite princesses, semi-favorite princess apprentices, and their servants”

Then she folded her waist deeply.

“Then it is time. Good luck everyone. The first person to enter this room will be the first to leave. You have only thirty seconds.”

“Oh, I was the first, right……?”

That’s right. Shima-senpai is the first, and I am the next.

Then, Shima-senpai put her hand on the knob of the door and looked back.

* * *

“Then, I’ll go!”

Shima-senpai jumped into the other side of the door, and I hurriedly followed.

On the other side of the door was a small room that looked like the reception room of some small business. There was no way I could stay there as more and more people came out.

I followed Shima-senpai as she jumped over the sofa in the reception room and crossed the room to reach the door on the other side.

But when I get there…

“What’s the hell is that!! What the hell are you thinking, asshole”

Shima-senpai and I couldn’t help but look at each other as an angry voice echoed from the other side of the door.

It’s not good. Something’s wrong.

By the time I thought that, it was too late.

“Oh, don’t push me!”

“Even if you say so!”

We were pushed out of the way by the club members who came running out after us, and we fell against the door as if we were pushing it down.

Bang! The door opened with a resounding thud and we tumbled into the next room like a domino.


“You’re heavy”

Shima-senpai and I were trapped underneath. And the moment we looked up, we went rigid.

I saw an office with desks lined up.

There, a group of men with noisy, yakuza-like faces were surrounding a boy in the middle of the desk.

The atmosphere was intense. It looked like an iron fire pit no matter what I thought.

The yakuza-like men looked surprised for a moment, and then shouted at us for suddenly breaking in.

“Who the hell are you people! Where the hell do you come from?”

“Hii!? It’s not like that!”

Shima-senpai’s face tensed up and she shook her head nervously.

That’s scary. It’s really scary.

But that wasn’t the point.

My eyes were glued to the boy who was being surrounded by people who looked like yakuza.

I was in a complete freeze.

My mind couldn’t process the events in front of me.

I was in a state of loading failure, as in the world of retro games.

“O-Onii-chan! W-why?”

There he was, the neighbor’s older brother that I had been thinking about since elementary school.

It was Fumio’s older brother.

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