Confinement 97

Chapter 97 It’s All God’s Fault

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 ”Voice record?”

 Kurosawa-san asked back, and Tashiro-san spoke up into the air.

 ”Is Lili-dono present?”

 ”You guys call Lili too much, Devi”

 Lili appeared a little frustrated, and Kurosawa-san jumped in surprise.

 But she didn’t seem that surprised. Even though the girl was floating in the air.

 Perhaps she has subconsciously become accustomed to Lili’s presence, even if she doesn’t remember it.

 ”I’m sorry, but I need you to play that voice you played for me this morning for this poor girl”

 Lili looked back and forth between Tashiro-san and Kurosawa-san, and then turned her gaze to Tashiro-san again.

 ”……You don’t seem to have many friends, Devi”

 ”Suddenly I’m being dissed!?”

 ”Isn’t that right, Devi? You’re the type of person who does things that people don’t like without feeling bad about it. Have you ever had a friend stop talking to you all of sudden?”

 ”Yes, it happens all the time, but so what?”

 ”It happens all the time……”

 Masaki-chan looked at her as if she had seen something terrible.

 ”Try to think about people’s feelings, Devi. I feel sorry for Kurosawa-chan if she has to listen to that, Devi. Lili doesn’t want to see Kurosawa-chan cry, Devi”

 I am certain that Lili is just making a series of unusual comments.

 Ah… she must have set it up …….

 The voice record was probably that conversation between Kasuya and his juniors.

 To be honest, I don’t like the idea of having her listen to that.

 As a man, there are times when I feel self-conscious.

 I think it’s a little too merciless to bring it up.

 However, for the devil, it seems not to be so.

 The reason why Lili played that audio to Tashiro-san must have been in prediction of what would happen.

 And if she hooked her like this…

 ”Huh? Aren’t you an idiot? There’s no way I’m going to cry! I’ll listen to it, so get that voice record out of here”

 Kurosawa-san will catch it easily.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”I have told you, Devi. Lili doesn’t care if you cry, Devi”

 ”I told you, I’m not going to cry”

 When Kurosawa-san raised her voice, the devil girl snapped her fingers in a very pompous tone.

 Then, even though there seems to be no speaker, a radio noise echoed throughout the room.


 [You guys… don’t just fooling around, Kimo-jima is still in good shape]


 It was Jun-kun’s voice that I heard. It seems to be a bit languid, but it’s definitely Jun-kun’s voice.

 ”The voice was recorded during a lunch break the day after Fumi Fumi was attacked by unknown assailants, Devi”

* * *

 The day after Fumio was attacked was lunchtime, the day I told Jun-kun to stop the juniors. It’s true that during the lunch break, Jun-kun said he was going to talk to his juniors.

 When I listened to him, I saw that he was telling the juniors not to attack him anymore. It’s a bit nuanced, but he’s not talking about anything crazy.



 [That’s the problem……. The head of the dormitory contacted her parents and they replied that Rin was on a trip]

 [So Kimo-jima is irrelevant?]

 [Why would he not be irrelevant? He’s been bothering Rin around and giving her trouble. That’s good reason, isn’t it? You should spread the rumor that he did it]


 Wait, wait a minute?

 Does this mean that Jun-kun knew that the missing girl was safe?

 Does this mean he knew and had his juniors spread bad rumors about Fumio?

 Then I realized the meaning of the first word.


 So does that mean that it was actually Jun-kun who made the juniors attack Fumio?


 [I’ve been spreading rumors since yesterday, as Senpai said, but why do Senpai care about that?]

 [It’s not that I’m obsessed with it. It’s just that I’ve always been uncomfortable with it, so I thought it would be a good opportunity. It’s also annoying that he’s dating Mai-chan without knowing his own worth, and lately he’s been giving Misuzu attention. I think it’s best to crush idiots like that before he got the wrong idea]

 [Oh, I see what you mean. You mean for Misuzu-senpai’s sake? When it comes to Misuzu-senpai, your eyes really change color]


 Because of me? Don’t be stupid!

 I don’t want that!

 Don’t dare to say that his possessiveness is for me!

* * *

 I was skeptical that this voice was real before, but now I’m convinced.

 The only thing I’ve ever wanted Jun-kun to stop doing is saying that everything is for me.



 [Well, senpai! Did you have s*x with Misuzu-senpai yet?]

 [How was it? Was it great?]

 [Of course it was. But, if anything, I think Misuzu is more into me now. I made her scream, “Come deeper”, and so on. It’s hard when Misuzu wants to do it again]


 Immediately, a voice leaked out, “Ugh….. it’s the worst”, and Masaki-chan looked at me with a pitying look.

 Then, an image of Jun-kun smiling and rubbing the bottom of his nose with his fingers came to mind.

 This is Jun-kun’s habit when he’s proud of himself.

 I can understand why a boy would want to brag about the s*x he had.

 It’s impossible to talk about the contents of the s*x and the secrets between the two of us to others, and I think it’s the worst, but if he apologizes…… and promises not to do it again, I can forgive him.

 But when did he make me scream?

 If he could make me want to do it, I would have done it!

 Or rather, I do it!

 I don’t mind that he’s more into me than I am into him. Well, it’s okay.

 I actually like him.

 But when did I ever want to fuck him?

 Does he have any idea how much trouble I went through after that lousy s*x session?

 The value of a man is not only in s*x. I was trying to prepare myself for the possibility that I might never be able to cum again if I continued to go out with Jun-kun, after all, I still loved him.

 And I was ready as if I was going to be a priestess.

 Well… I admit that my feelings were a little wobbly after…… Mai showed me Fumio’s p*nis.

 And I admit that I could not forget the taste of Fumio’s semen, and I thought that today would be the last time.

 I’ll also admit that I’ve started to think rather seriously about what Kyoko said, “Love is with your boyfriend, and s*xual desire is with your s*x friends”.

 But, but, but!

 Jun-kun has no right to boast about s*x with a smug look on his face.

 When I unconsciously shook my fist, the ponytailed woman said with a triumphant look on her face, “Hey! That’s bullshit, right?” .

 I was angry, but I couldn’t think of anything to say back. I heard the sound of my teeth chattering.

* * *

 ”Ah, I’m so glad. I’m glad I was rejected by Jun-kun. It’s too bad, Misuzu”

 Masaki grinned and stirred me up. I don’t remember seeing her with such a bad personality. Ah, I’m so pissed.

 But the truth is, I can’t do this…… anymore.

 I loved him so much that I thought I might be able to put up with such a lousy s*x, but when he takes away that feeling of love…… I can’t do it anymore.

 That’s what the devil’s girl said.

 I’m really depressed and I’m going to cry if I’m not paying attention.

 At that moment when I couldn’t help but cast my eyes down.

 ――It’s said if you have good chemistry, the expiration date of “I like you” will be renewed every time you do it. Women are selfish creatures, and in the end, they like a man who can satisfy them.

 Somehow, Kyoko-san’s words crossed my mind.

 Oh, so the expiration date of “I like you” would have expired sometime.

 And again, Kyoko-san’s words came to mind.

 ――A man who is a good match for you s*xually, it feels like you are destined to be with him. It’s like God made him for you.

 God made him for you.

 If that’s the case, then it’s useless to resist……. That’s what I thought.

 ”Hey, Masaki”

 ”What is it, thieving cat?”

 Masaki twisted one cheek and made a face of displeasure. And then I opened my mouth, smiling at her.

 ”Yeah, I’m a thieving cat. So, please give me Fumio”

 In that moment, Masaki and Ponytailed woman rolled their eyes.

 ”‘……W, why?”

 ”Because I like him”

 ”But when it came to Jun-kun, you were very reserved with me”

 ”Yes, because I felt sorry for Masaki and felt like you would break if I didn’t protect you”

 ”……I hate that about you, Misuzu”

 ”Ahaha, you can say that you don’t like me like that now. But I’m not going to hesitate anymore. It’s my turn to ask Masaki to be more reserved. I’m the challenger”

 At that moment, Masaki’s eyes widened.

 She looked surprised, and I could see tears slowly starting to well up in the corners of her eyes.


 ”……Y-you can do whatever you want. Either way. Fumio-kun’s libido is not at a level that can be managed by me or Misuzu alone…… If Misuzu wants to be Fumio-kun’s thing, I will not oppose it anymore”

 ”……Thank you”

 ”I’ll leave you alone with him today. It’s just for today! Tashiro-san, get out of the room too!”

* * *

 ”Eh~? No, I’m staying with Confinement King tonight…”

 ”That’s enough!”

 As if to drive away the disgruntled ponytail, Masaki hurriedly left the room. And before closing the door, she said.

 ”I’m sorry Misuzu, but I’ll be the first one to have Fumio’s baby!”

 I didn’t know why Masaki’s attitude suddenly changed.

 Buf Fumio was smiling happily for some reason.

 ”It’s good to see that you guys have made up”

 ”Did we make up……?”


 Then we were both silent.

 I didn’t really know what to say.

 I left my boyfriend and now I’m trying to love the horrible man who confined me.

 What the hell is this? How did this happen?

 I think…… as Kyoko-san says, if God created it that way, then maybe it’s too far to go. Yeah, it’s all God’s fault.

 Then, I walked up to Fumio and hugged his body, begging him for a kiss. When I gently pressed my lips to his, my heart jumped in my chest.

 ”Nchu! Nmu… slurp… chu, chuu”

 I couldn’t seem to stop now.

 I swirled my tongue around Fumio’s lips as my emotions took over. Then, I twirled my tongue around his tongue and sucked sweetly on his bottom lip…….

 I pour my own saliva into him and sip his saliva. I leaned into his hug and stroked his back again and again.

 ”Nmu…… Nfu”

 Then, his fingertips trace over my body.

 And just from that, my breathing becomes erratic just from that. My body reacts.

 My reasoning melts away. Instinct takes over my body. That kind of sensation.

 He kissed me on the mouth and grabbed my breasts from above my blouse.


 It hurts a little. But it made my body jump. I’m sure Fumio is excited too. I’m happy to think that he wants me.

 ”Mufuu… nnn, fuahh, ah, ah”

 The caresses on my clothes felt good but frustrating. Gradually, I could not hold back my voice.

 The feeling of our bodies touching, the area where his lower abdomen touches, is getting harder and harder.

 (He’s feeling me……)

 I slowly move my hand from stroking his back to his lower abdomen. It was so hard and tense that I could even see it on his pants.

 ”Ahh… Fumio… it’s so hard”

 I stroked the top of his pants and he raised his eyebrows as if he was holding in the pleasure. His expression is very cute. It’s adorable.

 It made me want to make him feel even better. Such a feeling wells up in me.

 As I continued to stroke him from the top of his pants, he occasionally shivered as if he had a chill.

 And his hand, which had been stimulating my breasts, gradually moved down. As if crawling over my body, he moved down from my sides to my hips. Finally, he reached up my skirt.

* * *

 My body trembled slightly at the feel of his fingertips crawling up my thighs.

 I became embarrassed and tried to close my legs. But his fingertips had already reached my crotch.

 I could feel his fingertips through my shorts. His fingertips traced the slit, making me aware of the shape of my part.

 ”You’re really wet…… Misuzu”

 When he whispers that in my ear, my face starts to heat up with embarrassment.


 As he unintentionally pulled away his mouth and turned his face away, his fingertips became more and more vigorous, and he pulled down my panties and touched my vagina directly.

 Immediately, a single drop of my embarrassing juice dripped onto the floor, forming a stain, and I felt my cheeks burning.

 (Oh…… I remember the feel of these fingertips…… the fingers that made me so crazy, so many times……)

 He stroked around the area so that I could clearly see the shape of my genitals, and my hips began to buckle on their own in frustration.

 ”Ahh, Fumio… Don’t tease me…… don’t tease me…….”

 I leaned over him and ran my tongue down his neck as if begging him.

 Then he responded to my request by spreading my labia apart and tracing each fold with his fingertips.

 As he stimulated my erect clitoris with his fingertips, I felt a rush of pleasure that made me feel like I was going to fall to my knees.

 ”T-that place… Ah, hafuu, t-that so good, ah… It’s tingling… It’s not good, it’s make me crazy”

 My thighs are already dripping with love juice. And then, a sticky, wet fingertip finally entered my vagina.

 ”Nnn, nnnh! I-it’s entering… Fumio’s finger…. is entering…”

 My body is reacting on its own.

 I can feel my flesh tightening up around his finger. It’s pleasuring itself. My hole swallows his fingertips in a shallow way, and I shudder with pleasure.

 Every time he wriggles his fingers, a rush of pleasure runs up my spine, as if an electric current has been sent through my body.

 Then, just as he bent his finger inside my soggy vagina, it hit me in a really good spot, and my body arched back.

 ”Uaahh!? Hii, t-that’s so good!?”

 Oh, I’m going to cum right away.

 Although, I want to make him feel better and better. It’s too early. I don’t want to come yet.

 I pull down his zipper and reach into his pants.

 Then I pulled down his pants and grabbed his muscular ones.


 I could hear him gasp in my ear.

 (Oh…… it’s amazing…… it’s so hard……)

 A thick and big stick of flesh throbbing in my hand. It’s hot and has an incredible presence. It was so swollen that it could have ejaculated at any moment.

 A stick of flesh that drove me crazy over and over again. I think my eyes are already dilated.

 Perhaps he is feeling it too much, he tries to pull back to escape. But I won’t let him go. Once I have him, he’s mine. I have a hand-technique that I learned directly from Freesia-san.

 And so, I began to twirl the tip overflowing from the tip in my palm and smear it all over. This is the lubricant.

 Splatter Splatter Splatter Splatter…….

 I lightly scratch my fingernails on the back muscles and squeeze the glans up.

* * *

 ”Oh…… Misuzu!”

 He distorted his face as if to endure the pain. I know it. He’s not in pain. Instead, he’s going to cum.

 ”Ufufu, Fumio…… is so cute …….”

 As soon as I whispered that into his ear.

 ”Hii!? So sudden…….”

 Fumio’s finger movements suddenly became faster. He’s going to make me cum before I do make him cum.

 (If it’s Fumio, then he’s the only one who hates to lose when it comes to s*x)

 But I also want to make Fumio feel good.

 I moved my hand faster and harder, resisting the pleasure that was coming at me.

 The pleasure was so great that we both pulled our hips back. But neither of us would take our fingers off of each other’s genitals.

 We continued to play around with each other’s genitals, licking each other’s tongues.

 ”Ah, Ah, Ah, Ahh, Haa, Ah…….”

 ”Haa~ haa~ haa~ haa~……”

 The room was filled with our caged breath. Like a beast, we continued to torture each other.

 And finally, the limit came.

 When Fumio’s body jumped.

 Tremble! Tremble! Spurt, Spurttt!

 A lot of white muddy liquid overflows in my hand.

 The muddy, sticky, and hot semen stains my hands.

 (I did it!)

 The next thing I know, Fumio is thrusting his fingertips up the inside of my vagina, making me shudder with pleasure.

 As soon as he did, a tremendous feeling of pleasure rushed up my spine.

 ”Ah, Ahh, Nnnn, Nnnn, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

 My eyes go blank and I choke on my breath.

 At the same time as the sensation of my skin pores expanding, my whole body begins to convulse.

 Kyuuuuuuuu! My pussy tightens around his fingers, and the next thing I know, Drip Drip! A huge amount of love juice dripped onto the floor.

 ”Haa~ haa~ haa~ haa~……”

 The two people’s rough breathing echoed through the room.

 ”Haa~ haa~ haa~… Ahh, I love…… you, Fumio… I love you, Nchu…… Mmu, slurpp……”

 ”Nnn…… Nnn”

 In the midst of the languidness of the post-climax, we leaned against each other and kissed each other hungrily.

 (No…… it’s still not enough. I want to do more. I want more, more, more, and more)

 I don’t think I could hold back. I believe it’s a shame, but I begged Fumio to do it.

 ”Hey, Fumio, fuck me …… and do what you want…….”

 ”I’m going to make Misuzu mine this time”

 He looks into my eyes as he says this.

 ”I’m so happy…….”

 It’s bad. It’s really no good.

 I’m already crazy about him.

 I like Fumio’s voice, I like Fumio’s shape, I like Fumio’s eyes, I like Fumio’s body lines, I like Fumio’s fingertips, I like Fumio’s words, I like Fumio’s cock, I like everything about Fumio.

 As I stare at him, I feel as if I’ve been affected by a fever. Fumio takes off his pants and underwear.

 The exposed stick of flesh was already towering to the point of pain, even though it had just been ejaculated.

 (Is it better not to take off the uniform……?)

 I don’t know, but I’ve heard that boys are more excited that way. So, I reached into my skirt and pulled off my panties. The panties which are already soggy and heavy made a nasty noise on the floor.

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