Confinement 98

Chapter 98 The First Woman is Special

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 This time, I’m going to make her mine.

 That’s what I said, but I’m still confused even after all this time.

 I swear, I was really planning to send Kurosawa-san home the next morning without doing anything.

 I’ll get her back one day. I had thought so, but I didn’t think that now was the time.

 As for Kasuya-kun’s voice, it was definitely Lili’s idea. It may well be enough to make her fall in love with me.

 But …….

* * *

 The problem is that as soon as she got mad at Kasuya-kun, she said, “I love you!”. And I don’t know why she came to that conclusion.

 I don’t know what kind of change has occurred in her feelings.

 Was Lili so sure that this would happen?

 As I was thinking about this, Kurosawa-san lay down on the bed and smiled shyly.

 And then――

 ”Come…… Fumio”

 She lies down on the bed with her breasts bare and her legs open. Her cheeks flush red as she pushes open her slit with two fingers, revealing her wet, pink flesh to me.

 Her bra is pushed up to her breast. Her breasts were tucked under her arms. And with the familiar uniform looked even more lewd.

 I can’t stand it. There was no way I could. I’ll think about it later.


 I covered her, rubbed my glans against her vulva, and thrust my meat stick into her vagina, breathing hard.

 A warm, moist, narrow passage. The sweet pleasure of the flesh rubbing against flesh.

 The pleasure of the male who has acquired a superb female crawls up my spine.

 Zuju, Guju, Zuzuzuzuzuzu.

 ”Nnnnnn! Haa~, nku, it’s coming in! Ahhh, it’s so big, it’s so hot, Fumio!”

 Her pussy was so slippery that it looked like it was melting, and as soon as she accepted my cock, she shivered as if she was boiling with joy.

 The squeeze was intense. But the lubrication was plentiful. It led me deeper and deeper into her.

 As soon as the glans collided with her cervix and crushed it to the point where it changed shape…

 ”Nhhhhhh! It’s so gooooood!”

 Her body arched back, and the slimy folds of her flesh tightened around my cock as if squeezing it.

 I’m not letting go. I won’t let go. I’ll never let you go anywhere.

 That’s what it seemed to be saying to me.

 I’ve held Misuzu’s body many times, but today it’s even wetter than usual and tighter than usual.

 It’s so comfortable that it almost takes my consciousness away.

* * *

 But I can’t let myself come easily. She has chosen me. I have to live up to her expectations.

 No, I have to give her more pleasure than she expects.

 I put all my strength into it again and crushed her womb.

 ”Nnn, ah, ah, gghh!”

 She twisted her face in agony and clenched her teeth.

 The two crotches were joined at the base, our wet pubic hair tangled together in a lustful scene.

 Then I pulled out the meat stick that had been thrusting deep into my vagina. Slowly, slowly, and slowly.

 ”Hafuu… Ahh, it’s moving, your p*nis is moving inside me…”

 Her vaginal folds twisted around my frenulum in an attempt to hold back my thing as it was pulled out.

 The soft flesh also strokes up and down my cock. And it feels good. It feels really good.

 After I pulled out my meat stick to the edge, I thrust it back into her vagina with great force.


 ”Uaah! Kuffu~, Nnnnn”

 I press my glans against the depths of her vagina. And I push the swirling thoughts, “I love you! I love you!” in my chest deep inside her.

 My first woman. The woman I was once forced to let go of.

 The thought of it turns me on to the point of boiling.

 I let my enthusiasm get the best of me and began pistoning.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah……”

 The screams came and went with my movements. Her voice was already ripe and sweet from the beginning.

 While the bed is creaking, I thrust my stick into the honey-filled cavern.

 I shook my hips in unison, as if to imprint on her body that she is mine.

 ”Ah, Nhh, Nhh, Nhh, Ah, Ah, Ahh…”

 Every time Misuzu moaned, her vaginal walls contracted, squeezing my cock tighter and tighter. It made me feel as if my thing was melting inside her.

 ”Misuzu…… it feels so good, Misuzu”

 As soon as I let out a sound like that, her expression became squishy and debauched.

 ”Ahh… I’m so glad that you feel that way…… Please make me feel better, better and better with you……”

 ”Yes, I want you to feel good, too”

 Whispering this to her, I quickened the movement of my hips.

 ”Fuuh, hiii!? Ah, Ah, Kuh, hiiii! i-it…. feels so good, it’s too much! it’s too muuuuuch!”

 I thrust into her with such force that I penetrated her womb, and slammed my hips down hard on her crotch.

 Splatter, Splatter, Splatter, Splatter, Splatter!

 ”Ohhh, it’s deep, it’s deep, it’s so great, ah, ah, ah, i-it’s so good, it’s really goood”

 Her shapely breasts swayed with each thrust, and her sheets wrinkled as she clutched them.

 Our crotches were soaked with her love juices, which were bubbling and cloudy, staining the skirt she was still wearing.

* * *

 The mating odor, like fermented cheese, was growing thicker and thicker.

 Splatter, Splatter, Splatter, Splatter, Splatter!

 As I continued to thrust into her, her cheeks turned even redder and her breathing became more erratic. She began to shake her head violently.

 ”Nnnnn, noo, ah, i-it’s made me crazy, if you keep thrusting like this, I’ll stop being myself……”

 I’m not going to slow down even though she says that.

 ”It’s okay to go crazy. I’m going to make you happy for the rest of your life. You should drown yourself, Misuzu. I’ll make you feel better and better and better!”

 I slammed my hips even harder.

 If I look it again, Misuzu Kurosawa is a superb beauty. She has translucent white skin and lustrous black hair. Her slanted eyes are cool and glamorous.

 However, she was unreachable, a girl I had never been able to reach before.

 The girl who trampled me. The girl who was the girlfriend of the guy who bullied me. The cute girl who was a reader model that everyone in my class admired. The girl who looked down on me like I was a trouble.

 But now, my p*nis was making her eyes water to the point of tears. Her cheeks are dyed bright red, and she does as I do. She is sucking my cock into her vagina, shallowly writhing her vaginal folds.

 She is begging to be loved by me.

 How could I not be excited by this?

 Splatter, Splatter, Splatter, Splatter, Splatter!

 ”Hiiiiii!? Your p*nis is getting bigger again! My vagina being spread, i-if you do this, ah, ah I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum”

 Misuzu finally climaxed at the sensation of being pushed apart by my swollen and excited cock.

 ”Just cum! Cum and be my woman!”

 Splatter, Splatter, Splatter, Splatter, Splatter!

 ”Already, I’m turning into Fumio’s woman, aah, aah, aah, it’s too muuch! No, I’m really going to cum!”

 The vaginal walls tighten around my thing. I’m at my limit too. But I desperately try to suppress the ejaculation feeling that comes over me and just keep shaking my hips.

 And then–


 I thrust up into her cervix with all my might to finish her off.

 ”Aaahhhhhhh!! I-I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmming!!”

 Immediately, Misuzu’s flesh began to contract as if it was about to bite my thing. Each of the folds entwines around my flesh.

 There’s no way I can take this kind of pressure.

 ”Kuh, I can’t endure it. I’m going to cum!”

 My p*nis pulsed loudly.

 Tremble! Tremble! Spurt! Spurt, Spurttttt!

 The lump of lust that was swirling around the base became a large amount of cloudy white liquid and stained the inside of Misuzu.

* * *

 ”Ahh, it’s pulsating! Your p*nis is pulsating! Ah, yes, even though I still cumming, I’m cumming againn, it feels so good! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cummmming!”

 The rhythm of the meat stick and the feeling of the semen hitting her womb pushed her to another climax.

 ”Nkku, Nnnnnnnnnnnn!”

 Her eyebrows lowered into a c shape, and she bit her lip. I felt her nails on my skin as her hands hugged my body, and a faint pain ran down my back.

 And Misuzu asks for my lips.

 ”Nchu, Chu, Slurp, Slurppp…”

 We both shuddered in pleasure as our lips met, and then we parted our lips and began to eat each other.

 Then, at the moment when we parted their lips and looked at each other with debauched eyes – the electronic sound of leveling up echoed.


 ”Misuzu Kurosawa’s state has been changed to [Enslaved]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are now available”

 ”● Hundred Percent (Hole in One)”

 ”You can fertilize any woman, regardless of gender or race”

 ”● Two Glans in a Row (Tandem Twin)”

 ”You can grow another one”


 No way…… Let’s pretend I never heard about this feature.

 It’s especially bad when it’s a Hundred Percent (Hole in One).

 If Masaki-chan finds out about it, it’s going to be a disaster.

 And…… what is this? Another one will grow!

 The function that made me quit being human has finally arrived!

 As I was making a comment to the electronic voice in my head, Misuzu looked at me with a puzzled look on her face.

 ”What’s wrong…… Fumio?”

 ”No……. It’s nothing. It’s just that Misuzu is too cute and I got a little fuzzy”


 She averted her eyes as if embarrassed, and her gesture was also very cute.

 ”Hey, Fumio…… you can still do that…… right?”

 ”Of course”

 As if begging for it, her honey pot tightens around the rod that is still in there. Her sweet breath reaches my ear as well. And as a result, even though I’ve just ejaculated, my cock is getting harder and harder.

 ”Nnn, it’s getting big again…… Ufu, I’m so happy”

 ”Tonight you’re going to keep me company until I’m satisfied, Misuzu”

 ”Yes… After all, I am Fumio’s woman. You can love me as much as you want and fuck me as much as you want”

 This is the follow up……

 The favorite princess is the lover position for Fumio.

 The semi-favorite princess is a s*x slave, and the apprentice princess is a potential s*x slave.

 In the end, if Fumio likes them, they can move up in the hierarchy system.

 In addition, if the number of semi-princess increases, there may be factions for each princess in the future.

 In summary, the current family of the confinement king as of chapter 98 is as follows.

 Favored Princess: ★ Masaki Haneda, ★ Hatsu Tashiro (servant: Natsumi Shima), ★ Misuzu Kurosawa, (◇ Mai Fujiwara (planned))

 Semi-favored Princess: ★ Ryoko Terashima, (◇ Kyoko Terashima (planned))

 Apprentice Princess: 〇 Yui Kayama (Servant: Kibou Amemiya), Kei Takasago, Saki Shiratori.

 Apprentice servants: Masako Inui, Ayaka Kishijo, Ayumi Saito, Eri Hotta

 ※★ Enslaved ◇ Subjugated 〇 Submissive

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